Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #106

{The smallest sneakings of a little Spring on a mid-morning cycle}
HELLO!  Here we are again, back at another mid-way part of the week already!  It does feel as if it's become ingrained into my little being to start to think of what I've achieved, not achieved or felt happy or not so happy about now.  Does it sound terribly 'hipster' to tell you that it's kind of making me feel a little bit grounded?!  It's become such a part of my weekly routine now that even if i lost my beautiful Apple Mac tomorrow i feel almost positive I'd get to Tuesday and start to mentally COLLECT the very best parts of my week so far.  I'm not organised enough to find a pen and write them down but from Tuesday morning onward i find I'm much more switched on to the positive, no matter what kind of a week it's been or what's to come.  I hope that those who are joining in with this little post {i shall link as always at the very end} start to notice this too.  
Without further hipster-shaped ado, shall we get down to the good and great stuff...?!
1.  A better quality of camera.  Or at least a peep at it!  I spoke last week about how my ever-so{maybe too} convenient IPhone 5 had seen better days in both camera quality and battery life of late.  At the end of last week i bit the bullet and upgraded to the IPhone 6s.  We'll not discuss the fact that i had to send it back for a replacement due to a faulty speaker and chat more about how much i fell in love with that camera!!  Even if i did only get a few snaps in..... My replacement has arrived and is currently charging up as we speak.  I can't wait to get playing.  Any top tips camera-wise for me?  I'm hoping it's convenience {when lugging about a DSLR doesn't permit} will get me back into a more regular appearance on here and also stop me buying an Olympus Pen.....But that's a whole other story for a whole other day...
2.  Light.  Oh jeepers I'm like a broken record lately.  A broken record that seems to harp on about nothing but how lighter it is first thing and how lighter it is much later every.  Single.  Day.  I'm sure i must be driving the lovely lot at Monsoon Towers a bit mad!  But oh my, what a difference it makes to, well just everything.  Don't you agree?!?
3.  Twinings 'Buttermint' tea.  This tea is The {see how i rhyme this week?!}.  When we were little and went on a long car journey my mum would always have a packet of minty, caramel-y tasting hard sweets.  Think Werthers Original but...well minty!  This tea tastes identical to them.  I picked it up on our weekly shop since I've really been enjoying my mint tea lately.  You can't tell me i don't know how to party!  It's the perfect sweet tea for late evening or mid-afternoon and goes especially well with a chocolate brownie.....
4.  Birdsong. Well naturally with more light comes more......birds?!  Is that true?  Maybe i should check that one.  Whether the birds just don't sing the same during the Winter {or maybe there's just not been much worth singing about..?} or are as happy it's turning Spring as much as me; I've been so loving opening our huge living-room windows just a touch {it's still been -1 despite the sneaky sunbeams!} if only to hear the sweet song of a little bird chirruping away.  So so pretty.  I really am easily pleased it seems....
5.  A washing machine that works.  And doesn't shrink things.  Or make colours run.  Or actually just does what it's meant to do every so quickly, neatly and efficiently and {if this is possible} makes our washing smell even better than it ever has before.  And you know me and the smell of laundry....
6.  A new candle.  Because that's where all of the joy starts isn't it?!  I picked up a sweet little candle jar in M&S Food-hall {who knew?!} which is actually i think designed to be used in the kitchen after cooking but it smells so flippin' good that i've been lighting in each night for a little bit before we got to sleep.  It's Rose and Bay and is the perfect rose-y scent.  Rose is one of my very favourite smells, but real rose.  Not the artificial granny's knicker drawer kind.  This smells perfect and is just the right amount of soft, sweet and floral.  
7.  Being Au-naturel.  My hair has been every colour under the sun but the more i grow out the bright blonde that it has been dyed for.....well, more years than you need to know about, the more i feel...more right somehow...?! I have definitely noticed the obvious improvement in my hair's quality now it's not being dyed every 6-8 weeks.  But more than that i feel like I'm realising how much better my skin tone actually suits the hair colour i was born with:  A dark dark blonde.  Quelle suprise!  All this Spring-ish weather has made me tempted to add in a little baby pink to the blond bits that are still hanging on though...  Watch this space!
8.   Settling in to a new 'do!  Which as we talked about last week in my case actually means getting used to your hair after you've had a trim.  It's a hair-fact universally recognised {come on, back me up?} that the moment your hair hears just a whisper that you have booked an appointment to get it trimmed it suddenly starts behaving and looking normal and less-frazzled and awful.  So much so that you debate cancelling said appointment and making it last for another month even though you know the moment you do your hair will rebel, laugh it's evil laugh {you know, if it could} and you'd be back to looking like you'd been dragged through a hedge backwards complete with split ends visible form the moon!  But even if you know your hair needs a trim, the feeling of getting your haircut and it looking all wonderful and sassy-pants afterwards combined with the worry of not quite knowing how it'll look when you're on your own together is sometimes too much to bear.  This was a rather wordy way of telling you that we're both okay.  Just incase you were worrying.  We're settling in well together and actually looking pretty damned great because of it.  If you were looking for a moral here it would be 'Always get your hair cut at the first mere sign you need to.'  That barnet can be a shifty, sneaky little minx not to be trusted.....
9.  Sainbury's 'Fresh Linen' incense oil.  This is an old favourite of mine and i go back to it year after year just as the weather starts to get ever so slightly more Spring-like.  It's a perfect indoor scent for our hallway or kitchen after cooking at a time of year when we're not quiiiite ready to open to windows too widely.  I love how it's subtle but kind of clings to my hair and clothes so i can still catch a little smell when I'm at work from time to time and I'm reminded of home.  Sainsbury's just can't go wrong in the home-ware stakes lately.  I popped in the other day and i could have filled the trolley with home-ware before I'd got to the groceries!!!  I feel i deserve some kind of award for only coming away with a couple of bottles of incense oil actually....
But enough about me!  Now it's YOUR turn dear ones!  Share what's been making you smile so far by commenting below, giving me a little nudge on Twitter or by tagging me in any kind of happy-shaped affair on Instagram.  As always you know i'm @sallytangle' on both and use the #wonderfulwednesday tag so i can see too!  While you're here, do bob on over to Kate, Michelle, Nadine and Helen's blogs to see their own Wonderful Wednesday post.  I can't tell you all how much i'm loving having a little Wonderful Wednesday gang!!!
Have a FAB week all!  


  1. I need to upgrade to the latest iphone too - my old one is definitely on its last legs! I'm excited to hear the new version has such a good camera - yay! I've been burning candles every morning and evening at the moment - such a fun little ritual! Will definitely have to check out the ones in M&S! Miranda xxx

  2. I know what you mean about the light. It's so nice to see the change with every day that passes! New candles are always such a treat. And I realised the same about my hair a while ago. I used to dye it dark brown for yonks, but then got tired of it, and now I've realised my natural dark blonde suits me so much better! Also yay for a new phone and a better camera!

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  3. Oh I hope you love that new fandangled camera phone, I feel we've all been waiting for it to arrive for a while now!
    Delighted to hear that you and the do are settling in well, I'm currently in a weird little triangle head phase of needed to get my barnet chopped because it's bushier than Hermione Grangers at the ends, not a great look. I just need some time. Can you magic me some hair dressing time? Please and thank you.

    Not in the food section but I picked up a really delicious mandarin candle from M&S last week, it's really perking up the place.

    And buttermint tea you say? That sounds all kinds of aces.
    Happy Wednesday to you Sal, enjoy the rest of your wonderful week.
    M x

  4. I will never stop talking about how light it is... well until it starts getting darker again. The sunsets recently have been mind blowing. The colours and how they change so quicky, but the fact that I'm seeing them later and later is what's really special.

    Also we need to stop for a second because SALLY HAS CROCUSES! Spring is here officially.

    After a hair cut is the best thing. It just feels all bouncy and smooth and I end up stroking it way too much. Also pink candyfloss style hair sounds awesome!

    Have a super lovely week my darling xx



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