Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #134

 {I can feel it in my bones.  This Autumn's going to be the prettiest yet.}
Hello.  How do you do?  Here's-a-hopin' you've had the kind of week where you come out {even at a mid-week halfway point} feeling like you're the super hero of your own week.  Me?  If I'm honest this week the balance has gone out of the window.  You know, that famous work-life juggling balancing act that most of us tug, pull, push and wrestle with on a day to day?  This week I'm all off.  I'm finding switching my worrisome work-head off and so I'm feeling lumbered with lingering headaches and nights where i feel as if i've slept....busily somehow?!  Almost like running in your sleep without actually getting anywhere.  Which to be fair is probably a God-send.  Who wants to go to bed in the bedroom and wake up somewhere else entirely?!  I can imagine that being nothing but exhausting on the soul!
So to sum up, this week i need this little corner and my #wonderfulwednesday gang to remind me of the joyous littlest bits of this week so far BUT I'm keeping this weeks' post short and snappy since as I'm more than ready to curl up on the sofa with that Mr of mine and eat pizza and simply just be for a bit, you know?  
Let's get on it....

1.  TK Maxx bargains. That place is lethal.  I'm forever going in on the hunt for something useful such aaaas a spatula, or tea-towels etc etc.  However on Tuesday lunchtime i stumbled upon a great big huge tub of my very favourite Emma Bridgewater body cream.  It was discontinued a little while back, predictably after i found it and fell in love with it.  It's a sweet scent called 'Black Iris' and came in candle and diffuser form at the time too.  Big smiles were had for this turning up in the oddest of shops.  That's sort of why i love that place!  I'm going to savour it for as-long as i can!

2.  Blackberries.  The sweetest, hugest and most vivid of blackberries so great and blackberry-ish that they turn your fingertips and tongue purple in moments!  This week they've been eaten at every opportunity:  Straight out of the little cardboard punnet in the fridge, piled high on sourdough crumpets  with peanut butter after being smooshed with a little maple syrup and popped on top of oatcakes with a generous dollop of cottage cheese and some torn mint leaves.  SO good!

3.  Golden light.  I know, i can say it now, heavens i've typed it and muttered it to many customers at work but there, it's officially Autumn. Although not judging by Tuesdays' muggy, damp feeling extra humid-come-massive-hair-day!  Sure enough though, the month of September is one which i look forward to each year.  I always feel ready for a new season to be honest, no matter which one it is.  Our bodies are just wired that way somehow don't you think?!  What's been great so far?  Well so far, that undeniably 'Autumn' light.  Yes the temperature hasn't cooled down nearly enough for most of the good Autumn-y stuff but that light?!  Somehow just more orange:  Warmer, rusty and just pretty beyond belief.  Who else is ready to embrace a new season?!

4.  Chai tea before bed.  I alternate between that and camomile but somehow, call it the change in the season; somehow the warming spice that comes from a cinnamon-y, cardomon-y, ginger-y based tea sweetened only with a dash of milk, and sipped right before bed is really the very best thing lately!

5.  The quiet.  Not to go 'deeply dippy' on you BUT when you're finding it a little bit harder to switch off the 'to-do's' 'haven't dones' or 'unexpected jobs' that are whizzing around and about your little head; sitting in total and complete silence when you get home:  French doors flung wide open and the smell of an amber sunset tickling your little nose.  Sometimes there's no need for anything else.

6.  Rose pink.  Because normally i love all of colours and as many as i can get!  Lately though, that 'just so' sort of a shade of dusky rose pink is right up my street.  I don't mind telling you that i've got my eye on the most perfect rose pink cable knit hat for when it gets a little cooler.  Isn't it funny how much of an effect a colour can have on you?

7.  Christmas jam.  That's right we skipped right on past Autumn and BAM i've hit you with the 'C' word.  Fear not.  It was squirreled away from last year and stumbled upon when we moved house.  This week we cracked out the mulled fruit conserve and spread it on top of toasted teacakes as big as our heads!  And it was warm and spicy and we regretted it not one bit!  
*  *  *
And we're done and dusted! Can you believe i'm-a-tip-tappin' this little gem out to you at 7.30pm Tuesday evening and it's getting darkLet's not digress!  If this sweet selection isn't enough happy for you and your pretty peepers {and let's face it when can you ever have enough eh?} go go go right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Kate, Cat, Sam and Kerri's blogs  because these gals are my #wonderfulwednesday -shaped dream team and i love them all dearly!  Their posts will fill you with so much happy you might burst!  Go go!

Happy rest of week all! 


  1. Tea before bed? YES - but I still can't find any maple and cammomile tea! I went on a little pilgrimage yesterday across town but.... none to be seen! And I have to point this out, lovely though Autumn is - it's not Autumn yet! I'm holding onto summer until the 20th September!! Loved reading this, as usual - here's hoping this next week's week is a little more balanced. H xx

  2. TK Maxx really is a challenge for me. I always end up leaving with more than I intended. Almost always a good bargain though!

    I am SO ready for Autumn although I do really relish the changing of the seasons too. I'm looking forward to the nights getting just a little darker and the turning of the leaves ♥

    Enjoy the rest of your week Sally! xo

  3. Thank you for another heart warming post Sally!! :) Silence is absolutely golden at times isn't it. I hope you find some peace and rest, I can really sympathise on the sleeping front, you sum it up so well!

    Thoses blueberries sound so yummy and I must say I'm really looking forward to Autumn too!

    I hope you have a lovelyr rest of the week

    Peta x

  4. TK Maxx, I don't enjoy that show one bit, it's far too disorganised for me. There's just so much going on and nothing seems to make sense. It's like the sell everything, everywhere. The bargains are never worth it in the ones that I've been to.

    I love blackberry season, I hope they'll start appearing in the shops and maybe in the bushes soon. I try to get out and get some for free but the greedy people who live near the bushes always seem to get them first!

    I'm still holding on to summer, I enjoy the long days and warmth far too much to let it go!

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. I am SO ready for the new season... the weather at the moment is just plain odd. It 'feels' different, as you say the light probably has a lot to do with it and the dark mornings and evenings. Everything is ready for Autumn except the temperature. Just cool down already... I want to wear my duffle coat... x

  6. CHAI!!!! Yes! One of the best bits of autumn. That and the blackberries. I've officially turned into my nan, I went out and gathered a whole load (in a spare poop bag, it was a spontaneous trip!) and have stuffed my freezer choc full of the things just waiting to be jammed and crumbled up a treat.

    Hope your karma pops back into kilter and you can switch your brain off a little this week lovely one, more sitting peacefully by the back door should help. Or you can come and hang out in my magical shed of dreams?

    That all said, I cannot BELIEVE you said the C word. The husband uttered it for the first time this morning and I nearly left him. Admittedly yours was more innocuous and jam related, his was an outright 'there's only about thirteen weeks to go' - IT'S NOT EVEN BEEN HALLOWEEN YET! But still.

    That escalated quickly.

    Sending you all kinds of good calm vibes for the week to come.
    M x

  7. I have just realised that I've never even tried a chai tea before! Sorry to hear you're not feeling great this week. I know how that feels, so I usually listen to some total chill out music - for some reason it has to be music without words to switch off a busy mind! Hope you feel back to your normal cheery self soon Sally :)
    Laura xx

  8. I love that it is blackberry season! Carl and I went out and picked loads of them the other day, they were so delicious. I am going to pick some more and make a crumble this weekend.

    I do love finding unexpected treats in TK Maxx, although it is a shop that stresses me out a bit - there is just too much stuff!! xx

  9. I hope the rest of this week goes a little more smoothly for you Sally <3 I know how work and life can sometimes get a little too much and then finding those quiet moments is like heaven. Love the mention for golden light here too, it's one of my favourite things about autumn and I am excited for the early evening sunsets, especially when the leaves start turning red too! Also, yes for blackberries! <3 - Tasha

  10. TK Maxx is definitely the place for wonderful bargains! And ooh yes, blackberries! There are so many along the route I usually go for walks, so I spend half of the time just eating blackberries. And I know what you mean about the autumn light - it's so so gorgeous, and it's making me excited about the new season! I can't wait for the proper, crisp, golden autumn days. xxx



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