Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #128

 {For all you know this could be my handy-work....clue: It's not but i wish it was!}
Hello hello and how do you doodle-do?  My word i've had one of those weeks where i just do not know where each and every day so far has gone!  I feel like i've blinked and all of a sudden I'm halfway through the week and I'm not quite sure how i got here!
I'm sat here writing to you, trying my hardest not to write the words I'm singing as i type {"Hello from the otherrrrr siiiiiide" incase you were wondering.  I flippin' love listening to Adele but even more than that i love singing her songs SO very much too.  Sometimes i even pretend I'm playing a piano and not typing at a keyboard but that's just between you and i, right?}.  I'm more than looking forward to having my #wonderfulwednesday as my day off this week too.  I'm keeping everything crossable, crossed that they'll be sunshine, a little bit of a later sleep and maybe even a chocolate brownie in the mix somewhere but we'll see.  Shall we get on and chit-chat about the best bits of my wizz-bang sort of a week so far..?
*  *  *
1.  Crisp, tart green apples.  'Cos for some silly reason i've been craving them so much lately.  I've been hiding them in a brown paper bag in the fridge and tucking into them ice-cold and delicious on these humid days we've been having and sometimes on the evenings too.  I imagine that I'll spread them with nut butter like i sometimes do with red apples but then before i know it i've already devoured half of my apple....
2.  Christine and the Queen's song 'Tilted' which i don't believe you if you tell me you haven't heard it and can more than bet my life {and all of my apples!} that you probably have!  It's the catchiest song that makes me want to dance wherever i am!  It's one of those songs that once you've heard it you'll be humming away to yourself for the rest of the day i can promise you....
3.  Carrot cake 'Nakd' bars.  OK so i don't even know that I'll like these yet except that I'm willing to bet all and everything that they'll be my new favourite thing by this time tomorrow.  I daren't even begin to imagine how much money i've spent on Nakd bars over the past three years or so.  Most likely well over the amount it would cost to buy the food processor i always complain i cant afford to make them from scratch myself!  My favourite flavours are the chocolate orange and cherry bakewell and since my favourite cake in the whole wide world is carrot, I'm expecting to be impressed with this limited edition flavour.  
4.  Curtains.  That's right I'm officially heralding the greatness of curtains and putting myself in the old lady club.  But trust me after three weeks with 'officey' soft grey vertical blinds and nowhere selling curtains i even vaguely liked or were affordable, to find some and to finally put them up {even if they are about 9ft long!} made me one happy bunny.  For the time being we've kept the blinds and snapped up the sheer floral white curtains from Ikea which actually look SO pretty!  Our room gets the sunrise very first thing, before the light moves around to the garden and back of the house in the evening; and having such a pretty reflection when we wake up is making us me so very happy!  
5.  The cheekiest starlings.  Since we moved in we've had the sweetest pair of starlings {I'm convincing myself it's the same pair because i like the idea of that much more!} visit us most evenings just before dusk.  They scamper around and about on the lawn collecting worms and singing to each other, it's the sweetest to watch.  Whilst I'm here, has anyone got any tips to attracting more lovely birds into the garden?  That might be the most old lady-shaped question i think i've asked in my life.... I've bought a little seed ball for the fence but nobody seems to give two hoots tweets about it.....
6.  Beetroot.  Jeepers i feel like this week's all about all of the food!  Lately i've been putting beetroot in and with every thing i can!  I've been loving roasting it and dicing it through quinoa with chopped apple and pecan nuts.  If I'm at home i make a honey dressing to drizzle over the top too and it really is the bees knees! Failing that, beetroot and feta cheese might be one of the very best combinations that there ever was!
7.  Turtle doves.  We've got a pair that seem to live on our roof for what certainly sounds like always.  Waking up to them coo-cooing to each other is the nicest sound!
8.  My walk home.  It really is the prettiest:  right along the river and then by the prettiest houses that there ever was {if you follow me on Instagram you have probably spotted a fair few of them already...I'm @sallytangle!} and it's fast becoming one of my favourite parts of the day.  
9.  Cool showers.  I never thought I'd type those words.  I'm usually *that* girl who has the shower on as hot as it will go come rain or shine but lately, well lately there's been nothing for all of this crazy hot, sticky and hair-expanding weather than cooler showers right before bed.  Then slipping into the coolest cottons and sleeping with the windows as wide as they'll go and with a sweet breeze tickling your toes....
*  *  *
It's over and out from me!  If you fancy some more 'wonderful' then quick-march over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Cat or Kate's blogs and read their very own #wonderfulwednesday.  Better still join in yourself by writing a post, dropping a sweet comment below to tell us what's been making you happy so far this week or follow along on Instagram and Twitter using the #wonderfulwednesday tag so we can all see!

Have a wonderful rest of week lovely ones!


  1. Happy Wonderful Wednesday Sally - and looks like it's going to be a sunny one! Have a nice day and hope you manage to squeeze in that brownie :)

  2. Yum, Carrot cake nakd bars sound wonderful, I will be hunting these down... your Number 8 made me a little wistful, for I am guessing your new walk home is my old one. I used to LOVE that walk too... There was just the prettiest green corner to my street... Now I walk past the tip, under a railway bridge and down botch (groan and moan) but then I do go home to Mark every night, so I cannot grumble. x

  3. I've had a bit of a hankering for apples lately, which I'm glade because there's plenty of Pink Lady apples in the shop and I really enjoy them!

    Oh limited edition Nakd bars! Delish! I haven't had any in a while, my favourite is the mint chocolate one which I can't get here in Belgium and always pick it up when I see it in the UK. Mmm, I'll have to get some next time I'm there!

    Mmm beetroot, I think I'll have to put that in my lunchtime salad!

    Thanks for all the good food feels!

  4. Spoiler alert: it is sunny! You already told me. So extra special happy day off to you.
    I didn't think it possible but I love you so much more knowing that you do the piano as well as the singing along, I try but I'm always out of time but the husband wooed me good with his superior piano miming (to a spot of ABBA's 'Waterloo' in case you were curious). That's just how we roll.

    I must get my hands on the special Nakd, I've had a hit and miss with them - love the choc/orange more than life itself but was SO disappointed with the cocoa/chocolate on it's own one. Devastating.

    My next door neighbours are the kings of birds attraction, we just benefit on the side (you can imagine P&B LOVE having their garden invaded by their mortal winged enemies!) I'll spy what their set up is and let you know though, we even had a lone woodpecker pop in for a chinwag the other day. He was AWESOME.

    Sorry about all the CAPS, I've had three teas today and I'm off my face.

    Have an amazing rest of the week my love.
    M xxx

  5. I've been on a cool shower hype this week too - it's been gorgeously hot, but those long, sultry days have had to call for some ice cool showers to refresh me. Your local starlings sound so adorably cheeky too, I just love birds in all of their naughtiness! If you're trying to attract more birds into your garden I've found having a variety of food out can encourage more in. Dried meal worms seem to be a real favourite, as well as peanuts and the fat balls / seed mixes which you can find at most pet shops as well as places like ASDA I've found them at! Fruit / fruit bearing bushes seem to work well too. My Mum's red currant bush was always attacked by the local blackbirds each time it came into season, much to her dismay! Thank you for brightening my Wednesday! - Tasha

  6. I love a really hot shower too, I just can't bear then in this heat! I understand how frustrating the curtain situation is. We actually bought our curtains from the former residents to save us that hassle :D

    Sam | A Month Of Sundays

  7. Earlier in the week, n a few snatched minutes I started reading your wonderful Wednesday post, but I've only now had time to sit down and comment. I must have retained some information though as today I started perusing the bird seed aisle and wondering which of my friends had been talking about attracting the birds to the garden. As you can see, this week has been slightly manic and topsy turvy for me. Hence, no Wonderful Wednesday, but it's giving me so much pleasure to catch up with all of the gang's.

    Chocolate brownies and a day off? Can there be anything better? I really hope the sun shone for you. My aunt delivered a tub of the most gorgeous homemade brownies this week and although the stuck to the tin and are the oddest of shapes, the choclately hit is just what I've needed this week.

    Have the happiest of weeks my darling
    Kate xx



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