Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #190

{Light glorious light.  The normal coloured kind of magical daylight not seen this week! }
Well hello there You!  Thanks SO very much for making or sneaking a little time in your day to drop by, take a read and check in.  Here's hoping you're well and that your week is whizzing by at enough of a speed that you can...  Get.  Stuff.  Done.  'Cos there's nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment that comes from tick, tick, tickin' stuff and things off a list as long as all of your arms and legs put together and then some.  Or is it just my list that's as long as all of that?!  

That said, i've had a pretty lovely week of trying to make a point to s-l-o-w down my pace and be kinder to myself - both work-wise and personally.  Yes i haven't maybe got through quite as many actual things this week BUT do you know what?  The things i have accomplished have been done with my full attention span, and have been seen through from start to finish and taken care of.  And don't 'they' {whoever these Wise Ones are} always say that quality is better than quantity...?!?  I'll take that!

Ironically as i tip-tap this out to you, after almost three whole days of slowing down, putting me first and trying to not burn my little self all out; i feel as if i'm getting some kind of cold-shaped flu concoction.  What are the chances?!  But FEAR NOT!!  Avocado, crumbled feta and torn up mint on toast is for supper {as soon as i stop wittering here} and i have so many lovely things to share, #wonderfulwednesday -style that i can't wait to get going...

1.  Pink.  Yes always the colour BUT this time we're talking 'P!nk' pink - the artist.  I almost told you she was my guilty pleasure.  But i don't feel guilty at all!  I just love her.  I don't think there's an album i don't adore from start to finish.  I could sing and listen to her on loop-the-loop forever and never ever get tired.  I feel like she really sings from the heart, somehow?! I mean i know it's pop music afterall, but i just love her.  I've seen her live twice and she was FANTASTIC and had so much force, passion and....presence....?!  This week she has been my rocket fuel and more.  Her new {ish} album is the bees knees and i actually need to start typing and stop singing right about now!

2.  A chocolate biscuit and a cup of tea.  Okay let's be honest and say it was more like two cups of tea one after the other and three chocolate biscuits.  But the stomach heart wants what the heart wants.   I was feeling very under the weather on Wednesday afternoon and it was just what i fancied.  I felt a squillion times better afterwards and also had the most productive afternoon imaginable!  Sometimes you just have to listen to your body...

3.  A successful shopping trip.  I wish i could tell you this meant i bought lots of lovely new things at barginous prices or that i'd started my Christmas shopping and had ticked a fair few things off my list already.  Neither of those things happened.  What DID happen is that i wrote a very specific grocery shopping list, in the actual order i knew that i'd find things in the supermarket and got every last thing on my list in about twenty minutes and have our whole week's meals sorted because of it.  I know just what you're thinking don't worry.  That you thought that things really couldn't get anymore rock and roll around these parts, yes?!  I don't even think that there are enough words that even I can concoct that fully explain how happy this made me.  Organisation and efficiency and delicious food...?!?  OH OKAY THEN!!!

4.  Being cosy.  I wonder how many times this or some form of this, will work it's way into this post over the next six months or so?!?  Give me ALL of the cosy!!!  This week the weather has been horrific!!!!  But nothing beats getting home dry, safe and warm and curling up in bed with a hot drink and only the sound of the whistling, whooshing and howling wind and rain outside.  Nothing!!!

5.  Chocolate porridge.  I mean if it was me you'd have me at just the word porridge if i'm entirely honest but CHOCOLATE PORRIDGE?!??  It's definitely been the fixer of all kinds of things this week.  I mean if i didn't live with a boy i'd most likely be cooking up a pot for supper too but unfortunately i can't really getaway with that.  I mean it's.  That.  Good.  And it's not even in a rocket-ty-science-sort-of-a-way.  My usual hazelnut milk, oats, mashed banana and two great big and heaped teaspoons of raw cacao powder all cooked up in one pot.  It's like pudding for breakfast and if there's one thing i love more than breakfast it's pudding.  

6.  Re-discovering old things.  It sort of gives me the same kind of feeling as when i open a package i've ordered online somehow.  Except i forever wish i could remember this before i spend money that i maybe didn't really need to, you know?!  This weeks' rediscovery?  ALL of last years {and the year before and the year before that etc etc...} hats, gloves and scarves.  I haven't worn any yet and even if i don't want to wish away Now {yes me who me?!}  i am really rather excited to cover up my ears and fingers in Fairisle things and be so toasty warm that my ears and cheeks turn crimson-red. 

7.   Stranger Things!!!!!!!!!!  Oh my does that show deserve ALL of the exclamation marks in the whole wide world and BEYOND!!!  We have just finished watching Season One again as a refresher and upon finishing the very last episode and feeling fully up-to-speed; we discovered the Season Two trailer.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I think both of us sat in awe for the entirety!  I genuinely can't remember the last time i adored a TV show quite as much!!!!  Are you as excited as me?!? I'm not counting down the day at ALL...

*  *  *

Annnnd we're DONE!  Tip-tapped out with all of the love and all of the {chocolate biscuit-shaped rocket fuel} that there ever was!!  Tell me about YOUR week?!  What has been your rocket fuel and what is powering you through until Friday!?  I need it ALL this week for I am working all weekend! Remember to hop right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's blogs  and check out there very own happy list too!  Better still share yours!  Or more than that chit-chat with us all using the #wonderfulwednesday tag on all social media platforms.  As ever I'm @sallytangle everywhere!!!
Sending love and happy mid-week wishes!

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #189

{Snapped purely because ^that^ colour combo makes my heart SO happy}
Oh hello there! So nice of you to drop by and check-in!   How the devil are you?!  And how has your week been?  The first few days of mine have been spent tickling and tidying up at home and tootling around on those two wheels since i booked a day or so off to go alongside my days off.  Most people at work think I'm a bit mad not taking a whole week but i've started taking just two or three days holiday every so often and adding them onto to my usual two days off a week and it does me the world of good!  Work has been stressful and tiring and taking it's toll on me these past few months I'm putting me first for a change!!  

SO, i've got Florence and the Machine as this weeks' #wonderfulwednesday soundtrack and i am MORE than ready to list some 'jollities.'  Pretty sure i just invented a word there.....
Shall we...?

 1.  Mornings.  I've always been of the assumption that you're either a night owl or a morning person.  For me, try as i might, my body naturally powers down after 9am and very little can hold my attention {or keep my eyes open!} past that time; save for maybe 'First Dates'.  Even reading before bed can be tricky - i usually manage a page or two before i end up frustratingly rubbing my eyes, trying to focus and doing my best not to read the same line three times!  No, no i have always been much more productive in the morning. That's not to say i leap right on out of bed, cartwheel to the bathroom and make my porridge whilst dancing to Magic FM {okay well that sometimes happens  - the dancing part at least} i still hate actually waking up and being disturbed/taken away from my little cocoon of too many pillows and cushions and huge marshmallow-ey duvet!!!  But once i'm up, i love it.  I love being awake when everywhere is so still and quiet and peaceful.  I use it as my time to think, ease myself into the day and plan what i've got to achieve.  This week my mornings have been even better since i booked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off work so, in short; i've made every morning start like a weekend one would:  Tip-toeing downstairs to make hot tea and then taking it back up the stairs and sipping it under the duvet.  I've had longer lazier and more thought-through breakfasts and burnt candles in the morning whilst I'm sorting myself out too.  You know know how most people wish for a week of Sundays...?  I'd quite happily have a week of mornings anyday!!!

2.  Walnuts.  Me and nuts?  Just like Forrest Gump and Jenny:  We go together like peas and carrots!!!  Jokes aside there really isn't a day goes by without me consuming a nut in some form or another.  It's no secret that i preeeetty much keep Meridian and Pip & Nut in business with the amount of nut butter i get through, but nuts are also my go-to snack pretty much always. I always carry a little box of them in my bag and like to mix up which ones i pick up depending on what i fancy.  I know:  Rock.  And.  Roll.  This week has been all about walnuts.  Possibly one of my very favourites too!  I've been blitzing them with cacao powder, seed butter and maca powder to make energy balls;  chopping and sprinkling them on top of chai and corn cakes stacked high with cottage cheese and best of all:  crumbling them right on top a bowl of the thickest, creamiest greek yoghurt coupled with slices of juicy fig and a great big zig-ah-zig-ah of raw runny honey.  Best.  Combination. Fact.  

3.   Sleep.  It's a simple one but sleeping well and properly isn't something to be sniffed at it's most definitely something to celebrate!!!  Before these few days off I'd been starting to feel run down, tired and a little scratchy-throated!!!  I've been going to bed at my usual time and sleeping so well and it's amazing how much of a difference it's made to how i've been feeling.  Some restful days, bike rides and gulping fresh air down at every given opportunity might have also had something to so with it!

4.  Day-dreaming.  I've always been a dreamer, always preferring what goes on in my head, as appose to the real world.   Especially lately.  I can get lost up there for ages and sometimes i don't really even realise I'm doing it!  When i was younger at Primary school i remember getting pulled up about my news journal at parents evening.  When we were little {there are three of us} my dad worked long hours and i always remember my mum taking us on interesting adventures, trips and days out but i always made them sound a little bit more interesting!!  I'd always write about what we really did, but then I'd add in extras:  fairies, magical lands and celebrity appearances!  Just because I'm a little older, doesn't mean the day dreaming has stopped, it's just far less fairy and more.....'in an ideal world'-shaped.  

Incidentally, what WOULD you do in an ideal world?   

Me?  Well i'd write fiction-based things for websites and magazines or descriptions of things.  Naturally I'd live in the country, with my own walled garden where i also grew my own fruit and veg.  When i wasn't too snowed under with looking after those things; I'd pop in and see how my cafe/concept store was coming along.  It'd all be to support upcoming and small makers and do-ers and be all gift-y and beautifully decorated with parquet flooring, salvaged furniture and sheepskins strewn across the floor and maybe also be in an old re-purposed building with huge floor to ceiling windows.  Oh and the cafe?  Well it would be a vegetarian cafe and most of the ingredients used to concoct our little dishes would be from wasted supermarket food, or naturally from that walled garden of mine at home.  

OH SORRY.  You lost me for a moment then!  Sounds pretty lovely though doesn't it?!

5.    Time.  It's not something i ever have or give as much of as i should and this transfers to pretty much every single aspect of my life.  There's nothing like a few days off work and away from your usual 'do ten million things at once whilst already thinking about the next list you need to make whilst also trying to finish what you are actually doing right that moment and stop wishing that it was already done yesterday when you've barely even started it.' Sound familiar?  If life feels like it's racing ahead at break-neck speed {please tell me it's not just me who feels like this?!  HOW IS IT ALMOST MID-OCTOBER?!}  that's because it is.  This week i've MADE TIME.  And do you know what?  Nothing suffered because of it.  I need to make more of a habit to clear space in my day-to-day.  All of this running and racing and mult-multi-multi-tasking is playing havoc with my whole entire self.    

6.  A new bra {or two}.  Nothing makes you realise how good a properly fitting new bra feels until you buy one and realise how out of shape and in a bad way the one you were wearing was before.  Hurrah for good old M&S underwear {always!} but especially when there is 60% off!!! It really is the simple things...

7.  Tea.  I mean that's another part of the economy {..?} that i like to think i keep afloat.  It's fair to say that i gulp down my fair share of tea in a day.  But nothing makes me feel better like my favourite tea, drank out of my favorite mug {extra bonus points if i'm also wearing my super duper soft sheepskin slippers, slouchy 'ripped a bit too much to be worn outside' grey jeans and some sort of over-sized jumper/cable knit card combo} curled up at home.  Spending a couple of afternoons this week snuggled up at home with good playlist, tea on tap and Pinterest opened was a little corner of heaven {and a perfect 'imagination-stretcher' } if ever there was one.  

8.  Cleaning and tidying.  I'm always fairly tidy as it is.  But for me there's forever been some kind of therapy in sorting, tidying and cleaning and these few days off have been used wisely.  Whenever my mind is busy, hectic or even stressed, tidying is my salvation for when those two wheels of mine can't be.  I'm not sure what it is, whether it's the ordering, the monotony or simply the comfort found in the finished result - either way it feeds something inside of me and brings me joy.  And they do say that joy can be found in the very strangest of places don't they.....
*  *  *

And as quick as it feels as if i started tip-tapping this little post out to you; it's all done!  The light from today has slipped down behind the trees and into tomorrow already and it's almost time to start supper.  I'm having leftover beetroot and mint hummus on toasted sourdough with some crumbly feta and some kind of rocket-ty concocted salad and my tummy is rumbling just thinking about it!  

If this little full-of-words list isn't quite enough happy,  make sure you go hoppin' and a-skippin right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's blogs and catch up with their weeks and the very littlest and best parts of them to boot! Also feel free to share you own happy bits and bobs or join in online with the chit-chat by tagging  #wonderfulwednesday in anything particularly happy-making!  As always i'm @sallytangle every-which-where!  

Happy mid-week you lovely lot!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #188

 {If ever there was a time of year to look up...}
By jingo i'm here, i'm here and i'm finally in my happy place!  I've got my favourite slouchy charcoal-grey jeans on, my huge cream ruffly jumper {i'm having one of those 'i can't get warm' kind of a day}, my hair is piled {allbeit pineapple-shaped} on top of my head in the messiest creation of a bun that you've ever seen aaand i've got my favourite mug {a cream Anthropologie favourite, adorned with a big golden letter 'S'} filled with my favourite Lady Grey tea!  Whitney Houston's greatest hits is tinkling away in the background and i also have my favorite candle lit {Tobacco Pipe Smoke incase you're wondering} Have I painted the scene well..?!  Can you tell I'm pulling out ALL of the stops tonight!  I've had the l-o-n-g-e-s-t -feelin' start to the week and i'm so very ready to hit pause and to sit and list the very best bits!  
And golly gosh we've already almost began and i havent even asked how YOU are?!?  Has your week also been long-feelin' and full of busy-ness?!?  Maybe you too will sit down and think of a few things that have actually meant this week hasn't been as bad or as long as you'd at first thought?!  Oh, did i tell you i'm also having avocado on toast again for supper?!  AND that it's my day off tomorrow?!  And, and, AND i'm also off again this weekend?!?  Suddenly things don't seem half bad AND i haven't even started listing....

1.  Falling asleep to the sound of the most horrific weather.  You know what if i had a penny for every time a customer at work complains about the weather i could be a zillionaire by now!  Us Brits chit-chat {but mostly complain!} about our weather so much don't we?!  Actually we really shouldn't {me included!}.  We're lucky not to get any real extremities in our weather and that it's fairly predictable and not too havoc-causing!  This week though has been filled with the strongest of gusts and heaviest of rain showers!  There is something rather lovely and a lot of comfort too; to be taken in the fact that you aren't out in it and don't have to be AND best of all; that you're all tucked up in bed listening to the whistling huffs and puffs of a gigantuous storm.  I did worry a little bit for the creaking sycamore tree over the fence right next to our window though....

2.  Porridge.  Oh i know but after my few days off and then not being able to pick up my favourite kind of porridge milk {hazelnut incase you're wondering} i'd sort of not eaten porridge for breakfast for the past week or so without even realising and had got into the habit of a breakfast made up of toasted rye bread topped with banana and nut butter.  This week though, well those stormy nights and a notable drop in the temperature come the morning could only mean one thing:  The porridge game was back on.  Monday morning porridge was SO much heaven i can't even tell you:  Mashed banana mixed through whilst cooking and topped {let's face it the VERY best bit} with a zig-zag of honey, toasted pumpkin seeds, toasted coconut and toasted black sesame seeds.  SO good!  I was warmed right through to my little bones and might have wished that i could have a little nap straight after too...

3.  Kind-of Arancini balls.  Only 'kind of' because i'm pretty sure you're meant to deep fry them and we definetly didn't do that and just tossed them in bread crumbs and baked them.  A great way to use leftover risotto i guess but we actually just used normal leftover cooked rice, fried off with spring onions, diced yellow peppers and garlic.  Then we took little bit of mozzarella, rolled them in pesto and rolled them in rice and THEN rolled them in breadcrumbs and baked them until they were crispy.  We served them on top of a crispy kale and mixed leaf salad with baby tomatoes, fresh basil and a lemon-y dressing and they were the bees knees. I might also add they they were also rather lovely cold for lunch the next day.  I love thrown-together off the cuff suppers just like these.  

4.  Winter perfume.  Whilst i'm not in full-on Autumn Winter coat quite yet {i don't want to peak too soon} i have switched up my perfume to my usual colder weather one.  Is it just me that even does this?!  It makes me sound a little extravagant but i usually ask for my two favourite perfumes for Christmas and birthday and find that a bottle of each usually last me half of the year each.  I just find that i prefer a softer, floral scent in the warmer months and a deeper, richer one come this time of year.  There's a little bit of a lovely feeling snuggling into your first few wears of a more cold-weather coat and smelling a sneaky spritz of perfume on it when you're cold.

5.  All the leaves are brown.  {And the sky is grey.  Well except that it's not, it's pitch black but i couldn't resist *wink wink*}.  After this weeks gale-force wind and burst of rain showers, it's safe to say it's definetly also looking a lot more like autumn instead of just feeling  it.  There's no better typically cliche and predictably autumn-shaped feelin' than crisping and crunching through piles of leaves on your way home on a golden sunny evening! 

6.  Slippers.  I only really wear slippers come this time of year and much prefer scampering around barefoot in the warmer months.  Last week i treated myself to the toastiest pair of sheepskin slippers {you know you're getting older when slippers are a treat...} and i've jumped straight into them as soon as i get home each evening and first thing in the morning. One of this weeks' particular highlights:  Stood wearing my cosy slippers, in my pyjamas and favourite cosy cable cardigan, sipping tea and watching the sun rise from the french doors.  I really am getting older....

7.  New Simple Things magazine.  This is a first.  I'm pre-telling you that i love this even though i bought it last friday; safe in the knowledge that i knew i was working until this Wednesday {are you keeping up?!} just  so that i could save it to treasure and devour cover to cover on my day off {tomrrow}.  Is that odd?!  I mean, i havent even read it yet but i know i'll love it because i fall more and more in love with it each and every month.  In fact, i don't even buy any other magazines and just this one.  And the real dream...?!  To write for them one day.  Can you imagine?!?!  Maybe we should campaign for them to have a #wonderfulwednesday spotlight each issue.....

8.  Music.  Not just music though because i adore it every live-long day!  In fact {aside from words because y'all know i love the bones off the english language and of writing and imagining and dreaming through tangled over-long sentences with not nearly enough punctuation - whoops} BUT if there was one medium i could never do without - music would be right up there alongside the written word.  At the end of last week i was grumpy.  Really grumpy.  And for no real rhyme or reason except maybe tiredness.  It's hard to fix something when you don't really know what caused it {or can't fit in a nap at 5:30pm on a Sunday evening!}. So when i feel like that, there's only one thing for it:  Music. Sure enough, an hour and a half of cleaning bathrooms, changing beds and tickling and tidying up {because what are Sunday evenings for anyway?!?} in preparation for the week ahead all whilst that Mr of mine kindly prepared supper all to the company of Magic FM {BEST picker upper shaped radio station incase you're wondering} and such JOYOUS music by Wet Wet Wet, Phil Collins aaand Micheal Jackson and i was CURED.  And i knew i would be.  Never underestimate the power of music.  

*  *  *

And quick as a flash - tea, candles and sing-songin' aside, i'm all done again for another week.  Use this list as you wish:  To inspire you to do the same - to stop, count and be grateful for the lovely oftentimes silly greatness of simplicity OR to even just cheer up your cheeks on a mid-week afternoon or evening or in fact whenever you stop by.  Because the day doesn't really matter does it?!  What really matters is that we make the time to notice these little moments.  That we don't let them pass us by in the rush of a working week or a hustle and bustle of busyness and 'to-do's or that we don;t let the big stuff over-shadow the lovely littler bits.  If you've got room for more {and let's face it we've all got room for as many happy lists as we can fit in} then make sure you scamper right on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's blogs  and read exactly what's been cheering up their cheeks this week too.  Better still share your own!  And tell us!  So we can share them too! Join in across social media channels using the #wonderfulwednesday tag.  As always i'm @sallyangle. 
Same time next week then...?

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #187

{Jumping feet-first into that magical golden autumn light!}
Well good day to you!  How the devil are you and what's new?!  It actually feels like a little while since i was sat writing out last weeks' post - so much so that i had to quickly check the day of the week and also make sure that i hadn't in fact missed a week and not realised!  I once had a dream that happened and my Twitter and Instagram accounts got deleted because of it and i had to go to court to 'redeem' them!  Oddest dream ever AND living {or dreaming} proof that i should really spend less time online!  

Tangents aside {oh but what's a weekly #wonderfulwednesday post from yours truly without diverting from the original case in point at least a few times?!} this week has been really rather lovely.  I've been off work since Friday last week and i feel a trillion times better for it.  Why do i never learn to take it easy?  When will it not become hard to stop worrying over things i can't do anything about and when will i also to accept that i always do the very best that i can and that, is enough.  I know all of this but often {read: always} in the thick of a busy working week i just forget myself and get into such a flip and a flop.  This gal is seriously ready for a happy list! 

1.  Being still.  I've got such a short attention span coupled with no patience whatsoever!  I'm forever wishing something that couldn't have possibly yet happened was already done with.  Or that everything would just be faster.  It likely stems from having to juggle several squillion things at once at work for the past eleven or so years.  This week i have chosen to be 'still-er' if there is such a thing.  Because what is time off and rest if not for slowing down, not missing things, noticing things and simply being easier on myself?  It honestly takes a good few days for me to truly wind down, but this week i'm just really enjoying that process.  

2.  Tinkering.  I'll forever be a 'faffer' and 'fluffer' and a 'tinker-er'.  I'm truly at my happiest when i'm simply pottering along doing something silly like re-arranging a room, making my food look beautiful or tinkering with new food recipes and combinations.  Usually this starts with breakfast but actually, this week i made the yummiest lunch.  So delicious in fact that in true 'me style' i've eaten it for the past three days!    I had two pots of leftover pre-made salad pots to use up.  I'm not really a fan of pre-made 'anythings' unless i can look on the back of the packet and recognise exactly what the ingredients are.  This is a little salad pot from M&S that is literally just a pot of green:  Rocket, edamame beans, broad beans, mangetout, peas and green beans.  I've been really enjoying warm salads for at-home lunches lately so i simply chucked all of this in a frying pan on a low heat with a teaspoon of coconut oil and warmed it through.  Then i added a massive handful of spinach and once it had wilted, i turned down the heat and added a teaspoon of mango chutney.  I piled it high in a bowl, seasoned it and topped it with slices of avocado and toasted black sesame seeds and it was HEAVEN.  The next day i did exactly the same except i had the sticky, warm spicy beans on toasted sourdough with a poached egg.  Mmmmm!

3.  Figs.  Lately they're all i want.  They've been my morning crumpets very best friend every day so far this week - obviously topped with peanut butter and a drizzle of runny honey.  I've also been enjoying them chopped into chunks and dropped into a bowl of the thickest creamiest greek yoghurt; again with a great big drizzle of runny honey.  Did i mention that i'm also loving honey?!?  Well you've probably guessed.  I swear i could write this whole post about food this week.  I love the change in the seasons.  I'm forever inspired by ingredients and food and eating to nourish that little machine of mine; but come this time of year it's ever so nice to switch things up and to have a bit of a re-boot, don't you think?! It's not quite cold enough yet but i'm already excited for celeriac mash, sticky sweet cinnamon potato wedges and turmeric-spiced roasted cauliflower.

4.  An unexpected warm day.  Today in fact:  Tuesday.  It's the day that i write this little post and so far the weather has been GLORIOUS.  I just checked for exact temperature info and it is an amazing 18 degrees!!!  Naturally i did what all us British folk do at any sign of warm weather - i got outside!  I've spent most of the day out and about on two wheels running errands and gulping in great big 'lungfuls' of fresh air and blue skies and feeling the sun on my little cheeks and it has done WONDERS for - well just all of me!  Gotta get that vitamin D fix when it's there folks....

5.  Pink.  Lately it's my absolute favourite.  Okay so it's pretty much always up there somewhere in my list of favourite colours, but lately more so than ever.  But not just any pink:  a veritable dusky blush pink....sort offffff the colour of a pink rose just as it starts to crisp and curl up.  Somehow that colour, well it's my calm colour and the one i'm forever drawn to.  I spend my life {no exagerration} searching for bits and pieces in that colour.  Why?  Because it makes my heart happy.  Do you need any more reason that?!?

6.   Candles, blankets and biscuits.  Okay so it's not cold cold yet but any excuse to celebrate three of my favourite things even more so than usual.  I say that because i pretty much celebrate this trio of wonderful-ness every month of the year but Autumn, well it's most definitely the season for winding down things a little.  Today i picked up some almond, cherry and oat shortbread biscuits to crunch alongside watching The Great British Bake Off later.  I thought they'd go perfectly with our usual mug of spicy chai tea before bed.  And even if i just pop the blanket over my legs.....well you get the same effect.  

7.  The smell of outside the morning after a night-long rain storm.  That was my Monday.  Luckily the grey damp mist and heavy sky lifted within a couple of hours but the smell very first thing:  Well it was delicious.  Everywhere felt so still and quiet and in the distance all you could hear was a cheerful chirrup of sweet birdsong.  It felt like i was the only person in the whole world {okay couple of mile radius} that was awake.  I stood with our french doors open and sipped on my mug of tea, watching the steam from the hot tea curl up and out of the door.  It was a little bit lovely.

8.   Clean fluffy line-dried towels.  I mean this is one of the best things in LIFE let alone just this week only.  Truth be told, now being the proud owner of a teeny tiny garden and washing line, it's something we've been quite accustomed to this Summer.  There's no greater joy than a 'good drying day' let me tell you.  BUT i thought our luck had run out and on the return of Autumn we'd have to resign ourselves back to hanging duvet covers on doors and pillowcases on stairwells BUT ALAS.  There was today {Tuesday} and it's amazing re-appearance of not only double digit temperatures BUT ALSO SUN.  So i predictably washed ALL OF THE THINGS and even some things that didn't need washing at all because THAT SMELL my friends, is heaven in itself.  

*  *  *

And how about you?  What's been cheering up your cheeks this mid-week or better still, what ounce of greatness are using as rocket-fuel to power yourself right through until the weekend...?!  Do share - because i'm nosey and i'd love to know.  Whilst you're here, put on the kettle and hop right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's blogs  and catch up on a handful more happy lists from some of my very favourite internet people.  Because if there's one thing you can't have too many of, it's great big twisting and twirling lists of great and good things!  
Have the loveliest rest of week!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #186

{Falling for all of those golden beams of light lately...}
Hello there and how the bobbins do you do?!  I'm writing this on a Tuesday afternoon instead of an evening since it is my day off this week.  I've currently got London Grammar up loud, the window open and bright golden sunshine peeking through the gaps in the blind in our spare room. Life is good.  London Grammar are. Just. The.  Best.  Her voice.  It travels up and down my spine in pretty waves of lovely and gives me goosebumps all over.  It's just beautiful!

This week has been a funny one.  The kind where i havent really noticed it start but one which i'm definetly looking forward to it ending! I feel like my head's been busy:  like my sleeps have been long and heavy-headed and maybe even IF it was a thing i've been sort of busy in my sleep too?  Do you ever get tha?  I'm ready to count some happy and to sit still, if only for a an hour so and just think about one single thing.  God bless this little haven of a post!

1.  Squirrels.  Actual real life squirrels.  Spotted on this mornings bike ride through the park; scampering around and about and completely oblivious to me and my two wheels parked close by.  They were racing up and down the hugest tree, pinching conkers and swishing their big fluffy tails.  So lovely!

2.  A suitable coat scenario.  Silly but oh so true.  I'm dying to break out my tweed woolly wintery-ish coat but it's also not really that cold once the sun creeps up and has been warming up the sky for a few hours.  This week i re-discovered an old rusty brown trench coat i'd completely forgotten i had and re-remembered {is that a thing?!} how put-together and chic i feel wearing it, no matter what's underneath it!  Today i threw it over my favourite blue jeans and striped navy breton tee and even popped on my sunglasses.  There's something so lady-like and timeless about a good rain mac/trench coat, don't you think?!

3.  Lemon, honey and ginger.  I feel ever so slightly like i'm getting a cold.  It sort of comes in waves.  An odd day or two i've woken up with a scratchy throat.  Then last night i could NOT get warm no matter how hard i tried.  I've been firing everything at it in a desperate bid to deter any kind of looming illness and one of my favourite things has been lemon, honey and ginger.  I mix a teaspoon of manuka honey, some roughly grated ginger and the juice of half a lemon together and top it up with warm water first thing in the morning.  Standing sipping it, and watching the sun slowly peep up from behind yesterday is doing all of the magical things:  ie:  so far ensuring I havent yet caught a cold!  Little victories!  I used to have lemon and warm water every morning when i was working but sort of fell out of the habit in favour of Lady Grey....

4.  Bonfire plans!  One of my favourite times of year.  Is it weird that i might like it more than Christmas...?!?  {retail worker woes}.  This year we've got plans to go to a bonfire set in the grounds of a castle ruin and I'M SO FLIPPING EXCITED!!!!  I can't wait for hot jacket potatoes, for mulled anythings and for cosying up and watching fireworks.  Who can believe we're halfway through September already?!?!

5.  Butter beans.  If you know me you'll know i pretty much like any kind of bean in any kind of way but this week i elevated that love to another level by randomly tossing some leftover butter beans in a pan with some coconut oil and leftover greens {baby kale, peas, sugarsnaps, edamame beans and fine beans} and served them piled high on some mixed leaves and drizzled with sweet chilli dressing and chunks of half of an avocado i needed to use up and it was the BEES KNEES!  It reminded me of how much i LOVE warm salads come this time of year and also reminded me to get more imaginative with my leftovers and my meals more often!  I think it would also be lovely piled on toasted sourdough or with some rice noodles tossed through and some chopped coriander.  Mmmmm!

6.      Kindness.  This point could stretch for miles/words.  I feel a little bit like i've lost my way lately - in a job sort of a way.  Without going into too much detail or boring you to the ends of the earth i feel a bit trapped.  I'm SUCH a creative person and always have been.  But the problem with wanting to do anything vaguely creative for a living is how vast and wide open a path it can be - especially if you've never ever known which path to forge, which direction to take or even if anyone would want to pay for the kind of creative talents that you have.  If i could sing, make and eat porridge, write long and tangling descriptions about anything and everything, take photos or work somewhere preparing nourishing seasonal food {especially breakfasts!} and making it look beautiful then i would feel content.  But all of those things...?!  Where to start and where to stop?!  I digress.  As i usually do!  But this week i have had so many kind words about my writing:  Instagram comments, even a lovely email and a private message on Twitter and i can't even tell you how lovely a feeling that is.  It might just be my natty description of an amateur snap of my feet or the sky but writing the words, well that's my very favourite part and those that take the time to read and talk to me?  Well you're all just the BEST and i can't thank you all enough.  

7.  Golden-ness.  It's that time of year, or at least it's very almost is that time of year:  When the light changes; gets caught up in the first scattering of fallen leaves and casts a magical golden glow wherever it touches.  If i could press pause on now then i surely would.  Aren't the seasons just magic?!  It's been making me crave butternut squash, sticky sweet potato wedges with spiced paprika; ginger and oat crumble topped fruit and figs!  Because cinnamon baked figs with runny honey are just beyond heaven!  If there was a time of year to roast, caramelise or toast everything it would surely be now.  

8.  Porridge with honey.  Nothing else.  A simple, piping hot bowl of creamy porridge made with hazelnut milk, a pinch of pink salt and a really good drizzle of heather honey across the top - perfection!

9.  Meal planning.  This is something we don't really do but something i'm trying to change.  Largely so i don't end up going to the market and three other supermarkets just to get what i want for the week's groceries.  This is the second week of meal planning:  recipe books, scribbled lists and many a post-it AND i'm already wondering why we haven't been more organised for the last seven years of our relationship!  Am i turning into my mother yet?!?

10.  Meridian peanut, chocolate and honey butter.  I bought this today {Tuesday} and havent tried it yet BUT do you know what?  I've never met a Meridian nut butter i didn't like!  I already know i'm going to love this and i'm beyond excited for breakfast tomorrow!  But then that's nothing new....

*  *  *
And that's that.  Another #wonderfulwednesday -shaped happy list sat, pondered and tip-tapped out in an effort to spend a little time each week counting the littlest bits of lovely in my week.  Why not pop right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's blogs  and have a read of what's been making their very own weeks wonderful?  Better still join in with the chit-chat online across all social media channels using the #wonderfulwednesday tag so we can see.  As always i'm @sallytangle  everywhere!
Have a lovely rest of week!


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