Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #104

  {Behold!  THE jumper of all jumpers and a rare 'sort of quite alright' hair day!}
Hello and how do you doodle-DO?  Oh me?  How am i doing?!  Well I'm having one of those weeks that can only be described as 'lacking in va-va-voom.'  There is no particular rhyme or reason.  My week so far has not been particularly exhausting and actually sits somewhere in the middle of busy and quiet.  I've slept well, achieved everything {so far!} that I've set out to do, but still i feel a little....somewhat lack luster...?  Like I'm just not quite firing on all cylinders.  I've decided {for sake of argument} to blame the lack of sunshine and constant torrent of rain or gales so very strong that honest to GOODNESS i nearly took off over the river on my walk to work on Monday.  Yes, that's what we'll blame it on.  I have an incredible urge to lie down on the ground in a star-shape and just let the sun shine on me. You know, if there was any to be having.  I feel like it should be something you should be able to get on prescription....

I'm making up for it in oranges.  And clementines, and satsumas and tangerines and quite frankly anything citrus-ey i can cram into my day.  I'm filling our tummy's with as much green as possible too.  I feel like i need it somehow.  Tell me it's not just me?!?  

As much as I'd love to sit here with you all and discuss the woes of a never-ending winter {any helpful tips to rid me of this feeling and top up that 'sparkle however would be greatly received!}, we have #wonderfulwednesday business to tend to!  And despite the lull in energy, there has been many golden nuggets of good in amongst it all....

1.  My new favourite jumper ever.  I know i know how many jumpers do i already have?!?  But given the arctic temperatures {and the fact that our icy temperatures often last for well over what is classed as an official winter month!} it felt necessary to pick up a new jumper.  It's a delightful cream chunky {tick!}, over-sized {tick!} jumper be-decked in so many ruffles {tick, tick, TICK!} that if i wore a red hat I'd resemble a little squirt of cream with a cherry on top.  I've been living in it {read:  it's mostly been worn over dresses with tights, over the top of pyjamas for blustery morning porridge eating} and anywhere in between.  It's my favourite jumper ever in all of the land.  

2.  Pesto on pizza.  Dolloped as after-thought {ho ho ho how we foolishly underestimated it's greatness!} on our pizza the other night.  The.  Best.  Idea. Ever.  Just do it now and thank me later!

3.  Contemplating a new haircut.  I just need a trim and will obviously {as per}, sit down in the chair and get said trim BUT on making a hair appointment there is a certain excitement that comes from scrolling through your Hair board on Pinterest {mine's HERE} and seeing what you *could* get done......

4.  The arrival of my golden Cambridge Satchel Cloud bag from last weeks' post.  It came on Monday. Is it weird that it's still in its' box and all wrapped up because i want to save it for my day off on Thursday?!?  I really want to relish in opening it up and seeing it!  Am i odd?!?!?

5.  Cashew nut butter.  For those mornings when time doesn't allow for porridge {read:  when you've *some how* turned off your alarm in your sleep and have mere moments to get ready} its a no-brainer and can be finished off whilst careering out the door at top speed.  Toasted rye bread spread generously with cashew nut butter and sprinkled hastily with raw cacao chips.  Mmmmm!  Trust me there is no better pairing than cashews and chocolate.

6.  Kindness.  I had a package to pick up at the sorting office that the sender had not paid enough postage for.  I thought i could pay on my card and couldn't {que sera!} but i was so bowled over when the lady behind me in the queue offered to pay for it for me!!! It was only £2 but she didn't even know me!  How lovely is that?!?!  I really wish i had some way of tracking her down to say thank you some how.

7.  Finding a bra AND pair of matching under-crackers in the M&S sale for £3.99 for the two!!!!  Even more fortuitous since i had ruined two in a fight with the washing machine last weekend.  Karma does exist!!!!

8.  The smell of flowers.  Of course just the sight of a sweet jug, jam jar or vase of any kind of flower is welcome at the moment!  But I've been loving the smell of the sweet jug we have on our kitchen counter:  a sweet collection of daffodils, purple hyacinth and pale pink tulips.  They smell ever so softly floral as you walk past and!  I'm sure it's very possible for something to smell green.....I've been pressing my nose as close as can be whilst waiting for kettle to boil each morning!

9.  Green shoots.  They're teeny tiny up here but they're there!!!! I've been looking our for the very first sights of daffodils, snowdrops and general teeny tiny shoots of green wherever i can get them lately!  I can't wait until the trees are blanketed with leaves and the grass is tall, deep and lush!  Isn't it funny how little you feel like you appreciate these things until they are not there?!?  

10.  #wonderfulwednesday power!!!  Over the past few weeks I've had several lovely ladies join in on these weekly posts of mine and i can't tell you how great and good and arrrgh just super duper this feels!!!  Not only because of course its lovely to inspire others to think of their little precious and wonderful moments in their own weeks BUT also because it's inspiring for me to read them myself!  I get so much from writing these posts and by actually taking time out of my Tuesday night to sit and think about the little things that have been keeping my smiling, and it's ever so lovely to have somebody else's to read!!!  If you stop by here often, do drop by Kate, Michelle, Nadine and Helen's blogs to read over their best bits from their weeks so far on their #wonderfulwednesday.  
*  *  *
How about YOU?  If you fancy joining along with your own #wonderfulwednesday then let me know so we can shout about it too!  Or even of you'd like to share what's been keeping you afloat so far this week.  You can drop a sweet comment below, tag me in a photo on Instagram or tweet me also.  I'm @sallytangle on both Twitter and Instagram. Don't forget to use the #wonderfulwednesday hashtag so we can all have a peak too!
Have a super-DUPER rest of week!


  1. I love your Wonderful Wednesday posts! It's not just you - I've been craving vitamin C and greens (and sunshine!!) lately too. I just want spring to arrive! Your new satchel bag sounds gorgeous. xxx

  2. So your week may be lacking va va voom but your barnet most certainly isn't. Hubba hubba.
    Most jealous indeed of your undercracker bargain, I did that about 6 years ago in M&S and I STILL tell people about it now.

    And apologies, my opener seems to be exactly the same as your outro! Shall we call it great minds, I swear I hadn't seen this before!!
    Hope your week finds it's oompf and you find a way to pay the kindness forward, they're my favourite kind of good deeds.

    M x

  3. Yes, I'm lacking in oomph too this week! The early enthusiasm of the year is starting to dry up and need to remember to eat well and keep drinking water. Thanks for a little bit of cheer on this cold wednesday xx

  4. I know what you mean, I've been feeling a bit the same recently - the winter blues we will blame!! But yes, just trying to take a bit more time and care will sort us out!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. How lovely that so many people have joined in with their own Wonderful Wednesday posts! I'm with you, I just can't wait for spring. I saw some snow drops just today and it made me very excited! And aw, the kindness of strangers can really make one's day, can't it?

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings



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