Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #146

{Jack Frost has been making a little bit of an appearance lately!}
 Ahoy there #wonderfulwednesday readers!  Gosh it really does feel like Winter is well and truly upon us which actually seems rather right and proper {and when are the British seasons ever that?!} seen as come Thursday this week we'll be into December!  I can quite honestly say that summer time doesn't feel like it was that long ago and already it's almost Christmas and i have {predictably!} not even done any form of Christmas shopping or preparation!  When will i learn?!  This week has got off to a lovely start. It's my birthday on Friday and so i've got a few days off in a row to be a little bit lazy and a lot warm!  

Shall we get on to my favourite bits of this week so far?! 

1.  When cold hands get warm.  Bear with me a little here.  This weeks list will mostly all be about the keeping of the warm! You all know i cycle or walk everywhere and lately, on those bitterly cold mornings where the icy air slices into your little knitted mittens like little Jack Frost-shaped daggers at first and then all of sudden you build up speed or momentum {or your legs start pedalling twice as fast maybe} all in a better bid to get the circulation going and bloody pumping?  Well THAT.  That rush of blood to your hands, cheeks, nose and little feet that has your silly mind all fooled into thinking your're warm.  Until you stop.  Sort of reminds me of having PE first period at school and icy morning cross country in SHORTS.  I've crossed my legs just thinking about it....

2.  Nakd Christmas Pudding Bars.  Yes it's true.  It's gotta be a great flavour combo to make me abandon my usual Chocolate Orange variety i'm telling you.  I remember these from last year and spotted them in Sainsbury's earlier in the week.  If you love marzipan and cinnamon and spice and raisins then these are for you.  I've been munching my way through them with Chai tea for company.  Oh YEAH!

3.  Flashes of red.  I'm usually all about the muted colour palettes but somehow this time of year really does call for all of the jewel-hued colours with a little bit 'a glitter thrown in for good measure.  I think it's the antidote to the shorter days.  Whatever the reasoning i'm enjoying digging out my red lipsticks {anyone else only wear lipstick at this time of year too?} and sporting flashes of red where i can.  Read:  Red socks, red tights, etc etc. 

4.  A little flowery guest.  This should have actually been '3b' but she's such a pretty that she's getting her own happy point all to herself.  I also picked up a teeny tiny Poinsettia plant for our kitchen windowsill when i did my Nakd bar smash and grab at the start of the week {see it's ALL about the festive!} and she's sitting pretty upon a sweet blue and white willow pattern plate.   I've named her Rosemary {because if i name a plant there's less chance I'll kill it}.  I hope she doesn't develop an identity disorder with such a confusing name though.  

5.  Scrambled eggs.  Man it's been a while.  I used to eat scrambled eggs at least once a week and now i suddenly can't even remember when i last did you know.  I was chilled to the bone after Tuesday mornings bike ride and had the lovliest plate of salty, buttery and bright yellow scrambled eggs with some grilled baby tomatoes and sauteed spinach and it was HEAVEN.  

6.  Fruit and herb teas.  I'm a water baby.  Not in the swimming sense - in fact if my little life depended on my swimming ability suffice to say i would die.  BUT i do drink gallons of the stuff.  Only at this time of year it's harder to summon up the courage to throw icy beverages down your throat when it's -3 degrees outside.  It's generally an excuse {as if i need one} to pick up a few more herbal and fruit teas. This week i've been guzzling Pukka's 'Three Mint' 'Turmeric Gold' and 'Echinacea and Elderberry' like there's no tommorrow and feeling both warm and raring to go!  Win win!

7.  The BFG film.  For taking me right the way back to reading the book when i was about ten {whilst simultaneously making me want to dig out my old copy and dive right back in} and all of the lovely memories.  I flippin' LOVE Roald Dahl.  If you haven't seen the film GO GO right now!  

8.  Brioche Bread and Butter toffee pudding with apple compote.  I thought bread and butter pudding wasn't reeeeeally my thing.  I have forever ranted and raved that the best way to ever have bread is to toast it and slather it with jam or peanut butter or salty butter.  I may have been proven was like eating a CLOUD of custard-y loveliness and not nearly as heavy as i had expected.  

9.  Peachy perfect sunsets.  And those days when i can watch them un-interupted from our little spare bedroom window instead of having my head busy with other bits and bobs at work.  They're quick!  Gone within moments and we're all blanketted in the dark and the cold until tomorrow.  There's something rather lovely about that, don't you think?! 

10.   My bed.  Is it rather wrong for the first thought of the day to be that of counting exactly how many hours it is until you can be snuggled back under the duvet?  Tell me it's not just me?!? Lately has been so so busy at work that my very favourite part of the day {say apart from breakfast!} is my head hitting all of those pillows and cushions and a little hot water bottle tucked between my knees.  Bliss!

11.  The new H&M Christmas advert.  Peek HERE and prepare to fall hopelessly in love with magic of Wes Anderson and Christmas combined......YOU are welcome my friends!

*  *  *
 And once more another #wonderfulwednesday is all done and dusted! I'd love for you to join in by telling me what's been lovely in your own week so farYou can leave a little comment below or join in the chit-chat online using the #wonderfulwednesday tag too.  Also don't forget to bob on over and visit  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's blogs for even more happy lists!  What's better come these shorter days than curling up with a hot drink and a happy list or..... twelve is that now?!  My heart is well and truly warmed!


  1. I completely agree with the peachy sunsets! I finish work just in time to catch the very end of it every night and there's the tiniest hint of peach left in the sky before it disappears. I also watched the BFG a few weeks ago, I thought it was great, exactly how a remake should be done! Hope you have a lovely week Sally :)
    Laura xx

  2. Happy Birthday for Friday! Hope you have a fab day. ALSO thanks for nakd bar review, I am definitely checking that out on my next food shop! xx

  3. You are so not the only one to get excited about your bed as soon as you wake up in the morning - I am counting down the hours as soon as I wake up (and it takes some persuading to encourage me to leave my cosy nest when it's cold and dark outside!) Happy belated birthday for Friday - I hope you had a splendid day! Looking forward to hearing about what you got up to next Wednesday :) C xx

  4. I'm with you, there's something quite nice about when you get going on the bike and everything starts to warm up again. Especially the face. It was bitterly cold this morning and it took a long time for my face to warm back up but once it did, it was great! I do love a nice frosty and sunny bike ride in the mornings!

    Oh, I haven't seen those flavour Nakd bars! I'm a mint choc kinda girl but I will definitely pick one of those up if I see one!

    I love me some Three Mint from Pukka. It's probably one of my favourites. I recommend you get a thermos, and fill that up in the morning so you have a good few cups of hot tea throughout the day. Thermos and a bike ride... the best! I love packing some tea or hot chocolate in my thermos when I'm out during the day. I'm such an old lady, but I don't even care.

    Hope you're having a lovely Monday!



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