Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #129

{That!  A sky remiscent of the prettiest painting!}
Wow-ee do i need this dose of happy this week!  The last seven days in a row at work have zapped every bit of anything and everything from my little bones and i'm feeling very much like i need to sit and think about the precious little things in amongst the whirlwind of a week it's been so far.  If I'm honest, had it not been for somebody mentioning this little post to me at work today {just for the record that kind of thing still blows my mind!} then i really do worry i would have clean forgot since i hardly know my name i'm so tired, let alone what day of the week it is!  

I often feel like i can either completely nail a week or just have one of those that feels like I'm chasing my tail; completing two things from my to-do list and then adding on five and just generally feeling like no day is long enough.  There's never a happy medium or if there is, i haven't found it yet - anyone got the secret?!?  But whilst sometimes i fire out this post in half an hour with bags of energy and 200% optimism {that's the 'nail it' sort of a week!} somehow, somehow the weeks i have to dig deeper, to think harder and to remember better the good things - because there always are some - these are the weeks i treasure writing this post, and reading all my other #Wonderfulwedensday writers ones all the more.  
SO, without further ado, let's DO this....

1.  Tea.  Because when you've not slept very well {for worrying you're not getting everything done that you should at work!} and you're so busy you barely have a single second, sitting nursing a huge mug of your favourite tea, made to perfection, in your pyjamas is pretty much the nicest feeling ever.  Nothing has the same magical effect on me quite like it....

2.  Time spent with the Mr.  Whilst our last actual whole day off together was our trip to Ikea {and the less said about that the better!  Whoever said moving house would test our relationship clearly hadn't ever set foot in a busy Ikea...} i feel like anytime i spend with this one:  our short morning 'dance' around each other to get out of the house in time and in one piece {and not wearing each others clothes!} and even our slower evenings spent curled up on the sofa with too many cushions and the french doors open watching the evening slip into tomorrow; are my very favourite parts of my day.  Especially when life has been so very hectic-feeling!  

3.  Sunsets and skies of the most magical order!  Nothing makes me happier than a pretty sky - but then you probably know that by now!  It sounds silly, but since we've lived in a flat for so long, i've been so used to gazing at the sunsets from the window, or peeking out of our skylight across at them.  Now we have a little garden of our own, i've loved being able to stand and just look up, watch the clouds swirl and whirl and the sunshine creep through the cracks.  Is there anything prettier?!   

4.  Bargains.  Because who doesn't love one of those every once in a while?! This one comes to you courtesy of THE most beautiful embroidered, tassel-ey pom-pom-ey and embellished dreamboat of a bag bought from work for 70% off.  I'm going to try my hardest to hang on until Autumn {!!!} to use it BUT do expect it to come to an Instagram feed near you rather soon.....

5.  Peanut butter.  Whilst i was rejoicing to all of my work mates the other day about snatching a couple of jars of my favourite peanut butter in Tesco for a £1 a jar a couple of them remarked that they couldn't bear peanut butter or anything with nuts in!!!!!!!!!  Have you ever heard such nonsense?!?!  I actually think if you were to cut me open, I'd be mostly made of nuts!  I go through an embarrassing amount of the stuff!  Whilst i love almond, hazelnut and cashew butter and all of the lovely fancy pants nut butters around now, lately i've been simply loving crunchy peanut butter.  Spread generously on dark rye bread and stacked high with the most banana.

6.  My hair.  Lately it's just been being good.  Despite the humid weather, heavy downpours and me not putting in very much effort at all, we've been on the best terms that we have in a long while.  Do you know what I'm sure it's because i uttered the words 'i need a haircut' last weekend.....
7.  Cheeky little ferns!  The kind that have sneaked into the borders in our garden and that i almost pulled up the other evening but then actually decided that i rather liked.  There's just somethin' about a green fern isn't there?!  Tell me it's not just me?

8.  Finding out our local florist in the market sells eucalyptus leaf.  Might be the weirdest thing i've ever been happy about but i've been searching high and low for somewhere i can just buy a few sprigs to dot around and about for what feels like my whole life!  I think the kind lady in the florist thought i was a bit mad!

9.  Chairs!  All of the chairs!  Okay well two.  Two chairs!  You know you're getting old you've really made it when a)  You have a garden and a table and chairs to sit on to eat your dinner instead of the sofa and some precariously balanced cushions!  I can't wait to show you!  Since we couldn't find a salvaged/second-hand table for just the two of us anywhere we caved and bought a sweet little wooden, white-legged number from Ikea.  Then i stumbled across a lovely lady who up-cycles beautiful old furniture and she had two mis-matched chairs for sale so pretty that i sent the Mr to fetch them pronto snapped them up!  One is a soft grey with a floral seat and the other bright sunshine yellow with a pretty map-printed seat cover.  Who knew a dining table could look so pretty?!?!  

9b)  Eating dinner together properly.  Thus named '9b' since it should probably go with previous point.  The table has been intentionally carefully positioned away from view of the television.  Actually sitting, eating together and talking not just in itself - because of course we already do that - but more to the point: simply listening and giving each other our whole attention reminds me of when we first met.  Sentimental much?!

10.  The huge chunks of red grapefruit and navel orange I'd forgotten I'd even chopped up and squirrelled away in a tub in the fridge.  Life.  Saver.  Especially when the munchies strike on these humid evenings!
*  *  *
And just like that and quick as a flash we're done!  Just incase this isn't enough wonderful for your peepers, hop, skip and scotch on over to Michelle, Kate, Cat, Jo, Helen's and newbie Samantha's lovely #wonderfulwednesday posts {which is exactly what I'll be doing this afternoon since as I'm off!}.  Share what's been great with your week so far across Twitter and Instagram too - I'm @sallytangle on both and don't forget to use the #wonderfulwednesday so we can see!


  1. Stopping to think about the little things is a great way to slow the week down!

    Oh IKEA, the killer of all happiness. IKEA on a Saturday, is what I imagine hell to be like, just without the cheap food.

    In mine and my husbands relationship, there's always been one thing we've made sure we do together, that's have dinner and watch an episode of some TV show or other. No matter how busy, we do this for 45 minutes so we can spend that time in each others company. We should probably talk, but I really dislike talking and eating so it's never really worked for us.

    Speaking of the other half, he's also not a fan of peanut butter. There's something wrong with him. I love it.

    Sorry, no secrets from me, I'm still searching for it. I'm an all or nothing kinda gal.

    Have an ace week!

    ~ K

  2. Sally, your Wonderful Wednesday posts always make me smile! This particular line: Sunsets and skies of the most magical order - was the highlight for me. There's nothing nicer than witnessing those beautiful skies as the sun rises or sets, they just seem to make everything right again. I also hope that this following week is a little bit better for you - I know the feeling of those weeks that are either hit or miss but focusing on the good bits just once a week goes a long way to helping! - Tasha



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