Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #141

{The crispest, brightest most beautiful mornings!}
Happy halfway to the weekend to one and all!  I'm not quite sure where this happy disposition has come from since as I'm working all of the live-long weekend!  BUT it is in order to have a few days off in a row next week which i shall spend selling some things {mainly printed clothes that i have too many of}, planting things {the rest of the daffs, snowdrops and bluebells i have collected for our tiny garden} and.....oh yes bloody well ordering a bloody wardrobe before i drive myself demented.  I have resigned myself to the fact that I'll never get a massive second-hand Victorian wardrobe up our little stairwell and so Ikea it shall have to be.  I do feel a bit defeated, is that weird?!  I'm determined to pick up some second hand bedside tables and a blanket chest to make up for it.  

How are you?!  How has your week been so far?  Mine has been cold and busy and if I'm honest a little bit all over the place!  I'm ready for my day off this week which is actually Wednesday as it happens!  I plan to savour it - to lie-in an extra hour, spread a little bit too much almond butter on my toast and maybe even sneak in a chocolate brownie if i'm feeling the need!  Shall we get onto business?!?!?

1.  Favourite cardigans.  Now that the days are getting colder, i've been digging deep and rummaging through my favourite knits, tugging them out from boxes and falling in love with them all over again.  Just like jeans, i have my favourite collection of much-loved pieces that are a bit mis-shapen, a little bobbly but a lot loved.  I worry that they're so irreplaceable that i wish id bought two of them all way back when.  Except that nobody ever has the hindsight to know how 'favourable' a piece of clothing will become {FYI that would totally be my super power!} and so you could never possible achieve such.  Mmmm I'm wearing my favourite cream cable bobble cardigan as i type....

2.  Mushrooms and rosemary.  On a pizza.  Oh so simple but oh so very yum!  Sometimes the best things really are.

3.  Picking out a new shampoo flavour/type.  I'm so fickle when it comes to shampoo. i rarely pick one that i hate - i mean they all clean my hair don't they?!  But i like to switch up my shampoos and rarely use the same one again.  I spent the summer using an Organix Coconut shampoo and conditioner and have just finished them.  They felt seasonably suitable - afterall who doesn't love the waft of coconut on a balmy summer's evening?!  Now I'm on the hunt for something new.  I'm actually thinking of re-purchasing the same brand but in their lovely Argan Oil range since as i know my parched wavy birds nest will thank me once Jack Frost visits.  Is it just me that gets excited about this kind of thing?!

4.  Parsnips.  Technically served with Sunday's roast lamb most yummy dinner of the year ever so really part of last week but hey ho, they were too good not to shout about.  Smothered in equal parts of wholegrain mustard and runny honey and roasted until they were caramelized and heavenly.  So flippin' good!

5.  Waking up to a warm house.  I'm wholeheartedly so enjoying waking up waaaay before my alarm does the past few mornings this week simply because the heating has clicked on.  There is a certain comfort in both knowing that you don't need to get up yet and also that the clay tiles in the bathroom will be so toasty when you sleepily pad through in an hour or so to splash your face.  And that you have a warm radiator to rest little bottom on while you take the first few citrussey sips of Lady Grey tea on a morning.  

6.  Misty starts to the days.  The kind of mornings where you can see the houses around you's hot water and heating creating a pretty swirl of hot mist into the morning air, just as the sun is rising.  Also the kinds where you spend a good few minutes breathing out heavily to catch your breath doing exactly the same when you should actually be focusing on locking the front door and being responsible.  Oops.  

7.  Eucalyptus stems.  Bought for next to nothing from our local flower stall when quite frankly no kind of flowers in a vase felt almost right at this time of year somehow?!  It's not quite 'berries in vases' o'clock and i feel my hyacinths and past there best somehow.  They've dried beautifully though and have been resigned to the bedside table where they are sitting pretty in an old jam jar.  Our eucalyptus stems are perched proudly in a Kilner bottle and look ever so pretty on our kitchen table.  Plus i can't get enough of their menthol-ey aroma, wafting softly into the room.  

8.  The thought of planning my very first homemade wreath.  Sorry.  Except that I'm not really because i've never had my own front door in the whole of my little life and it's a red front door too.  I am beside myself with joy and i'm actually really rather wondering if having a wreath both inside and out is some kind of Christmas-shaped faux-pas?!?  Thoughts?

9.  Highlighting primer.  Shallow but trust me, finding the wrong kind of highlighter-come-primer for someone as pale and fair eyebrow-ed and eyelash-ed as me is no mean feat.  Get it wrong {which i have spent the last thirty-two years doing - FYI I'm thirty-three this year *weeps*} and one simply resembles the Moon, after a jolly good polish.  I reckon i've nailed the right balance and i love it.  Plus come this time of year my face needs all the highlightin' help it can get.  

10.  First cold weather hat wearing.  Now if you know me you'll know I'm no stranger to a hat.  Truth is i wear the flippin' things all year round and my floppy black Fedora is my 'too often' go-to for bad hair days.  But i've been holding off wearing a woolly hat for as long as i could manage but on Monday morning i could manage no longer!  Wearing my sweet black angora beret with my cosy furry leopard print jacket had me feeling SO snuggly and warm.  I'm looking forward to rifling through the box labelled 'Hats & Such' in our spare-room and to starting to wear some of my favourites!
*  *  *
  Now it's over to you!  Share the very BEST bits of your week so far below or shout about it online on Twitter or Instagram {I'm @sallytangle on either!}.  Also don't forget to bob on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's blogs and read all about the best bits of their weeks' too!  Also make sure to join in with the #wonderfulwednesday chat by using the tag so we can all see!
Happy halfway through the week!


  1. I have a cardigan that I've only worn once. I bought it from H&M in New York and I'm wondering if it might tickle your fancy...hmm,i may have to send you a snap!

    I'm always jealous of your mornings, they always sound so cosy and relaxing!

    You can never have too many Christmas decorations, I say a wreath inside and out is perfectly acceptable!

    Have a good rest of week lovely lady xx

  2. Firstly can we just talk about how beautiful crisp, autumn days are? I love this sunny, chilly weather. I'm not quite to hat weather yet and am not much of a hat person, teach me your ways. In fact yesterday I was in my shorts. However I'm starting to think about warm snuggly clothing and my hoody collection is expanding rapidly. We're aso trying to figure out the heating in Uni halls when some days you don't even have hot water!

    Parsnips featured in our flat roast this week and they were gorgeous. As were the roasted onions. Sweet, sticky and caramelised.

    Homemade wreath sounds just lovely! Your little door is going to look so festive. I say, the more wreaths the merrier. Please let us see the results!

    Have a fabulous end to your week and day off today.
    Kate xx

  3. A wreath on both sides of every door in your house *might* be too far, but just the front door? And maybe the bathroom? And the back door, if you have one? Perfect.

  4. Oh I'm jealous of your warm house! Our flat is really quite chilly, partly because the bathroom window is broken and won't close...

    Misty mornings are magical, aren't they? I'm rarely out that early these days, but I might have to start taking early morning walks, because you've made me miss that time of the day!

    This was a lovely list :) Enjoy the rest of your week! xx

  5. Oh this post!! It made my heart all warm and fuzzy. The very worn and loved cozy knits are just the best this time of year. I think you should definitely opt for a wreath inside AND a wreath outside! I'm all about going OTT at Christmas!!

    Peta xx



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