Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #102

{Falling a little bit in love with those icy skies & a dusting of snow}
Happy HALFWAY through the week dear and sweet faces! You’ve made it!  You’ve done it!  Give yourself one almighty pat on the back!!! Please accept my apologies that this weeks' Wonderful Wednesday didn't reach you at it's normal time of 7:30am.  I've been having both browser, internet and photo-taking issues this week.  Great and whopping thanks go out to the Mr for saving the day at almost midnight last night!  Better late than never though hey?

This week hasn’t been so bad though has it?!?  I mean its minus goodness-knows WHAT outside but I’m rather enjoying cosying up in so many layers I can hardly bend my arms and not having to excuse drinking gallons of Lady Grey tea each and every day.  Not that I need an excuse!

How are you?  Hows your week been?  Mine has been a DELIGHT.  After being off from work since last Friday I’m finally starting to feel re-charged.  Turns out I had quite a back-log of tiredness built up behind me.  You sometimes don’t realise quite how flipping tired you are until…well until you just stop! 

Apart from feeling generally well-rested and cosy, what else has been jolly-dee so far on this wintery week…?

  1. Kitting myself out.  It’s been….well at least a year since I’ve been regularly practising a little at-home Pilates and ballet.  If I’m honest it took a good eight months or so before I really started to notice an improvement in my core strength and to start to see more shape and tone in my upper arms and in my middle section.  Maybe one day i'll be brave enough to take a proper class.  This week I finally bought myself some proper sporty leggings…tights…what are they?!?  Well whatever they are they make me feel SO much more comfy!  In fact I could quite happily live in them!  I also bought two sports bras – another thing I have never ever owned.  I cannot BELIEVE how much difference this makes?!?!  No more re-adjusting myself after each stretch or in between repetitions!  Or stretching and such in my squillion year old gold Topshop leggings and baggy white tee!  Huzzah!

  1. New skills.  I’m not a crafty person.  Creative yes, crafty…not so much.  I’m not sure what it is, maybe it’s a patience thing.  When I know I could make something – sew, knit etc – I like the idea of it.  But I want it finished already and always feel like I don’t have the time to see it through.  Which actually probably isn’t true since I do spend a large part of my spare time fannying around and faffing with things that I don’t really need to do.  Anyway, since I had some days off, one of my ‘goals’ was to learn a crafty new skill that I’ve had my eye on for a wee while.  It involves wool and a needle.  And it’s not knitting!  Can you guess what it is yet?!?!

  1. Chocolate brownie.  Did I tell you that chocolate and I had sort of fallen out?  Well we have.  I have been worried – for my health even!  It’s very unlike me to just not fancy chocolate.  I mean, I haven’t eaten a Walnut Whip for over three months.  Now hopefully you can sense the sheer magnitude of the situation!  I really fancied a chocolate brownie on Monday.  A stodgy, chocolate chunk filled brownie and a large coffee.  And oh, my GOODNESS.  It’s ok folks, it’s aaalll going to be okay.  Whilst maybe I’ve fallen out of love with your run of the mill chocolate, don’t go losing any sleep over the fact that it’s totally still my jam when I really need it.  In a weird way, not eating it as often has made me really appreciate it…?  Is that too deep for a discussion about chocolate.  Probably. 

  1. Reminiscing.  I can’t tell you how heartbroken I was at hearing about the loss of David Bowie last week.  My childhood was filled with Bowie tracks and my own musical collection has been peppered with them my whole and entire life.  What I have loved so so very much this week is listening, re-listening and listening again all over to Bowie on BBC 6Music (they did a whole weekend dedicated to the man himself, you can wrap your ears around it HERE.  Do, it was something quite spectacular), on Spotify and even just digging out some of his older albums on my Ipod for bike adventures.  You sort of forget quite how many amazing records he wrote.  All so different and all so brilliant in their very own right. 

  1. Wool-picking.  As I mentioned earlier I’ve been trying my hand at a new skill. For it I had to pick up a few rolls of wool.  Easy!  I thought.  Over an hour later I finally emerged from our little haberdashery!  It was THE most lovely thing to spend so long looking at all of the sweetly arranged wool, beautiful colours and different kinds that were available.  I cannot believe how hard it was to choose!!  I can’t wait to show you a little bit more of my new project.

  1. Sleeping.  It’s not rocket science is it really but it’s amazing how much better I feel having an extra hour and a half or so extra ‘zzz’s.’  I must, must MUST get my bottom to bed a little earlier.  I feel like it’s made a difference to so many different things this week:  My productivity levels, my skin, hair – EYES even!  Just everything.  It’s not good me taking care of every other part of me if I’m not getting enough sleep is it?!?!

  1. Snow & Frost!!!  Finally!  Hurrah for snow! And frost!  And for the weather feeling a little bit more like it should do in Winter!  You know, except for the days that it stops me riding that sweet bike of mine you know…  I’ve been loving watching the smoke from the chimneys across from us twist and turn up into an early morning sky and little sparrows slip and slide across the rooftops all whilst I clutch a hot cup of tea. 

  1. A cup of tea in bed.  It’s my absolute day off/week off luxury and one of my very favourite smallest pleasures.  I love to get up, draw back the curtains and flip on the kettle whilst I stand and watch the world wake up as it boils.  I splash my face whilst my tea brews for a few moments and then scamper back to bed to sip it buried deep under the duvet with a squillion pillows and cushions behind my head.  It’s the loveliest way to start each day!

  1. Meridian Peanut butter bars.  Do you like nut butter as much as me?!  I feel like this is a really silly question.  Who doesn’t?!  I mean really in the whole wide world who doesn’t like any kind of nut butter?!  Anyway, the kind folks at Meridian (my fave nut butter brand – no nasties just nuts and a pinch of sea-salt) now make an almond and a peanut nut butter bar and oh MY.  It’s just like actual real-life yummy nut butter in bar form.  There’s no need to take a jar and a spoon out with you now (there have been a fair few times I’ve wondered if this is now socially acceptable) you have these little gems.  DE-licious I promise you.  Having one of them alongside a tart green apple is my snack du jour. Well you know when I’m not stuffing chocolate brownie into my little cheeks…

  1.      Sorting out my jewellery.  I’m not a mega, mega jewellery wearer.  Maybe it’s      because I wear such a lot of accessories as part of my job but I really struggle with remembering to put on jewellery when I’m not at work.  Recently I was bought the sweetest little jewellery dish from Anthropologie.  This week I decided to go through my favourites and collect them altogether in said sweet dish on the dresser in our bedroom.  Now I can see them clearly I’ve been picking up one and popping it on each day.  It’s something I hope to keep up as I really have collected some lovely little pieces.  

*  *  *  
So how about you?  What's been making your week memorable, marvellous or otherwise?!  I really would love to know.  You can let me know in the comment box below or give me a little nudge on Instagram or Twitter.  I'm @sallytangle on both!  Also please do pop by the lovely Michelle's blog 'A Life Outside London' as she's now joining me aboard the #Wonderful Wednesday bus!  Anyone else fancy a go?!? The more the merrier i say!  Do let me know if you write a similar weekly post and i can add your link too.

Have a lovely rest of week lovely ones! 
{PS What's going on with the alignment?!  Please expect normal service/correct numbers/alignment next week}



  1. How could you choose wool with out me Sally!!! Also you have had a pick from somewhere near 400 balls at my house :-) Let me know when you're ready to crochet, I charge in tea, cake and self promotion.x.

  2. Oh a visit to the wool shop is one of life's most underrated pleasures! Seriously. My local on is called Spin A Yarn (MAGNIFICENT!) and it's one of my favourite places to be.
    Tell me tell me tell me what you're doing with it.
    And peanut butter bars you say? I knew we were nut butter friends but you've just upped the game m'lady, they sound magnificent.
    So glad you've slept some and moved more and discovered the joy of a well supported boobie.
    M x

  3. Hahah I'm totally the same with stretchy leggings, I got some for Christmas and now I just want to wear work out clothes like, all the time.

    Jasmin Charlotte

  4. Are you crocheting? So exciting! It's very addictive. I love choosing wool, I think it's my favourite thing to shop for (yes probably even better than shoes!) Happy hooking! :-)

  5. Sally, I don't want to ruin your day, but, I really dislike nut butters! I keep wanting to like them, so I have several in the cupboard including almond and cashew, but last time I tried the almond it actually made me gag... I'm soooo sorry!!

    However, NUTella on the other hand... that is a different story altogether :) x



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