Wonderful Wednesday #93

{Because, doesn't everything look better with a little sparkle?!}
It feels a little STRANGE to sit here a talk to you today about all of the silly, little moments from my week so far.  I feel almost guilty doing so given the turn of events at the tail-end of last week.  For once my heart wasn't consumed by those moments, treasured and dear to my heart as they always are; but by the bigger picture and the land outside of the little bubble i live in.

I began to think about it, to over-think it even.  I even considered not posting these little moments this week or in fact not posting at ALL.  Simply because nothing else would be fitting and none of my words quite enough.  But then, it occurred to me that in some ways what i should do is be here, be my usual grateful - heavens even more than grateful -  over-descriptive self and count these moments just as i ALWAYS do - except count them louder, more gratefully and with purpose.  Because if i'm really honest with you, this week has probably been the week i feel more grateful than i ever have and where these little things have meant a lot more than usual.  

It's not a nice thing to think that a terrible tragedy must happen to make you count your blessings but it's sure enough a fact that it does.  So dear ones, here are my weekly little moments of lovely.  I do hope that you'll take a moment to share or just THINK about yours too!

1.  Being warm.  This one comes about largely because it's been a long while since i felt chilled to the bone!  Finally the cold that i've been wishing and waiting for has arrived!  There's a very special feeling that comes from sliding on your winter coat for the very first time, slipping on a wooly hat and burying your chin into a chunky knitted scarf.  

2.  Routine.  Because it's something I'm a little too passionate about!  Which is actually probably just another one of those signs i need to get out more!  We've been sleeping terribly around these parts.  Largely due to one of us having a terrible cold (Him.) and the other just getting out of the habit of falling asleep at the usual time and being disturbed by wind, rain, rattling beams and a snotty Mr!  Perseverance has been key and i've been sipping camomile and honey tea at 10.30pm each night like a trooper.  After almost a whole week of feeling the busiest sleeper i can report that we're now back to a solid eight hours and feeling like we could take on the world because of it!!! Huzzah!

3.  A curried shoulder of lamb, so very soft and tender that it melted in the mouth.  Served alongside cardamon-fragrant rice, the fluffiest coriander naans and a generous dollop of creme fraiche.  I can often take or leave meat and we probably only eat it once a week. But it's safe to say we make that 'once' count!

4.  Christmas lights.  Not because i'm feeling particularly festive *just* yet but just for the sheer fact that the weather has been so very nasty, wet and windy up here that seeing a little sparkle here and there first and last thing on my wander to work does my little soul some kind of good!  I'm meeting my sister for my first proper festive coffee date tonight after work so i'm hoping that might give me a little more festive feelin'!!

5.  Toasted coconut atop porridge.  I know heck am i on about flipping porridge again on here?!  It deserves the regular slot trust me because it's been rocket fuel in both getting me out of bed in the cold, grey and down right horrid mornings and for keeping me warm and full up until lunch time!   Since coconut oil and coconut cream makes a regular appearance in a lot of my porridge recipes, i can't believe i had never thought of a little sprinkling of the toasted variety on top!  Needless to say it is the bees knees thank you please!  It goes perfectly alongside a drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkling of seeds.  Mmmmm i'm already excited about breakfast for the rest of the week!  I'm excited to try it sprinkled on top of my chocolate porridge.  How amazing will that taste?!?  

6.  Digging out old classics.  After a jolly good wardrobe sort out on last Wednesdays' dreary wet and grey day {every cloud!} i came across a couple of beloved wintery dresses i'd completely forgotten i ever owned!! I've been re-falling in love with them this week by sliding a roll neck underneath and joyfully pairing them with black opaques that almost pull up to my chin.  Is there anything better than tights in winter?!?

7.  Out smarting the weather.  I'm getting ants in my pants at not being able to get out on my bike as much!  I've been yoga-ing and working on some short ballet-based You-tube exercise classes but it's not quite the same.  My heart doesn't beat nearly as fast and i can't feel the cold air careering through my little lungs!  On sunday evening, right before the sun began to slip into Monday, there was a brief respite in the horrid-ness.  I got blown around our sweet park a fair few times and cycled until the sun set and my legs ached.  I felt so much better afterwards! If you can keep everything crossed for me that this weekend is dry please!!  

8.  Rosemary!  The herb of winter and one of my all time favourites! Torn up alongside smashed garlic cloves and tossed through buttery potato wedges.  Sometimes sprinkled on top of soft ricotta, speck ham and portobello mushrooms all piled high on a doughy pizza base.  It just makes anything and everything seem wintery and i can't get enough.  I'm looking forward to experimenting with it in a sweeter recipe.  I've got a craving for something with lemon and rosemary and thyme.  Any recipe suggestions?!

9.  Wearing your very best silky separates underneath your slouchiest, scruffiest jeans and favourite oversized cable knit jumper and feeling all kinds of cosy!

10.  Dark chocolate and black cherry jaffa cakes!  M&S no less!  Of course they are! Don't tell me that it's just me who gets a little bit excited when i can legitimately start buying their festive foods?!  Don't you remember my love affair with their Stem Ginger Curd last year?!  I think i ate a vat of the stuff!  This year i can't wait to try their spiced Christmas Breakfast tea, Christmas cake curd and Black Forrest Conserve.  Imagine either slathered upon toasted panettone or brioche?!?  I think our Christmas morning breakfast might just be sorted…

11.  First mitten/glove wearing.  And hoping that i haven't peaked too soon!  Is there a greater joy than wearing mittens?!?  Well you know apart from the other ten things in this post that is made up from….
*   *   *
Over to YOU my friends!  In a week that has felt a little like not celebrating the good and great and sometimes silly happy moments, i ask that you dig DEEP and be grateful too.  I'd love you to share with us you're happiest moments from your week so far.  You can pop a sweet note below' or simply tweet me or tag me on Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle on both.  Don't forget to use the #wonderfulwednesday#tag!

Sending LOVE to you all!