Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #123

{Lovely lilacs and sneaky sunshine after the greyest start to the day!}
I'm writing this SWEET little post in what can only be described as a 'six day in a row at work {soon to be seven! *wimpers*} half delirium-cum-trance.'  I'm with it, I'm just not with it - if you get what i mean.  That combined with a few moving-house shaped stresses and disagreements over silly things like new sofas and the like.  

We've never really owned anything together, between us or as one before.  Well unless you count a washing machine but that's about the most non-descript thing that there ever was.  When deciding upon its 'requirements' in the shop, there were only two:  That it washed things and that it did so quietly.  Sofa?  Sideboards?  Curtains?!  They're a different ball-game altogether.  I keep trying to explain that i've got a vision, that i've got a Pinterest board for this and a moodboard for that and i want it look like this and feel like that *points to impossible decorating inspiration in silly overpriced glossy magazine* only to be met with:  I don't like it.  Why?  'I just don't.'  I'm not sure if my head hurts from that or the lack of day-off more.....
So bear with me, this week's post *might* be a slow starter.....

1.  All of the berries.  Oh ho ho you say, not just one fruit this week?  Oh no, all of the fruit.  Or berries as the case may be.  You know it's real and actual Summer when blackberries, strawberries and raspberries are cheap as chips and taste like heaven!  Which means we put berries on everything humanely possible. 

2.  Berries and cheese.  Okay a cheat point considering ^^^ but it's my post and this little creation was wonderful enough to warrant its own little mention so there.  The kind of casual lunch that comes about from sleeping in, prioritising breakfast making over lunch making pre-work and feeling very un-inspired when my lunch time swung around.  I grabbed a punnet of raspberries, a pack of oatcakes and a tub of cottage cheese.  And spent the next little while wondering why the bobbins I'd never considered such a concoction before now. 

3.  The perfect top-knot.  Not to go all shallow and vain on you as i know that quite often this post is about green leaves, bird song and appreciating things a little less.....'me' BUT a good top knot is something i strive for alot but rarely {i can probably count on one hand!} achieve, if ever.  Since my hair is now short, short short, this IS made even harder.  But the other morning, quick as you like, with the least amount of thought possible, i grabbed the top section of my {should have been washed} hair and pulled it halfway through a hair elastic, gave it a tug a stuck a kirby grip in for extra 'grab' and what do you know?!  The perfect amount of messy, 'done' and 'hey maybe she knows what she's doing when she gets dressed of a morning' -shaped topknot appeared.  I spent most of the day afraid to move my head too much.  But it was worth it.  It's also worth mentioning i haven't been able to recreate it since.  Except for before the shower last night.  Why is it that always happens?!?!

4.  Home magazines.  Or actually if we're being really honest the M&S home magazine and catalogue too.  I may or may not have cut out several images even though they resemble nothing like what i can afford and also have used almost a whole pad of post-it notes book-marking, cross referencing and generally writing silly ideas down.  It's made me feel all kinds of organised.  Have i actually packed anything yet?  Well we'll come back to that one another time......

5.  The smell of Summer rain in a city.  Don't get me wrong the very best kind of rain smell is just after an almighty down-pour in the country.  But when you've worked almost a week solidly and not really had any time {see point 4, aherm} to scamper out into the green on those two wheels, that's just that.  No, there's something lovely about the smell after a jolly good pour down in the city.  The kind of rain that has you thinking that someone's got thunder you know the kind i mean?  The heavy, warm and drenched tarmac smell where the air clings to your skin and makes your hair suddenly three times it's size?  Well there's just something rather lovely about that, don't you agree?

6.  The first sip of a really lovely cup of tea after a really long day.  I don't need to explain this one.  But the kind of cup that has you instantly wanting another when you're only a few sips in.  I have learnt over the years that you can never make two cups in a row that good so i don't even try.    I just make the extra lovely one last as long as possible and give it my whole and undivided attention.  Bliss!

7.  Hazelnuts.  I'm often convinced i was a squirrel in a past life. I adore nuts!  I'm often heard tinkling and rattling as there's always some kind of nut in a tin, packet or box in the bottom of my bag as I'm forever hungry and forever in need of a little 'something.'  Lately has been all about hazelnuts:  Toasted and chucked on top of granola with raw cacao nibs, eaten just as they are on Monday's wander homeward or chopped on top of strawberries with a great big spoonful of coconut yoghurt.  I can't remember the last time i ate hazelnuts until recently and all of a sudden i can't think why?!  I'm eyeing up a jar of hazelnut butter in our local health food store since my peanut butter is almost empty.....

8.  Sleeping with hair that is ever so slightly damp on the most humid of Summer's nights.  The loveliest feeling ever!  There's nothing worse than not being able to sleep because it's too warm and humid!  Sleeping in your loosest cotton's with hair that's damp and smells of mint and coconuts is a little bit like heaven.  What wasn't so heavenly was what it looked like come 7am.  Thank goodness for point 3...

9.  Cooler showers.  They sort of go hand in hand with ^^^ but there really is nothing lovelier than a cool minty shower after the longest of warm, sticky days and the itchiest nose and eyes from forgetting to take hay-fever tablets.  

10.  First elderflower spotting!  Don't you love how the seasons flow from one into the other so seamlessly...?  Each year i love to watch the snowdrops sprout, then the daffodils peek through only for the wild garlic and bluebells to come into their own only weeks later.  Now it's elderflower time!  I'm loving seeing their sweet pom-pom-esque flowers brightening up what just seemed like green ordinary hedges before.  Their smell is pretty special too!  I haven't had any elderflower cordial this year yet, i must rectify that quick-march!!!
*  *  * 
And we're done!  Another week another dollar #wonderfulwednesday!  Who can believe we're almost half way through June already?!  If this sweet slice of happy pie doesn't quite float your boat or you're just hungry for more, hop skip or jump right on over to Jo, Michelle, Cat, Kate and Helen's blogs and fill your boots with their #wonderfulwednesday posts! Also don't forget to join in on social media by chit-chatting about your own #wonderfulwednesday.  I'm @sallytangle on both Twitter and Instagram!

Happy halfway though the week!


  1. A lovely little list as usual Sally you make me smile on Wednesdays - the furthest day from any weekend when you've got a Mon-Fri job. Good luck with the house move - it's the WORST thing in the world but getting settled in a new house is the BEST so you've got lots to look forward to!! H xx

  2. I really do love these posts lady and totally on board with the damp hair. Its perfect and not damaging on your locks <3


  3. Ahh I'm sorry to read that things are a little trying at the moment and working 6 days in a row?! Not good, lady! I hope you have a break coming up soon? I think you deserve an extra round of happy applause for putting together such a wonderful wee list of good things, it's always extra difficult when life is going through a tough patch. You will get through it though and I'm looking forward to hearing all about your exciting new little place when you're all moved in!

    Well done with the top knot - I don't think I've ever managed one before! Mine always look too 'stern librarian'...gah!

    Sending lots of love and cheer, C xxx

  4. I definitely get the smell-of-rain-in-a-city love - one of my favourite things about humid days was when the pressure broke after a downpour and when I was at uni in Bath the smell was always so relaxing and a complete relief so I definite;y get that! And yay for berries, all of the berries! Nothing nicer than blackberry picking this time of year, and how lovely is a cool glass of edlerflower on a hot day? I'm a recent convert to it! - Tasha



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