Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #91

{Is there a sight more glorious then an orange-tinged colour wheel of sycamore leaves?!}
By JINGO and bloody beyond how the devil is it now already?!?!?  I'm not ready for it to be Wednesday!! Why i hear you ask?!?  Well i feel as if i've hardly got going this week and this week is already half over.  My week so far has been a LOVELY one - being creative and photographing some jewellery for work and trying to do so in a 'not so clearly all Christmas-ey' just yet.  That one's harder than you think.  I've got some funny looks trundling around with some silver bells in the bottom of my bag i can tell you: Jingle jingle jingle.  It's a little bit too soon for all of that just yet!  That aside it's been a week for good and deep sleeping, the kind that comes from the hottest showers, the warmest pyjamas and a mug of camomile tea as big as my head!!!  Rocket-speeding week aside, what ELSE has been good, great and wonderful…?!?!

1.  Coldplay 'The Scientist' on loop.  For no other reason than that it crept up into my ears on a foggy Monday morning when the air was damp with mist and dew.  It's the kind of song you fall right into, lose track of everything around you other than to remember to put one foot in front of the other.  Thinking about it, it's actually not such a wise thing to listen to wandering to work when you have several busy roads to cross….

2.  New underwear.  Because i need it like a whole in the head and really should be buying or at least starting to buy Christmas presents.  I blame M&S for the 20% off discount code.  I could have really gone to town as there was so many pretty bras.  I think i was actually rather reserved in the one i purchased….

3.  Clean hair.  I'm a scoundrel, a little raggamuffin, or a lazy bones if you will when it comes to my hair.  I remember the days when i would get up early enough to have time to shower, wash, dry and style my hair before work.  Now i get up as late as possible and leave exactly the right amount of time for only washing my face {i shower each night before bed}, applying make up and drinking an extra large mug of tea and eating a bowl of porridge the size of my head.  How things have changed.  Now the thought of washing my hair seems such a chore. Tell me it's not just me?  But oddly enough as soon as it's done and i've dragged my feet into the bedroom to dry it a couple of hours later, i can't stop smelling it.  Yes i might survive on hats and far too much dry shampoo or carefully placed hair scarves, but you can't actually beat the waft of clean hair.  Unfortunately you also can't beat an extra forty minutes in bed not washing it brings either….

4.  Window shopping.  I'm not really much of a shopper.  Ho ho ho you wouldn't think that looking at the three wardrobes of paraphernalia i have 'curated' over my thirty years of life!   What i mean is that i rarely choose to spend a whole day doing just that - shopping.  But there is something about this time of year:  Autumn.  It's all foggy and damp starts, warming breakfasts, coffee tasting better sipped from a paper cup and laced with spiced syrup of some description and just meandering through shops:  Crunching upon leaves as you go, soaking in all of the colour.  Because it sometimes feels like it's all you're going to get until Spring and right now that feel like a very very long way away, don't you think?  Shopping no. Autumn meandering and simply pretending what you might buy if money was no object and there were months and months of bright russet-coloured leave-spiked days stretching ahead of us all with no other kind of commitment.  That, is my kind of 'shopping.'

5. Pineapple and ginger.  Two ingredients that joined each other so blissfully in syrup-shaped embrace in a light as a feather, as sweet as they come kind of a sponge cake topped with bright yellow custard.   A spicy and sweet in equal measure sort of a pudding made perfectly for Autumn's dark nights.

6.  Planning Christmas windows at work.  Because this year we can be ALL kinds of creative and imaginative and simply sparkly without abandon {the perks of an independent retailer} !! It might of been the most excited i've got about anything Christmas related so far.  Well save for deciding upon my wrapping 'theme' for this year already despite not even given the tiniest thought to what i'll actually be wrapping….

7.  First goosebumps.  Okay well obviously not in the whole of ever, but it's been a little while since i've felt cold.  We're talking properly cold, the 'watch your breath linger in the air first or last thing' sort of cold and the kind that's been so very absent for the whole of autumn so far.  To start with i didn't complain.  I loved the lingering summer late temperatures that lasted for so much longer than we all expected.  But now Christmas is creeping in, tell me it's not just me who is longing for frost and a real icy cold and bright snap?!?!

8.  Pasta.  Because when we're short on time {read - i'm home slightly later from a meeting and haven't given supper much thought at all} and feel so very hungry all of a sudden out of nowhere, there is something ever so satisfying in filling your 'tum with a hot and spicy bowl of pasta on a damp late autumn night.  I just need to get past the urge to curl up and go straight to bed afterwards…

9.  Tights all colours of the rainbow!  Or if we're being really honest simply just the 90 denier variety, that pull almost up to my chin, in maroon, slate-y grey or black.  Worn simply with everything alongside a tan chelsea boot or a battered brogue.  Made for autumn days and surely for those winter-shaped ones rocketing towards us all!  Tights season is one for celebrating surely?!  

10.  Good hair days.  We don't celebrate and shout about the things enough.  We're quick as a flash to complain when it doesn't go quite right.  Except can we just pause to say, why is it that you suddenly start loving your hair and revelling in good hair days galore as soon as you book an appointment to get it cut?!?!  In exactly the same vein, why as soon as you book an appointment to get a trim do you suddenly start pinning all kinds of adventurous haircuts, styles and inspirations even if you know very well that you'll pop yourself down in the seat and say 'oh me?  Yep just a little trim and tidy up please.'  That really probably is just me….

11.  Singing.  The top of your lungs as loud as you like kind.  I don't think i'm a great singer, i mean i can hold a tune and all but i really do think that even if i couldn't, how do people not sing?!  Belting out a brilliant song in the shower or who cares where is the fixer of everything and feel good feeling extraordinaire!  It's so  very therapeutic to make that much noise and get all caught and wrapped up tightly in a sweet melody and a scattering of words.  Will you try it for me?!  

Roll UP!  For now it's your turn!  To share your happy snippets, lovely moments and pieces of positive that are powering you through to Friday.  I'd LOVE to know about the best bits of your weeks so far.  You can leave me a sweet comment below, or you can tweet me or tag me on Instagram using the #wonderfulwednesday hashtag.  I'm @sallytangle on both.

Have a wonderful rest of week favourite faces!


  1. I've discovered this song: Glitter and Gold by Barns C and I just think it would be right up your alley. It's a dramatic and lovely.
    Meanwhile I am loving hot chocolate weather and the thickest, most luxurious one ever!
    Have a lovely week my dear x

  2. Clean hair is the best! I for one actually enjoy washing my hair, and if it wasn't bad for your hair I'd probably wash mine everyday... And I honestly have no idea where the weeks go. They seem to just fly by! I'm already very excited about Christmas, and I've loved seeing all the Christmas window displays in town. And haha oh yes, singing is fantastic. I've got a terrible singing voice, but I love doing it all the same!

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  3. All the pasta! I just love chilli pasta in these cold days. I'm exactly the same about washing my hair, especially because I hate blow drying it, so then I always need like 4 hours to let it to dry properly which never seems to happen! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  4. I'm just so happy for you that all is going well at work my darling friend - heavenly music to my ears! Being creative and photographing jewellery? Sounds like a dream! And good and deep sleeping of the kind you utterly delightful!

    I haven't bought new anything - I think I actually said this over here recently! - for a long, long while, and even longer where underwear is concerned! A good couple of years I'd imagine, maybe more as I haven't earnt myself a wage for over 3 :O

    I never know how people manage to shower before bedtime - I swear I sweat too much for that, and that's mainly because the boy is like a bloody radiator! I'm the same with my hair though - so lazy with it. I actually conditioned it for the first time since July today (when I last dyed it, gulp!) and it took so long to wash it out it'll be months before I do it again ;)

    Lady, I swear your tastes are positively exotic compared to my own - pineapple and ginger?! I'm just about able to put the latter in curries, haha!

    Oh pasta. Pasta! A hot and spicy bowl sounds delicious - do you have a pasta preference?

    And I swear all I've been doing this week is alternating between mis-sung lyrics of Adele's Hello and Drake's Hotline Bling XD It's an interesting combo, haha!!

    This week has been a not-much-to-tell one, I'm saving that for tomorrow when I turn 30 ;) Here's to a little birthday positivity!!

  5. What a sweet list Sally. I love the way you write. xx

    Ashleigh xx



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