Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #86

{A capture taken en-route home, chasing the last of the sunshine into tommorrow}
I find it flippin' HARD to believe i've written eighty-five of these little posts.  What's that?  A year and a half's worth or thereabouts?  Whilst there's no doubt been a little bit of repetition or overlap probably, i feel proud as PUNCH that i've sat down eighty-five times and wrote to you about the little things that have been making me happy in my little corner of the world.  

This week feels like half of it's gone before it's barely BEGUN!  I really cannot believe it's Wednesday again already {i bet i've probably said that phrase or it's likely equivalent about a billion times since this post began!} after genuinely feeling like it was only a moment ago that i sat and wrote to you this time last week!    This week has been a busy one!  I've been in my new job for almost exactly a month and I feel like i'm FINALLY getting settled into a little bit of routine {lord knows i love my routines!}.  And even-though i will forever wish i was further on than i am and already knew everything there is to learn; when i look back i do feel like i have learnt and progressed from where i started and so that is the main thing.  

Life-wise we spent the weekend down in Manchester at the Mr's family and then the beginning of this week has been all about racing home from work each night and scampering out on my two wheels as fast as my little legs will take me.  It's been SO beautiful and sunny up here {again!} and so i've been RELISHING in that perfect early evening light as much as i can.  I digress, {for probably also the billionth time!} because we can have a proper catch up later on in the week and this post is really for #wonderfulwednesday business only……
*  *  *
1.  SUNSETS.  The kind that come out of nowhere and take you by quite by surprise when you were simply popping to close the skylight after thinking it had suddenly got a little nippy!  Monday's sunset was IMMENSE.  There really are no other words to do it justice:  All perfectly pink and cerise and striping this way and that in sweet trails of cloud across the horizon.  Man i wish i'd been up a hill in the lakes or right by the coast because i can't even begin to imagine the beauty!  September is throwing up some AMAZING sunsets so far!

2.  The PAIN that comes from exercise outside your usual comfort zone.  When i first rode Willow i could hardly walk afterwards, no jokes!  But in all fairness before getting that sweet bike i'd not cycled for what must beeeeee…at least twelve years.  Gradually my regular cycling means that whilst i get the feel-good feeling from riding Willow, it no longer hurts the way it used to.  Lately i've been persevering with some more of the Mary Helen Bowers short ballet-based exercise routines {you can find them HERE}.  I like them because they're just that:  Short!  My attention span indoors wont last much longer than fifteen minutes!  Eventhough they hurt like HELL at the time {and a little bit after!} it's a pain that's a little bit addictive and one which you hate, hate, hate…..then BOOM you sort of feel flippin' great soon after.   If only my younger P.E hating self had known that this feeling even existed….

3.  FLAPJACKS.  Because quite often chocolate, biscuits or cake just don't do it for me.  I quite often crave something more….muchy {?!}, fulfilling and yet sweet and sticky at the same time.  Flapjacks made with oats, honey and toasted seeds are the bees knees this week.  Alongside a big mug of camomile tea before bed and i'm a happy bunny with a full tummy.  And i *almost* rhymed right there!    

4.  The SEVENTIES.  For lots of reasons to be honest but now is not the time or the place to get into David Bowie, Roxy Music or Duran Duran.  I'm not a big follower of trends, at least not intentionally. I think it's hard to not be influenced by what colours, style and shapes happen to be in the shops but i like to think that i know what i like and what works for me…most of the time.  All this harping on about the Seventies lately though well i'm sort of hooked, as much as i wish i wasn't.  I've so been enjoying prancing about in my cream fur waistcoat and floaty-sleeved concoctions {because lord knows i've plenty of those things already knocking about!} and i shamefully {since i'm not really meant to be buying anything new!} bought THE most heavenly printed, ruffled, floaty-sleeved 'almost-Liberty-esque' dress in Topshop this week.  I can't WAIT to show you.  Also do you know what just went RIGHT to the top of my Christmas list?!?!? {forgive me for the 'C' word *hides head in shame*} a pair of clogs!?  CLOGS!  Who do i think i am?!?! Abba?!?!?

5.  Maple SYRUP.  Or, maple syrup and blueberries to be more precise, and on everything. Okay well not on everything but at least on toast or porridge.  What is it about maple syrup and blueberries?!  The sweet little balls of tart and berry-ness sit so perfectly against the caramel-ey sweet treat don't you think?!  I'm already thinking that Sunday could be pancake-shaped…?!

6.  CLOUDS.  For being so amazing lately that they deserved their very own shout-out faraway from that of sunsets and the like.  I often get told off for standing and making everyone wait whilst i try to take a photo of the sky or clouds.  I like to think it's worth the wait.  But when i'm scampering around later trying to show everyone my handiwork, they don't seem half as pleased as punch as i do!  I could cloud-watch for-always you know.

7.  FIRST DATES. Do you watch it oh please tell me you watch it?!?!  It's on Channel 4 at 10pm on a Thursday and it's heart-warming beyond belief!!!!!! I struggle so much with television and film and my attention span in general to be honest but do so LOVE this show.  It's essentially a restaurant of people set up on first dates and paired up after submitting an online profile and it's GENIUS.  Watch it go go GO!

8.  A new white T-SHIRT.  I feel it's also probably important to mention that said t-shirt cost a measly £3!  It's a size large and is 100% organic cotton and might be softest one i own!  I tried it on largely because it was £3 and because it was SO flippin' soft.  Despite being obviously a little big, it's HEAVEN.  I've room to roll up the sleeves a little, tuck it half into my favourite faded denims or wear it mega-slouchy inside my black dungarees.  And the best bit?  It's got the loveliest round-neck-come-v-neck sort of shape going on.  I really don't suit a v-neck usually {hello no chest, oh yes there you aren't} but this softer 'V' is so flattering and a little bit nifty.  Just shows you that you shouldn't always be governed by the size label…

9.  Feeling INSPIRED.  I won't go into mega-whopping details BUT being around other people either professionally or otherwise who just bounce off one another and speak the same kind of language is just rocket fuel for feeling like you can and will achieve anything and everything, don't you agree…?!?!

10.  Coconut and jam MACAROONS.  Because sometimes you just need a really good cup of tea in your favourite floral mug, your favourite pyjamas and what's *actually* just a bloody great grown-up version of a jammy dodger if you think about it.  

11.  HATS.  Because where would we be without dry shampoo and hats?  Tired that's where!  Sometimes i feel all the better for an extra half an hour 'zzz-ing' and a quick fizz and a ruffle of dry shampoo through my messy hair and a floppy fedora plonked on top.  It's just quite hard to snap out of the quick-fix once you try it……
*  *  *
How the DEVIL is the rest of your week looking dear ones?  Have you got grand plans or are you keeping it easy breezy and going with the FLOW?  I'm looking forward to my first mid-week day off to myself in a little while.  I plan to cycle in the sun, visit the dear faces at Monsoon Towers and see how they are getting along and then have a meander and a wander with a big frothy coffee to go!  After a little more of a lie-in first of course!  I do so love to hear about your happy-making things, or what's been keeping a big smile right across your pretty faces.  Remember you can pop a sweet #wonderfulwednesday comment below or nudge me on Twitter or Instagram.  As always, i'm @sallytangle on both!

Happy halfway to the weekend FAVOURITES!


  1. This made me smile this morning as I savoured the extra half an hour in bed and reached sleepily for the dry shampoo! Lovely post, thanks! Alice xx

  2. You ALWAYS make me smile, but these Wonderful Wednesday posts have my cheeks hurting! You are such a darn sweetheart and I love how you appreciate things that others may not, or may not even notice.
    We have had some absolute crackers of sunrises and sunsets here too lately and I have far too many photos of the sky haha. I love that I catch the sunrise on my walk to work before most people are even awake! :D

    Baker and I send you lots of love <3
    Danielle xo

  3. A couple of days late to this, but I've had this post open in a tab since Wednesday and have finally had a second to myself to read it. How lovely you are to notice all the lovely things. I'm making an effort to stop and look around and appreciate the beauty in what others might see as mundane - it's well worth the time, as you well know! I love the seventies thing that's going on, but haven't had much joy in finding things to suit me (yet!) but clogs are amazing - I had a pair about 15 years ago and they are the comfiest things ever. Happy Friday to you x

  4. Awww I love these posts of yours Sally! It's such a lovely thing to read these happy moments. There have been some lovely sunsets lately, all different colours and so pretty. I've ended up just standing outside watching the sky change, and I am the same with clouds! I just love the outdoors. First Dates always makes me smile too, I'm a complete hopeless romantic so I always hope they'll each get their happily ever after somehow! And I never get tired of a good bedroom dancing session to some Bowie classics! - Tasha



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