Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #130

{Living the dream!  If only i was joking...}
I sat down to tip-tap this weeks' #wonderfulwednesday out and i actually feel a little bit overwhelmed that I'm on number 130!!!  That's a heck-of-a-lot of happy no?  It's a little bit crazy to think that i've sat, just as i am doing right now; and collected the very best parts of my week and shared them with you all.  Along the way I've also collected some #wonderfulwednesday chums too!  Which is even more ker-azzeeey!  That's something to celebrate in itself - I'm not sure I'm usually the sort of gal to inspire others!  Well unless it's regarding porridge recipes or what to buy in Anthropologie.  I'm trying so hard not to fill a huge and whopping online basket from there lately - their house-y things are my favourite!

I'm slipping off 'piste' as per!  This week so far has been glorious!  I've been lucky enough to be off work siiiiince......last Friday?  It was more than needed i can tell you.  I love to be an extra busy bee but i find it so hard to stop.  I cram in so much to my days {hello completing two things off your to-do list and adding three more} that i end most days feeling ready for nothing but food and sleep!  This week has been mildly productive.  Mildly since i have 'pottered' and 'faffed' {two of my favourite things!} rather a lot BUT i've also finally found some living-room curtains, sorted out an outfit for an up and coming wedding and had a good old Spring Summer clean!  I've also dried a lot of washing on our washing line.  I think our neighbours might be starting to think it's some kind of second there's a thought....  But wait! We're here to chit-chat about what else has been great this week and not any kind of career-shaped change!

1.  Beyonce.  But i mean old Beyonce.  Sorry if you're a super-duper die-hard 'Bey can do wrong' sort of fan but truth is, a couple of years ago I'd be right up there with you.  The last eighteen months though..?  Gal gone right down hill.  This week {and right now as i type..} i've been loving singing and shaking my little bottom around our house to some good old-fashioned Beyonce classics.  I might have careered way back when to a little DC too...{that's Destiny's Child to anyone who wonders...}.  

2.  Crumpets.  So i created a bit of a breakfast-shaped hysteria on Instagram with Monday's {and as it happens, every day this week} breakfast:  Sourdough crumpets.  Courtesy of non other than, of course M&S.  Called 'The Ultimate Crumpets' we've been hooked on the devils for some time now.  We can often be found slathering them in marmalade for Sunday breakfast, piling them high with scrambled eggs for lunch or naughtily spread generously with Nutella if the fancy takes us.  This week i've been spreading mine with Meridian Peanut and Coconut butter {- can i just say i never ever thought that any peanut butter could beat their organic crunchy.  However this  stuff is the bees knees thank you please!} and piling them high with sliced banana.  A true breakfast of champions if ever there was one!

3.  Mornings.  So before we moved, if i was off the Mr would often start later.  He only worked moments away and round the corner {sometimes a little bit too handy if you ask me...} but now he has to make more of an effort {and a ten minute car journey} at a reasonable time or risk paying roughly a million pounds for parking in a bin {i exaggerate} it's meant my mornings have {even though i have been off work} started a lot earlier than they usually would have.  But mornings have always been my thing and I'm loving getting jobs done much earlier and my earlier morning visits to the park on those two wheels.  It's meant everywhere has been so much quieter and more peaceful.  I'm not a hermit or an old lady i promise....

4.  Swallow watching.  I like to sit and watch the birds.  Oh wait what was i saying about not being an old lady...?!?!?  I can usually be found sat cross-legged in front of our french doors watching the starlings.  There's something quite calming about it don't you think?!  My early morning park jaunts have meant a little bit of sneaky swallow watching!  They might be my favourite to watch:  All swishes and swoops and loop-the-loops close to the ground and right up, up up and away into the sky and so faraway that they look like little dots!  There's something quite lovely about it all if you ask me.  

5.  Pesto-in.  Is there a greater invention than Pesto?!  Lately it's been thrown into anything and everything imaginable which actually is a great achievement in itself given that only a few months ago i remember the Mr telling me that he didn't like Pesto.  Ho, ho, ho....There's some kind of small satisfaction in bringing someone else round to your way of thinking.  Usually done with such subtlety like 'Yes but haven't tried it the way that I make it' etc etc.  It's been used to snazz-up a 'what's left in the fridge before food shop Tuesday' sort of veg-roasting marathon.  I stirred it thought once everything was suitably charred and crispy {hello crispy roasted pointed peppers!} and added a great big handful of left-over 'past it's best' spinach for extra 'green-ness' and gave it a jolly good stir up and it was/still is, YUM.  It's also been enjoyed on pizza instead of passata and I'm actually kind of wondering if it would work spread on toasted crumpets before they're scattered with white cheddar and grilled....?!  OR ON HALLOUMI!!!!!!!  I am getting far too excited by this Pesto-malarkey....

6.  Actual CD's.  I know remember those little devils?!?  When we moved i discovered a whole box of CD's that had barely seen the light of day since i don't know when! It's so easy {and great!} to be able to get music so freely and easily nowadays but equally there's something so lovely about looking back over old CD's.  They sort of map out the musical journey you took...somehow...?!  I'm currently burning a couple into my I Tunes library as we speak.  I cannot remember the last time i did that....

7.  Getting an un-expected 20% off a beautiful candle i debated even actually buying because a) i don't actually need it and b) you know, I've got no wardrobe still sooooo....  Turns out i should read what this bloody 'Sparks' card i've got does at some point instead of just swipe, swipe swipin' it through each time i sneak in for those crumpets!!!!

8.  Peppermint tea.  I never even touched herbal tea when i was growing up.   We drank good old Yorkshire Tea with milk and one sugar and i thought i was being all crazy and adventurous when i discovered Earl Gray during my uni days. That's right folks, i must have been the only student who discovered Earl Grey at uni and not.....oh i don't know Red Bull or something equally grotty.  Now i couldn't get through a day without both Peppermint and Camomile tea.  If I'm off work i always drink Peppermint tea in the afternoon, it's such an energizing, easy-drinking and comforting tea whilst also having added tummy-fixing benefits to boot!  And i rarely scamper up the 'Apples and Pears' without my favourite floral mug of camomile and honey.  It's also a great way to up the old hydration when it gets cooler or if you get a little bored of just sipping on plain H2o.  I might just check myself into a little granny flat before it's too late......
*  *  *  
And that's it folks!  What's been making your week hip-happy?! What are you excited for this weekend?!  Do tell!  If this damn fine list of happy isn't enough for you, cartwheel on over to Kate, Michelle, Jo, Cat, Kate, Helen Sam aaand new recruit Kerri's {hello, how do you do, welcome aboard!} blogs to sneak a peek at what's been making them giddy as a kipper this week so far.  Don't forget to share and join in on social media too, just make sure you're using the #wonderfulwednesday tag so we can all see!


  1. Once again a lovely little few lovlies here Sally. Yes to the early mornings. My favourite time of day, where everything's stretching out in front of you and you have LOADS of time to do everything. Have a lovely week :)

  2. 130 really is a lot of happiness! Good to hear you've had a nice few days off. Sometimes having days off is definitely very much needed! I need to get my hands on those crumpets, because they sound absolutely incredible. Might have to pop into M&S on the way to work... And mmm yes, pesto! It's probably one of my favourite things ever, and makes even the most basic meals delicious! xx

  3. 130 wonderful Wednesday's is an amazing achievement! You shall reign as Queen of Wonderful Wednesday for ever! haha!

    Oh to have a washing line in the great outdoors. My inner adult has dreams of such things.

    I've never been a Beyonce fan, but I am a fan of crumpets. I thought I'd have to give them up after going vegan but turns out, crumpets are vegan. There is hope for the world after all. So are hot cross buns too. That makes me very happy indeed.

    I relish in my old lady moment. I need my peace and quiet. I might not like getting up really early, but I do enjoy my morning cycle without a million and one students bustling around me as I cycle with the OH to work.

    I think the thing I'm going to miss the most about my job are the swallows, they nest on top of the buildings and in the afternoons would swoop around and put on this most magnificent display of bird skills!

    Peppermint tea, now that's an idea. I think I'm going to go and make myself one! I do love it :)

    ~ K

  4. Sourdough crumpets you say?? YES! And with marmalade! We had the great marmalade debate in our house a couple of weeks ago - I love, he loathes. I'm hoping it'll turn into a pesto scenario before you know it.

    130 WWs is an enormous achievement, I got all excited that today was my thirtieth! 130 is phenomenal, it's SUCH a lovely part of the week.

    I think I'm off for a potter and a faff, perhaps a mooch? I do love me a mooch.

    Happiest of mid weeks to you beautiful lady, thanks for always making me smile (and reminding me to use my washing line more-THAT SMELL!)
    M x

  5. Well darling Sally you've done it again. You've written a list full of wonderfulness that has brightened my tired, slightly ill day. 130 is an absolutely amazing achievement.

    I'm so I don't have more brain power to comment further but you are a queen
    Love Kate xx

  6. I love Wednesday's now because I know that there are going to be a flurry of happy inducing posts on my feed and this one is no different! I haven't listened to Destiny's Child in a looong time, and I feel like those classic Beyonce tunes definitely deserve a revival! I haven't actually heard any of the new tracks off of her most recent album, so I am there with you on the Beyonce front. Also, swallow watching sounds divine - they're just stunning birds to watch, and crumpets, I had forgotten all about crumpets! Next shopping trip will be mission crumpets for sure! - Tasha

  7. _missisabellec23/08/2016, 13:29

    Hiya Sally!

    I agree with your feelings about swallows, I love the way they just duck and dive and look as though they take sheer enjoyment in just being able to fly!

    Sparks Card Crash Course -- Log into your M&S account/app, and click on the Sparks option. Your offers change every week/2 weeks! Sometimes it's foods, sometimes it's the rest of the store, but there's always offers to be had! Sometimes you get free treats too! The clincher is, you have to go online and choose them yourself, they aren't loaded onto your card automatically. Hope that explains it! P.S. There's 20% off Beauty coming up on sparks at the end of the week, you can stock up on your Pixi treats! Hope you're having a lovely week xxx



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