Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #103

 {Taken on a slightly more wintery feelin' day last week - what was i saying about Spring?!}
Hands UP who feels like they've got this week?!  Me, me ME!!!!! {NB this is a rare, rare feeling therefore must be celebrated even if it comes across as ever so slightly smug}.  I'm not sure what it is. I haven't achieved lots, certainly not in a work sense any way!  In that department i feel as if our sale is lingering about for far longer than it's been welcome for {doesn't it feel like Christmas was about a century ago?!  Tell me that's not just me?} and i'm itching ever so much for our walls to be full to the top with lighter, airier pieces:  cottons, silks and linens.  And for Spring colours!!! Dusky blues and whites, lemons and Spring greens.  Call me predictable but I've been craving COLOUR in any kind of way i can get it lately.  All that aside, failures or 'not quite feeling like i'm making much progress' i'm still feelin' like a positive Pollyanna!  Maybe we should talk all things WONDERFUL and see if it inspires you to look at your week a little differently...Are you ready?!
1.   Feelin' green!  I can't get enough of all things green lately.  Like my colour craving this week, it shouldn't really come as any kind of surprise that it's following through into what i eat just as much as what i look at should it?  I often wonder if I'm the only person in all of the land who craves fruit and vegetables come this time of year?  I'm also holding the darker days filled with nothing but rain lately, seriously accountable.  I've been loving frying leafy greens in coconut oil and having them with pretty much every meal:  Crispy kale with a sprinkle of flaky seasalt piled high upon a leafy stirfry {my favourite meal this week by FAR},  wilted garlicky spinach alongside the most yellow scrambled eggs and mashed avocado or even simply a mixed leaf salad piled high on top of a ricotta cheese laden pizza.  I just can't get enough!  

2.  Progress.  What was i saying about not making any progress at work?!  Well maybe the reason I'm not taking it too badly or beating myself up about only doing what i can do is because I'm slowly making progress in other areas of 'lately.'  I'm getting stronger and stronger in my little ballet exercises and little spurts of body balance. I'm finding it so easy to squeeze in amongst my busy life and I'm also seeing results.  All this helps drive me to achieve more which can never be a bad thing can it?!  I'm also getting there with my little crafty project which i mentioned in last weeks' post and I'm SO proud!  The true test will be if i manage to finish it!  I'm hoping the sheer amount of money i spent on wool alone will keep me going...

3.  The most Spring-like duvet cover you ever did see!  Okay so it's barely Spring outside, but in our little attic flat it's a very different story!  Apart from filling our living-room with various receptacles filled with daffodils {can't wait to see these happy-making blooms dancing in the breeze outside!} i dug out a duvet cover I'd sort of forgotten i ever had!  It's a crisp white cotton number with giant navy blue ombre polka-dots all over.  Waking up wrapped up underneath it and glancing across to a little jam-jar filled with daffodils makes me feel SO happy!

4.  DIY fringe trims.  The BEST!  I love trimming my fringe so much.  I can't explain it....maybe if you've got your very own fringe and also trim it yourself you'll understand..?  It really is rather satisfying!  I was reading a book i got for Christmas last night, and in it the girl describes how to cut your own hair and how once you do it you'll never look back.  I'm SO tempted - especially given how much i love playing about with cutting my fringe and how easy i find it.  I'm also rather scared....imagine i really bugger it up?! Worse still imagine having to visit your hairdresser to explain....

5.  New musical finds.  Okay so maybe that should read 'new musical finds to me.'  I've been loving Jack Garrett and Sia this week and I'm eagerly anticipating both Jack's first album and Sia's most recent, both out very soon.  For now i'll have to settle with having the few songs available from both on loop all day every day....

6.  Jolly good skin.  Just like good hair days i really do feel like we should celebrate a great skin day just the same.  Are you with me?!  Who knows why {okay so maybe it's the leafy greens...?!} but lately me and my skin have got on, i mean really got on.  This hardly ever happens.  I haven't changed anything - minus the leafy green consumption {it's worth noting that I'm now starting to think that i wont ever be able to stop eating Kale three or four times a week just incase it has magically given me great skin?!?} but maybe it's also since I'm feeling generally quite happy in my own skin. Isn't always the way that once you stop thinking about something, it naturally gets better/looks better/ feels better as if by magic?!  All hail great skin days!  

7.  Great customer service.  Rare, if not non-existent in a retail environment now {except OBVIOUSLY unless you are shopping in Monsoon Accessorize, Carlisle - aherm} but this week has seen my faith restored times a million and it was by the lovely faces at Cambridge Satchel Company. {Also it's worth mentioning here that they've got an amazing sale on at the mo, with an extra 30% until 31st of January!!!!!!} I've got two of their beautiful bags: A mint green and a limited edition Rose Gold and I've been coveting their beautiful gold 'Cloud' bag for so long.  January was a   l-o-n-g   month and by the time it was payday they'd all sold out!!!  The lovely faces at Cambridge Satchel swooped to the rescue and have tracked down one for me and have reserved it especially!  When do you ever hear these kinds of things happening nowadays?! People going above and beyond what is actually their job?!  I know I'd do the very same thing but usually,  well you just don't hear of it.  I mean, call me a moaning Minnie but i can't even remember the last time somebody said hello to me in a shop.    I digress and moreover i can't thank everyone involved enough!  I CANT WAIT TO GET IT!!!!! Eeeeeeee!!!

8.  Chai tea.  I know *the world recoils in horror at the sound of another kind of tea that is not, i repeat not Lady Grey* who am i?!  Don't fret pretty ones, I'm still as much little miss LG as ever, i have just really been enjoying a mug mug of milky Chai before bed.  It's the yummiest pre-bedtime tipple....

9.  Half and half's.  Remember i told you a little while ago that the trick to the very best porridge of your whole life is to soak your oats for five minutes in boiling hot water...?  Whilst i still stand by this statement, this week I've been soaking only half of mine and leaving the rest in a little teacup ready to add once i mix in my mashed banana and almond milk.  I know *just* what you're maverick you!  You oat-shaped genius of breakfast time!  Or you might also be thinking that i need to get out more {no jokes!} but let me tell you that what this creates is the BEST kind of porridge texture:  smooth, creamy delicious-ness with pockets of nutty texture!!!  Mmmmmmm!

10.  The new Deliciously Ella Everyday book.  I feel like this needs very little words.  Her first recipe book is the very first of it's kind that I've read cover to cover, start to finish and her second book does not disappoint.  I love her different approach to food, how easy it is to incorporate into what you might have been used to but mostly how very passionate she is about everything she creates.  Also, errrr Amond Butter Quinoa?!?!?  My mind has been blown! I *may* be making this for lunch later on in the week...
*  *  *
Right, let's not hang about!  It's over to you lovely lot - tell me about your week, tell me about what's been keeping you going/sane/happy..?  Moreover, pay a friendly little visit to my now TWO partners in #wonderfulwednesday crime Kate and Michelle and see what they have been heralding and championing in their weeks so far.  And if you fancy writing your own similar type post, shout out!  Wave your little hands and make yourself known because you can never have too many of those kinds of posts to read, especially in the middle of a long, grey January!  
Remember you can find me on twitter and Instagram if you want to share your #wonderfulwednesday -ing over there too.  I'm @sallytangle on both!

*PS i usually write this sweet post last thing on a Tuesday evening and hope you'll forgive me for it being a lot later on than its usual 7am Wednesday morning time slot.  I have been having camera, font, internet and general blog issues and if I'm really honest with you, at 10pm last night when nothing in the world wanted to work for me, i actually wanted to throw myself out of the window!!!  Just saying! 

Happy mid-week!


  1. Woo! Glad you are owning this week. This week has been a little lame for me, but I'm determined to make it through! My skin has also been much happier recently, and it's definitely something which makes me feel better!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Sal, the further along this little path we venture the more it was just meant to be, I spent an inordinate amount of time today feeling smug and proud of my breakfast of spinach, scrambled eggs and avo (a few cherry tomatoes thrown in for sweetness too) and I'm clutching my chai in my other hand as I type this very sentence. Life eh.
    You definitely need to be celebrating progress in any and all areas you're getting it and a good skin day should always be hollered about.
    Hope the rest of your week is as Wonderful.
    M x

    1. Oh and the customer service, that warms the cockles doesn't it? It really doesn't happen that often anymore does it? I'm going to need to see this bag though.

  3. Leafy greens are delicious! And I wouldn't be surprised if they're good for your skin too. Good skin days are the best. I wish my skin would behave all the time! And good customer service can really make one's day, can't it? I'm actually going to a signing with Deliciously Ella today, and I'm so excited to have a read through her new book once I've got it! Almond butter quinoa sounds heavenly.

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  4. Sally :) your Wonderful Wednesday posts are always the best!!! I LOVE Chai tea sooo much, I discovered it this summer in Dublin and I can't stop drinking it! The one I'm trying at the moment is from Pukka...utterly delicious with a sip of soy milk!!!
    Have an amazing weekend!!!



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