Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #137

 {Hurrah for all things Autumnal!!}
Good day, good evening or goodnight {i somehow feel as if i should be taking a bow or a curtsy!}.  Whatever time of the day i join you and your peepers, i do hope that your week so far has been all the things that you wish of it.  What is a good week these days anyway?!

For me it's happy:  Full of laughs and smiles because as my mum always says: "You can laugh yourself through anything - good or bad.'  I reckon she's on to something there, don;t you agree?!  It's productive:  The kind of 'firing on all cylinders' feeling you get deep in the very bottom of your tum and the kind where you're crossing off more things than you are adding to that 'to-do' list.  Productivity and that feeling of {even a little!} accomplishment is one of the best feelings!  Lastly it should be full of a little indulgence, be it indulging in time to yourself, your favourite past-time or even just your favourite pizza topping or cake.  We all measure our weeks differently and since starting up this little post and 'meeting' all the lovely folk who follow along with it and write their own, one of the very best things has been to read about how they measure theirs and what happy means to them.  

It's time to get tip-tapping about the little happy moments of great and good in my week so far...
1.  Compiling a wishlist.  I've been trying so hard to not be frivolous and fancy with my money this month and to really think about what I'm spending it on!  The start of a new season always has me wishing and wanting for so many lovely new things!  This week i've been enjoying visiting shops and websites and creating little wishlists in my head and really thinking about what i want to buy at the end of the month instead of just going a bit crazy all at once.  Surprisingly enough, being less 'gung-ho' has made me feel all kinds of accomplished and taking time over deciding what i want to buy and what will serve me well over the next few months has meant i {hope} i've made some really sensible choices.  Who even am i?!

2.  Hot water bottles.  On Monday night i took a hot water bottle up to bed for the first time in MONTHS.  Well actually maybe since April at least.  I've made a little vow not to put the heating on until the start of October and since i was a little chilly it was the quickest solution!  I'd forgotten quite how deliciously deep, heavy and wonderfully one sleeps with a hot water bottle nestled between their knees!

3.  Soup-er soup!  See what i did there?!  Who else is over-excitable when it comes to cold{er} weather and soup?!  Man i can just never ever get enough of the stuff. We had our first soup-shaped dinner at the start of this week and Mmmm it was SO delicous!  A yummy soup made from everything green:  Edamame beans, runner beans, kale, spinach, new potatoes, mint and a big scoop of pesto-y sauteed cannelini beans!  It didn't feel cold enough for anything too heavy and this was perfect cooler evening heating for my insides.  I can't wait for harissa spiced sweet potato and for sage and butternut squash!  I could live off the stuff i really could!

4.  The smell of outside.  There isn't really any other way of describing it.  But just how summer evenings smell of warm green grass, freshness and sweet honeysuckle aroma with the faintest hint of a BBQ; Autumn evenings too have their own distinct smell and lately it's all i can smell walking home:  An even clearer sign we've definitely skipped on over to the dark{er!} side:  The air smells heavy with coal fires, damp woodland, wet bricks and decaying leaves with a little hint of smoke.  Sounds utterly disgusting but actually it's really rather lovely!

5.  Dark mornings.  A shock i grant you but slowly and surely I'm re-discovering their little charm:  Slipper-clad feet; well-worn slouchy cardigan slung over my faded floral pyjamas and being able to see the steam from a cup of tea sweep and swirl up into the air as you wait for the comforting 'blip blip' of porridge in a saucepan.  All whilst the sun rises.  Nothing beats cradling a warm bowl of porridge by lamp-light on a cold morning, it's infinitely magical.     

6.  Fruit switchin'. Just as the sights and smells inside and out change this time of year, so does my fruit menu.  In a desperate bid to eat along with the seasons and to listen to what my little body craves also, this week was time to bid farewell to strawberries and raspberries and to stock up on dark purple plums, figs and the first crop of British apples.  My tummy is grumbling at the thought of compotes, conserves, pies and crumbles galore!

7.  Rugs.  We've two sheepskin rugs:  One big cream on which hugs an old armchair in our bedroom - the perfect nook for reading on a rainy day and our smaller dark grey sheepskin which acts as a carpet lily pad between our hallway and livingroom where we have a massive patchwork, pom-pom and tasselled rug.  Lately has been for jumping between all of them to avoid the cold wooden floorboards.  Because nothing quite beats nestling cold toes in a sheepskin rug!

8.  Melted cheese.  I wonder who first thought to melt cheese?!  Hells bells in whatever form you have it, whatever cheese is your favourite, you just cannot beat melted cheese full stop.  

9.  The softest, prettiest, eyelash lace bra in the most perfect shade of dusk rose pink, found hidden away in the M&S sale for £6.  SIX POUNDS?!?  What was i saying about need and want and waiting?!?  It sort of doesn't really count when one is faced with such a situation though i think.  I'm excited to wear it under a cream cable knit because there is something quite special about a pretty little bit of lace under something so warm and cosy and comfortable when only you knows about it.  Don't you agree?!
*  *  *

Oh do you know what i've especially fallen hard for this weeks' lovely list of good.  I sat down and worried that the words wouldn't come, that i wouldn't find anything worth shouting about - who knows why!  But just like that and all of a sudden i could write forever and keep on keeping-on about the little moments of lovely in my lately!  Funny that! 

 If this isn't quite enough happy for you, do go and bob on over to my lovely #wonderfulwednesday gang and fill your heart and soul with even more goodness as they too share their very best bits of this week too.  Skip on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El and Kerri's blogs   and also remember to join in yourself by leaving a sweet comment below or by chit-chatting with us over aaall of the social media channels using #wonderfulwednesday so we can all see.  As usual i'm '@sallytangle' everywhere!
Happy, happy listin'!


  1. I think a wishlist is a great idea, I'm very bad at impluse buying and when you're meant to be saving for your own little home it just doesn't help!

    I'm with you on the dark mornings. I find comfort in the dark, it's just so...cosy and reminds me that the big C will soon be here!

    Have a lovely rest of week!xx

  2. Sally💕I did it I dit it!!! My first Wonderful Wednesday post is on my blog!!! I couldn't be happier!!! If you want to have a look here the link: http//
    Thanks 😘😘😘 Martina (mrs_eyebright in Instagram)

  3. awwww I loved it!! That bra sounds so lovely, what a find! Oh I can't wait for hot water bottle weather here, it isn't quite cold enough yet. I think I may make a few batches of soup for the weekend, those flavours have gotten my craving all the good stuff!

    I hope you have a lovely Wednesday and a great rest of the week!
    Peta x

  4. Oh, hot water bottles... It's suddenly FREEZING here today; I think I know what *I'm* taking to bed.

  5. I have literally just finished typing up my WW post and the top one on the list is my hot water bottle! I'm not ashamed to admit that it even ended up in bed with me and I cuddled it as if it was a teddy haha!
    I love a good wish list too, I do this most months, write down a list of things I like then decide which ones I couldn't possibly live without (I could, I just don't want to!)
    Hope you have a lovely week Sally :)
    Laura xx

  6. Loved the opening to this post Sally, it's true that the best weeks are the ones filled with laughter and being able to cross everything off your to-do list is such a good feeling! I am loving rugs and blankets at the moment too, it's that lovely and cosy time of year right now that's got me feeling nice and happy. And yep, hot water bottles and soup are winning the seasons for me at the moment as well! - Tasha

  7. I can't remember the last time I used a hot water bottle, I don't think I've ever actually owned my own one. I'm with you though, no heating on, not just yet. Even if it is getting quite chilly, there's still a little warmth in the air.

    We haven't started on the soups yet, but I've got big plans to make some and freeze it for the coming months. I'm thinking pumpkin, cauliflower, and maybe even a tomato soup this year. But first I need to make some room in my freezer!

  8. You and these bras! You're all over that lately. I need to up my undies game, you're absolutely right of course, there's something extra wonderful about wearing prettiness under practical and snuggly. I WANT SOME OF THAT.
    Also a big fat yes to seasonal fruit and an even bigger one to pies and crumbles, I might make my first toffee apple pie of the year this week. Anything at all to procrastinate from all the revision.
    I hope the rest of your week is full of more melted cheese - did you see Michael Portillo on his Swiss train eating ALL THE FONDUE this week? FYI that might be the most middle aged thing I've ever said but seriously, all the melted cheese. No-one melts cheese like the Swiss - and hot water bottles.
    Have a lovely lovely one.
    M x

  9. Ooooh the bonus of that pretty bra at six pounds that is a huge bargain - wishlist be damned get it and get it now! :)
    Awww I love the dark mornings, that's probably a little odd but this morning I started my day with a candlelit meditation and it's really helped me feel better through the day today. I was snuggled up in a dressing down post shower so I was all snuggly as well.
    Melted cheese is indeed a thing of wonder, I pretty much love cheese in all forms although strangely for a lover of melted cheese the thought of a fondue makes me want to heave! x

  10. Dark mornings, warming porridge and the smell of Autumn - oooh im feeling all nostalgic for the months to come! xx

  11. This list is 100% autumn and gives me the warm and fuzzies! I almost dug my hot water bottle out last night because there was SUCH a nip in the air!

  12. I'm echoing Sam - I just love how autumnal this list is! I haven't got to the hot water bottle stage yet, but I am loving the darker mornings, the chill in the air, the new seasonal fruit and veg... Yay for autumn! xx

  13. LOL! I love how 'opposite' our little lists are this week. I'm talking about how frivolous I have been with my spending of late, and here you are being careful and compiling your wishlists. I'm SO glad you managed to sneak in a little M&S sale purchase too though. Oh M&S, what would we do without you, CANNOT love that shop more :-) x



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