Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #111

{Warning!  Warning! Crocus spam alert! Perfect sunset snappin' at its very best!}

Here we are again already  - she says for the millionth {no WAIT, probably 111th *wink wink* time?} all sat comfortably, obligatory hot beverage and snacks to hand and dressed in our comfiest things ready to sit and chit-chat about what has been making our respective weeks wonderful.  Not that you have to read this post in that way, but since I collected my little #wonderfulwednesday gang {and we really have been ruling the world – or at least the Twitter-sphere!} together that’s exactly how I like to sit when I’m reading through their lovely #wonderfulwednesday posts.  I have always loved writing these posts, but since having more lovely folk join along {Kate, Michelle, Helen and Jo} I think I might love reading them even more!


Shall we get cracking and hip-HOPPIN' onto the happy…?


  1. More nut butters.  Can I hold my hands up and say that I feel in equal parts greedy and guilty and yet also rather smug that there are currently four jars of nut butter on the go in Tangle Towers?  Well there IS.  And I love them all for their very different tastes, uses and general delicious-ness.  The newest addition to the nut butter family living in the breakfast cupboard is a new Meridian Almond and Coconut butter and it is HEAVEN.  It’s sweetened with only a smidgen of honey and the rest is just smooshed almonds and coconut.  There’s probably a much more articulate way of saying that but MMMM I’m too excited about it to put more thought into it.  All of my brain power this week so far has been used up thinking of creative ways to use it bar just sticking a spoon in the jar!  I’m excited to zig-zag it across a tart apple and almond porridge later on this week.  Eeeeee!

  1. The arrival of my Uniqlo for Liberty trousers!  They are BEYOND beautiful and a  collaboration I have been excited about and had scribbled in my diary for far too long.  Not too sure how to wear them just yet since they are a little cropped and far more...culotte-y than i remembered!  I’m thinking of pairing them with a white lace smock blouse and my pale pink pom-pom shoes from last year.  Is it sad that I’ve also just booked off the launch date for the #ArchiveByAlexa collection for M&S too?!  Okay I’ll just show myself out…..

  1. The smell of green.  We all know {okay well most of you do if you follow me on Instagram} that I have been scampering about in the sunshine at any opportunity I get lately {who hasn’t?  Us Brits have gotta take it when it’s there – like it’s the last time we might see the sunshine ever in our whole lives!} and probably boring you all senseless with my crocus snaps and twilight twinkling BUT it’s worth mentioning that it hasn’t been all too bright up here this week so far.  That aside what has been super duper is the smell of green.  I cycled out on Tuesday morning and the grass had been cut in our local park and I can’t even begin to put into words quite how bloody magical it smelt:  All fresh, new, hopeful with an ever so slight hint of wild garlic.  It was Spring in one great big deep breath and I couldn’t get enough, sunshine or not.

  1. Wishlist-ing.  Do you follow Lizzie’s blog, ‘Marmalade Pie?’  It’s one of those blogs I always get excited about whenever a new post pops up into my feed.  Her photos are always so colourful, honest and beautifully captured and I love getting little snippets-y peeps into her life.  She’s recently opened the sweetest little online shop {and I am currently wish -isting over everything!}.  It’s so prettily currated and everything sits together so well.  I can’t wait to see more!  Do pop on over and have a goosey-gander HERE.

  1. Wearing my green coat.  It’s what I’ll affectionately call my Spring coat.  Because up here it’s still pretty cold first and last thing, even on those days where Mr Sunshine has made an appearance.  I bought a bright grass green pea-coat last year in the M&S sale and just knew it would be something I’d reach for when I wanted to feel Spring-like but was still too flipping cold to wear just a cardi or a denim jacket.  This week I have enjoying that ‘new coat’ feeling {even if it's anything but} and that extra pop of colour on a little bit of a greyer day.  I’m also surprised at how much this little dreamboat goes with. 

  1. DIY fringe trimmin’.  I remember the very first time I cut my own fringe I was terrified.  But once you get the hang of it, it really is sort of addictive.  Except this week I cut it a little bit shorter than I’d intended and so it sits a little bit ‘oh hello eyebrows, there you both are.’  I rather like it though.  It makes me wish I had more of a Parisian face and didn’t look like the joker when I wore red lipstick.  Que Sera!

  1. Meridian Nut bars.  See point 1 to better understand my love of nut butter.  Oh heck as if you have to!  These are basically portable bars of peanut or almond butter and they are YUM.  I’ve often wondered if taking a jar of nut butter and a spoon in my bag is a bit weird.  This bridges the gap.  I’ve been loving them mostly all of the time {feel like I can’t stop munching lately} but they’re particularly scrummy after a workout/bike ride/ Tattoo Fixers marathon.  Delete as applicable. 

  1. Jack Garratt.  I don’t like to jump on a bandwagon BUT ever since I heard Jack Garratt’s ‘Worry’ on the radio a few months back I just knew I was going to love his album. It came out this month and I downloaded it pronto without even previewing anything and I love every single last track.  I love that he plays pretty much everything on each track himself, with the help of a mixing desk, various amps and a pretty sexy guitar to boot.  His voice is heaven, all smooth and soulful but gritty in parts – just like his riffs and melodies.  I also love how softly some of his songs start and how bass-ey, ballsy and generally kick arse they are by the end.  Well worth a listen!

  1. Fresh air.  Despite the grey-ish start to the week it’s not been Wintery-cold and so I’ve been loving wrapping up warm in my ruffle-y cream cable knit and beloved {slightly obscene now!} well-worn in charcoal skinnies and having the windows open and the fresh air drifting through our little attic.  I love the smell of Spring.  I won’t tell you quite how much because, well, point 3.

 *   *   * 

How has your week been fellow #wonderfulwednesday reading gang?! Have you had cause to celebrate?  Have you stolen my Spring sunshine?  Have you been gulping in all of the air like it’s going out of fashion – do tell because I’m a nosey-parker and I always love to know!  Remember to pop by my favourite faces – Kate, Michelle, Nadine, Helen and Jo’s blogs to read their #wonderfulwednesday ‘s {link's are up in the intro!} and see what’s been blinkin’ lovely about their weeks so far.

Remember you can follow along with me on Twitter and Instagram too if you fancy chatting about whats been pretty sassy about your week so far or fancy being extra lovely and tagging me in a lovely wonderful-shaped snap – I’m @sallytangle on both. 


  1. oooh all this talk of nut butters has made me want a snickers. X

  2. Ahh Sally I PROMISE I will get involved in Wonderful Wednesday's, but this week the nudge was too late! I do love these posts, and lots of things for me to comment on this week:
    1. As you know of my dislike of nut butters, I'm still super tempted to give the almond and coconut one a go, as I love anything coconutty, but I hate almond butter - what say you?
    2. I have been eyeing up the uniqlo liberty collection, but I'm even more excited about the Alexa launch, when is that?
    3. I have been with fringe for a good 8 years now, and still haven't perfected the self - cut, how do you do it???

    And finally, I meant to comment last week but I forgot... I totally know what you mean about how you live when the mr isn't around. Mine is away every week, so I've very much got into a habit of doing exercise videos at random hours in random states of undress, AND eating the weirdest concoctions of meals, based on what's in the fridge but usually end up quite a delight but the mr would never entertain! The joys of living solo half of the week...


  3. Smooshed is the right word, 100%. And that almond and coconut smooshing sounds ruddy marvellous. And BARS??? How am I not already aware of these?

    And also SHOW ME THE TROUSERS!! At once.
    I confess, 'tis I what stole the sunshine. Things have been looking and smelling spectacular down here in Devon and I'm not a little bit sorry. Today I paddled IN THE SEA! Yup. Things are about to get real springy around here.

    As always, thanks for bringing a smile to my face and new nut butters into my world.
    M xxx

  4. Aaah, 111 weeks of Wonderful Wednesdays, thats quite an achievement!
    Love the sunny, Springtime feel of this weeks post, I can almost smell the warm weather from here. Roll on the sunshine!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  5. Those crocuses are making me do all sorts of happy dances. Carefully choreographed happy dances you understand!
    I agree with Michelle, I need to see these trousers. If they get a mention in #wonderfulwednesday they must be good.
    The air has been smelling springy sweet this week and I think we might be hurtling out of winter. I am not complaining about this at all! My brother cut the grass whilst I was at work this week and I drove home with the windows down and that lovely smell greeted me when I got home.
    Another fab list, thank you for being amazing! Have a brilliant week.
    Kate xx

  6. I love love looove nut butters! I feel like I need to branch out from my go-to almond butter though. Going to give some new ones a try! And I know exactly what you mean about the smell of green - it's pretty amazing! xx

  7. Hello! Making my way over here from Michelle's blog and her Wonderful Wednesday updates, which are a wonderful mid-week boost and I'm seriously thinking of jumping on this bandwagon!
    As a fellow fringe-haver, I think you're very brave to trim your own...I've done it a couple of times and have always ended up with something decidedly wobbly. Loving the idea of some Liberty trews...will have a peep on the Uniqlo website!

    C x

  8. Beatiful crocus shot Sally, I love seeing them all along the roadsides now, they're so lovely! Spring is definitely in my step, and can I just say that seeing these posts pop up on my feed always makes me smile! I'm so glad I can switch to lighter clothes now too, and I don't think it'll be long before I can leave my coat at home! - Tasha



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