Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #138

 {Autumn being all super and duper every where you turn lately!}
I'm sat here with what can only be described as the strangest feeling!  It feels all kinds of upside down to be sat whilst the sun is streaming in through our little office/spare bedroom/room of whatever else wont fit anywhere else {yes 'wardrobe gate' is very much still alive and causing me stress!} whilst writing out this weeks' #wonderfulwedenesday post!  How very odd it is!  I usually scrabble this post together after work and after our Tuesday evening weekly food shop before i set about making dinner {which FYI is always pizza on a Tuesday since it takes mere moments and is all we ever want after traipsing up and down the supermarket!} so i feel a little bit discombobulated writing it now! 
How the devil are you?!  I'm coming at you having been off work since....Saturday?  Suffice to say that I'm actually really only just starting to feel fully relaxed even now.  Sometimes it takes for you to really and truly stop to catch up and feel yourself once more.  Don't you agree?!  So naturally I'm going to hit you hard with all of my lazy-daisy bits of this week and predictably tell you that so far it's been a little a lot of bliss.....

1.  Starting a new book.  It's anyone's guess if I'll finish it since i really do have the attention span of a goldfish these days!  It's also not anything new, exciting or gripping but 'Starter for Ten' by Richard Nicholls {he who wrote such gems as 'One Day and 'Us'} and a book that my sister bought me.....for Christmas?!  Crikey.  Must.  Try.  Harder.  Truth is, when i was little I'd get lost for hours, days even in a book and now i just really struggle to commit!  I'm much more akin to a magazine {tearing, cutting and sticking forever!} or you know, Pinterest *aherm*.  

2.  Letting my mind wander.  Again something i used to spend forever doing when i was a little dot.  So much so that my school 'news' journal was never really and actually 'news' but a very fabricated and imaginative 'look' at what I'd 'done' at the weekend/half term/school holidays often complete with magical lands, dragons and sometimes princesses!  Now I'm just guilty of quite the opposite.  This weeks has been lovely to tootle around our little park on my to wheels simply just letting my mind wander wherever which way it wanted to.  

3.  Mornings.  Because lately they have simply become my very favourite part of the whole day.  I've never hidden the fact that I'm much more of a morning person than i am a night owl {this little bean struggles to get past 10pm on a regular!}  but this week, my mornings have been the best!  Each day i've been stirred awake to the Mr getting up for work {is there anything lovelier than not not being the first person up on a morning?!} and tip-toed downstairs at 8am to make a mug of Lady Grey and sip it buried beneath the duvet whilst listening to BBC 6Music and watching the dappled sunlight dance on the while walls in our bedroom.  Then I've got up, made more tea and eaten breakfast in total and complete silence.  Not watching the time, not hurriedly gulping tea and munching furiously but simply taking as long as i wish.  Just bliss!

4.  Birds.  Since we now have a little garden i've been trying my hardest to make it bird-friendly.  I popped a little coconut shell filled with seeds on our fence post and waited.  In the whole almost three months since we've been here, all i've ever spotted here are pigeons and crows.  Until Monday morning.  Whilst i was sat dilly-dallying sipping on my tea, the sweetest little robin and chaffinch {they are chaffinches aren't they?!  The sweet yellow and blue ones?!} took it in turns to rest on the washing line and sneak seeds from the coconut.  It made my silly little heart ALL kinds of happy!

5.  Coyo raw chocolate and coconut yoghurt.  I've been trying to track this little dreamboat down for what seems like an eternity and finally this week our lovely little health food shop in the market said they could order it for me.  So, in the fridge sit two little cartons of what might be about to become one of my favourite things ever.  I haven't even tried it yet.  I'm sort of hesitant to do so because i don't want it to be gone. Is that weird?!

6.  Swishy and shiny hair.  Today {Tuesday!} i popped to get my haircut.  I wont bore you with my annual moan about how much i hate getting my hair cut {i think March might have been the last time?!? Crikey!} but i will tell you that i did love two things:  First being how my hairdresser understands how little to take off my hair and doesn't seem to fuss and pile it high with lots of products and make it look like it's not me underneath it at all and secondly that she told me that my hair is in beautiful condition!  ME!  YES ME!  MY hair hasn't been told it's in 'beautiful healthy condition' since......well YEARS.  Getting rid of the super-duper light blonde was so much better for it as it's meant that i only have to wash it once a week if I'm lucky and having it cut has made it so swishy and swooshy and fab looking.  

7.  Leaves rustling.  You know, when that's all you can hear.  Since our house is an end terrace and right next to a park, lately if you lie with the window open just a little, it's all you can hear and really it's quite magical.  It's Autumn in a conker nutshell!

8.  Eating dinner together.  Ah one of life's' simple pleasures.  Getting our little two person dining table and mis-matched chairs might be one of the best things we ever did.  Actually sitting face to face, eating dinner and talking to each other without any kind of distraction is the best thing ever.  Only this week it's felt even lovelier since i haven't been firing dinner down my neck in a rush or letting my mind skip over onto work-shaped stuff.  Dinner time is fast becoming one of the best times of the day.  Well you know if you don't count breakfast time.....

9.  New woolly hats.  Yep i did just write that.  I've said it once and I'll say it a thousand times over:  Autumn and Winter attire is worth investing in simply because our cold weather lasts from mid-October until what?  May!?  See, totally justifiable.  This dreamboat is a deep rusty Rose pink in a chunky cable-knit bean-y shape and I.  Just.  LOVE.  it.  

10.  Spinach. It's one of very my favourite things anyway but this week it's been getting all of the heart eyes!  It's been stirred through roasted peppers and courgettes fresh out of the oven {along with a huge dollop of leftover pesto!}, strewn across pizza before baking or simply wilted on a low heat in a little dot of coconut oil and served with whatever lunch-shaped leftovers our fridge has to offer!

*  *  *  
And that's a WRAP!  I'm giddy as a kipper at quite how many lovely other #wonderfulwednesday writers there are now!  I mean i actually can't quite believe it!  If this isn't enough happy for you - and quite frankly when can you ever have enough of the stuff?!  Go and pop on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely new-to-the-blog-shaped party and to the #wonderfulwednesday one, Isabelle's blogs and fill your boots!  Thank you SO much to each and everyone who pops by and supports this little spot, or who tweets and gets in touch online and especially thank you SO much to my little #wonderfulwednesday troops ^^^ you guys are the bees knees!!!!
Have a fab mid-week all!


  1. Yes to woolly hats! And why are all - ALL! - touchscreen-friendly gloves so boring? If I have to wear and look at them for about six months in total, I want them to put a smile on my face!

  2. You've cheered up my Wednesday again :) My most favourite noise of all time is the leaves - reminds me of being a child - not sure why - maybe we're just more tuned into our senses when we're little! H

  3. It took me years to get back into reading! My library card definitely helped, because I could pick up a few books that I liked the sound of and the decide at home which to read, plus the added idea that it's due back is a good incentive to start reading it. Also, my big think was not knowing what books I enjoyed to read, once I worked that out, it was easier to find the time and to hold my attention (more specifically, not just falling asleep every time I opened the book).

    Yay for robins! It's defintely the time of year when you start seeing them more. I haven't seen any here yet, but I don't have a garden so I only see them when we're out and about.

    Could be Chaffinches, but I'm not bird ID expert, the RSPB website is pretty great for ID-ing birds, I use that quite often.

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  4. Aah, I love your Wonderful Wednesdays I'm so glad you are still writing them! I love a new book too, have to give it a good sniff too! ;)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  5. Coyo is SO good! I do hope you love, I am obsessed with coconut yoghurt as I can be a little sensitive to soy nowadays. I do know what you mean though about saving something because you don't want it to be gone. Sometimes I do that and then the thing goes out of date and I feel like an idiot. Don't do that!

    Have a wonderful week Sal! S x

  6. Ahh Sally, your post always bring such a smile to my face and I'm so pleased to read that you've been off work for a little while and resting up.
    Good work on the hair cut! I've just had one today and I always dread them too...hate sitting looking at myself in the mirror for so long! You're able to only wash your hair once a week? That's so impressive! I know I need to not wash mine so regularly...will have a go!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lovely one. C xx



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