Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #110

{This sight?!  A prettily curated flower basket leaving me feeling all Easter-y!}
HELLO!  How the devil are you?!  Are you having a jolly good week?!  I don;t mean telling you i'm struggling a little.  Not a lot.  Truth be told i'm lacking in va va voom and feel like i'm forever hungry this week.  That's despite eating my usual 'everythings' and a litle xtra in between!  I've been powering through and running on tea and date and seed flapjacks!  And a little solar power due to a couple of very Spring-like days northward this week.  Is there anything better for the heart, soul, mind and body than a little bit of sunshine?!  It instantly makes everything better.  You can bet your bottom dollar i'll mention sunshine in each and every post.  Well until it rains next.  Then i'm sure you'll here about it!  What is it about us Brits and the weather?!?  Anyway, enough wittering and more good and great wonderful-ness from this week....

1.  New scents!  I'm not usually one to dilly dally between fragrances {and I usually opt for Paul Smith Rose or Anna Sui's 'Dolly Girl' most of the time} BUT i picked up Philosophy's 'Fresh Cut Flowers' in the sale months ago {I'm not going to lie - the bottle had a lot to do with it!} with the aim to save it for Spring and Summer.  I've been bought their 'Falling in Love' and 'Baby Grace' fragrances in the past and loved them so i thought i might like this too.  Coincidentally my current bottle of Anna Sui ran out on Sunday SO it seemed only too right to dive right in with a new smell on a Monday and what also just happened to be the most Spring-like day yet!  Hurrah!  It smelt just like i had hoped:  Fresh, clean, subtley...'petal-ey' - is that a word?  It is now.  I am loving catching little wafts now and then.

2.  Cannellini beans.  Ah the humble bean.  Such an underrated ingredient!  Not only are they a great source of fibre, iron and vitamin-ey goodness BUT they are also a great carrier of flavour.  I'm not sure if it's the weather but lately I've really been craving pesto:  zesty, herb-y and sea-salty in great measure!  The pesto was made hurriedly over the weekend {with pistachios, fresh basil, good olive oil and sea-salt} and then tossed through sauteed Cannellini beans and crushed garlic in an attempt to 'Dinner-ify' said pesto.  It worked, golly gosh, amazingly beyond words!!!!  I want to eat it each and every day forever more!  Which is what usually happens when i create something accidentally so remarkable!  I have since re-invented it for tupperware-proof weekday work lunches by adding the pesto-ey beans, a good glug of olive oil, a handful of rocket and a great squeeze of lemon just before i eat it.  Oh and toasted seeds.  It's the bomb.  It's got me dreaming up other kind of pesto-ey greatness for the Spring/Summer.  

3.  Forgotten about chocolate truffles.  Found in amongst the odds and ends of a Christmas Hamper.  'Prestat Champagne Truffles' nonetheless.  Have you tried them?  They really are the bees knees.  I took out four, placed them neatly on a saucer and ate them in as tiny a bite as i could manage so as to savour them completely.  Oh and to stop me eating the whole box.  Which it's worth mentioning that i could totally have done!

4.  Having the Mr home.  What a cheesecake i am!  You know what it's like, a couple of days apart are quite nice.  You can do yoga on your yoga mat at 'any o'clock', turn up BBC 6Music up loud at 6:30am and make funny concoctive dinners that you know they'd never eat in a million years.  Then a couple of days pass and you get tired of having to remember to turn everything off before bed, get cold feet at their always being a cold bit somewhere in bed and get paranoid you haven't locked the front door/ shut the window and that a seagull has broken in and.......oh you get the picture.  Reuniting is lovely.  Having someone to curl up with and make you a cup of tea just how you like it is also pretty lovely.  I love being me, but i love being us rather a lot too.  

5.  Saving up.  I'm just going to put it out there and tell you that HBO's 'Girls' episodes are far too bloody short.  In protest {except also sort of by accident - probably from doing yoga at 'silly o'clock when left home alone} I've missed three episodes now. DON'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS DON'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS!!!  At first i panicked!!!!  But then i realised that actually having three episodes in a row to watch is actually pretty damned lovely and I'm alot excited.  Still, don't tell me what happens!

6.  Lighting a scented candle in the morning.  Somehow, if you can believe it, even more luxurious-feeling than lighting seven million candles in the evening.  I'd had a 'busy' toss-y/-turn-y nights sleep and wasn't feeling as bright-eyed as usual.  Pottering about with the scent of rose wafting through our livingroom with a big mug of Lady Grey eased me into the day rather nicely.
7.  Fresh basil.  Every year i say I'm going to try and grow herbs and every year i scrap the idea and focus on flowers instead.  I blame being a girl and the need/smug feeling that comes from staring proudly at a little jar {and smelling!} of my very own, homegrown sweet-peas.  Despite everyone in the world saying that herbs are easy-peasy to grow - even on a windowsill, I've failed time and time again and I'm not sure if they'd grow as well outside.  Tips please?  Our livingroom-come-kitchen windows just get too hot in the summer time and anything just shrivels up and gives up!  This week i picked up some fresh basil from the supermarket.  Even the smell itself is just pure summertime - don't you think?  I've been wrapping their leaves around sweet cherry tomatoes from a little bowl on the window sill; tearing them up on top of a ham, cheese and tomato quiche and especially loving chopping it finely on top of my homemade garlicky, pesto-y beans.  Is there anything better than fresh herbs?!

8.  Listening to the radio in the morning.  BBC 6 Music incase you're wondering.  I'll always choose music over pictures {unless you know, Instagram *hidesheadinhands*} and listening to the radio whilst pottering about making lunch to take to work, getting ready and doing so in so much lovely daylight is making my little heart so very happy.  Puts me in such a lovely little mood and makes that 6:30am work alarm just about bearable!

9.      Eyebrow fixers.  Because believe you me, the more and more my natural {slightly darker - okay lots darker} hair grows through, the more and more my blonde 'barely there' brows look more and more quite frankly ridiculous.  It's no joke.  I actually resemble a boiled egg sans makeup and with my fringe pulled back first and last thing at night.  Before you get any 'power brow' awful visions into your pretty heads and recoil in horror at the thought; you'll be pleased to know that my eyebrows have been saved.  Saved by a few gentle strokes of Soap & Glory's 'Archery' brow pencil to fill in all the gaps gently, combined with a sweet slick of Maybellines' 'Brow Mascara'.  I know brow mascara!  Who am i?!  Needs must my friends i can tell you. 

*   *   *

And so you lovely lot, it's YOUR turn!  Drop me a lovely comment below sharing what has been extra special about this week so far.  No matter how silly, how little, how simple it is - I'd love to know.  You might know that I'm a lucky duck to share this weekly post with some of my favourite bloggers who haven kindly decided to join in and write their own #wonderfulwednesday posts.  It turns out that reading everyone elses' posts is actually more happy making and jolly-fying than writing my own!  Who knew!  Do pop and read: Kate, Nadine, Michelle and Helen's posts.  
This week we've only gone and got another new and shiny recruit too!  I can't even begin to tell you how lovely it is to have so many of my favourite bloggers joining in!  Be sure to pop over and check out Jo's first #wonderfulwednesday {a fellow Cumbrian and super lovely lady in real life too - her blog is one of my very favourites!}  Don't forget to shout out and link me up below if you've written a similar happy post or would like to join in yourself.  The more the merrier i say!  You can also say hello on Twitter or Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle on both.  

Have a super-duper rest of week!


  1. What a nice way to start the day - and yes TOTALLY loving pesto and basil and I have also enjoyed both this week. I made a super duper one from pine nuts, spinach and a tiny bit of feta and it was soooooo moreish I was just eating spoonfuls from the bowl YUM. But I like your idea of using pistachios, especially as I have some pistachio oil that I'd like to use up. But growing the basil... no idea! Mine ALWAYS dies and it's sad and annoying and I don't know how to stop it. Although buying a really good quality, bushy plant in the first place seems to make it last longer.

    Enjoy your week - and your dinners!

    Helen xx

  2. That pesto beany combo sounds pretty spectacular!
    Sorry you feel a little va va voomless, I hope that by the end of writing this you found a bit of your voom! Chock full of cheer as always :o)

    And herbs, the only one I've managed to sucessfully grow were chives, man were they INDESTRUCTABLE. Seriously, they outlived everything and took over the herb bed like a creeping rot. A creeping rot that tasted divine snipped onto salad or mixed in with some new potatoes and mayo. If you find out the secret to keeping other herbs in the running let me know.

    Sending you lots of love for a happy wonderful week to come Sal, thanks for bringing yet more smiles to my face.
    M x

  3. I love cannellini beans - my favourite! I like them in a simple mushroom stroganoff x

  4. Love this as always! Number 4 is just lovely, so nicely put. I know just what you mean, being in an us is just the most amazing feeling. Also what is it about eyebrows recently? I purchased a little eyebrow pencil and some 'brow this way' gel and I've not looked back since. My face looks naked without paying a little attention to my brows. I don't go for the Geordie shore brow look (ew!) but I think it makes such a difference with a little attention paid to them. It just never used to occur to me they needed anything. x

  5. I love me some cannellini beans. Beans are way too underrated in my opinion! I was thinking about doing the next happiness link up on a Wednesday?! Maybe the 30th if you wanted to cohost?!

    Jasmin Charlotte



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