Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #125

 {Totally countin' down the days until i can get out on those two wheels!  Who can blame me?!}
How do you doodle-do lovely #wonderfulwednesday readers?!  How has your week been so far then? The past seven days for me have passed by in the hugest whirlwind of ten hour shifts, first days of sale and trying to move house in between. Infact as you read this I'll be getting ready to spend my/our very first night in our new and shiny house!  Well that's after i conquer another ten hour shift beforehand.....but the less said about THAT one the better!  
Moving has mostly gone okay so far.  It feels SO funny still being in our little flat when it's so flippin' empty but slowly that new little cottage of ours is starting to look and smell like ours {don't ask:  Our first visit had me feeling all kinds of funny since i just couldn't get my head around where to put anything and it just smelt funny and strange and not like home at all.  I'm a funny one!  It's been empty for almost a month and so it's to be expected.  I did have a little momentary wobble though!}.  Turns out that it's nothing that putting some new lampshades up, and some open windows, spring cleaning and carefully dotted about diffusers didn't fix!  With all of this busyness in mind, i'm going to keep this week's post brief in a bid to bank some sleep...that's totally a 'thing' and possible right...?!
1.  Glastonbury playlistin'.   Watching Glastonbury over the weekend has had me seriously regretting not booking any festival tickets this year.  How bloody amazing were Adele, Muse and Coldplay?!?!?  Good job a few great Spotify playlists have been able to sort me out though.  It was also a welcome kick up the bum to pack up some last bits on evenings after work earlier on this week. As sleepy and zombie-shaped as i've been, music just fixes me somehow.  Well music and a few mugs of my very favourite tea....
2.  Agreeing!  We've had our fair shares of 'this won't fit there's' 'i don't know i just don't like it there's' and 'i don't want that in there's' over the past few days but it's safe to say that somehow everything is all fitting into place...finally.  We've finally picked a sofa....i think.  We sorted out how our bedroom will look and agreed mostly everything is going and started to put together the kitchen.  It's been so strange deciding these things together.  Where we are now we have two kitchen cupboards and just one draw.  There has never really been room for deciding, mostly just fitting!  Working as a team and realising that actually we make a great one is a lovely feeling.  It's almost an extra sign that we're both doing the right thing and making the right steps.
3.  Coconut yoghurt.   By the sweetest little company called The Coconut Collaborative incase you're interested!  For an extra speedy snack always and whenever!  It's my latest go-to when I'm hungry!  I've had it piled high upon toasted banana bread; dolloped on top of a little bowl of fresh strawberries and straight up with coconut flakes and a handful of walnuts.  It's my little spoonful of Summer....even if the rain is pouring....
4.  Ballet.  In short spurts and not as you know it.  I've harped on about Mary Helen Bowers on You Tube for so long now but this week it's been helping me clear my mind and  Jeepers.  It's been a fair few days since i've managed a ride out on those two wheels of mine and i really am missing it!  Sneaking in these manageable yoga-come-ballet sessions in between longer shifts and everything else has really helped me unwind and helped clear my mind.  
5.  Homemade 'slaw.'  I'm a big hater of traditional coleslaw.  Bleeeeuuurgh.  But what i am is a big lover and advocate of as much vegetables as i can get my paws on!  Lately i've been loving grating, mandolin-ing {is that a word..?}and slicing as many leftover veggies as i can and dressing them in sesame oil, lime or lemon juice and a glug of apple cider vinegar and piling them inside wraps, on top of a bed of rocket alongside flaked salmon or even tossed through rice noodles.  It's the bees knees!
6.  Sunsets that come out of nowhere and leave you feeling grateful that you're loved, you can love and that you're living and breathing and actually pretty lucky in the grand scheme of things.  
*  *  *
And we're done!  Don't forget to quick-march your little selves over to Helen, Kate, Michelle, Cat and Jo's blogs for some more #wonderfulwednesday greatness!  Golly gosh i can't wait to show our new spot when we're a bit more settled.  I did a little merry jig in our garden the other evening.  It's the sweetest with a little Elderflower bush at the bottom!  ANYWAY i digress!  Happy mid-week and here's hoping i'm back with a more lengthy version this time next week!

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  1. 'Sunsets that come out of nowhere and leave you feeling grateful that you're loved, you can love and that you're living and breathing and actually pretty lucky in the grand scheme of things.' - This. That is exactly how I've been feeling lately and you capture it so well. Also, yes to coconut yoghurt! - Tasha



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