Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #124

 {Because is there anything cherrier than watching bright yellow buttercups bob, bob in the breeze?!}
Good day and-a happy mid-week to you!  Quite frankly i couldn't tell you what day it is.  After my few-too-many days in a row at work that we spoke of last week, last weekend i was lucky enough to grab two or three days off together to sort ready for tipping everything out of our attic and into our new house next Wednesday.  I wish i could tell you that i spent that time super-productively - parts yes - but it took a good two days to just catch up with myself if I'm honest!  The last day or so was spent de-cluttering, charity-shop trippin' and despairing {me} and organising paperwork, being rather calm and despairing {him, at me}.  It's a jolly good job he's a patient sort who doesn't mind my fizzing and flapping - oh and only ever using 5% of his own wardrobe, draws and the like to allow me to fit all of my stuff in. Still. 

So we'll keep this weeks' post short - i hope you wont mind.  I feel a little guilty sat {allbeit surrounded by boxes!} luxuriously writing down the good bits from this week so far like i don't have any thing better or more useful i should be doing.  BUT for me, to keep a little routine in amongst the chaos of moving house, and taking a moment to dig deeper for the good in a week where I'd usually struggle; well it's important i think.  More so than ever!

1.  Tea.  I'm really rather relishing drinking tea lately.  I briefly went through a little phase recently where i just couldn't make myself a good cup of tea.  What is all of that about?!  I mean i've had 30+ years experience!  The tea-making mojo hath returned and maybe it's the monotony, the habitual ritual call it or just the joy of simply sitting and sipping my favourite Lady Grey tea and being alone with just me and my thoughts. If only for minutes.   Who knows what it is because tea any time is pretty magical.  Lately though? Well it's been a bit more magical.

2.  Dusky pinks.  I'm forever a riot of print and car-crash of colour and can usually {and probably!} be spotted from the moon with all of the bright colours i wear!  Lately has all been about soft dusky pinks paired with charcoal soft grey skinnies or slate-y grey slouchy ripped jeans and messy hair - the messier and low maintenance the better.  I feel like the colours i wear really impact how i feel.  I've been saving those brights and prints up for long days at work where i need all the fizz and energy i can summon!  Those softer tones have been worn when I'm at home tickling, packing and generally trying not to flap too much.  I feel much calmer in softer colours.  Don't you?

3.  The radio.  I've always favoured the radio over the TV, ever since being a little dot.  Having the radio on always reminds me of spending weekends at my Nana's.  Even though she had a little black and white portable television {it wasn't that long ago - she just preferred her little black and white one!}  she always had the radio {or The Wireless as she called it!} on as she pottered about from room to room.  I often woke up to the radio and fell asleep to it too.  Maybe that's a comfort thing too - who knows.  Lately i've been loving listening to Magic FM as i tinker about at home.  

4.  The restorative nature of ballet and exercise in general.  I've always used exercise this way.  Sure it's an added bonus that all exercise helps keep me fit and tones and shapes my body gently too.  But really, finding exercises that i love {even though that's taken me about 30 years too!} was much more about finding something that helped my mind just as much as it helped my body.  Riding my bike does that - breathing in fresh air through my little lungs at a rate of knots and watching all of the green and flowers as i go.  But the slow-paced ballet exercises i do as and when i can squeeze them in also really help clear my mind. I follow the simple steps, enjoy the repetitive nature and the way have very little else to focus on but my posture and breathing.  And all i need is my little yoga mat.  And i can still squeeze that in and around the boxes *wink wink*.  I've even thought about trying a little meditation.  Any thoughts...?  Who am i?!

5.   A welcome breeze.  the weather {my oh my it's number five and I'm only just talking about the weather!} has been...ish lately.  There has been spatterings of rain, great and almighty rainstorms and then sneaky bright blue skies that come out of nowhere and disappear as quickly as they arrive!  It's been ever so blustery this week.  Normally i loathe the wind.  My legs walking to and from work or lapping the park on those two wheels have to work so much harder!  But a warm wind come this time of year is a welcome one!  Especially when my head feels full to bursting and my lists have sub-lists and bullet points all of their very own!  A Summer breeze?  That's something I'm definitely on board with! 

*  *  *

And we're done!  Short and sweet this week!  I'm already panicking that our internet might not be up and running in time for next week's post.  Next Wednesday will be the very first night in our new home!  Eeek!  Anyway enough about me - if this isn't enough happy for your pretty peepers:  Hop, skip and jumper over to Jo, Michelle, Kate, Helen and Cat's blogs to read their #wonderfulwednesday greatness!  Better still, join in yourself!  Leave a sweet comment below or join in with the nattering on any social media channel using #wonderfulwednesday.  I'm @sallytangle everywhere!
*  *  *
Happy halfway through the week favourite faces!


  1. Happy wonderful Wednesday Sally and lots and lots of luck with your house move - it will feel so lovely when you can finally settle in! H x

  2. Moving is always such a stress but definitely worth it when you're settled in your new place!!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. One week today to new homeness - EEEEEEEEEEP!!! So exciting. Sending all kinds of luck for the rest of the sorting and packing and boxes and shenanigans.

    Super well done to you on the ballet, I tried one work out I found on YouTube and it HURT! I like the sound of repetitive exercises for chilling out the mind though. Yes yes to a bit of meditation, I've come to love a ten minute energising one in the morning before my day starts (also wondering WHO AM I?? Right now!)

    Have a happy week lovely one, enjoy the catharsis of packing.
    M xx

  4. Aw bless you, reading this I know exactly how you feel about packing and stress of it all. I had my fair share of flappyness and major meltdowns recently too! But it is worth it... think of all the unpacking, sorting your bits and bobs into their new homes, cupboards and shelves, SO exciting! I can highly recommend meditation, I try to do it as often as I can. I follow this and just adore it, also Headspace app is fab too. Hope the final packing and moving goes ok, the end is in sight... then you can take your time, all chilled out (with your new found meditation zen) to unpack it all! hehe. x

  5. Dusky pink is the perfect shade for this time of year I find, and I'm seeing it everywhere at the moment, which is nice! I had a good dance session in my room earlier too and am definitely feeling less stressed for it now so I completely get the benefits of exercise and jumping around this week. Hope you enjoyed having a few days off and got some rest! - Tasha



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