Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #136

 {Because ALL of the signs are there!  Hello dear Autumn!}
Well HELLO there!  How the devil have you been?!  For once it actually feels like a little while since i was here, tip-tappin' to your sweet faces.  When do i ever say that?!?  Maybe it's because life lately has been filled with stuff and things and i was off work last weekend {an extremely rare treat} and so that threw me out of sorts a little bit and then here we are again once more.  I'd like to say i've achieved lots, and that I'm high-fivin' the mid-week with the kind of enthusiasm it sounds like i should be, when actually i've mostly just been being.  Having two days off at the end of last week {and one of them with the Mr} really helped me reboot, refresh and has somehow awakened some kind of crazy inspiration and want to buy each and everything for my 'Autumn/Winter wardrobe in me.  Suddenly i feel like i'm fully 'on' Autumn mode somehow.  The changes are everywhere:  the undeniable 'nip' in the air first and last thing, the dew on the grass {and spiders webs!} too, the light - oh my the light!  It's fitting really since as i type this {Tuesday 20th September} it is 'officially' the first day of Autumn, officially.  Oof I'm excited!  I feel all kinds of fizz in my little tummy!  

Is that weird?!  Let's not answer that one and instead chit-chat about the best bits of my week so far....

1. Nuts.  Blah-de-blah i know, i know they're pretty much in each weeks post somewhere, somehow! This week straight up, plain and simple.  a mixed bag of nuts have been my very best friend.  In fact they're so flippin' moreish i have to put them away or i risk finishing the whole damned packet! Nut-shaped highlight?!  Adding a couple of crumbled cashews to a sort of 'hap-hazard' lunch of brown rice, marinated kale, leftover broccoli with a peanut-y satay-esque dressing.  Best.  Idea.  Ever.

2.  New piercings.  Incase you haven't seen me wittering on about it on Twitter or seen my cheeky cheeks pop up on your IG feed {I'm @sallytangle incase you're wondering} then you might not know that i finally summoned up the courage to go and get my nose pierced!  I've been toying with the idea for so long and decided to just do it!  I'm super happy with the result.  I wasn't very adventurous and opted for a teeny tiny swvaorski crystal stud set in white gold but it's just the right amount of sparkle.  Better still, i also bumped into one of my favourite blogging ladies {and fellow #wonderfulwedensday -er!!} Jo in there too!  We had a lovely little catch up and it also took my mind off the pending piercing too!

3.  Dungarees.  Finding the perfect pair of dungarees has become much like finding the perfect pair of jeans for me:  ie:  I'm always on the hunt.  I don't know why because last weekend i re-discovered an old pair of faded, slouchy blue denim ones i picked up in M&S yonks ago in our spare room of doom {called such since i am still wardrobe-less and dressing mostly out of boxes, sigh!} and skipped for joy!  I've pretty much been living in them since:  The perfect softness, the perfect shape, and the perfect 'throw on' for cooler days pottering at home or for after work with a slouchy tee and my hair tied up crazily on top of my head!

4.  Candles!  ALL of the candles. I mean i bought one, then another and now I'm considering another too!  I've only lit one of them but when i find a scent that i love I'm always worried it'll all sell and i wont be able to get it again.  I mean the struggle is REAL.  My two favourites so far?  An Olivia Blake Tangerine and Patchouli {sweet, citrus-ey and a little spicy} and a Lily Flame one called 'Dolly Rocker.'  I ADORE Lily Flame candles - this soft pink gem sits sweetly on the chest of drawers in our bedroom and it's floral but deeper, heady and rich just like a floral scent should be come this time of year.  I remember buying a Heather and Honey one last year and it was the dreamiest Autumn candle.  

5.  Blankets.  Whilst it's not quite been 'light the fire/put the heating on' weather just yet we I have been relishing longer pyjama bottoms and using the darker-quicker evenings as the perfect excuse to rest a soft blanket over my legs in the evening after my shower.  It's the littlest things folks, it really is.

6.  The prettiest commutes home.  It's so easy to put your head down, fill your ears with music or to get lost in emails, electronic devices and the like when you're commuting - whether that be on foot or train.  The light lately on my 30min walk home has been so beautifully breathtaking that i've almost not been able to stop looking at how pretty everywhere around is!  I've vowed to switch off from everything on my evening wanders home now and to really soak it in because it always feels like the days draw in so fast at this time of year and before we all know we'll be knee-deep in the 'C' word and the daylight will have slipped away come 3pm.  For now at least I'm switching on to everything around me and switching off to everything else.

7.  Rose Jam.  Because it's Autumn and because Autumn showers smell of only one thing and that's Lush Rose Jam shower gel.  It's limited edition usually and tends to come out around October/November time so i always stock up!  It's the prettiest rose-y smell you'll ever, ever smell:  all jammy, sweet and heady with a little hint of lemon and each time i smell it, it reminds me of the cooler months.  So stumbling across a little bottle I'd forgotten I'd squirreled away last year had my skipping to the shower on Monday evening!  

8.  Helping.  I mean that's my job.  Sure i don;t help people in the same important way that say, doctors, nurses and far much more serious people do but i still help them.  Instead i {hope!} that i help people feel better about themselves, teach them how to mix and match clothes and accessories in a way that feels all new and yet totally 'them' at the same time.  When i get it right it gives me the loveliest feeling!  At the beginning of the week i helped the sweetest 70 year old lady who told me I'd made her feel 'snazzy again' and like her old self.  she was the sassiest little lady that i've ever met!  And it's a teeny, tiny drop in the ocean of kind but it made me feel so happy know I'd made her happy too!
*  *  *

And just like that with a fizz and bang and a bong and a TING;  We're all done!  But if this isn't enough to perk up your mid-week peepers, go skip on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El and Kerri's   blogs {can't you see we're gathering together quite the gang now!  Isn't it happy-making?!?} and have a little read about what's been making them happy this week so far.  

Better still - join in!  The more the merrier i say!  If you'd like to join the #wonderfulwedensday club {and let me tell you writing and reading these posts is flippin' great for the heart and soul!} just give one of us a nudge on any social media platform and we can add your lovely link.  Or simply tweet or tag us in any post on IG with the #wonderfulwednesday hashtag and tell us your best bits.  As always, I'm @sallytangle on both! 


  1. I did it! I did it! I joined in, too!

  2. Your nose piercing looked just the cutest, well done on being a brave lady! I'm slightly devastated you've had the first Wonderful Wednesday 'meet up' though and it wasn't in my shed. Rude Sal, rude.

    You always seem to find the best candles, I'm sure I remember you talking about the heather and honey one last year, this years' choices sound just as divine.

    And well done you on helping a lady find her snazz again, that must have been a lovely day at work.
    Enjoy the rest of your week, pierced nose and all.
    M x

  3. Yet another really heart warming post Sally, I love your Wonderful Wednesdays! :) Well done on the nose piercing! I need to stock up on candles as I went a little flame happy and lit them all this week, it was so cosy and lovely though!

    Your walk home sounds beautiful and I think I may need to switch off more as mine is usually spent listening to podcasts or as you say getting lost in mountains of emails.

    Thank you for being such a lovely inspiration.
    Peta xx

  4. Ahhh another post all about the cosiness of blankets and candles, it really is the best time of year isn't it?! Rose Jam sounds awesome, I bought a lavender one a while back which brings me joy so might be worth a try too S xo

  5. Woohoo for blankets and candle season, that is always my favourite part of Autumn! I have far too many candles, and strangely they never seem to be lit so I need to rectify this.

    Lovely light is something that I think most people take for granted, I love how when you take photographs whether it's for a blog, work or fun that you begin to take a whole lot more notice of the little things like beautiful light. I think it teaches you to enjoy more things.

    Awww helping the lady feel snazzy!! That must have made you feel so happy, that's really cute. I am glad she feels snazzy again.




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