Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #105

{Spotted a sweet patch of one of my favourite blooms earlier this week:  Heather}
Good DAY to you!  How have you been?  I feel like this week's #wonderfulwednesday has come around ever so quickly!  Isn't it funny how some weeks seem to last forever and others just whizz by you in the blink of an eye?!  Maybe it's because my week so far has been all consumed with two things:  Camera/new phone considering and 'Making a Murderer.'  On the first count, i still haven't settled on what to do for the best.  One of the reasons this little space has largely been all consumed by the mighty #wonderfulwednesday {not necessarily a bad thing - i like the routine and you can never have too much good, can you?} for the past....probably too long is for two reasons:  The first being that I'm struggling a little with what i want this corner to be {we wont get into that now - too deep!} and the second being that I've lost a camera and my little Iphone back-up is well past it's best and I'm just not sure what to do upgrade-wise on both counts.  Current ideas are IPhone 6S {is the camera worth it though?!} and the new Olympus Pen camera {much lighter than lugging around and about a big DSLR no?!}. I'd love your thoughts and tips! 

The second 'Making a Murderer' has all but consumed the last seven days or so if we're being really honest.  Don't tell me what happens don't just don't!!! We're hooked.  I'm still AGHAST to the fact that this is a documentary and actually happened.  

Despite it feeling like that's all that lately has consisted of {in between my usual over-consumption of tea, breakfast obsession-ning or over-buying of white lace cotton/ruffle-y blouses}, I'm fairly sure i can still rustle up some happy to fill this little post......

1.  Tumeric.  Let's not beat about the bush here, we're all friends!  I'm not ashamed to tell you that i often suffer with tummy troubles.  Put bluntly my little insides are happiest when I'm not eating anything too fussy, spicy or full of rubbish.  Which is lucky actually as I'm one of those rare people that gets excited about salad dressings, nuts and discovering a new way to be creative with kale!  I recently purchased Deliciously Ella's second book and after reading all about how beneficial Tumeric can be to your tum, i started trying to include it in some of our meals.  So far it's only really made it into spiced spelt cous-cous and scrambled eggs and so probably not enough to actually tell of it's benefits truly BUT who doesn't love something that turns whatever you put it into bright yellow?!  Especially since the odd fleeting appearance of Mr Sunshine isn't nearly enough just yet.  I'm excited to try spiced tumeric roasted cauliflower later this week. 

2.  Daffodils.  Have we spoken about daffodils yet?! I fear we probably have.  I've got some kind of disorder where each time i 'pop in' to any supermarket i panic and think 'have i got daffodils?  Have i got enough daffodils?  Are any of them on their way out yet?!  DO I NEED A NEW BUNCH OF DAFFODILS BECAUSE THEY'RE ONLY A POUND?!?!'  I've got some kind of daffodil rotation going on with three receptacles filled with their sunny faces where i simultaneously replace each receptacle with a new bunch when they're past their best.  How much is too much and what constitutes a real life problem?  There's a strange comfort to be found in the fact that i know it'll only cost me £3 to replace the lot......

3.  Clean washing.  I've been treasuring that smell lately.  I broke the dial on our very old and past it's best {read:  it has shrank two of the Mr's jumpers and ruined a good handful of my smalls in the past few weeks - washing machine rage is definitely a 'thing.'} washing machine last weekend.  Tomorrow our new one arrives and i can't wait.  I quite like the washing of laundry.  Not so much the hanging it out when it's cold and wet but you really can't beat the smell of it wafting through our little attic afterwards.  

4.  New hair.  Which actually just translates to 'a bloody good trim' but it feels fab all of the same.  I went to a new hairdressers after having gone to the same one for.....OOF at least seven years or so.  I changed because i had to sort out my hair on one too many occasions after visiting them and felt like they had got a bit complacent...?  I visited a lovely new place, felt like a million dollars and enjoyed feeling a little bit special instead of just feeling like a sheep that had been sheared...badly.  Why did i leave it so long?! It did feel a little bit like i was having an affair though...

5.  Nut and raisins.  I'm a snacker extraordinaire.  I've just never been one for eating a massive meal. If i do i just want to fall asleep and usually just get a tummy ache!  So i prefer eating smaller meals and 'nibbling' in between.  It's a running joke that I've always got some kind of snack squirrelled away in my bag, pocket or in a random place in the house.  This is usually an apple or banana, a Nakd bar, a little tin of nuts or similar.  Lately my afternoon snack of choice have been macadamia nuts and raisins.  It's also been what I've reaching for after my little workout sessions too.  Ridiculously simple and ridiculously underrated if you ask me....
6.  Nut butter extraordinaire!  Imagine my delight {and also if you will the strange looks from the assistant stocking the shelf a few yards away when i yelped out loud} when i was mosying about Sainsbury's on Monday waiting for the rain to stop before i attempted to ride my bike back into town to grab some coffee WHEN, i spotted Pip & Nut nut butters!! Huzzah! I picked up Coconut and Almond and it's dangerously out of this world!  It's a little pricey i need to make sure i don't get too carried away.  

7.  Lighting a little candle at my desk whilst replying to emails and generally faffing about online as the rain hammered loudly on the skylight above my and the wind rattled the beams of our roof.  Accompanied with nothing but a hot mug of teaThat moment right there? Well it's as perfect as it gets if you ask me.

8.   Late night 'a few days off from work' 'Making a Murderer' marathons with the Mr, curled up on the sofa with chai tea, blankets and honey shortbread biscuits.  I know what you're thinking, we're living the dream right there and do you know what?  You'd be right.

9.  Seeing the first teeny tiny green shoots on my baby Hydrangea bush bought for me last Summer.  I trimmed it back after it died at the end of Autumn last year and I'm looking forward to seeing it bloom come Summer time.  I've also been enjoying putting a bit more thought into this years outside plant pots after last years were pretty much just all bought from the garden centre and planted straight into my pots at home.  This March I'm thinking I'd like to try Peonies, Ranuculus, Sweetpeas and something that smells pretty....?  Anyone got any good suggestions..?

10.  Pancakes!!  How could i write this weeks' post without mentioning one of the greatest days?!?  We went for a basic crepe this year and nutella and toasted hazelnuts and then a classic lemon and sugar.  Best just to keep it simple if you ask me.  I say it every year but since they are so flippin' easy-peasy to make, why is it we only ever make them on Pancake Day?!!?!
*  *  *
So now it's over to you!  What has been making you smile so far this week?  How did you have your pancakes?  Are you getting all geeky over bulbs and seeds too?  Oh, and what camera or phone do you have?!  Remember to hop on over and read some of my #wonderfulwednesday gang's {it's officially a gang when there are four of us writing a post now, right?} happy offerings.  Go and say hello to Kate, Michelle, Nadine and Helen and read what's been making them so flippin' happy too!  

Also you can find my face over on Twitter and Instagram and hit me up with your #wonderfulwednesday greatness there if you like.  I'm @sallytangle on both!

Happy freaking MID-weeking world!


  1. Why on earth do we nt make pancakes more often. They are easy peasy to make and we all have the ingredients in the cupboard. Plus I love that you always end up eating them in batches at the kitchen worktop whilst you watch the next one cook. It's a pancake conveyer belt. I had mine with nutella and cream, but plan to have more this evening. Also have you tried chocolate batter? I'm loving that spring is on its way in the form of daffodils, snowdrops and primroses.
    p.s. Thank you for linking to my wonderful Wednesday.
    Kate xx

  2. Oh turmeric, I've NEVER in my 32 years cooked with it but I do like its bright and shininess! Daff panic is a very real struggle, I've got bunches of them everywhere and still buy more when I'm in the shop, its incredibly important not to miss out.
    I had my pancakes with good old lemon and sugar and watched appalled as our resident teenager stuffed hers full of nutella, marshmallows and maple syrup...with sugar ON TOP! She passed out shortly afterwards. Ick.

    And we've already established that my abused 5 and I are not the ones for phone advice so I'll move on swiftly and hope you make a decision soon.
    Happy Wonderful Wednesday you lovely little sausage, these are fast becoming my favourite bits of the week.
    M x

  3. Happy Wednesdey lovely Sally!!! As I love daffodils as much as you do...I leave you with some verses of this poem of William Wordsworth...
    "I wandered lonely as a cloud
    That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
    When all at once I saw a crowd,
    A host, of golden daffodils;
    Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
    Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

    Continuous as the stars that shine
    And twinkle on the milky way,
    They stretched in never-ending line
    Along the margin of a bay:
    Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
    Tossing their heads in sprightly dance...."

    A big hug...

  4. Absolutely love reading your blog it always makes me smile :) totally understand the daffodil love they're just such happy flowers :) have a lovely week x x



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