Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #119

 {Pretty prints upon even prettier tiles....}
Happy MID-week!  I'm sat here wondering to myself quite why I'm so flipping flopping cream-crackered this week and it's just dawned on me that i have worked the last seven days in a row.  This happens quite often and actually isn't half as bad as it sounds.  I love my job, but dare i say it...when you work in retail and part of your job is to be accommodating and lovely and efficient and all of the other things expected of you by customers; for eight whole hours a day?  Well let me tell you it is EXHAUSTING.  I sometimes worry that I'll run out of 'nice' and 'helpful' for those times when I'm not at work.  Luckily it's not happened yet!  So I'm more than looking forward to my day off today {Wednesday}.  There's no grand and fancy plans:  simply to sleep until i wake {which will probably be annoyingly early! No matter - sipping hot tea under the duvet is far better than careering around and about worrying that you might have put your mascara in the fridge!}  The forecast aint great {le sigh!} so i expect much tidying and sorting to be done and maybe some cycling if it's not as wet as it's predicted to be.  
How ARE you?  Has your week been as full of longer lighter days as ours have up here?!  It makes everything seem so much more do-able with some much needed vitamin D don't you think?!  Shall we press on and get cracking on the best bits of my sleepy, sunny week so far?!?

*  *  *
1.  Feelin' alfresco.  We've not braved a picnic this year yet.  That's largely due to recently selling our little car and the fact that i've also worked a fair few Sundays and when i haven't....well life has just got in the way.  Pleasure has been found in tip-tapping away at our little computer with the skylight cracked wide open, the radio on and a hot cup of tea and a biscuit for company.  It sort of feels picnic-y and also a little bit like you're sat up in the clouds.  It's as alfresco as it's got lately food-wise and I'm not complaining!  

2.  Not having a cold.  Since last week i've been the snottiest little madam that there ever was!  I couldn't quite tell if it was hayfever or a cold and so i've been echinacea-ing, vitamin c'in and adding various hayfever remedies to my day-to-day in an effort to rid myself of it!  As of Monday i've been finally starting to feel 'me' again and convinced that it actually was a cold.  Here's to being able to breathe through my nose, smell the flowers i picked the other evening and to being able to taste again!  Hurrah!

3.  Homemade cookies.  Technically made last Sunday night but eaten right through until almost the middle of this week for 'medicinal purposes'.  Boy did they do the trick!  They were the most perfect ratio of soft and squidgy in the centre and crispy and buttery around the outside and hell I'll just come out and tell you that maybe just maybe they actually fixed me just as much the endless extra fruit and vegetables i have nibbled on the past week!  

4.  Pixi by Petra 'Glow Mist.'  Do you know what?!  Put the word 'glow' onto anything and I'll buy it.  I'm forever on the hunt for something that makes me look ethereal and wonderful.  Despite me actually falling in love with the idea of this stuff first, after researching it and reading reviews to see if it was worth picking up and having now used it for a good few weeks i can confirm it's amazing-ness.  It's a light mist you can either spritz on before applying make-up or afterwards as a way to set it and add radiance.  I use it for the latter and it's just FAB!  It adds a slight dewiness to my face whilst ensuring that my make-up lasts until the end of the day.  And it's packed full of natural ingredients and buckets of Argan oil etc etc and general happy skin stuff.  I'll never be a beauty it, it's ace!

5.  Grapefruit and orange.  Better still grapefruit and orange wedges served alongside toasted rye bread with crunchy peanut butter for the breakfast all champions are made of!  I swapped my usual banana for some extra vitamin c {during 'Cold-Gate'} and i might like it more!  The tart citrus is the bees knees alongside the salty nut butter and it's just the yummiest on these sunshine-y mornings and yet i can imagine it really cheering up a grey start to a day too.  What's a #wonderfulwednesday without breakfast chat hey?!

6.  Pom poms.  Put a pom pom, a tassel or fringing on something and I'll buy it.  Last week i treated myself to a little cover up from Zara {here} that's adorned with brightly coloured pom poms and i ADORE it.  It makes me feel happy whenever i swish and swash about in it and even though i have been paring it with skinnies and a grey marl tea {and sometimes a scarf tied amongst my messy mop!} i can imagine it really working over a plain cotton sundress or with a denim skirt and little tee.  It's just beautiful!  

7.  Getting all green-fingered.  ** Herb update**  If you've read along with at least the past couple of posts you'll know i've been trying to grow some little pots of herbs on our window sills ready to pot in the tubs outside our little attic.  They've absolutely shot up and despite my losing the little cards which said which was which, it's now becoming a little bit easier to decipher between the three!  Our little baby basil pot is actually starting to smell all 'basil-y' and fragrant and i can't wait for it to be a bit bigger!  I'm keeping everything crossed that they survive!  Anyone got any herb keeping alive/re-potting tips to share?!?

8.  Mascapone cheese.  I can take or leave cheese.  Don't hate me!  I mean, i love it in it's rightful place but you're unlikely to find me eating it on crackers or just little squares of it or worse still, choosing it as a dessert {chocolate all of the way thank you please!} BUT there's a time and a place when the right cheese on the right thing is just the bees knees!  This week mascapone cheese was dolloped generously across a pizza which was piled high with portobello mushroom and torn up ham and a heavy-handed helping of dried oregano and fresh basil.  The truth?  It was HEAVEN and i wish that I'd made two pizzas for us and not one because i pretty much begrudged dividing it in two....

9.  Water.  I know i know but sometimes the very best things are the very simplest.  I've been drinking gallons of the stuff lately.  Largely to try and flush out the cold discussed in point two.  I already drink a fair bit anyway and can never understand those who say that hardly bother about it at all.  If i didn't i think I'd be asleep before midday and have a face as grey and miserable as who knows what.  We are so lucky in this country to have fresh water on tap {sorry!} and i know if i don't drink enough i really do feel it!  Those fair few gallons of water have certainly helped propel me through the past seven days in a row at Monsoon Towers i've no doubt about it!

10.  Singin'!  I just love it.  For me though there's no middle ground.  I sing...okay well i sing most of the time.  But if I'm honest i consciously sing when I'm either really very happy or if I'm feeling a little blue or down in the dumps.  Favourite thing to sing?  Impossible to answer as it varies so damned much.  Just like when people ask you for your favourite song.  How do you ever answer that?!  Depends purely on how i feel at the time or what's been whizzing around my ears lately.  I'd love to have a proper go at writing a song.  For someone who loves words and writing so much, and music it seems ridiculous that i never have.  Apart from the teeny tiny insignificant detail of me not being able to read music or play any kind of instrument.  Last thing i sung?  My own accoustic-y take on Bowie's 'Rebel Rebel'.  I like that the Mr has plenty of guitars lying around and about so i can pretend i know what the heck I'm doing!
*  *  *
 Go go!  Head right on over to  Kate, Jo, Michelle, Cat, Katie, Em, and Helen 's respective blogs and catch their lovely #wonderfulwednesday 's!  Better still tell us about YOU!  What's making your week fab?  What are you looking forward to?  What is powering you though?  Heavens we'd all love your hints and tips on rocket fuel for the rest of this week for sure.  Remember to follow along on social media using the #wonderfulwednesday tag so we can all chit-chat about the jolly great things until our merry hearts are content as can be!


  1. Another bundle of absolute happiness how do you do it every week? :) Hope you've absolutely kicked that nasty bug out of your system by now - and have a lovely day off. Must be lovely to be off when everyone else is at work! :)

  2. I can let the cheese confession go. I think. I'm working on it.
    That aside this was, as it always is, a joy to read. Super glad you're germ free and ready to take on the world again. And yes yes yes YES to alfresco-ing. We did so much of it ON OUR HOLIDAY, it's been so strange to come home and find it not *quite* warm enough to do properly.

    I saw some incredible rainbow pom pom adorned flats the other day and you sprung instantly to mind. I'll hunt them down and send you a picture, they'll brighten your day no end.

    Have a great rest of the week lovely one, I really REALLY missed writing this post last week so it feels brilliant to be back in the land of the wonderful.

    M x

  3. I've been in a real singing mood recently too Sally - I just love it, especially after a long day and always in the shower. I recently read an article that said studies had shown that singing could also lower stress and reduce anxiety, so it's a win-win! And grapefruit and orange does sound yummy first thing in the morning, will have to try this on Monday. - Tasha



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