Wonderful Wednesday #120

{^^'Cos it's all i seem to rant and rave about lately!^^}

Hello, hello, helloooooo! Golly gosh folks - do you know what i've learnt first and foremost this week?  Don't book for decorators to come and plan a little house re-shuffle of furniture and DIY when you're working all last weekend and up until the middle of this week.  I.  Am.  Cream.  Crackered.  I'm not going to lie, i walked through the door on Sunday evening after work, took one look at everything everywhere and boxes filled to the brim with stuff and promptly announced that i was going out on my bike for an hour.  God bless that kind Mr of mine for all of the packing up and sorting and generally putting up with me!  A few days on and we've made progress.  

Walls have been painted and new furniture has been {almost} picked.  It's been a bit like starting afresh and once i got over the shock of quite how upside down everything would be, I'm actually beginning to enjoy all the de-cluttering and blank canvas-ey feeling each time i potter in from work.  If i don't look at eh three boxes of 'stuff' in the hallway.  Hey well Rome wasn't built in a day was it?!?  
I've surprised myself with actually how much energy i've still got as i sit and tip-tap this up on Tuesday evening.  I'm putting it down to another sunny day {and another pre-dinner bike ride enjoying a little bit of it!} and the extra cup of tea i had today for extra rocket fuel.  It worked.  I feel like this week has been FILLED with great things......
*  *  * 
1.  Colour.  Because all of a sudden {and maybe down to a fair few torrential Spring rain-shaped downpours in the early hours - the delicious kind that you can smell drifting in through a slightly open window} it seems like everywhere there is a riot of colourful flowers!  All the beds in our local park are filled to the brim with neatly organised floral abundance, the Wisteria that climbs up the walls along where i ride my bike are *just* starting to bloom and i even saw a Hydrangea bush starting to flower the other evening too.  Seeing so much colour in the sunshine is serious happy-making!

2.  Donut peaches.  Spotted in M&S on a quick early morning scamper in to pick up some milk.  I hurriedly grabbed a couple of cartons and had them resting in the sunshine in a pretty bowl since the weekend on our little windowsill.  The start of this week saw the first couple start to ripen and man ALIVE were they delicious.  I ate two in a row {over the sink - the true measure of peach/nectarine ripeness!} on Monday and sliced another on top of toasted rye bread spread generously with crunchy peanut butter this morning {Tuesday} and telling you all about how yummy they are is making think i might slice another into some coconut yoghurt later.....

3.  The sound of 'now.'  Not to go all 'zen' and 'mindful on you' BUT lately i've really been relishing not listening to any music on my bike rides. I initially stopped as i had a few problems with Willow the pushbike last week making some odd noises and since she's been fixed i've been worried she'd get poorly again and I'd not notice.  Do you know what, as a serious music fiend {I'm listening to Corrine Bailey Rae as i write this} i am surprised to tell you how much i've been enjoying really switching off and just enjoying being in the now:  the wind whooshing through my ears, early evening birdsong, the clinks, clonks and general cog-turning sounds that bike of mine makes {turns our she's a noisy little madam!} is really sort of lovely you know?

4.  Getting wavy with it.  Discovering i can still wave my hair now it's shorter.  A totally vain point but it means stretching out washing it a little longer and means i can embrace the mess that it inevitably becomes anyway.  Plus there's something rather lovely about being able to enjoy the opposite of how your hair behaves when you do nothing to at all and its normal state.  Don't we always want what we haven't got?!?!  

5.  Exhausting myself physically and not mentally {for a change!}.  When i was younger i hated P.E.  And i mean i really hated it.  To the point that I'd have voluntarily participated in double maths instead.  And if you know me you'll also know that i hated maths too.    But since i've grown up i've really begun to appreciate the power of really and truly exhausting yourself:  Feeling your heart thud in your chest, your legs ache like they might give up on you any second and best of all?  This, outside in the fresh air - and it thundering into your little lungs and filling you with what should probably be terror - but actually, the very best happy 'i can do anything in the whole wide world' feeling even for just a few moments.  I never ever would have thought exercise would have that effect on me.  Of course I'm talking about riding those two wheels....but i do think that everyone has one exercise that they could enjoy just like this.

6.  Watching Chelsea Flower show each night while eating dinner.  Because well...Flowers.  That is all.

7.  Eating colour.  It makes total sense i guess BUT when there is so much colour around and about and the days are so light and bright and downright sassy-pants sunny it makes total and complete sense that i crave even more colourful foods.  This weeks' highlights so far:  butternut squash ribbons, grated courgette, great big wedges of sticky sweet beetroot and as much citrus as i can get.  In other much weirder citrus-related news, yesterday i ate something called a 'Pamplemousse.'  I thought it was a grapefruit.  In fact it tasted like a cross between a mandarin and a grapefruit and was bloody lovely!

8.  The thought of a day off all to myself.  Is it just me or is sometimes the thought of a long awaited day off even better than the day off itself?!  Sort of like the thought and run up to Christmas day?  Just me then?  That's my tomorrow {Wednesday} and I'm so flippin' ready for it!

9.  Summer skin. I know i know that bloody sunshine, it's all i harp on about lately!  Even my little face has been looking a little lovelier because of it.  I feel like all of those early evening or morning bike adventures leave me needing less makeup, less blusher - well less of everything. And since i'm not really all to clever with anything make-up and don't really think it suits me somehow {?} this is definitely something to celebrate! 
 *  *  *

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I'm off to have another donut peach....maybe with a few wedges of grapefruit....Have the jolliest most lovely of weeks!