Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #131

{Oh, that?  It had me at 'heart-shaped'}
Hello!  How have you been?!  Frazzled by The Heat Wave yet?!  No just me then?  I've come to the conclusion that my ideal 'happy temperature' is around the 18-20 degree mark.  To me, that's enough warmth to feel summery without resembling a beetroot or fiercely boiled lobster!  I've stopped wasting my time wishing that i tanned because i've realised that even if i did, it would never happen since my attention span and 20degree + temperature toleration is, well zilch.  But it's okay i've come to terms with it and what, it's only taken me just over thirty years!  Today's post also comes at you with another stark realisation.  Remember last week i had my lovely few days off and i was basking at fannying and faffing and simply mooching to my little hearts content? Well i went back to work all fresh as a daisy on Friday last week and I.  Was.  Useless.  I couldn't muster up any kind of energy, enthusiasm or beans to get anywhere fast with anything.  
But today, you join me after five days back, cream crackered and barely able to utter my own name but man, i've nailed this week so far!  I've NAILED IT!  I'd punch the air if a) i was cool enough and b) if i could be bothered enough to lift up my arm.
Let's talk happy.....
1.  New TV.  I know i know like everyone man and{?!} we decided to give Netflix series 'Stranger Things' a go and HELLS BELLS it's a good one!  Please please no spoilers!!!! But if you haven't watched it yet and loved The Goonies {does it remind anyone else a little bit of The Goonies?} and Sci-Fi and a little hint of XFiles then go, go, go!  You'll love it!
2.  Porridge and peanut butter.  Probably the most inappropriate weather sort of a sentence i can utter lately BUT on Monday and Tuesday when we were due to do a food shop and it was all i had to cobble together {with the welcome addition of an at first assumed {wrongly!} overripe mashed banana} for breakfast, it really hit the spot!  I'm not entirely sure it wasn't mostly responsible for my super powers and 'get stuff done' mojo that's been with me this week!
3.  Cobbled together lunches.  See above^^^.  I raided the fridge yesterday morning cramming into a packed lunch box the leftovers of a minty bean-y salad, some sprouted lentils and beans, and some leftover pesto-y roasted veg and took it with me alongside a very questionable flat bread from the weekend.  Oh and a little crumbled feta too.  I forgot about that!  Do you know what, it was the yummiest lunch i've had in ages and it was just what i wanted on a sticky, hot Tuesday too.
4.  Mirror-finding.  I've been after a mirror for our hallway for ages.  Oh i know what you're thinking, "Sally have you still not found a new wardrobe yet?"  No, no i haven't have i?!  But this blinking beautiful mirror is distracting me from such awfully mundane-ness and I'm excited for it to arrive so i can squirrel a sprig of eucalyptus leaf behind it.  I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately.....
5.   Vegetable curry. Okay this was technically created at the weekend but since i worked all of it and haven't been off since I'm allowed to sneak this one in!  Made entirely from scratch, by me and served with cauliflower rice and a great big dollop of natural yoghurt.  It doesn't matter if the Mr told me how it would be delicious with lamb in or that he preferred Basmati rice because i flippin' LOVED it and was so damned proud of myself!  I ground spices, made a paste and filled it with peppers, spinach, red lentils and courgette and it was the best vegetable curry i've ever had!!!  Hurrah for me! And for leftovers later in the week.....ho ho hoooo!
6.  An old perfume.  I'm a fussy madam when it comes to perfume and i haven't really worn any in a little while since my last bottle finished and i couldn't find anymore.  Then i stumbled upon one of my all-time favourite scents:  Philosophy Baby Grace and had to grab some.  I love how familiar 'your' perfume can make you feel.  I've been delighting getting a gentle scent wherever i go and smelling it on my favourite scarves and jackets.   
7. Sunlight.  It's a no-brainer and maybe a little contradictory BUT isn't it the best?!  In my defence I'm not even talking about the cloud-less bright blue 'gotta cover your eyes' and 'can't look at it' type you get on a hot, hot, hot summer day.  No, my favourite is 'Lately's' hour or so before the sun sets:  That golden glow that touches everywhere, that creates gentle whisps and whooshes of cloud pattern and leaves in its wake, a distinctly 'Real Summer Evening' smell you just can't beat.  All cut grass, dry ground and.....parched earth..?  I'm really selling it aren't i?!?!?
8.  Getting stuff done.  That unmistakable feeling of achieving things.  I'm a lot too hard on myself where work is concerned.  I'm never happy with my day's 'lot' and I'm too often focusing on what i didn't get done.  I'm aware of that though and this weeks celebration of kicking arse needs to be remembered for me to keep up the momentum and remember that put simply:  I can do what i put my mind to.  If you know i allow realistic time-frames blah blah blah....
9.  Day three.  Because as i've discovered {this has also taken me roughly thirty something years to discover!} that is the number of days after my hair has been washed that it looks at it's very best:  Not too soft, not too done and just the right amount of messy.  It's had just a whisper of dry shampoo and i can do anything with it!  Probably even conquer the world!  At least that sometimes what 'Day Three" hair feels like and i feel like that's worth celebrating!
10.  Dipping biscuits in tea.  Who knows why i haven't done it in SO long but the notion occurred to me mid way through a spiced cinnamon and apple-y oaty M&S creation and dipping it right into a cup of spiced Chai might have been this weeks' very best decision...
*  *  *
And whooosh just like THAT we're all done!  Incase this dose of happy isn't quite enough for you, scamper right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Kate, Cat, Sam and Kerri's blog's and fill your #wonderfulwednesday boots!  Personally i can never get enough, i look forward to reading these gals posts each and every week and also to reading your lovely comments too!  Let us know what's making your week so snazzy on social media channels using the #wonderfulwednesday tag so we can all join in together!  
Have a super duper lovely rest of week all! 


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I made stew on the weekend... if that's not weather inappropriate I don't know what is.

    I haven't had a good biscuit dunk in such a long time. Not since doing this whole vegan thing and giving up tea because I can't find a good vegan milk/PG tips combo.

  2. Well you seem to have had a bit of a super week! I'm loving the sound of PB and porridge - I once tried reeses spread in mine but it was AWFUL, over sweet and bleurgh. Straight up PB (and maybe a nana) though, I think I could get on board with that.

    Havent hopped into Stranger Things yet but the Goonies is one of my all time favourites pressure Sal but it had BETTER be up there.

    Wishing you all kinds of super productivity and good hair days for the rest of your week.
    M x

  3. I'm just like you. 18-20 is the perfect temperature, but if it's any warmer than that I slowly lose my ability to function properly haha. And ahhh, isn't Stranger Things amazing? My flatmate and I watched 4 episodes one evening and then the next 4 the following evening... Mmm, that veggie curry sounds absolutely magical, and well done on even making the paste yourself! xxx

  4. I agree, 18-20 with a light breeze is the perfect summertime temperature, as it's just warm enough to leave with a t-shirt while not being too overbearing and sweltering. I must watch Stranger Things soon, I loved The Goonies and anything with a hint of sci-fi is right up my street so it's on my to-watch list! I'm glad you had an ace week and hopefully next week your energy levels will have returned tenfold for you as well! Enjoy your weekend lovely. - Tasha



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