Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #122

{Wavy messy hair and the prettiest sunny evenings = happy me!}
I'm writing this POST with hair that I'm convinced is getting bigger by the second.  It's 23 degrees outside - but not a nice 23 degrees {just for the record I'm not complaining about the weather - I'm over the moon it's dry sunny and doing what June should do - just for the record you understand?} it's a humid, sticky kind of heat that made me just enjoy putting our food shop away in the fridge far more than usual.  In fact if i could have fit {which FYI i couldn't have, if only for the sheer - and probably slightly deliriously bought - various punnets of berries and the like that i've crammed in there because, you know; it's Summer etc} inside it too - then rest assured I'd be happily nestled amongst the strawberries and tubs of coconut yoghurt.  Don't get me wrong, i adore the sunshine - but my peak temperature is around....18 degrees?  Anymore and i go a bit mad. 

Oh and add to it the whole pa-lava of organising moving dates, *trying* {except largely failing due to, oh the sunshine} to sort and pack and the like for moving house and what i actually wish i could do is fill a paddling pool with water and sit and drink Pimms and ginger beer.  Oh and if someone could fetch me some pizza that might also be nice.  It's not hard to find some good in this week - despite my heat-rant {I'm only British afterall!}, but I'm glad I'm writing this little post if only for the actual process of sitting here {with my head half out of the attic window} and remembering the down right lovely bits.......
1.  Strawberries.  Oh i know, another week another fruit.  Or lately that should probably be 'fruit-S' since i feel like i could happily exist on not much else come this kind of heat.  It makes any kind of cooking {something which i usually love} my very least favourite thing.  Breakfast this week has been the sweetest, juiciest British Strawberries chopped and piled high aboard the saltiest, crunchiest peanut butter and slathered on toasted rye bread.  If i wasn't a grown up {which i have been having to remind myself to be far too often lately - see most of first and second paragraph for evidence!} I'd eat it also for lunch and for dinner.  
2.  Wet hair on a Summer's eve.  Is there anything lovelier than being so very hot, then cooling down with a minty shower and then padding around in the loosest, softest cottons with damp hair...?! Nothing cools me down more than damp hair.  The fact that by the time I'm ready for bed it barely needs anything done to it at all!  Because in weather so humid - what's the point anyway?!  
3.  Au naturel s'il vous plait.  It's only over the past few years that i've realised that my skin isn't half as bad as it used to be.  When you have horrid skin growing up it's hard to shake it off and not want to do all you can to cover up your cheeks!  Lately has been all about embracing the littlest amount of makeup as possible and actually rather enjoying seeing a sprinkling of freckles.  Another thing i used to hide when i was younger!
4.  Garlic bread.  I rarely eat bread.  Well unless you count my morning rye toast that is.  But when i do i love to indulge:  There is something a little bit heavenly about crispy, warm ciabatta - light on the inside with the crispiest most light of crusts - rubbed with garlic and olive oil and served warm with a little oil for dipping.  The problem is, because i eat the stuff so little...once i start i could quite happily eat a whole one to myself!
5.  The lightest of nights!  I know, i know i've waxed lyrical about how super duper the extra evening daylight has been but lately my evenings really have felt like they have lasted forever.  Those sticky, sunny days has meant it's been light to 10pm and just felt lovely!  It's so nice to wind down alongside the light {weird comment!} as apposed to going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark in Autumn and Winter.  The downside is quite often waking at 5am and feeling wide awake....
6.  Smock rockin'! Because who wants anything clingy-y and fitted come this time of year?!  I've been loving wafting around our little attic in A-line dresses, swing-y smocks and the loosest clothes i own.  There's nothing better!

7.  Coconut yoghurt.  I love this stuff all year round {Coconut collaborative is my jam - so yum!} but somehow eating thick and creamy coconut yoghurt at this time of year is just the bomb.  I've been loving dunking ripe peaches into the stuff and sprinkling a handful of chopped almonds on top for a quick before bed snack.  Another thing i could quite happily eat a whole big pot of all to myself.  I'm actually rather pleased that the Mr hates this stuff!  As I'd hate to have to share.....

8.  Mornings.  I've always been a morning person.  I find lying in ever so hard and the only time it ever happens is when I'm run down or not feeling well!  I've been so relishing pretty sunny mornings lately.  Waking early and sitting sipping my lady grey quietly sat amongst all of the cushions on our sofa with nothing but the singing birds for company.  The stillness is the loveliest.  In fact it's probably the stillest part of my whole day!  It feels like it really gets me ready for a day at work mentally and physically - just giving myself that little ten or fifteen minutes peace and quiet.  

9.  Time spent outside.  Something else that's good for the soul!  Even if it's inconvenient that the heat makes you feel like you can't do anything at the rocket-fuelled speed that you're used to, actually what's great is that sometimes by slowing down?  Well that's what makes you see, notice and catch things you'd been too busy to notice otherwise.  Nature works in mysterious ways my friends....

10.  Planning as a twosome.  I'll try and not witter on too much all about our little house move BUT one thing is for sure is how much fun it is actually having the time to plan together and to plan exactly how we would like our new home.  We fell in love with where we are now but there wasn't actually much we could do with this little spot due to it being so oddly shaped and little.  Our new house has lots more room and lots of ways we can put our own stamp on it and i can't wait to make it ours!  Eeeeeee!  {PS i've been Pinteresting every spare second lately - rather predictably no doubt! You can find me HERE if you'd like to follow along}.  
*  *  *

Anyway, enough about my happy things, hop on over to Kate, Michelle, Jo, Cat and Helen's blogs to read their posts too!  And remember to tag us all over on all the social media channels if you want to join in too using #wonderfulwednesday it's always lovely to read about what's making someone else smile!


  1. My goodness, Sally, this is the most summery list there ever was. Strawberries have been my go to fruit this week. As I sat yesterday evening I found myself eating a whole punnet! Something about the sweet, juiciness is perfect in the sunshine. I dipped mine in nutella.

    The lightness of the evenings is making me so happy. When I'm coming home from work at 9pm and it's still light it makes the drive so much better. Also I get to see that golden glow of the light fading away which makes everything seem so much more beautiful.

    I am so so excited for your move! I can't wait to see all your new home bits and pieces.

    Have a fabulous end to your week my lovely xx

  2. Strawberries optimise summertime for me as there's nothing nicer than fresh strawberries on a warm summer's day and they always smell gorgeous! I'm loving mornings at the moment too, there's just something refreshing about waiting up to blue skies and a cool breeze. Always enjoy these posts, they brighten up my midweek slump! - Tasha

  3. I literally found myself nodding along to every single point on here! I love the sunshine and the warmer weather, but when it gets too hot and humid I can't deal with it. 20 degrees is perfect for me, I'd say! I've been loving the lighter nights too, even though it is a bit weird when you suddenly realise it's much later than you thought it was! And mmm yes, coconut yoghurt is so good. I enjoy it more than I ever enjoyed regular yoghurt! And that lovely quiet and calm feeling during mornings is just the best.
    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  4. Please do witter on about your house move, Sally, I love hearing about it! Really looking forward to hearing all about the new place too :)

    I hear you on the huge humid hair pain! My fringe has been frizzing like there's no tomorrow! Thank goodness for some dry heat for a change...

    Yet again your post has made me crave more seasonal fruit... I was trawling the supermarket looking for flat peaches the other week, with your words extolling their greatness going round my head! I've never been so healthy! Enjoy the rest of your week, lovely one, and good luck with the packing xx



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