Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #140

{Sometimes i actually dress appropriately for the weather!}
I nearly didn't write this post.  No, god no i don't mean completely in a 'not at all' kind of a way - i mean i don't think i ever could miss a #wonderfulwednesday.  They're kind of like my very first cup of Lady Grey - they're just part of me somehow now.  No i mean i nearly didn't write it now:  3pm on Tuesday afternoon.  For starters i usually write it much later on in the day but I'm off today and so i planned to get it all organised and ready to go so i can eat pizza and catch up on Made in Chelsea later now so i had a little time to myself later.  

I'm also not in the best frame of mind for collecting the best bits of my week since as i've just got well and truly soaked to the bone riding back from the city centre on that little bike of mine due to a major weather mis-judgement which saw me cycling the two and a bit miles home in torrential rain and wind wearing only a cardigan, t shirt and jeans.  I'd already waited for forty minutes for it to stop and in the end thought:  It's just water.  It actually wasn't quite as bad as it sounds and i was almost home and accustomed to water running down my nose and numb fingers when a car decided to drive past me right by the biggest puddle.  I saw the puddle mere millseconds before but had nowhere to go and the kind driver splashed ice-cold muddy road-y rain water up me from top to bottom.  So to say i was not best pleased was a small understatement.  I was so cold when i got home that i could barely unfasten my sodden clothes!  

But that's that isn't it?  I'm alive.  I had the hottest, longest shower that there ever was; turned myself lobster pink and drank the hugest mug of coffee i could muster and here we are.  Pink cheeks, pink ears and all ready for the happy......

1.  Raw things.  Trust me to go a little bit off kilter, but the tummy wants what the tummy wants.  I know i should be stewing and roasting everything come this time of year but this week i've really been craving raw vegetables.  I've also not really been feeling inspired by lunches lately too.  Thankfully the two have come together quite nicely and i've been enjoying a plethora and rainbow of chopped raw veg and hummus each day for lunch this week.  Veg-shaped highlights have included radishes, raw butternut squash sticks, cauliflower, tender-stem broccoli and sugar snap peas.  All of the yum in my little 'tum!

2.  Hot showers.  I'm one of those people.  Once I'm cold I'm really flippin' cold {we're talking blue lips, icy hands - the lot} and it takes thousand degree temperatures to really warm me up again.  There's no better feeling than standing under a really hot shower.  Especially on a fairly wet Tuesday afternoon...

3.  Being a bit less-ier.  I'm not going to go all 'hippy hippy shake' on you but I'm starting to get cabin fever.  Not the normal 'holed up in a small place' kind, the 'too much of everything' kind.  Since moving i have thrown away/given to charity a fair few bits and pieces.  Since we're still wardobe-less {i know, i know sort it out gaaah}  and have a lot of our spare room still to sort; our downstairs and our bedroom are both actually really rather clutter-free and minimal {for us!}.  Do you know what?  I like it too.  I'm finding I'm spending less time on that phone of mine of an evening too and just giving whatever else is going on my full attention.  It's making me want less of everything around me.  Am i weird?!  I want to find a good balance.  So YES, less = thumbs up!

4.  Roast chicken.  More to the point, the crispy buttery chicken skin on a roast chicken.  Is there anything more yummy?!?

5.  Purple porridge.  Achieved by cooking down some 'past their best' blackberries at the end of last week with a glug of maple syrup and a little squeeze of lemon.  Piled high onto Monday mornings' porridge with a drizzle of almond butter and toasted coconut flakes.  Mmmmmmmmm!  

6.   New Kings of Leon.  I always listen to the radio when I'm tootling about at home and my station of choice at the moment is BBC 6Music.  I'm SO flippin' floppin' loving the new KOL tunes and having them back.  They remind me of uni days and dancing stupidly until the early hours and still having enough 'get up and go' to be at a lecture at 9am the next day.  Fairly sure I'd need at least a week off nowadays...

7.  Pink and grey.  Again I'm being a rebel and not dipping myself in mustard, orange and plum tones lately and instead I'm sort of just continuing my love affair with soft slate-y greys and dusky pinks.  It's the scheme - in the loosest sense of the word - that i've opted for in our bedroom and i just love it.  I've also just ordered some grey and white curtains for our spare room of doom {christened as such since it's still very much how it was when we moved in...aherm.} and so I'm hoping to keep that room fairly neutral too.  It's just such a calming collection of colours for sleeping in don't you think?  Who even am i anymore....

8.  Finding a film we both like and sitting and watching it all of the way through {that's right even 'twitchy bum' me!} together.  Even if i started out reading my book because i thought the film sounded rubbish.  Okay well maybe i just switched off when he uttered the words 'Sci-fi.'  Whatever.  It was called 'Insurgent' and it was FAB.  

9.  Yellow roses.  A sweet little gift from a little lunch date with Mother Tangle last week and still very much going strong a week on!  It's been ages since i bought flowers - sort of got out of the habit somehow - and yellow roses are the perfect little rays of sunshine to look at when it feels like the days are starting darker and ending darker too......

10.  Slippers.  Oh yes!  You've never had happier feet until you wear slippers once it gets colder FACT.  Mine are from last year and are pink velvet with little grey pom-poms.  This year i'm thinking of asking for some sheepskin ones for Christmas.  That's it i'm definitely getting old.... 

  Pop over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's blogs to catch yourself EVEN MORE happy listin' and don't forget to share your own #wonderfulwednesday lovliness with us below or on all of the social media channels.  I'm @sallytangle on them all!


  1. Poor you getting so soaked!! What a lovely list of happy though. I'm with you on roast chicken and porridge this time of year. And your new curtains sound lovely. Miranda xxx

  2. Hehe youve made me feel so much better - we still haven't got a wardrobe yet either! It's driving me crazy...perhaps because I have a hard time approaching any kind of minimalism in my life!

    I really feel for you being soaked (even more) to the skin by that horrid driver! I don't have a car and usually walk to most places so it's happened to me too on several occasions, particularly annoying when you're on your way to work! Sounds like you more than made up for it afterwards though - nothing beats a hot hot shower when you're shivering and soaked through.

    Also, yes to crispy buttery roast chicken skin...all of the yums! You've made my tum growl!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, lovely Sally xxx

  3. Oooh now raw butternut squash, I've not tried that one before. I'm always nibbling on veg whilst cooking.. absolute fave are raw brussels sprouts, now those with hummous, drooool! I shall have to sneak a nibble of some squash next time I am cooking it though! x

  4. Hope you've finally warmed up a treat (or at least avoided getting chilly and soaked again!) I wrote mine this week whilst eating leftover pie with a spoon before mooching back to work in a mo.

    If you want to eat raw and wear pink then you tootin' falutin' do it, autumn or not! I do love me some au naturel broccoli and sugar snap peas actually, dipped in something delicious. And slippers do not make you old m'lady, slippers are a life necessity.
    Have a bodacious rest of the week filled with lots of cosy feet time!
    M x

  5. There's nothing better than jumping in the shower and filling up on warm drinks once you've been soaked to the bone, and I hope it made you feel better as I've often been caught out in bad weather, with no umbrella to hand! Purple porridge sounds amazing, especially as there are blackberries in there, and I've been enjoying the new stuff from Kings of Leon too. It's a good time for music at the moment, as I keep finding something new each day, and lots of my childhood favourites have suddenly come out and released something new, which is always good! - Tasha

  6. I actually don't have any slippers! I totally need to rectify this. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to have a shower to warm up, I know once I'm a certain temperature nothing will warm me up other than a steaming hot shower!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  7. Right there with you on the showers - I've got awful circulation and warm running water is the only way to get it going again.

    A big nod for slippers, too.

  8. Oh my goodness I hope you're all warm and toasty now!

    This week's wonderful wednesdays have made me feel so cosy and autumnal! I'm like you once I'm cold, I'm cold. A good long hot shower or bath, a mug of something even hotter and lovelier and the thickest fluffiest socks tends to be my go to!

    Your slippers sound lovely, although sheep skin slippers sound super toasty too!!

    I hope you have a lovely rest of the week Sally,
    Peta xx

  9. Hot showers are really wonderful! Especially after being drenched like that - doesn't sound like fun.
    Soft greys and dusky pinks are wonderful. They are the main colours I've got in my bedroom and I love it :)
    And also, I tried mashed banana in my porridge and you were right, I've been missing out! It's so so good.
    Enjoy the rest of your week! xxx

  10. I can not agree with you more about hot showers. I never know if I like my showers hotter than most people or if boys are just sissies, but my past boyfriends have always complained that I like the water too hot. But to me, nothing is better than warm water running on your shoulders! And I am the same - I freeze super easily and just get stuck that way! And yes, I am all about downsizing. While I am totally with you and do not think I will ever be a hardcore minimalist, having less stuff just feels so much more organized and freeing.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  11. Hmm, raw squash, interesting. I've never tried that. I quite like raw courgette myself, it gives a little something to salad.



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