Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #94

{Forever looking up.  This week mostly admiring the last of autumn}
WHAT is wrong with me?!  Well there's a way to start a blog post whilst opening the largest can of worms that there ever was eh?  I can't seem to stop falling in love with things for me lately.  I went through most of Spring and Summer with hardly anything really catching my eye.  But now the time has come that i should be focussing my shopping energy {and all of that cash!} on others, i seem to keep stumbling on things that i am convinced  i have been searching my whole life for.  It's getting to reach fever pitch!  I am exhausting myself.  Have you started your Christmas shopping?  Please don't tell me you have. What's worse is please don't tell me that it's all wrapped and everything.  If it's true then i'm afraid me and my bulging online shopping baskets and you are going to have to break up!  Just kidding. 

I'll tell you ONE thing, i'm keen to get stuck into this post this week.  I feel like i need a jolly great big dose of special little moments to remind me that *in fact* it doesn't matter if you find the perfect chartreuse-y green shaded cardigan in the softest shape or a skirt with a print that could *actually* rival a Liberty London print or even that if a cup has your initial on in gold then you must have it.  Jeez i'm really up against myself this year! Shall we get on with the good stuff?!

1.  Blog friends.  Which may i add the Mr has to say back to me in a way that you can imagine somebody out of The Inbetweeners saying - if that makes any sense whatsoever.  He thinks it's the funniest thing in the world.  So YES YES!  Lovely friends made wholly and completely from creating this little space and actually discovering that there are a lot of them in my sweet city.  Cocktails and pizza and putting the world to rights with like-minded souls is the BEST feeling!

2.  Stem ginger sponge and custard.  Who knew such a thing even existed?!?  It's like…what's it like?  How can i explain the sheer delight of it and what scale it's on??!  It's LIKE sticky toffee sponge ramped up beyond belief:  Sweet and spicy in perfect equal measure with heavenly wedges of stem ginger.  Served with the most vanilla-ey custard WHICH, i definetly delighted in eating a few odd spoonfuls of when it had cooled down and a little skin had formed on top.  Doing that defintely makes me question if i really prefer custard cold to hot.  OH WAIT STEM GINGER SPONGE!!!!  Oh it's okay we're back…there we go!

3.  Learning the guitar.  I've decided i really want to give it a go. A real proper 'throw everything at it' sort of a go.  The last time the Mr tried to teach me i wanted to learn a particular song {Oasis - 'Don't Look Back in Anger.' It's got my name in it for goodness sake - don't judge} and he was stubborn and told me that i had to do it properly and practise chords before any of that.  I tried but, ARGH i just wanted to make a tune. Then one day {after too many days sulking and not practising} i noticed he'd taken his pretty acoustic guitar back around to work.  I havent enlightened him with the news i want to learn again -  but i've been so enjoying singing lately and i would LOVE to be able to sing and play guitar.  Don't you think it's the most perfect thing?!

4.  Dry, bright and crisp weather!  Hurrah for Winter and it's all too sudden out of nowhere arrival!  I'm so enjoying cold morning laps of our park and feeling the icy air catch in my little lungs. It's the sort of weather that really does make me so glad to be alive!  I'm secretly crossing everything that its like this now until…April?  What are our chances?!

5.  First mitten wearing.  Best.  Feeling.  Ever.  I feel it needs no further explanantion.

6.  Sliced ginger, the juice of half a lemon and a jolly good swirl of lemon peel alongside a generous drizzle of honey.  It's saving my bacon lately.  There's a flu-y feeling in my bones and my throat feels sore.  I will not get a cold or flu, i will not get a cold or flu….*repeats every single day.*

7.  Pushing myself.  Whilst i can't reveal too much, i'm learning that pushing yourself hard is healthy and that you can exceed all of your expectations if you do.  

8.  Bottoms against radiators and hot water bottles sandwiched between knees.  Being so cold makes you ever so grateful for being warm again, don't you think?!

9.  A musical pillow!  After harping on about my erratic sleeping methods lately, i've been given a musical pillow to road-test by the lovely lot at Sealy.  More on that soon!  

10.  Chocolate brownies and tea.  If ever there was something that needed to be crowned The Ultimate Fixer of Anything and Everything this would be it.  On my Tuesday afternoon off i was feeling pretty horrid - i just could not keep warm and just felt ache-y and not me.  I ate lunch half-heartedly.  Then about an hour later remembered there was a chocolate brownie left.  I swear after eating that and two cups of strong as you like Lady Grey one after the other i felt like i could conquer the whole world!!!!!!!  Magic, it's all i'm sayin'.

11.  Green.  Olive.  Chatreuse if you will.  You know that perfect shade of muddy, mossy delightful green.  I just can't get enough of it lately.  I *may* have just treated myself to the prettiest long-line alpaca cardigan in said colour……oh dear me!

How are you all?!  Tell me, catch me up! I feel i'm a little out of the loop lately.  I did spend a lovely couple of hours after my rocket-fuel of a brownie yesterday just reading some blog posts and sharing my favourites.  It's been so long since i did that, it was extra fuel to my little creative fire as it always is.  I do love this creative little blog bubble!  

Remember to share your happy stuff by commenting below, reaching out on Twitter or Instagram and by using the sweet #wonderfulwednesday tag! I'm @sallytangle everywhere!

Happy mid-week all!


  1. Nice photo :)
    Maria V.

  2. My Wonderful Wednesday=half day off work and the rest of the week off too (for American Thanksgiving)!



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