Wonderful Wednesday #154

{Two wheeled adventuring!}
 Hi-de-hi and the devil do you do?!  You join me this week still not very much knowing if I'm coming or going BUT at least feeling a whole lot better about the fact!  I'm not too sure if this is a good or bad thing.  I'm cream crackered and mightily looking forward to my day off tomorrow where there will {predictably} be tea, crumpets and lots of cushions.  Oh and some two-wheeled kind of adventure so if you could cross each and everything crossable that it neither snows or rains then that might be nice.  Have i got much else to report?!  Not really.  I've been mostly waking, eating, working, eating and sleeping.  Oh and wearing a jumper i couldn't really justify but justifying it by the sole fact that it's a jumper and it's cold over in this country more than it's warm. Oh and i'll probably wear it with my pyjamas too i love it so much.  So there you see:  a dual purpose, highly practical purchase i did not need.  If i tell you that it's also SO soft, is a perfectly dusky pink AND has sleeves you can only dream about?!?  Then is it OK?  IS IT?!?!?

Let's get listin'........

1.  Peppermint tea.  You know me and my tea and it's true that Lady Grey will always have my heart as my every day pick me up and what i reach for first thing in the morning BUT there's always a place for Peppermint tea and lately with a bit of a nervous 'so much going on' and a tad of a stress-y tum' mixed in with a lot of eating too fast and trying to do too damned much, well it's been Peppermint tea the rescue lately!

2.  Sleeping in your own bed.  I feel like I've been all over the world lately - i haven't; but nights here and there away and a little bit of a mixed up routine {and you know me and my routine by now - am i 80 already?!} makes you realise quite how much you treasure your very own bed and your very own pillows {!!!}, quilt and too many cushions.  

3.  Friends.  And more to the point those friends that, rightly or wrongly or just because life often gets in the way and moves to flippin' floppin' fast you don't get to see or talk to nearly enough.  The kind that when you do, it's like no time has passed whatsoever.  There the extra special ones worth holding onto, fact.

4.  Cobbled together 'end of the month' lunches - especially the January kind - AKA as the   l-o-n-g-e-s-t   month in the whole wide world - that actually turn out to be the bees knees!  Leftover oatcakes, a pot of houmous and a random collection of red pepper, chopped carrot and tenderstem broccoli that had seen better days and were lurking in the salad draw at the bottom of the fridge.  

5.   The feeling of being on the very brink of a new season.  And especially that season being Spring.  I always forget each year that actually after Christmas, in Britain we actually still have rather a large chunk of our Winter still to come!  As soon as that Christmas tree has come down, the walls have been de-paper chained and all the Christmas gifts have been tidily put away and the mince pies have been finished; I'm ready for Spring.  Even of lately it's felt a little too soon to be Spring, you can't help but love all of the little signs each and every way you turn.  I picked up my first bunch of daffodils this week and I'm also excited for the ones i planted in tubs in our little garden to peak their yellow heads through soon.  I've all but finished the cinnamon-ey spiced candles i've been burning constantly over the past few months and i've already got a couple of lighter, fresher candles ready and raring to go.  Roll on Spring!

6.  Late-night supper-shaped treats.  I'll forever be a snacker.  Some how i function better on smaller meals more often with a few things to munch thrown in for good measure.  But the other evening, despite eating a pretty big dinner, i was starving!  I'm a big believer in listening to my tummy and knew that i wouldn't sleep well if i went to bed hungry.  I had the yummiest toasted teacake with marmalade and a big mug of camomile tea and had the greatest night sleep because of it!  That reminds me......i must get some Hot Cross Buns....

7.  Magical Rose Gold Boots.  My kind of sale buy and the sort of boot i can probably count on one hand the amount of times I'll probably wear them BUT when they are reduced from £69 to £15 i couldn't really argue could i?!  I've already worn them once and i felt a *little* but like a super hero.  Now that's hardly a bad thing is it?!

8.  Pinterest.  It's been SUCH a long, long time since i had time to sit and pin and wile away some time simply letting myself be inspired.  Which reminds me i must try and find which box my mood-boards are in {remember those?!}.  The other evening i did nothing but sit and scroll through Pinterest and do you know what?!  It was LOVELY.  

9.  Looking forward.  I know i know one should never wish life away BUT it's been so very long since the Mr and i had a Sunday off together but this weekend we shall!  I'm so excited for a yummy breakfast {maybe pancake-shaped?} a wander somewhere green and a big dinner and a sneaky dessert made together.  Oh and maybe an afternoon film.  Sometimes it's the silliest little things...

*  *  *
And i think i'm done you know!  Don't you dare forget to hop-scotch your little selves right on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle   for more #wonderfulwednesday -shaped action and bundles of great and good things about everyones weeks.  I've been savouring January's posts like gold dust - surely it's the gloomiest, most sorry feeling month and what better than taking time to find the very best bits of it?!?!  
Happy mid-week all!