Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #135

 {The PRETTIEST light on Tuesday's commute to work!}
Good day!  Hello and how do you do?!  I write this post feeling ever so slightly....delirious and over-tired {is that even a thing?!}.  The kind where you reach tiredness and the point of feeling like you aren't able to achieve much more and then WHAM bam you have a sudden burst of something and lots gets done and ticked off and suddenly you are ruling the world, sailing the ship of success with one hand held up high for victory and then......then what?!  Then you reach a mild state of delirium where you could laugh with the same ease you could probably cry.  Anyone else?  No just me then!  Fear not world, as you read this i shall be off and my plans are nothing except to be a little bit selfish and spend the day on myself!   I plan to move slow, eat well and rest up a little because heavens ABOVE does my heart and soul {and my legs, OH my legs} need it!

Let's sit for a moment and talk about the bestest bits of this week so far...

1.  The art of TWO cups of tea, one  after the other and both equal in their goodness and magical properties.  If you are an avid tea drinker you'll know this is a task and a half.  But the trick i've found, is not to play the guessing game as to whether you'll want another cup of tea halfway though the excellent one you're already drinking, but to just make two cups at exactly the very same time.  It's the most simple solution to a very common problem i think you'll find and one which made Mondays' exhaust-able afternoon at work quite simply, almost plain sailing.  

2.  Veg.  Most people think/presume I'm a vegetarian.  When asked why, they can never really answer why.  I've always expected it's down to my hippy messy style and tendency to put flowers, scarves or elaborate headbands in my hair and that most people are too polite to say such.  I'm not though.  Truth is I'm fussy.  I won't eat meat unless i know exactly where it's from, how it was cooked and if i can, what it had for breakfast before it ended up on my plate.  I joke, kind of.  I eat meat, just only here and there.  Lately i've really been feeling the veg though, like really feeling it.  Imaginations have been used a lot and we've really been getting excited about creating wonderful veggie dinners and everything we've put together has been so bloody delicious that actually......i don't think i've eaten meat for about two weeks.  I'm not planning on becoming vegetarian any time soon, it just feels good to be excited about food when it's so easy to end up in a little bit of a routine when you're tired and both work full time!

3.  The change in birdsong.  I'm not sure quite what it is of even of actually the birdsong has changed or more that I'm just noticing it much more BUT since the nights are sneaking in that little bit earlier day by day, i've been so loving listening to the birds calling to each other as the sun sets.  Maybe it's the silence brought about by the darkness or maybe they actually are more sing-song-y come this time of year.  Who cares it's just lovely whatever!

4.  The most no-bra-bra that there ever was.  I can't not where a bra, ever.  There i said it.  For those women who wax lyrical about cartwheeling through the door and ripping off their bras and slouching about in their pyjamas at 6pm, don't hate me it's just not me!  Sure i've got my slouchiest, sloppiest ripped jeans and my battered bretons galore BUT I'm always underwear-ed up too.  This week i treated myself to a couple of new bras from our range in Accessorize.  They're simple lace triangle bras and i bought one in black and one in teal and OH MY!  Hello feeling like there's nothing there at all with just enough support to still feel dressed and together...?  I don't think there's enough 'bra' or support {for my small chested self!} to wear outside the house but i *think* i might have found a lingerie-shaped middle ground.  I also sort of love how dainty and pretty they are under my crumpled up 'everythings!'

5.  Closing the curtains and cosying up.  Okay okay let's be honest and get it out there that actually we've only just got curtains for our living-room and whilst I'm still not sold on them being the right ones {curtains:  worst thing to buy EVER}, what i am loving is closing the french doors, pulling the curtains closed and lighting a couple of my favourite scented candles once the sun sets.  Surely a few of the best parts of this time of year, no?!

6.  Writing this sweet post as the sun sets.  Our little office-come-room for 'everything that doesn't already have a place AND still without wardrobe too' desk is sat right under the window and lately I'm SO loving typing out these posts as i watch the sun set.  I know the timing wont be this way for too long so i'm writing it here now to remind me quite how pretty it is after a sunny day!

7.  A new addition.  This week I'm welcoming {with the biggest hugest hug!} the lovely El to the #wonderfulwednesday gang.  This girl is one of my very favourite internet ladies and has writes over HERE.  I'm finding it crazy and equally amazing that i now have NINE beautiful, inspirational and talented internet friends that join together and share their best bits from their weeks so far.  GOSH it makes me feel all fuzzy!

8.  Basil.  Not just any basil but our basil.  Sure it's really the taste of a balmy Summer evening is basil, but I'm stretching the celebration of ours out for as long as it's alive i can!  This week it's been lovingly scattered over a roast vegetable pizza AND added last minute and sort of wilted {?!} through some warm pest-y pasta and it still tastes a jolly great, green and good as it did back in June.  Oh, i did mention that i grew it didn't i?!  From SCRATCH.  Let's overlook the fact that most of the other things i grew died way back when shall we?!
*  *  * 
And that it!  We are DONE!  I'd love to know what's been making you smile so far this week; what's been rocket-fuel to hopefully power you through to Friday or simply what the very best part of your week has been so far.  In fact we'd ALL love to know!  Incase you didn't already know you can also get your #wonderfulwednesday fix by popping to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El and Kerri's   blogs and reading their best bits.  I'll be back the same time next week, hopefully less tired and far less delirious too.  I'm hoping.  
Happy mid-weekin'


  1. What a lovely little list :) I DO know what you mean about the tea - particularly as I like mine piping hot. Therefore it's a bit of a dilemma for me - as if I made two, the second cup wouldn't be at maximum tea-teamperature... Hmmm problems so solve... have a lovely week! H x

  2. I'm all for a second cup of tea! Sometimes it's just what you need and one isn't enough! It's great seeing more people joining in with Wonderful Wednesday, they're my favourite posts to read.
    Hope you're enjoying some much need time off!
    Laura xx

  3. Hehe, people say they can always tell I'm vegetarian too (I am of course!) but what is it about me that screams veggie? I'm SO excited about the prospect of growing our own veg... once we actually produce some you MUST pop over and take some for your veggie dinners. I'm SO with you on the bra thing, the idea of not wearing one is simply horrifying! (shudder) I even sleep in one! (is that mad?) x

  4. I can confirm that I am in no way less tired or less delirious than you. How funny that my post started the exact same way as yours (albeit infinitely less eloquent!) These are some cracking highlights though, particularly the tea one, very much worth noting too. I can count on the fingers of one tiny hand the number of times I've achieved peak tea. None lately I can tell you.
    Congrats on your basil-age, sorry you didn't mention - did you grow that? The only herb I managed to keep alive was chives and man alive were they prolific and delicious. There's something truly wonderful about cooking up something you've grown.

    AND tell me more about these bras? I haven't tried triangle ones, I was scared of no support. Am I wrong?

    Have a most bodacious rest of the week lovely Sal.
    M x
    P.s. how huge is the WW gang now??
    p.p.s. my stepchild (who adores you!) actually has as her twitter bio 'someone once told me I look like a vegetarian!'

  5. Ahhhh the glory of the well made cuppa, and have two great ones that is a thing of beauty!

    I wish I had the option to go with those bras as they sound beautiful, sadly being an overly busty lady this is a no go for me :(

    Ahh the cosiness of the autumn evenings are my favourite thing, I am not a summertime kinda girl and love nothing more than cosying up under a blanket with a good book and a glass of wine or a cuppa.

    Woohoo for more newbies to the Wonderful Wednesday crew, it's growing by the week and it gives me much more joy to read and share :)


  6. That basil has remined me of a beautful panini I had this week. Tomato passata, slices of tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil all gooey and tomoatoey made even better by the basil. It's it lovely to be able to cook up something you've grown.

    I basically spent the summer in waves of tired exhaustion and second waves off delerium. One of the players actually came up to me one morning and said 'Kate you are way too overtired!' She was 9! She was definitely right - I had just sung good morning to them all at 8am!

    If I could go braless at all times I would! just fnd them so uncomfortable. I am however a massive sports bra fan, so comfortable and supportive and come in the loveliest range of colours and patterns.

    I just want to give the hole gang a massive hug. There's so much Wednesday positivity and I love it! Have a fabulous Sally day xx

  7. I am so with you on bra-wearing; I don't feel comfortable if they're not supported!

    I'm planning to actually FINALLY take part in this soon - do I just tweet with the hashtag (if I remember!)?

  8. My Wednesday was so bananas busy that in only reading your post now! I'm with you on the tea, and lately I've been sticking to herbal so making two cups at once is sheer genius X
    PS. I confess to being in the coming home, whipping my bra off & spending the evening in my pjs camp of late...

  9. I have just discovered your Wonderful Wednesday series thanks to Sarah at Daydreams of Summertime and I am in LOVE. I love how you capture every little moment in such detail, making me look at how I view everyday things in a completely new way! I'll look forward to many more wonderful wednesdays from you! xx

  10. Vegetables are amazing, aren't they? So underrated! I also love your approach to eating meat. I wish more people would do the same thing as you! Loved reading this post, as always :)

  11. You know, I would never have thought of looking at Accessorize for undies but I've just had a peek on the website and there are some GORGEOUS bras on there! I don't think they'll be supportive enough for outside the house but on a relaxing day at home...they look perfect! Might have to treat myself...

    Lots of love xx

  12. Veggies rule. I'm a big veggie lover, as evidenced by my vegan-ness haha. I have also been told, pre-vegan, that I looked the type to be a vegetarian. I think it was the multicoloured hair. It's not a bad thing though :)

    Ah, I'm one of those "whip off my bra ASAP" people. I like to wear sports bras in every day life, I have a really soft, no seam, one that is my go to bra. It's just perfectly comfy and I love it. I found when I put on a regular bra these days I just spend my time moaning about being uncomfortable all the time.

    I picked up a basil and mint plant from the shop last week and after almost dying whilst I was away for the last few days, they have been watered back to health!

    9 people! I think there are 12 of us on my count for this weeks blog post!



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