Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #121

{Pom-pom sneak peek and all of the wildflowers!}
Bonjour!  Comment ca va?  Oh heck well this week has been the most un-productive feeling one yet!  And after the loveliest Saturday and Sunday off last weekend too!  I awoke feeling ever so bright eyed and refreshed on Bank Holiday Monday and ready and raring to go!  
This feeling didn't last very long.  Maybe i peaked too soon?!  Who knows but these past few days i have felt rather unlike my usual self and severely lacking in what can only be described as 'va-va-voom.'  Fear not though, all is in hand.  I went-an-evening cyclin' after work on Monday evening and also picked a delightful little bunch of wildflowers from the hedgerow that are making me smiley each time i look at them perched prettily on our kitchen shelf.  Oh and there's a pizza-shaped dinner for tonight {Tuesday} because if that can't get me out of my funny-feelin' funk then i don't know what will.  There's no real rhyme or reason for it so I'm just running with it - letting it run it's course and diving head-first into this week's happy post which i just know will do me the world of good.....

1.  Moving.  Oh did i mention that we are moving house?  It was only last week that we were nattering here about re-jigging our attic space etc.  That got us thinking that maybe we might buy a new sofa.  Then the Mr bought a car.  Oh and then towards the very end of the week somebody tipped us off about a house we might like. Turns out they were right.  We don't do things by halves i can tell you!  I'm excited for a fresh start, to really {try!} to declutter a bit too.  For a new sofa and a sweet little hallway and a living room with the sweetest french doors opening right onto our own little garden.  That's got my heart all a flutter! Our very own garden to sit and eat my breakfast in, to watch the stars in and a little place to put our potted herbs and hanging baskets that is our very own and nobody elses.  HURRAH!

2.  Sleep.  Because when you're feelin' all down and out you feel like you really appreciate the real, heavy-headed slumber that comes from having lots on your mind - thoughts of cancelling energy suppliers; where rugs, cushions and blankets will go AND THE NEON POM-POMS!  WHERE WILL I PUT THE NEON POM-POMS?!  It's all happenin'!  And it's all racing around and about that little noggin of mine!

3.  Peaches.  I know, last week it was peaches and citrus and this week it's still citrus and peaches! Truth be told it's flipping flopping fruit in general and who can blame me with skies so blue and sun that has shined so brightly lately?!  This week and most of last weekend have all been about the donut peaches.  Again.  And not just eating them bent over the sink.  Dropped into thick and creamy cottage cheese with oatcakes on the side; chopped into chunky pieces and scattered across the yummiest breakfast of crunchy peanut butter on toast or even eaten alongside the thickest, creamiest coconut yoghurt that there ever was!  Summer time is my favourite time of year for fruit.  

4.  Golden temporary tattoos a-plenty.  Not the horrid kind that i just know you're imagining!  The prettiest, swirliest most curliest collection of mandalas in both gold and silver. I've been swirling them around my arms, ankles and across the top of my feet now that the sun's come out to play and the sandals have been dug out!

5.  The bird whisperer!  The Mr is convinced he can 'talk' to the little family of blackbirds who sit and call to each other just as the sun sets each night.  It's the funniest thing!  I've tried to explain that actually i think that they're just listening to one another and not his whistling but he remains convinced that when he whistles, that he's talking to them.  It melts my heart a little bit!

6.  Pastures new.  It's pretty crazy that i've lived in the city i do for.....well let's just say over ten years and yet there are parts of it that i've just never explored before.  Since we're moving north of the river we've been taking little de-tours here and there just to see what it's like around and about where we'll be living soon.   Unfortunately what we have discovered is that my walk or ride to and from work will be SO up-hilly that I'm probably going to have rugby player thighs in no time!  What i do love is how much greener and quieter it all is.  Did i just say that?!  Am i old?!?  Wait, don't answer that.....

7.  My new completely ridiculous and frivolous pom-pom jacket.  If you follow along with me on Instagram {I'm @sallytangle} then you *might* know what I'm talking about.  It'd been a long, long week and i was aimlessly flicking through the Zara website whilst i waited for dinner to cook {the kind of dinner that seems to take forever because as soon as you put it in the oven you realise how all of a sudden you're STARVING and could commit murder! No?  Just me then?!}.  I digress.  Said jacket is a soft pale blue cotton number adorned with the prettiest embroidery along the sleeves and neckline and the most joyous little bundle of pom-poms on each side.  And the very best bit?!  It jingles when i walk!  Makes me smile every single time i pop it on......

8.  Pastel de Nata. These are something i've been meaning to make ever since i first tried one a couple of years ago but despite them being pretty easy i just seem to have never ever got around to it!  {Must.  Try.  Harder!}.  I *might* have done a little happy dance on spotting them in the pastry section on our weekly food-shop this week.  They're essentially the bees knees of all custard tarts and are BEYOND delicious.  Google at your own peril.....

9.  Hazelnut milk.  Hold onto your hats it's all about to get all rock and roll over here!  I always use almond milk in my tea, porridge and cereal.  Mostly because the really good almond milk is the only kind i've been able to find {not the rubbish-y 2% almonds 98% stabilizers, thickeners and general rubbish you get in most supermarkets}.  I adore brands like Rude Health and use their nut milks if I'm making hot chocolate or cooking BUT whilst they're without the nasties, their nut content {AKA the super yummy creaminess!} is also low.  UNTIL i discovered a random bottle of Hazelnut milk in the same brand as my usual Almond Milk in our local health food shop!  Errrrr where has this been all of my life?! It's the sweetest, creamiest drop of yum that i've ever had and if it wasn't Summer and almost 20degrees outside I'd be totally going in on the raw cacao hot chocolate with it!  I can imagine it tasting just like Nutella...except a little better for your tum!  Either way it's making my morning porridge taste damned fine!

10.  Bare-legged bike riding shenanigansYou know me and my bike, that we are pretty much joined at the hip/pedal etc.  Well I'd forgotten quite how wonderful riding a bike was once it's warm enough to do so minus trousers and long sleeved tops.  You really cannot beat the feeling of a warm sunny breeze tickling your knee caps on a warm cycle ride you just can't! I can't get enough of being on those two wheels lately.  Oh yes even more than usual!  I just cannot imagine how i coped before that bike of mine!

Now it's o-ho-ho-ver to you!  Tell me all about the very best bits of your week so far below in the comments section {i do LOVE reading them}, shout them out loud on Twitter {I'm @sallytangle} or tag me in an Instagram snap of what's making your week smashing! {I'm @sallytangle on there too!.  Don't forget to use the #wonderfulwednesday tag so i can see/read/join in AAAAAND don't forget to hop, skip and-a-jump over to Kate, Helen, Michelle, Jo, &  Cat 's blogs to read their own Wonderful Wednesday snazziness!

Happy mid-week all! 


  1. I love your pom-poms - how CUTE! I know what you mean about the va va voom mine has disappeared in all this heat. Best get some peaches to perk me up a bit! :)

  2. Sally!! You're moving North of the river? how exciting!! Whereabouts? Will no doubt bump into you many a morning/or evening as I wander to work too! :) xx

  3. Wow, you are moving North! Hehe, I move south of the river, you move North. I must confess I very much love North of the river WAY more than South, it's been my home up there forever! There are just FAR less people and houses! hehe. But with Rickerby park so near, and lovely country lanes to explore just outside the park you and your bike will LOVE it! x

  4. Heaps of congratulations (and good lucks!) for the impending move - your new place sounds all kinds of lovely! I'm loving having a garden of my very own too, I just hope that the weather down here starts to warm up again to enable me to enjoy it...

    Love the story of your mister whistling to your little blackbird family! We have a blackbird mister and mrs that frequent our garden and they're so cute...we're both convinced it's the same pair every time!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, lovely one xx

  5. How did I miss the pom pom jacket???? Did I also tell you yet that the pom pom flats I was talking about were from Zara too - Zara: king of the pom poms. Queen. Queen of the pom poms. I'm SO excited about your moving and especially the little outside space, you just can't beat it.
    Oh and I see your peaches and raise you a pear. Pears made my list this week. Good ripe ones that you really *shouldn't* eat at your desk unless you want an unholyly sticky keyboard and to hypothetically ruin some semi-important documentation. Worth it. Totally worth it.
    Also this week I've enjoyed a sunshiny weekend and spending some time with my mama. It's all good.
    Have a brilliant rest of the week Ms Tangle, check out some guided meditations on The YouTube to clear your mind.
    M x

  6. I am SO excited for you and your new house! Congratulations! It sounds absolutely lovely, especially with that garden. And ooh, that hazelnut milk sounds lovely. I always buy Rude Health's almond milk too (because who wants all those stabilisers and sweeteners and stuff?!) but maybe I should try out the hazelnut one! And yesss, I've been loving being barelegged too. Really hoping the weather stays like this!

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  7. That pom-pom jacket looks amazing (I did a quick trip over to your instagram) and surely anything with added pom-poms is good right? I hope your move went OK and you're feeling a little more settled now - I know how stressful moving can be! And don't be sorry for still having peaches on your list, they're just good. - Tasha



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