Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #92

{A shameless snap from what must be a month ago and to remind me that blue skies do still exist}
1.  Tea.  Citruse-y, strong Lady Grey with just a splash of milk and drunk out of my favourite, favourite floral V&A mug.  We all have certain mugs and cups and receptacles for each beverage right?  That's not  just me is it?!  What's your perfect tea or coffee mug like?!  Tell me for i want to know! Mines a blue and white chintzy floral print {of course it is!} and has a handle big enough to slide two fingers through and cup my hand right around it {no silly small handles in this house!}.  It's a thin china but with a wider brim which means your morning brew cools to sipping temperature in exactly the time it takes to apply your make up.  I've got that much down to a fine art….

2.  Pizza on Tuesdays.  Which is pretty much become a life-long habit around these parts.  It came particularly well received this week after far too many nights of wind and rain over the course of the last week.  There is always that time when it's raining and windy outside and you relish simply not  being outside and the fact that you're cured up in bed. But when the rain wont hold up and the wind only worsens by each night and you live in an attic WELL.  This week i've mostly felt a bit dazed and sleep deprived!

3.  Hazelnut nougat.  Discovered quite by accident in our sweet whole-foods store in our local market and something which i picked up on a rainy lunch hour dash.  It was a quick smash n' grab designed to get some slightly more virtuous snacking material for the week.  In amongst the raw nut bars, cold pressed cacao….smooshed up things and another jar of almond butter {we're going through that at a rate of…well LOTS at Tangle HQ lately…} i'd accidentally picked up a bar of hazelnut nougat covered in dark chocolate.  Words cannot describe how much of a treat it was finding that little gem yesterday.  It was sort of a grown up Milky Way but lots richer, denser and just 'Mmmm-er.'  I'm telling myself it was also good for me since it was from a health food store AND it had hazelnuts in….  What i can tell you is that i'l be intentionally picking up that little sweet treat again for sure.

4.  Anticipating the arrival of a perfectly pretty soft charcoal pinafore for me.  Which i shall relish in wearing over the top of cable knits, mustard striped tees or soft rose or lavender shirts.  Which i don't really have any of {minus the cable knit} but you know there's nothing wrong with a little aspirational dreaming.  This purchase was made at the weekend and since then i have also enjoyed placing various lettered stationary, enamelware and pretty scissors into my Anthropologie basket and taking them out again because you know CHRISTMAS and all.  

5.  First citrus.  We were meant to be enjoying our first foray into the mince pie season at the weekend but since it was mostly all about upside down rain and sideways winds and the Mr contracted some sort of dramatic life-threatening cough/cold type illness {the kind which apparently means he eats anything and everything and spends his days and nights snuffling and moaning} i decided to sort of make up for it in citrus.  They don't taste nearly as good as i know they'll taste once we have a Christmas Tree up {yes i *did* just go there} or i can slice them into something mulled but they were good enough.  There's just something magical about satsumas, oranges and clementines at this time of year, don't you agree…?!

6.  Liane La Havas.  On loop every where anyhow.  I watched her on Jools Holland over the weekend and was re-transported back to her lovely music having sort of forgotten about her in the usual musical 'soup' and depths of my Ipod.  Sometimes i stand in my bra and knickers in the bathroom, whilst the shower is running, and sing along waving my arms gracefully {for me} this way and that pretending that i'm also some sort of soulful, honey-voiced, timeless singer….. sometimes.

7.  Looking at wrapping ideas on Pinterest.  I swear to god most of my evenings this week have been spent doing just that.  Like i'll have the time to dry spruce sprigs to attach to gifts.  Like i'll have even a molecule of patience to attach tiny copper sleigh bells to every gift i wrap.  Or that maybe i'll make colour co-ordinated pom-poms to perch atop everyones presents.  But what is life without a dream or two…{thousand?!}

8.  Planning for a drastic re-style.  Which more than 99.999999% won't actually happen.  But sure as day becomes night and night becomes day you can bet your life that when i'm due to get my hair trimmed it re-ignites this urge to get an under cut, to ask them to chop it all off ever so short or to {terrifyingly} tell them to 'just do whatever you think.'  I'll actually  emerge with a jolly good trim and it'll probably rain and i might even wash it when i get home straight away just to check that it looks okay sans actually being dried properly with a hairdryer and not just sat in front of a radiator for two hours and then blasting it for a few minutes upside down and hoping for the best.  But where would we be without certainty?!

9.  The kindest gesture in all of the land.  Which actually happened at the very end of last week but this is my Wonderful Wednesday and i'll cry if i want to and rules are meant to be bent!  Last week was long, and hard and wet and miserable.  And well, i was just having one of *those* kinds of ends to the week.  Early in the week i'd had a card from the Post Office to tell me that a parcel was sat waiting for me at our sorting office.  I hadn't ordered anything and was a little puzzled!  I eventually braved the elements and cycled up in the rain one night after work and picked up a mysterious box.  I got home, sat cross-legged on the floor and opened it up only to find the sweetest most thoughtful handwritten note from the lovely lot at LOAF thanking me for my support and telling me that they enjoyed my little corner of the internet.  Buried even deeper in the box was a beautiful new season catalogue, some sweet little fabric samples for their new season {which have already been ear-marked for my latest mood board!} some hot chocolate, and the most beautiful Loaf Botanical Rose Candle from their new range.  I filled up.  Thank you ever so much you kind, kind faces!  Once you get a vacancy for out of office mood boarder i'll be applying quick as a flash!

10.  Tea-lights in jam jars.  Because you don't always want to light your very best candles do you?!  But everyone loves a little twinkle here and there now don't they?!
*  *  *  
And it's over to YOU!  I do so very much love to read your #wonderfulwednesday comments, thoughts, tweets, emails and love!  If you'd like to share what's been making you smile so far this week, or what you're using as rocket fuel to get you through until Friday then i'd love to know!  Remember you can leave a sweet comment below, tweet me or tag me on Instagram using the #wonderfulwednesday hashtag.  I'm @sallytangle on everything!!!!!!

Happy mid-week lovely ones!


  1. My perfect coffee mug is a big 18-ouncer with Spider-Man on it. :)

  2. Pizza on Tuesdays sounds ideal. I need something like that, Tuesdays are always a little lame. I bought a new handbag today for the first time in years so thats something exciting! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. I seem to collect various mugs and cups, because why have only the same style when you can have tons of mismatched ones? My favourites are my blue Iittala owl mug (for when I need A LOT of tea), and my lovely floral one from Joules. And ooh a re-style sounds exciting! You should definitely go for it. But then I know what you mean - I'm terribly unadventurous when it comes to my hair. I'm really excited about citrus season approaching! It's true though, the satsumas I've had so far have been a bit meh, but still!

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings



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