Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #109

{Hello is that really you, Spring?}
Hello hello HELLO!!!!  Is it just me or does it really and truly felt like we are sat with our little legs dangling over, right on the very edge of Spring?! The past week we have been spoilt with an odd day here and there with THE most cloudless bright blue skies and the brightest sunshine imaginable - the kind that makes you squint a little in shock and warms up your little cheeks beyond belief whilst the actual temperature renders your little hands frozen.  It's quite the experience!  But on these kinds of days, those little moments of brightness really do make you feel good through and through and no matter what kind of a day you're having, you can't help but dig for the good things, the happy moments and those extra special things you feel lucky and grateful for all in one go.  It might sound cheesy but it's so true.  Sooo with that in mind i think it's probably time we get #wonderfulwednesday listing...
1.  Pink hair.  Because who wouldn't be giddy as a kipper with pink hair?!   Well you know if kippers had any hair to make pink.  I digress.  In the midst of all of the excitement of what felt like actual hope that Spring was well - Spring-ing the other day, i naturally decided that all the peeping of cherry blossom made me want to put pink in my hair.  So i did and i am happy.  That's it!
2.   Relishing a really good new rug.  Remember i told you last week that on the agenda was shopping for a new rug?  Well the rug angels {?!} only went and answered my prayers and i stumbled across the softest, fluffiest slate-y grey sheepskin rug in TK Maxx of all blinking places.  It now sits lovingly in the little section between our livingroom and kitchen area {we're all not-so-fancy-pants open plan in our little cupboard attic you see} and i don't wish to sound ever so.... interior-sy but it really does bring the room together.  And even better than that, standing on it in your bare feet first thing, nursing a big mug of tea and watching the sunrise?  Well it's happiness personified.  To me at least.
3.  In celebration of all things chickpea-y.  They've been my go-to 'beef-er up-er' for most of my lunches thins week.  I know it's forever all rock and roll around here! My favourite way to eat them though?  Open can, drain and rinse well.   Tip into roasting tin and mix with a teaspoon of Harissa paste and roast for about 20mins until they're just starting to crisp up.  Heaven-sent chucked on top of a grain-y cous-cous or quinoa salad or fired on top of a bowl of spicy sweet potato soup.  Mmmmm!
4.  Hot water bottles.  Somebody said to me the other day at work 'Oh I've never ever owned a hot water bottle.' Err say whaaat?!?!?  How is this possible?!  I simply could not survive from...shall we say end of September toooooo May {?} without one.  I can't comprehend that somebody might have never tried one!  This week it's been all about sinking into a heavy sleep feeling ever so grateful for the hot water bottle resting underneath my tummy.  

5.  Sundried tomatoes.   On.  Every.  Darn.  Thing.  Do you ever just get a notion?  A craving?  A sudden indescribable urge for something?  That was me and sundried tomatoes this week.  Is it wrong that I've eaten almost a jar in three days?!?  Mmmm i just cannot get enough of their herby, sweet and tangy deliciousness!  They particularly rocked dropped on top of a rocket-ty salad which was peppered with shaved Parmesan and tipped straight on top of a massive mushroom, ham and mascapone pizza before we cut it up the other evening.  I don't mind telling you i was sorry i had to share that pizza i really was....
6.  Open windows.  Sort of goes hand in hand with the whole 'Spring is in the air' theme running through this little post doesn't it?  If we're being really honest it hasn't been quite warm enough for full blown 'all of the windows open' excitement but we're ever so lucky in that our livingroom-come-kitchen has massive almost floor to ceiling windows and that room gets the sun from about 8am until sunset.  It was a delicious little greenhouse of loveliness on my day off on Monday.  I had all four windows as wide as they would go, the radio on and the birds chirruping their sweet Springtime song.  I lay on the sofa with a big mug of tea, a chocolate brownie and some lovely magazines to read.  It was heaven! 
7.  Having a better camera.  Allbeit an IPhone-shaped one but i cannot tell you how nice it is to be able to snap and capture everything around me without being disappointed at the quality or without the battery giving up after a couple of photos.  Plus extra bonus points go to taking photos in the sunshine and in natural light!  Something i have missed so, so very much in what has felt like the longest and greyest of Winters.  Are you with me?! 
8. Buying greetings cards!  Tell me I'm not the only one who does this?  I just love picking up cards for any kind of reason:  Sometimes its a quote that just rings true, a particularly lovely font or simply the colour combination that's on the card.  Anything can inspire me.  I'm currently curating a little changeable moodboard-come-noticeboard to lean against the wall in our office/spare-room {everything in this little cupboard house has to be dual purpose} since it's where i write my column and do all of my creating, whatever form that might be in.  I'm just going to go and confess that i bought two Mother's Day cards this year purely because i loved the colours so very much that i wanted to keep one for my self......
10.  Lighter mornings.  I mean I've been going on and on about how very much i'm just desperate for the longer, lighter evenings so that i can scamper around and about on those two wheels after work.  so much so that i feel as if I've over-looked the deliciously bright and wonderful mornings that we are lucky enough to have. Even when it's the cloudiest, greyest day with a little threat of rain showers, rest assured that the blow is softened a million-fold just by waking up in daylight.  My mornings have been so much energy filled, productive and generally happier - sunshine or no sunshine.  Oh Spring, why can't you last forever?!?!?!?
It's now over to YOU!  And you and you and you aaaaand YOU!  Don't just think about what's been lovely about your week and not tell anyone.  Tell us all!  Reading #wonderfulwednesday posts from my favourites Kate, Michelle and Helen {Please go and have a goosey gander, those girls are the BEST} make my whole WEEK!!!  Even if I'm having a tough one, just reading a little list of teeny tiny happy bits from somebody elses' week forces me to dig {sometimes much deeper than other weeks!} deep and find the best bits of mine.  I'm forever left feeling more grateful, more thankful and a heck of a lot more inspired.  You should try it too!  Share your greatness below or give me a nudge on Twitter or Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle on both.    
 Have a SPLENDID rest of week.


  1. I'm so glad the mornings aren't dark anymore, it makes the world of difference getting up at 6am to birdsong and skies tinged with blue and it's lovely to be able to have my window open at night now as well - it's a habit I've always done - I can't sleep without my bedroom window open, unless I'm sleeping somewhere else. Lovely way to start my day reading your post Sally! - Tasha

  2. I had never owned a hot water bottle until September, but now I really don't think I could live without one! And ooh yes, sundried tomatoes are magic, aren't they? Open windows sounds lovely. It's a bit too cold here still, but I'm very excited about being able to open them up soon! And the lighter mornings are making me so happy - I love waking up when it's light!

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  3. Reading this was the first thing I did this morning, and it made me smile so much :) totally love the sunshine it's making me so happy! :)

  4. That last bit is so damn well spot on Sally - reading the little cheery nuggets of someone elses week does make you/me/one dig deeper to find their own. THANK YOU again and again for letting me join in (albeit not today yet!)
    The windows open? We had our back doors flung open wide in the sunshine on Saturday for a good three hours before we looked at each other, realised we were utterly frozen and bickered about who had to uncurl themselves from the sofa to shut them tight. Those few hours of fresh air and sunshine though? The. Best.

    Those chickpeas sound a bit of alright too, I'm always looking for a bulker upper - clean eating is all well and good but hunger is one of my biggest fears. I can't do it.

    And buying cards for yourself is what everyone does isn't it? If only there were another place filled with inspirational quotes on pretty background than Paperchase....*cough* Pinterest *cough* BUT that little online world doesn't compare with holding something in your hand and feeling a bit inspired or catching a glimpse of something pretty out of the corner of your eye whilst pottering about.

    This week my cheer has been Mothers Day related, daffodil related and pooch related (obvs!)

    M xx

  5. Somehow we've both managed to extol the virtues of hot water bottles along in slightly different circumstances. I promise I didn't cheat and look at your lovely list first!

    If you could just sent a little of that Spring magic down here that would be great. Since we jumped into March, the weather seems to have gone all haywire. All we're getting is rain, sleet, hail or a mix of the above. BUT saying that I'm noticing the daffodils etc which are definitely brightening the dreary.

    Pink hair you say? Well we need a picture of your beautiful barnet. I'm imagining cndy floss kind of colour. Pastel beauty just perfect for spring.

    Also I love buying greetings cards and postcards just for me. I have a little pin board above my bed with an ever changing inspiration collection on it. I love quotes or lovely colours and patterns.

    Have a brilliant end to your week
    Kate xx



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