Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #139

{Crisp, crunch. Crisp, crunch. Just when you thought there wasn't anything lovelier than walking through leaves!}
Happy half-way-through-the-week to one and all!  Give yourselves a pat on the back and maybe a sneaky high-five. See it wasn't that bad at all now was it!?!  I've had rather a lovely week.  Lovelier than expected given that Monday was a return to work after a good long stretch off.  
 *  *  *
I was ready for it though.  I spent my week resting up, making compotes, riding my bike in the Autumn sunshine and reading.  What better way is there to spend your days?!  So i felt ready and raring to go back to work and since my departure, the weather had turned very much to Autumn and those hip, hop and hoping for an Indian Summer were to be left a little disappointed.  Not me though, i practically cartwheeled through the front doors at work knowing fine and well that we'd be all bedecked with knitwear, hats, scarves and gloves and this seasons new boots.  There something about buying Autumn or Winter items that seems totally and completely justifiable - not least because we all know we'll be wrapped up in them until at least May.  Don't you agree?!
*  *  *
I'm digressing but it's only because I'm excited!  Shall we chit-chat happy and the best things about this week...?  And then you can tell me all about yours!

1.  A fully working and functioning boiler.  Not something to snigger about let me tell you that!  This week {Tuesday evening to be precise} we tested our heating out for the very first time in our new house since moving in....about four months ago?  That's pretty good going in itself but we picked this little home largely because of its sunny positioning and so haven't needed any kind of heat really until now.  We did a merry dance that everything was in working order and that it worked and got warm and toasty so fast!  Then both proceeded to scamper off to a radiator to warm our chilly bums!

2.  Pom-pom scarves. Or an Accessorize Pom-Pom scarf more to the point.  We did these scarves years ago and i still have mine.  This year they've brought them out again and they are made of the cheeriest happy little pom-poms in mustard, teal, red and green.  The perfect thing to cheer up chilly grey days no?!?  They cheer me up just looking at them and i've been re-inspired to dig out mine!  If i can find which box it's buried in.....

3.  Tan boots.  What is it about tan boots and Autumn leaves?!  They just go hand in hand don't you think?!  I'd completely forgotten about mine until i stumbled across them whilst trying to sort out a few boxes in the spare room of doom!  They go perfectly with so many things come this time of year.  

4.  Tights.  Because who doesn't celebrate the arrival of tight wearing season? You'll never be as warm and as toasty as you you'll be when you've got a pair of tights that pull right the way up to where your bra ends.  Fact!  That Mr of mine is a lucky, lucky man....

5.  Almond butter.  As sweet as it is savoury in a completely different way than any other nut butter is.  I could shovel spoonfuls of the stuff into my mouth and quite often do when the need arises.  I mostly eat it in a sweet way, but lately i've really been enjoying it with chopped carrot.  Mmmm!

6.  A perfectly ripe banana right after a really painful {the kind that's as equally pleasurable/satisfying as it is sore!} workout on Monday evening after work.  I don't know what it is but it's my go-to snack after exercise.  It really hits the spot.

7. Chasing the daylight home.  I'm making the most of this one!  Lately it really feels like i just get all the way up the hill and scamper through the woods and along the river just in time for the sun to fall behind the trees.  I'm really relishing that magical golden light because I'm not looking forward to walks where it'll be completely black!  Pom pom scarf!  Must think about that jolly pom pom scarf to keep me warm and make me smile!

8.   Birdsong on dark mornings.  The kind where you can hardly see a thing:  You stumble out of bed, bleary eyed and draw back the curtains, squinting in a little lamplight.  The world feels fast asleep - all except you.  You and the sweet little bird calling out his morning song from a tree as faraway as it feels close by. It's all you can hear and it feels all the more loud and special because of what you can't see too.  It's a little bit comforting and it's making my mornings pretty okay lately.

9.  Smiling at strangers.  It's a weird one so bear with me.  Last weekend somebody walked past me and gave me the widest, hugest big smile.  I didn't know them and i hadn't ever seen them or knowingly crossed their path before.  I didn't do anything for them and they didn't do anything for me.  But i couldn't help but smile back.  And it gave me the warmest feeling in my little tummy.  So i made a vow to myself.  Whenever i passed people in future, or for as often as i could manage to - whether that be nipping out on my lunch or walking to work of a morning - i was going to try to make more of an effort to smile at people.  And without sounding like a crazy hippie 'happiness coach' {that's actually a thing!} it makes the world of difference!  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and because of it i've actually had a few 'good mornings' 'your skirt is beautiful' 'isn't it a lovely day' etc and i flipping well love it!  

10.  Roasted nuts.  All of the roasted nuts.  Top tip:  Don't roast nuts.  Unless you don't mind consuming at least three times as much as normal.  Especially don't roast almonds or hazelnuts because hells BELLS are they delish. Just sayin'.  

*  *  *  
And with a quick wish and a whoosh we're done for another weekAs always I'd love to know what's been making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, if you also regularly smile at strangers {or now maybe you might be inspired to?} and if you love almond butter too?  But I'll happily settle for just what's been making your week magical so far this week.  Don't forget to tag along and catch up with the rest of the gangs #wonderfulwednesday -shaped action by popping over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's blogs and seeing what's been making them giddy as a kipper too.  And as ever, join in on all social media platforms with the #wonderfulwednesday tag.  I'm @sallytangle everywhere!  


  1. I'm fully embracing knits, scarves, coats and mittens. Hurrah for autumn! And oohh, I need to get myself a jar of almond butter soon. I used to have it all the time, but now it's been a few months since I had it in the house! Shocking! And I love love point 9. A nice smile from a stranger can really make your day :) xx

  2. There's a bird in our garden which sings The Addams Family and every winter it drives me crazy trying to figure out which one it is!

    I'm doing Wonderful Wednesday now, too, BTW, but I'm rubbish at remembering to share on social media. :-)

  3. ALMOND BUTTER OMG. As soon as I got a powerful enough blender I've been making the stuff continuously. I can't say I have tried it on carrots though, maybe i'll have to take your word for it ;) xx

  4. Awww Sally your post today has all the warm fuzzy feels! Especially the smiling at strangers part, I'm so going to give this a go! I think it's nearly time to dig out the scarves and hats here too, I had the fire on for the first time today! I know what you mean about almond butter, I literally can't have it in the house unless I'm willing to ignore the fact that eating a whole jar within the space of a few days = so many calories. I love it spread on apple slices!

    I hope you have a lovely rest of the week and a great weekend!

    Peta xx

  5. Happy working boiler tune to you! Definitely not one to be sniffed at!
    I do agree about the smiling thing too, it makes a difference. I might have mentioned to you before that I read a similarly hippy dippy bit of advice about smiling before I walk through a door, to take that good vibe into each new room. It's worked for me, I think. I might start doing it at strangers too!
    Are you reallly just starting tights season??? I got mine out a long time ago, such a cosy snuggly time of the year!
    Hope the rest of your week is as lovely as the first half!
    M x

  6. Your boiler talk reminds me, I need to get mine serviced again. I guess I should put my adult pants on and get to that. The pressure needs sorting (again...).

    Smiling at people is a lot of fun. Must admit, it can be a pretty tough crowd here in Belgium, they aren't into the whole smiling thing, but I still try. Occasionally I even get a "Dag!" too, which is always nice. Who doesn't like a free "good morning" when they are out and about.

  7. Your Wonderful Wednesday posts always manage to put a smile on my face Sally, so thank you. Pom pom scarves sound wonderful and just the kind of thing that's needed come autumn! I'm also loving the sound of the birds on dark mornings, it's a like a brief reminder of springtime and it always makes me smile. I am also right there with you on the smiling at strangers front, I often get odd looks back, but when someone flashes a grin back at you, it makes all the difference - we definitely need more of that in this day and age. - Tasha

  8. Your morning with birdsong sounds perfect. I wish I could get up when you get up in the morning. I really struggle to pull myself out of bed but I have ALWAYS loved the idea of waking up when it's still dark. Tan boots are the BEST, in fact ALL boots are the best - if only it could be boot weather all year round...

    Have a great weekend my dear xx



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