Wonderful Wednesday #145

 {Look at them apples!}
Hello and ALL of the 'how are you's?!'  I write this on the cusp of a mild delirium caused by a pretty long stint of days in a row at work {Eight if you're askin'} and a very long day of 9am-10pm on Monday due to that wonderful thing we call stock take.  There aren't even the words to tell you how much I'm looking forward to being off on Wednesday..... 

But! On to the great stuff....

1.  Lifts.  Not the elevator-shaped, just the kind hearted 'i know/can see that you're utterly cream-crackered and so I'll come get you if you like' ones.  It's no secret i like to walk. Or ride a bike.  I think i can count on one hand the amount of times i've sat on a bus here where i live and rarely ring a taxi.  Truth is, wherever you are in this little city, you're pretty close to the centre and even though we've moved northwards of the main centre, it still only takes 25minutes to walk it or 12minutes or so to cycle.  Sometimes though, sometimes when you're so very exhausted that you barely know your own name, a lift is good news.  Especially an unexpected one.  There was no greater joy than a heated car and knowing i'd be home in moments and therefore in bed even sooner!  Sometimes gratitude hides itself in the most unexpected of places doesn't it?!?

2.  Glimpses of Winter.  We're only halfway through November-ish and already we've had a few days this week that have felt oh so much more than Autumn.  Last Sunday i very much 'skated' down the hill to work since Jack Frost had covered the city in a white blanket of the most sparkly, glistening of cold, cold frosts.  I revelled in it a lot little bit and enjoyed layering up in my thickest mittens, toastiest scarf and favourite leopard print beret.  I was only sad i couldn't pick up coffee and visit the park for an early morning walk!

3.   Crumpets.  Well always and anytime let's be honest here! But this week they've saved my bacon not at breakfast time but for late finishes at work and savoury-come-a-little-bit-sweet cravings when i haven't wanted too much right before bed.  Peanut butter, chopped banana, crumpets a deux, DONE!  Is it just me who gets secretly excited at the excuse to legitimately have breakfast food for lunch or dinner...?!  

4.  Best marmalade.  To be precise Tiptree's 'Tawny Orange'.  Oh golly gosh it's good!  It's a wonderful dark amber-y orange with the thickest slices of tart orange zest and made with dark muscovado sugar.  And on toasted teacakes as big as my head?!?  YES PLEASE!

5.  That Mr.  For picking me up, dropping me off and for generally always being the person to see me at my very best and very worst in equal measure and never treating me any differently.  Even of sometimes i really could commit murder when i'm hungry.... 

6.  First berries.  Just as the vivid orange canopy of leaves fade first to yellow and then to softer shades and drift from the treetops in a flurry; right there ready and waiting are the very first berries of winter.  I'm not sure what they all are BUT i've already spied me one thing i do recognise and that's HOLLY BERRIES and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

7.  Blankets.  Is there a greater joy than the softest of blankets come this time of year?!  We keep two in the living-room {because sometimes we don't want to share!} and i honestly love nothing more than snuggling up underneath one with a hot cup of chai tea and a chocolate cookie or two.....Being cosy is where it's AT this time of year.  

8. Glitter.  Whilst i'm a print and colour lover through and through this time of year i just LOVE the glittery hints every which way and even though i rarely buy anything to wear that's too sparkly for fear of not getting much mileage out of it once Santa has visited, i can't help but be swayed by a little bit here and there.  I picked up some little glitter pots in silver and gold and some teeny tiny golden stars which i am looking forward to dusting across the very tops of my cheeks soon.  I also picked up a skinny sequinned scarf from work which i have been loving pairing with t-shirts and jeans.  I'm blaming the darker, shorter days for my indulgences!

9.  Being warm.  Lately what with longer shifts, a definite change in the weather and feeling a little bit run down i feel as if it takes me forever to warm up.  Once i am though i can't imagine being happier.  The cold where your little toes, fingers and nose feel a little bit numb and the tip of your nose *might* even display the smallest of icicles...... The only thing for it is the hittest shower, the softest cosiest pyjamas and a hot drink with a book in bed.  Mmmmm.

10.  Apples. Or more to the point the sweet box of apples sat on the doorstep of the prettiest little house on my walk to work on Sunday morning.  Perched next to the kindest handwritten note saying 'Apples, free to a good home - help yourself.' My heart was warmed.  And my tummy too since i've cooked them down and added some All Spice to them and have been topping my morning porridge with them!  

11.  New wardrobes!!!! YAAAAAY!  Not so much yay-ing for dusting off the screw-drivers to put together the bloomin' things if I'm honest with you BUT there is a little joy in the knowledge that very soon I'll be getting dressed out of an actual real life wardrobe and not a cardboard box or black bin bag AND the thought that when i decide what i want to wear, i might actually be able to find it!  HURRAH!  
*  *  *
And with a whizz and a whoosh we're all done!  Don't forget to hop-scotch yourself silly right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's blogs to read all of their smiles, happy things and general merry musings on their weeks so far.  If you didn't need an excuse already.  It's my first day off in eight days this #wonderfulwednesday and i am BEYOND excited to snuggle up with maybe both blankets, bottom-less Lady Grey and maybe a chocolate brownie too!  

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