Wonderful Wednesday #153

{If you look up sometimes you can pretend it's Spring...}
I'm having one of 'those' weeks.  One that I'm sure my mum would describe as 'just feeling that way out.'  I'm feeling every kind of emotion under the entire sun mixed in with a jolly great dose of tired {worked seven days in a row as of today *puts head in fridge*} and the impending stress that comes from planning going to a wedding {of which I'm honoured to be a bridesmaid for} this coming weekend and a funeral next weekend - which as you can imagine isn't quite as exciting.  I've cried twice in the last twenty-four hours and once was just because i couldn't get all of my stuff back in my locker at work.... 

SO as you can imagine, i need this little list of good and great and ruddy BRIGHT like i need oxygen, no jokes!  Hold on tight.....

1.  Tapestry-shaped bargains.  You know, one of those 'I've been searching my whole life for ____ and then all of a sudden there it is, there right there it's so cheap it's almost free!'  Well in reality they don't happen very often.  I'm a fussy bean, especially when it comes to house things.  What i want {or nine times out of ten have 'imagined' or 'Pinned'} is too expensive or something i can never ever find!  I often tell myself I'll 'make' something instead.  But then i remember real life is, well real life and in reality {and especially at this dark, daaark feeling time of year} i come home, eat tea, shower and sleep {and repeat!} so i never do.  This week i found a ginormous cream and grey woven wall tapestry with tassels and the tiniest little bit of glitter woven through in a soft blue and grey and.  I.  Fell.  In.  Love.  I was convinced it would be a million pounds since there was no visible price tag or label.  On popping to the till i discovered it was meant to be £99 and was reduced to........£19.99!!!!!!  I snatched it and ran!  Read:  Rolled it up as small as i could get it and balanced it all the way home across my handle bars in the rain.  It wasn't my finest moment but i was too giddy and delirious with my bargain that i hardly cared!!!!

2.  Chocolate porridge.  Yes oh yes I'm back, back back well and truly on the porridge bus now - all cold weather breakfast-shaped normality has resumed all!  You can find the recipe for this delightful concoction HERE from a million years ago - and i haven't changed up the recipe at all.  All i do know is that it's the perfect 'get-me-up' on what has already felt like the longest, darkest, greyest and soggiest week that there ever was.  It's also really helping curb those 'a couple of chocolates a day' habit i seemed to have picked up over Christmas.....

3.  Birdsong in the mornin'.  Anything to brighten said doom and gloom of morning-ness!  Lately though, even if it is the tiniest amount more light in the morning come this time of year, the birds are definitely all over that one.  Just incase we all sleep through and forget its day time at ALL due to the general grey cloud that is a-lingering. I'm rather enjoying listening to their sing-songing as i wash my face and get ready for another day.  If that extra few hours of light could just hurry along quick-march too now that would be marvellous.  Thanks.

4.  A good mascara day.  I think I'm probably the worst person in the whole wide world at anything make-up related.  And no matter what, one side of somewhere is always better than the other side of something.  Alas, symmetry is also not my friend.  So when a day arises when both eyes look almost identical and really rather good, it's worth noting; shallow as it may be!

5.  Peppermint tea.  For being a lifesaver ALL of the time.  But especially for a girl who is forever rushing, guzzling, hurrying and worrying - generally all at the same time no less - it's a tea that pretty much has magical properties to calm, settle and relax my insides all in one go.  

6.  Parcels/presents.  I think i've spoken about this before.  I received my little Lush treat order last Saturday and have worked every day since.  I'm eagerly saving it for tomorrow until i open it because it's my day off and it's like opening a little present.  I never ever open anything i order online until my next available day off.  Am i weird...?!

7.  Candles.  But not just candles:  Lighting all of the candles all over the place not only for all of the lovely dancing light and general cosiness BUT for all of the soft, waft-y smells and how lovely it all smells when you're all curled up with tea and something lovely to watch.

8.  The Great Interior Design Challenge.  I can never ever manage to watch all of this series since as it's on every single night {?} i think.  I find it hard to commit to watching something once a week at the best of times!  But this show is a little guilty/not guilty pleasure.  It makes me think that one day my extraordinary 'talent' for 'faffing' and 'tittivating' {as my mum used to call it when i lived at home!} might one day actually turn into a career.....

9.   Goldfrapp's 'Super Nature' album.  You've gotta' love a good old fashioned IPod shuffle am i right?!  This album is still one of my very favourites and has me wanting to swish and swoosh about in flares, platforms and wear glittery eye make-up and put stars on my cheeks.  

10.  The thought of a day off {tomorrow, Wednesday} after an almighty seven whole days in a row.  No further explanation is required i feel...

*  *  *

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 Happy-mid week'in!