Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #127

 {The sweetest little wall from the weekend.  I wonder how many people have climbed those little steps?!}
As i type to you i've just had the hottest, sweatiest uphill-from-town-shaped ride with those two wheels of mine and I'm sat staring at the big mug of Lady Grey i've made and wondering what planet I'm actually on.  The sun maybe..?  It sure feels like it out there today and our spare-room-come-roo--of doom gets the sun in the afternoon which i definitely did not fully consider when i claimed that this would be the best room for our office space.  FYI it's the most un-office-y space at the moment since i am STILL wardrobe-less because we can't both make an educated decision on exactly what kind of wardrobe we want.  Despite the fact that it shall probably most likely be housing MY clothes.  Surely the decision is mine?  But then tell that to the boy that's had to endure me buying even more cushions {despite us having less sofa than before} and more plants for the patio that are actually frazzled to death for sure now if they weren't already.  
Aaaand.  Breeathe.  Because I'm sort of tangent-ing and actually life is good {if you don't look to the left and deny all knowledge to the heap of boxes out of the corner of your eye...}.  We've settled into a rough routine up here now {you know me and my routines!} and i've got a few days off this week so i've settled into a lovely little morning pattern and there's all sorts of jolly great things to talk to you about this week so lets get on it!
1.  Iced coffee.  I never thought i was that person who orders iced coffee.  I usually just stick to my usual cappuccino for day off-shaped after bike ride wandering.  Sometimes i might sneak a shot of hazelnut syrup in there or gingerbread if the season calls for it.  I once tried an iced soya latte and wasn't struck.  It was too......heavy, weak and milky.  I know!  Maybe it was all of the milk that's meant to be there etc, why am i surprised?!  But after yesterdays million degree ride to town i really fancied one!  I explained the predicament to the lovely barista and she made me an iced soya cappucino and i am HOOKED.  I drank it in about two minutes and actually considered going straight back for another but then i remembered CAFFEINE and the fact that i had a doctors appointment an hour or so later and didn't want to be all jittery and over-excitable for that kind of a thing....
2.  Washin' on the line!  Who knew one could get such bloody lovely pleasure from churning out loads and loads of washing and getting.  It.  All.  Dried.  Oh in about half an hour?!?  It makes a refreshing change from having to hang it over doors, in showers and quite honestly and probably on any guest that stood still long enough in our little flat.  And the smell?!?  I swear to the gods i had the best night sleep of my LIFE after changing the bed on Sunday evening.  Who am i?!  My mother apparently.....
3. Pleases, thank-yous and general manners.  It's weird but actually really rather...nice?  We've barely moved five miles away from where we were before, just north of the river and people actually talk to you?!  Our neighbours for one.  They say good morning first thing and ask how your day's been if they see you later.  On my ride into town the other day a kind gentleman stepped to the side of the cycle path to let me past and then we had a lovely chat about the weather and about the plants and the birds.  I feel a bit like I've stepped back in time and it's really rather lovely!
4.  Progress.  The big discovery of my week off so far is that it's not me, it's my bike.  That little cuteypie does NOT like hills.  Turns out her gears aren't made for building up speed and rocketting as fast as your legs can take you up steep hills.  You've have to be gentle and resign yourself to the fact that you have to go steady.  And slower than you'd like.  and that you wont win.  Not that it's about winning ever.  Because if you don't your gears slip and you end up tipping this way and that and almost landing in a hydrangea bush.  To be honest there are worse ways to go.... What has been good is finding that uphill ride home that bit easier the more and more i do it and enjoying what's going on around me all that bit more too all because of it.  I've *just* got to practise the art of keeping my eyes on the road and not on the pretty doors, gardens etc etc on my way.....
5.  A cheery little sprig of hydrangea.  Because mine has given up {is it true they can come back again next year...?} and i spotted the sneakiest little bush peeking out of a hedgerow {cheers birds!} and it's the perfect thing plonked prettily in a jam jar and perched upon our less than cheery window sill in the bedroom.  It's only less than cheery due to the fact we still don't have curtains and have to make do with horrid white blinds until we find some curtains we can both agree on...are you sensing a re-occurring theme i wonder?
6. Crumpets.  One with tangy orange marmalade, the other with crunchy peanut butter.  It's the perfect day-off shaped brekkie alongside my usual Lady Grey.
7.  Lazy lunches!  The kind where you get home and realise that you've completely missed lunchtime and actually it's almost 4pm but as soon as you realise you feel as if you could eat your own head you're so flippin' hungry!  I stood at the chopping board and eat warm toasted pitta, carrot sticks and the yummiest hummus that there ever was and all of a sudden all was right with the world {and my 'tum!} once more.
8.  Water.  I drink gallons of the stuff anyway but lately i feel ever so grateful for delicious, ice-cold glasses and glasses and glasses of the stuff.  How can people not like drinking water?!?
*  *  *  
Time to join in!  What's been floating your boat so far this week?  I'd love to know.  Make sure you also hop, skip or jump on over to Jo, Cat, Michelle, Kate and Helen's blogs to catch up on their #wonderfulwednesday posts.  Let me know if you'd like to write your own and i can tag you too!  And delight in having even more happy to read!
Have a super duper rest of week!


  1. This always makes me smile - glad you're settled in your new home and YES DRYING WASHING OUTSIDE. That was one of the nicest things ever when I finally got a little back yard! Also loving your love of iced water - I think I had about 5 pints yesterday - loads of ice and when I got home, the addition of a little slice of lemon :)

  2. Oooh do let me know how you get on with your wardrobe search! We've been in our place for a few months now and still haven't found a wardrobe we like and, like you, it should really be my choice considering the clothing imbalance...

    You've also given me the nudge I need to get a washing line! We have space for it in the garden and at the moment I've been hauling our drying rack outside, which acts like a mighty sail on a breezy day and ends up on its side far too quickly for my liking... Washing line it is!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, lovely Sally xx

  3. I love these posts so much! It sounds like such a lovely place that you've moved to. The weather really does make a huge difference doesn't it?

    This week I've enjoyed editing my first every vlog, cuddling cats and taking time out to read and lose myself in a book. Something I rarely do!

    I hope this week brings you lot's of happiness, decision making regarding wardrobes and curtains and many more lovely people.

    Peta x

  4. I really need to get back out on the bike! It needs a good wash which is why I've been putting it off for way too long!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. Ooh I must try marmalade on crumpets, I've never had it before! It's been so hot here too, but the Monday was definitely the hottest - I ended up consuming my own body weight in ice lollies on that day. I just wanted to bathe in an ice bath, but it was also gorgeous and lovely and sunny so I can't complain. Thank you for cheering up my week! - Tasha

  6. Hehe! I love number 3. I've done the complete opposite to you, I've left your new end of town and moved to your old end of town. By sounds of it you now live near to where I used to... I notice the difference in people SO much! Mainly the sheer amount of people up here. There were only a handful of houses on my old street. I feel quite 'overlooked' all the time in this end of town... and last night we enjoyed the delightful screamings of a drunken deranged man, banging on doors... Oooh you just DON'T get that sort of thing North of the river!!! (I'm SUCH a snob! lol!). x



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