Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #107

 {Perfectly timed get-ups aren't too bad when you're greeted with this}
Can you believe that we're almost at the end of FEBRUARY?!?  That just blows my little mind!  It feels like Winter has lasted forever whilst it also simultaneously feeling like Christmas was about....oof ninety squillion years ago?!  I'm not complaining though.  I ADORE this time of year.  Actually scratch that, since i say it at the start of each season.  Except that it is true - i love how the human body is wired to tune itself into the seasons and that it's only right that we're all feeling like we want all of the sunshine on our freckl-y cheeks and want to drink nothing but zing-y things and munch on a rainbow of delicious-ness.  That's not just me is it?!  
How are you?  How's your week been so far?  Mine has been pretty lovely.  I worked all of last weekend so I've snuck in a sneaky days holiday in between my two days off this week meaning that I'm off work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I'm pretty plan-less except for catching up with friends over coffee and riding those two wheels every flippin' where i can!  That bike of mine needs some TLC too so if it stays dry then we might have a little clean down/pumping up tyre-shaped party.  The Mr is working lots lately as he's away in the middle of March at a bass show in Olympia so we're treating ourselves to dinner out at some point this week and have no weekend plans except snuggling up to watch 'Spectre' - probably with some kind of biscuit and some kind of tea.  You can't say we don't know how to party around these parts..... Shall we get down to the good and groovy..?!
1.  50p daffodils.  Just when you thought it couldn't get any better!  I've been buying a couple of bunches of daffs each week now since.....well since they were a pound.  They're just my favourite flower to have around and about our attic a this time of year.  They make it feel sunny even when it's not.  If you're a regular reader here you'll know how much i love 'em.  I popped into M&S for a little pint of milk earlier in the week and there were so, so many bunches reduced to a 50p!!!!  They hadn't even opened!  Do daffodils have a use by date?!?  I picked up at least six bunches....and then i went and put back three of them since i realised that was a bit excessive.  Oh and the fact that i actually don't think i have enough receptacles to fill with six big bunches of daffs, 50p or not.  Must.  Calm.  Down.  As per really....  
2.  Apple cider vinegar.  I've been using this to create dressings for my lunchtime greens for ages but I've only just tried adding it to my morning hot lemon after having a but of an angry tummy for the last week or so.  I've honestly got the most troublesome tum.  It runs best on simple and plain foods and i'd read in a few places that a shot of apple cider vinegar is a natural alkaliser first thing in the morning.  Since i couldn't manage it like that, some kind soul suggested adding it to my lemon and warm water.  A few days in and it really seems to be settling my tum a treat.  It's just nice to know of natural ways to fix these kind of things.  If I've got indigestion or have eaten a rich meal that i know might give me a tummy ache then I've always drank mint tea.  It's nice to have another option to hand when my tummy feels like it needs a little TLC.  
3.  The smell of green.  Oh come on you know what i mean.  We're not quite there yet up north BUT the smell walking home after work now has definitely switched to a definitive 'green' sort of 'outside' smell instead of the smell of coal fires!  We're moving in the right direction my friends.  
4.  Walking home and chasing the daylight.  It wont be long before i can take out those two wheels after work.  It also wont be long before i can do that sans coat.  You've no idea how happy the thought of that makes me!
5.  Snagging two of the sweetest alphabet cushions with 20% off in M&S.  Turns out that so-called 'Sparks' card has it uses. {Despite me having squillions of points I've no idea quite what the devil the bloody thing does...?}.  I picked up an 'S' {obv!} but couldn't get an 'M' for the Mr and so i bought a letter 'U' purely based on the fact that i liked the pale pink and mustard combo and the typography.  There's nothing wrong with that, is there?!
6.  Washing my very favourite cream ruffly chunky knit and NOT shrinking/catching/pulling or in any way damaging it.  I've been so bloody scared to wash it.  It's out of stock now and it's my favourite thing ever.  I've lived in the flippin' thing since it makes me feel the perfect amount of Spring and warm in equal measure.  Since our washing machine broke a couple of weeks back {resulting in a lot of things shrunk/colours running and general banging and slamming and not so nice language from me} I've been reluctant to trust our new washer with my white things.  This week i got over myself and it was good.  I'm currently sat wearing said jumper with my favourite most softest charcoal skinnies and it smells and feels so damned lovely!
7.  Wavy hair for the win.  Left to it's own devices my hair sits poker straight and....blah.  Since I've learnt how to wave it and how to make said waves last {for a week!} I've never looked back.  Hello twenty minutes extra in bed every day and a wavy 'do' that just gets better and better the more messier it gets.  Living the dream over here!
8.  Finally getting a new IPhone 6S that is fully functional and works.  We wont go into the ins and outs.  All i'll say is I'm in love with the camera and slightly concerned that i have a phone that is way, waaay more clever than me....
9.  The return of 'Gogglebox' AND HBO's 'Girls.'  This makes me the kind of happy where one might dance about clapping their hands giddily.  I haven't actually watched 'Girls' yet.  I've got a hot date with the last episode from last season {my memory needs jogging!} and the first from the new one towards the end of the week so don't tell me what happens... *covers ears and eyes.*  Do you watch either?!
10.  Muslin face cloths.  I've been having a mini-skincare revolution these past few days.  I'm lucky that my skin's pretty trouble-free nowadays.  I suffered pretty badly in my teens and whilst I'm aware that a lot of it now is down to me sleeping enough, drinking enough water and eating well; skincare is still something that's close to my heart.  I've never ever gone to bed with my make up on, ever.  And I've always taken care of my skin believing that the very best approach is to stick to simple, natural ingredients.  Now I'm a little - aherm - older i find that the only problem i have is that my skin can be quite oily and shiny at times.  I've always used a Lush cleanser called 'Ultrabland' first and then 'Angels on Bare Skin' as i thought that exfoliating was the key to keeping oil at bay.  I recently read that over-exfoliating can actually cause your skin to produce more oil {sounds quite logical really doesn't it?!} so I've switched up my routine so that I'm only exfoliating twice a week.  In between then i use my usual 'Ultrabland' except i remove it with a warm muslin cloth.  My skin has been SO much less shiny!  And so quickly too!  It also seems more.....even?  I can't believe what a jolly big difference it has made in such a short time!  
*  *  *
It's jolly well over to you lovely lot now!  Tell me all about your week.  What's been making you smile?  What are you looking forward to?  Have you been enjoying the sweet smell of outside?!  Remember to pop on over and visit my little troop of #Wonderfulwednesday -ers and their own slice of happy: Michelle, Kate, and Helen have joined in by writing their own happy posts and I'm as giddy as a kipper about this! Reading them all gives me a funny feeling in my tummy!  
Do share your #wonderfulwednesday bits over on Twitter and Instagram too.  I'm @sallytangle on both.
Have a jolly lovely rest of week! 


  1. You and those daffs, you're out of control!! But they are so damn cheery.
    We've been watching Happy Valley, dark but brilliant, and I can't believe I haven't done Girls yet. I constantly hear brilliant things about it.
    Sending you and your barnet some pretty big Wednesday love.
    M x

  2. I can't wait until the evenings become warm enough for no coat and sunlit wanderings by the river after work - Spring can't come quick enough! Also seeing daffodils in the shops, especially for 50p, is joyful enough! Love these posts, they always make me smile. - Tasha

  3. Apple cider vinegar? Does it,like, taste of apples and cider then?? How have I missed this? Totally agree with the 'green' smell, I was taking deep country breaths on my lunchtime walk today and it felt great!! H x

  4. Please share with me your wavy hair secret!! Mine is always straight and never exciting and wavy!!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. I thought spring was on the way and then yesterday we had the best snow blizzard for about 15 minutes and then it was bright sunshine, so now I'm not sure what season we are in!

    ~ K



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