Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #108

{Is there anything lovlier than spotting sweet peepings of Spring?!}
Good day you lovely faces you! How the devil are you?  I'm just going to put it out there and tell you that I'm struggling with rocket fuel this week.  That's despite sleeping like a baby for the whole week {the kind where you feel like you have been fired into the pillow from a-high and really have to work extra hard on peeling yourself from beneath the duvet} and fitting in more exercise and outdoor bike ride-shaped adventures too.  Just goes to show you that sometimes there really are no rhymes or reasons as to why some weeks you skidaddle through ticking everything and more from your to-do list and some, well you could quite happily sleep forever and live off chocolate brownies and hot tea.  That aside it's not been a bad week by any means.  Weirdly i feel like i really treasure these posts on these kinds of weeks - by the end of them I'm left feeling that actually things aren't quite so glum after all and actually i probably just need to man up!  There's also the prospect of reading lots of other lovely #wonderfulwednesday goodness from my little gang;  Michelle, Kate, and Helen.  By jingo i'm perking up already....

1.  Ella Eyre.  I can't even put into words quite how much I'm loving this lady's album lately.  It's the perfect musical rocket fuel to propel me to work quick-march first thing; to get another few laps out of the park on those two wheels of mine when my little legs and bottom are ready to give up and the most perfect 'dance around the bedroom in just your knick-knacks' kind of music after a long, l-o-n-g day.  This week more than ever i'm relishing the kick-ass, punchy catchiness and 'i can do anything' vibe that this album gives.  Have you heard it?

2.  M&S Chocolate & Hazelnut cookie dunker super-duper biscuits! {nb:  I'm not sure that's actually what they're called!}  We actually started them on Saturday evening tucked up under a blanket on the sofa watching Spectre and drinking Chai tea {the stuff all Saturday night-shaped dreams are made of.  Just for the record - LOVED Spectre - Especially the opening 'Day of the Dead' scene.  Struggled to keep my peepers open, but that's just standard really.}  These biscuits are a grown up Maryland Cookie with so many lovely chunky chocolate chips and little snippets of hazelnut combined with a really moreish buttery biscuit.  They come in a pretty gneerous pack and we've already indulged again this week and I'm looking forward to another tea, film and cookie-shaped adventure with that Mr one night this week.  Just realised how much i wrote about a BISCUIT.  Don't judge....
3.  Spring moodboarding.  I've been loving re-awakening my inspiration and looking back through some old moodboards and scrapbooks.  I especially always love my Spring-y themed ones.  There's something ever so lovely about starting to think of a softer and more muted palette as the season changes.  I'm forever drawn to brights in the Winter.  I find they combat the darker greyer days but come Spring i can barely wait to banish them in favour of slate-y greys, dusky pinks and muddy lavendar shades.  Spring window shopping is the very best!

4.  New magazines.  Namely this months 'Simple Things' 'Elle' and 'Vogue.'  The only magazine i religiously buy each month is 'The Simple Things' purely because i draw so much inspiration and loveliness from it no matter what time of year it is. The other few, not so much.  Except at this time of year.  There's something magical about losing yourself flipping through all the snaps of London Fashion Week and folding pages over for inspiration for the new season ahead.  
5.  Nut butter on porridge.  It's something I've never really tried.  I once stirred a teaspoon into my porridge as it cooked and i just thought it got sort of...lost?  This week we've re-kindled our nutty relationship.  I zig-zagged some Pip & Nut Almond and Coconut butter across the top of my banana porridge on Monday.  Then i scattered Goji berries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and toasted coconut on top for extra crunch and oh MY golly GOSH.  Where have i been?!?!?  Lock up all of the nut butter!  Seriously i could live off it and nothing else.  But i can now count myself a fully fledged member of the nut butter-shaped porridge topping party club.  By jingo that's a mouthful....

6.  Late-night tired hysterical disagreements with the Mr about the difference between 'Yielding' and 'Wielding.'  I was convinced you 'yielded' a sword.  He was convinced that you 'wielded' a sword.  I wont tell you which is right.  But it made me laugh so much.....Maybe you had to be there. Hey, they both sound like the same bloody word anyway.... 

7.  The prospect of a new rug. I know, more rock and roll type excitedness from yours truly!  We've got wooden floors right through our little attic.  All accept the bedrooms and the clay tiled bathroom floor.  We've got a massive multi-coloured rug in the centre of our livingroom but I'm currently shopping around for one to go at the end of our kitchen, underneath the window.  I'm torn between a Kilim rug or a sheepskin.  Which is very 'Pinterest' of me isn't it?!  We've got two sheepskin ones and i ADORE them.  There's nothing cosier.  But then i keep thinking knowing my luck i'll fling a teabag on it by mistake and there goes my Pinterest dream right there......It's got a lot to answer for that website....

8.  Pink sunglasses.  A perfectly blush-come-pretty pale pink retro shape snaffled for £10 in good old TK Maxx.  I don't own a lot of sunglasses because well - Britain BUT i've been scouring everywhere for some pale pink lovely ones to go with float-y white cotton things, sunshine and straw hats.  What was i saying about Britain....?

9.  Lush Cosmetics 'Yummy Mummy' shower-cream for being the bees knees.  Now i'm neither particularly 'Yummy' or a 'Mummy' but this stuff in wondrous.  The perfect mix of sweet lilac and heady violet without being too much....M&s-ey knicker draw...?  Go and try it for yourself.  Just incase that magical description hasn't already had you running over there already....

10.  Wearing old 'seen better' days cardigans with pyjamas just because.  Tell me it's not just me who has bedtime knitwear....? 
11.  The month of March {let's just pretend that i totally didn't write 30th February on something the other day OK? I was tired...} because that my friends means that it is legitimately British Spring time!!!!!!!!   
*  *  *  
Aaaand it's over to you!  Tell me all about your week - what's been great?  What's been not so?  I'd love to know what you're looking forward to and generally just what's making you smile this week so far?  Remember to hop on by Michelle, Kate and Helen's blogs to read their #wonderfulwednesday goodness AND also remember to shout out on Twitter and Instagram too!  I'm @sallytangle on both!


  1. 30th February???? Dear lord don't make that month longer than necessary!
    By jingo just became my favourite of all the phrases and I have long been wondering about nut butter and porridge but been ridiculously too scared to do it! That might be the most inane thing I've ever been scared of in the world but it's true - what if it was awful and ruined both porridge and nut butter for me for a while? I'd hate that! But you've taken the plunge for me, thank you lovely lady, a thousand times thank you!
    My week's been made wonderful by the national trust and a bit of scrabble. And incessant scoffing of cocoa and orange nak'd bars. Again!
    M x

  2. You've just brightened up my lunch break with this lovely post :)



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