Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #163

{Not the best photo BUT LOOK at all of the wild garlic!!!}
"By the power of #wonderfulwednesday!!!" {anyone else remember Thundercats...?  Just me then. Oh okay...}.  This week has left me feeling worn out, a bit 'meh' and generally like i just need a bit of time to myself.  Work is a little bit stressful and i think I'm pushing myself a little bit too hard.  BUT i've got two days off together {Tuesday and Wednesday} this week which is a treat itself after working all weekend SO i intend to take it easy.  I'm calling on the power of this sweet spot and my #wonderfulwednesday gang {you can find the link to their posts right at the end of this post} as all i need to get me back on track....

I feel a happy list coming on... 

1.  Green.  I think i've probably sung the praises of all things green on here recently.  Hey that's what Spring is all about isn't it?!  Emerging from all that {feels} dark and grey and 'blah' into flashes of green and bright blue skies.  This weeks' 'Greenism' comes courtesy of the sweet soft blanket of wild garlic that currently carpets the woods than run alongside the cycle path i use through our local park.  I could smell it before i even saw it!  I can't wait for it to flower it's soft white flowers and for the smell to fill the air even more so.

2.  That extra hour.  Because there was no way i was writing a #wonderfulwednesday without expelling my love for the extra hour of daylight.  Even if *technically* that was at the end of last week.  Ah i can't even put into words how lovely it is to wake up and go home in complete daylight.  The sun didn't set today until almost 7:30pm!!!  It really does feel like there's an extra chunk of the day left when i get home of an evening and like the world really is my toaster.  Even if i use that time to 'pootle' around the garden with a cup of tea.  It really is bliss!

3.  Photo friends. I wanted to tell you this little story because it made my whole WEEK. And it only happened on Tuesday!  I pass the most beautiful house with the most beautifully twirly whirly magnolia tree outside each day.  Each day i tell myself I'll stop and take a photo because it really is so pretty but i usually don't.  It's on a busy road {I'm forever worried I'll look like a bit of a plonker!} and right at the top of a big hill {I'm usually on two wheels and flipping cream-crackered by this point} but on Tuesday i did. I was just taking the photo when i noticed that another lady, also on a pretty bike had stopped next to me.  We had the LOVELIEST chat about the magnolia tree, and the house and how we both would like to live there and she confessed that she'd taken a photo the day before also and showed me!  She was so lovely!  I wanted to ask if she had an Instagram account but thought it *might* be one step too far.....Hurrah for blossom buddies and for...well, BLOSSOM!

4.  Warm salad.  I know what you're thinking.  It sounds wrong.  Salad is fresh and crispy and NOT warm.  But hear me out.  I watched a Nigel Slater cookery programme over the weekend where he concocted what he called a 'Spring Vegetable Stew' and he used lots of green vegetables:  Peas, green beans, mangetout, broad beans etc and LETTUCE. I'd never ever thought to have lettuce warm and i was intrigued.  We always have a handful of sad looking lettuce at the end of the week {we do our grocery shop on a Tuesday} so on Tuesday lunchtime i threw.....some edamame beans, some butter beans, some peas, some mangetout and a handful of very sad rocket leaves and a big handful of even sadder looking spinach into a big frying pan on a low heat with a little scrape of coconut oil.  I only warmed them through until the leaves had wilted and then i piled it high on a plate and chopped an avocado on top.  Oh and a little zig-zag of soy and ginger dressing and it was IMMENSE.  I don't use that word lightly.  All the veg i used would have probably been thrown away otherwise, since they were just odds and ends and the leaves were definitely past their best and a little on the turn if i'm honest.  It was easily the yummiest lunch and it's made me think about other ways i can use lettuce warm..... WHAT a revolution! 

5.  Birdsong. i repeating myself?!?  Either the world gets quieter OR  the birds get louder come this time of year but the songs they sing are BEAUTIFUL.  In other ornithological related news our garden has suddenly, quite out of nowhere become the garden that ALL the birds want to come for breakfast, lunch and tea! Hurrah!  Since the addition of a few fat-balls {which i have since discovered are basically bird-nectar!} we've had many types of little visitors:  Starlings, blackbirds, blue-tits and the sweetest little fluffy robin i've named Roger.  I know what you're thinking and you'd be right.  I DO need to get out more....

6. That bike.  I woke up on Tuesdays' day off feeling like i could sleep on forever. Work has been a little stressful lately and the temptation to curl back up and go back to sleep for another couple of hours was all too appealing.  But the sun was shining, it was 8am and I'd already had an hour an a half extra sleep than i usually would on a work morning so i forced myself up and out.  As soon as i got out in the sunshine and rode that bike i felt a MILLION times better.  I think it was a cracking cocktail of sun, fresh air, peace and quiet AND the bike but for the millionth time i ask 'why doesn't everyone have a bike.'  If i was Prime Minister I'd give them FOR FREE.  There's nothing they don't fix there honestly isn't.  

7.  Roasted garlic.  It's not secret i love garlic.  In any form, any way, any how and in anything.  But there's something extra special about roasting those little bulbs:  placing a whole one and lightly crushing it with a knife and dropping a few in amongst some chopped red pepper, courgette and 'past-their-best' yellow tomatoes; tossing them in olive oil and roasting them altogether for a little while.  Once they had softened i took them out, squeezed the sticky garlic cloves from their skins and stirred threw a little raw spinach.  I stirred it altogether a few times - the tomatoes too had gone deliciously sticky and sweet and the spinach wilted down and i could have actually quite happily sat and just ate it as it was.  But instead i stirred it through some warm pasta and seasoned with lots of black pepper and sea-salt and a scattering of toasted pumpkin seeds.  Mmmm.  Just MMMMMM!!!

8.  First warmer weather pyjama-y sleeps.  Which actually just translates {if you're me} as sleeping only in a loose cotton top and pants.  Heaven.  Absolute and utter heaven.  Especially since said day also coincided with clean sheets and hair wash day too.  That was a good sleep RIGHT there.  

9.  Waking up to bright, bright sunlight for three days in a row!  I had to include this as right now {Tuesday afternoon} as i am writing this i've had to abandon ship #wonderfulwednesday and dash out to the garden to bring in the bedding from the washing line as it's POURING rain.  Ho hum.  On a plus though, the spare room-come-office-come 'we still don't what it is yet' room now smells DELICIOUS.  Every rain cloud....

10.  Rhubarb.  I've been really craving something sharp and sour lately and saw some rhubarb in our local Sainsbury's this week and it was SO bright and pink and wonderful and i knew instantly it was just what i wanted.  I've bought a bit too much so I'm looking froward to being a bit creative and trying to use it in a few different ways. First though, I'm DEFINITELY poaching some with a little muscovado sugar and eating it with cold custard.  Just because, is they're ANYTHING yummier??!  They're might also *have* to be a crumble AND i might do something with some for making my porridge pink.  Watch this space....or you know, my Instagram stories.....

*  *  * 

And just like that and as per usual, we're all done and dusted!  I'm loving how easy these happy lists are coming lately.  Even of i've had a bit of a trying week and I'm feeling a little 'not like myself/tired/un-inspired'  etc; i sit here; collect my thought and think for a while and realise that actually I'm really lucky and that in the grand scheme of that thing called 'life' it's actually not so bad after all.  

OH don't you dare forget to pop on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's AND  Emma's blogs and catch their very own happy lists #wonderfulwednesday style!  Because you can never have read too many.  Even if you don't write one yourself, reading a few is somehow quite cathartic and puts life into perspective somehow.  I promise!  
Until next week.....

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #162

 {I've never met a daffodil i didn't like....}
Well HULLO there! How the devil ARE you?!  I'm giddy as a little kipper and high on a fair few cups of tea, the first blue-skied day in far too long and listening to nothing but Destiny's Child for the last three hours.  If there was a guaranteed recipe for happiness then this would surely be it! For me at least.  How about you?  What THREE ingredients would you need for guaranteed 'top of the world' type happy?!  Let me know below....

For now let's get mid-week happy listin' of the #wonderfulwednesday kind shall we?  

1.  First baby rabbit spotting.  Okay so we're going IN with the Spring-ness this week - right from the get-go!  'Cos nothing says 'Hello Spring' more than a bunny rabbit.  Or you know, a Cadbury's Creme Egg.  This week on my {very blustery sunshine-y} day off on Tuesday i was zipping through the park when i noticed the tiniest brown baby rabbit with a fluffy white tail scampering into the grassy verge.  It was SO sweet!

2.  Burning CD's onto the computer.  I feel like i've travelled back in time and all of a sudden I'm scrolling through 'MySpace' at the same time *aherm*.  This week, after last weeks mega 'sort-out-a-thon' i uncovered a box of CD's I'd completely forgotten ever existed.  I've got the BEST playlist ever at the moment as a result AND as i type this, I'm listening to Destiny's Child 'Bugaboo' so loud i can barely hear myself think.  There may or may not have also been some dancing....

3.  Drinking three cups of tea in a row.  OH THE LUXURY!  With no shame whatsoever may i add.  Tuesday's weather was SO sunny {which was good for my heart and soul after it solidly raining not only cats and dogs, but giraffes and zebras and most of the rest of the zoo least last Friday} but was actually really rather FREEZING.  I could barely feel my hands on returning home after a jaunt on those two wheels!!! 

4.  The brightest blue sky and big, fluffy cotton-wooly clouds after what felt like so many grey days of being wet at the start of the day, drying; only to be drenched walking all of the way home again.  Praise be for the magical properties of a blue sky!

5.  A really good fringe day.  Which actually is to be a little bit more celebrated than your average good hair/skin days - although obviously those are flipping flopping marvellous too.   Those fellow fringe wearers will sympathise with how hard the beast can be to tame and that even when its sitting all neat and clean and lovely; one mis-judged jumper removal or sudden bout of static and it all goes awry and you might as well have blow dried your hair in a privet hedge.  Good fringe days = good 'Me' days.  Silly but true. 

6.  Cottage cheese.  Hello 1970.  Okay well not quite since as i wasn't even a sparkle in anyone's  eyes in the Seventies but i can't help but forever associate Cottage Cheese with pineapple and cheese cubes on cocktail sticks, cherries in jars and gateau.  Anyway!  Sometimes you JUST fancy cottage cheese.  No fuss, just a pot and a spoon.  I ate half the pot and followed it with a chaser of sunflower seeds.  It filled that little 'hunger gap' between lunch and dinner and it was glorious!  

7.  Singing.  Singing {maybe dancing at the same time} to one of your very favourite songs at the top of your lungs all by yourself at home is.  Just.  The.  Best.  It's the 'fixer' of all and everything and i wholly recommend you do it right now.  Just don't start tapping your toe to a great song in the queue for the self service tills in Tesco and then start singing, forgetting completely where you are and getting really quite embarrassed when - a good few minutes in - you actually remember where you are and are NOT in the comfort of your own home.  

8.  Cutting hems off old jeans.  It's a trendy-maker extraordinaire.  Or feels like it is.  This week i snipped the hems off two pairs of very old and 'seen better days' blue denim jeans and instantly they felt wearable all over again and i felt much cooler even if i doubt that i really am. Win win!  Hurry up warm weather - my ankles jeans are ready for you!

9.  That Mr of mine.  Do you ever just get weeks where you really realise, a lot more than usual; how much you love someone?  I mean obviously you love them all of the time but sometimes, well there are moments - usually really silly/random ones -  when you are reminded of how special they are and how flippin' lucky you actually are too.  *makes mental note to be grateful of this more often*  Apologies for the 'too much information-ness' but he never reads this little space and so i can getaway with it without it going to his head....
*  *  *

And whizz, bang and BONG we're all done!  Another #wonderfulwednesday list of lovely!  Don't forget to share what's been making you smile lately down in the comments below orrrr by chit-chattin' with myself and the rest of the #wonderfulwednesday team over on Twitter and Instagram using the '###.'  ALSO don't forget to hop over to on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's AND  Emma's #wonderfulwednesday posts and read all about what's been making their own weeks flippn' lovely too.  Better STILL write your own and tell me about it!  1) so i can read {i love a happy list, can you tell?!} and 2) so that i can share it here too!

Happy mid-week all! 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #161

{That right there^^^ is what Spring looks like!}
I'm going to plough right on in to this weeks list head first!  This week has left me feeling so......mentally exhausted!  I feel like I'm not quite sure who is moving my legs and arms 'cos i feel a little bit like i don't have the co-ordination to do so right now!  It's nothing a restful Thursday-shaped day off and some sunshine {can we all cross our fingers and toes for me please?!} won't fix though, fear not.  This week has been all go-go and so this little post is going much the same way.....because right this very second {9pm on Tuesday evening} i can barely keep my eyes open....
1.  Feeling motivated.  I do think that this is something that definetly comes more for me come this time of year:  Brighter, longer feeling days - especially the lighter mornings since i find myself so much more motivated earlier on in the day than later - well they're all a helping hand in helping me feel like i can run the world!  Or failing that just a small branch of Monsoon Accessorize for a week.  Sometimes it's hard to be the only motivat-ER - to be accountable for motivating those around you instead of just being gleefully swept along on a tidal wave of other peoples motivational ways.  In equal measure there is a lovely little feeling that comes from seeing those around you take on board your passion, drive and motivation to achieve too.
2.  Crumpets.  I'm not sure i've really declared my true love for these little guys enough on here.  If you follow me on either Twitter or Instagram you'll know how much i love crumpets.  I've tracked down the best crumpets around too - M&S Sourdough Five Grain Crumpets - if there was a King of Crumpets then this would be he!  They're my breakfast alternative to porridge and have been for months now.  Topped as high as i can make them {without feeling like the topping might tough my little nose!} with any kind of nut butter, a mix of toasted seeds and the ripest sliced banana i can find.  This my friends is breakfast bliss and has been floating my boat this week.
3.  Stretching.  Isn't it the very best thing?!  Hear me out:  Those first stretches when you wake up - cat-like:  all cosy and curled up and waking up and unraveling yourself and stretching your arms and toes as far as they'll go.  Somehow getting up after a good stretch seems all the more possible.  Then there's the pre-exercise stretches:  Those that stretch and lengthen out all of your muscles one by one before you put them through almighty hell!!!  Well there's something quite therapeutic about them, don't you think?  Then there's my very favourite:  The post-exercise kind of stretches:  Clicking and relaxing back into your muscles somehow - making everything feel like it's put back away.  If like me you're a fan of yoga and ballet and the like, these 'end of exercise' bends and stretches are part helping part meditative.  Either way, who doesn't love a good stretch?!?!
4.  Finding a foundation that feels and looks like you're barely wearing any at all.  Now that is the kind of stuff all of the dreams are made of!  Just like endlessly searching for the perfect white tee, the perfect pair of jeans or the perfect ruffled blouse; the search for the perfect foundation will be something that is always tucked away right on the very back shelf of my brain, probably labelled something like:  'The Search Continues.' But for now at least i've found my match.  And as a very pale {probably tranluscent!} rosey pink faced gal, the search is harder than you'd think. Here's to hardly having to spend any time on make up {read:  Spending at least an extra ten minutes in bed stretching!} in the morning and to feeling like your face looks A-OK.
5.  Fennel and apple.  More to the point sliced ever so thinly and shuffled through salad and topped with coriander, edamame beans and baby garden peas.  Could be my favourite combination EVER....  I'm blaming that hint of Spring in the air that's having me craving everything green...
6.  Sleeping for ten hours straight. And completely un-intentionally too.  Let me tell you though i felt flippin' GREAT the day after.  I just know my mum would have said:  'You must have needed it.'  And i think she would have been right...
7.  Chocolate.  Never under-estimate the superhero power that chocolate has - especially on a woman at a certain point in the month.  Are you with me?!?  I swear you could fix wars with that stuff.....

8.  Progress.  Even if it is small or smaller than you'd have hoped in whatever circumstance.  Progress is just that.  I have made more spare bedroom/office shaped progress over these past few days {read:  Chucked more rubbish away - the walls are slowly emerging...} and i am starting to see how i want this room to look and better still, that it isn't a million miles away from it....   Sometimes you've got to champion how close you are to achieving something instead of how faraway you are from it....
9.  Even more lovely #wonderfulwednesday contributors.  This week lovely Emma is joining the ever growing team of lovely, positive, inspirational and downright FAB team and you can catch her first post HERE.  My heart is warmed beyond belief and more than that, i cannot tell you how much i LOVE reading each and every ones post each week.  Hurrah!!!!
10.  Apples from the fridge.  I'll probably be arrested by the 'Apple Police' for saying such a thing as they're probably at they're very best when kept at room temperature blah blah blaaaaah BUT sometimes you just can't beat ice-cold wedges of sour apple.  you just can't!
And I'm DONE!  Huge and whopping thanks are winging there way to each and everyone who joins in each week and writes one of these #wonderfulwednesday s - and also to those of you who always stop by, always tweet or email and tell me about what is inspiring you, making you smile and keeping you feeling generally fabulous because it's the BEST!  I shall be back at the same time next week - but don't forget to hop on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's AND lovely new gal Emma's #wonderfulwednesday posts.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #160

{Those little rays of sunshine are happy-makers extraordinaires!}
How did we get here again already?!  Who can believe we're into the second week of March already?!? Remember when you were little and just Monday to Friday seemed like it lasted forever and the Summer holidays felt like a year?! Now it feels like barely a blink between each of these posts and the seven days that come between each one too.  

How are you?!  Are you feeling a little bit of the warmth of Spring wherever you might be?!  Are you snapping every daffodil, crocus or tiniest bit of green shoot or blue sky furiously like you've never encountered them before...?! Just me then.  Shall we get chit-chattin' about what's been jolly great about this week so far......?!

1.  Sunshine.  When i started to type this post out and began to ponder the things that had made my week good and great and just marvellous so far, sunshine was the very first thing that popped into my head.  There is NOTHING upon this whole wide world that sunshine cannot and will not fix or improve.  And better still, it's free!  And if you live in the northern part of our great country, you'll know how very precious it is and much it should be treasured.  So YEP, sunshine is the BEST.

2.  Behold the first hanging out of washing!  This time last year i didn't even have an outside space or any amount of one to call our own.  Fast forward a few months and i honestly don't know what i ever did without a little patch of garden.  I'm such a green bean.  If i feel stressed or just not myself, being in the great outdoors really does help fix me.  This week has been the very first time there's been any real warmth in the sunshine - or that there's been any that hasn't disappeared as fast as it has appeared.  On Monday of this week i hung out bedding and towels on our little washing line and it was a GLORIOUS feeling.  Even more glorious was the sweet smell that filled our little home later that night after hanging said laundry over the clothes airer to....air...?!?  Enough of the detail, just know it was GREAT.

3.  'Catastrophe.'  If you don't know what I'm wittering about then where on EARTH have you been?!  'Catastrophe' is written by Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney and it might be my favourite TV show at the moment.  It's a British comedy that's just laugh out loud funny and so relatable where relationships are concerned.  SUCH a well written and funny watch!  Go go!

4.  Tea. In the garden.  I know, i know just when you thought it really couldn't get anymore rock and roll around these parts, i drop the T-Bomb.....  I jest.  What doesn't taste better outside?!?  This week also heralded my first mug of tea sipped in our little garden.  Also on Monday afternoon whilst simultaneously 'tinkering' with my little bike:  Washing and quite simply faffing in the afternoon sun.

5.  Booking a couple of holiday days and bumping them on either side of my days off = genius.  I treasure the paid holiday days i get and somehow, running together just a couple of them craftily alongside the two days off i get has been just what i needed this week.  It's also helping that i seemed to have snagged the sunnier half of the week too....

6.  Not loving my hair.  Bear with me here for a moment.  Remember when you were a little younger and doing the wrong thing to your hair - cut, colour - you know the deal - well it was the end of the world.  I couldn't have imagined anything worse quite frankly.   Last week i had my hair trimmed.  Except on a whim as they asked me if i did just want the ends taken off {that's as adventurous as this lady usually gets} i confessed that i really was useless with getting it cut often enough and they asked it I'd like it a little shorter and i just sort of....went with it.     I instantly didn't like it and thanked every god up there that I'd worn a woolly hat anyway and promptly stuffed it on top of my hair as soon as i could afterwards.  It's been a week since and we're still not getting along.  It's nothing drastic it's just much shorter than i'm used to and well.....that's exactly it:  I'm not used to it.  But the groundbreaking part is that i sort of don't care.  I mean i care but it's not made me sad or un-confident orrrrrr well just the way it would have made me feel in the past.  And i like this me.  I like this me a lot!  It's my hair and I'm sure we'll work out how to work around each other and eventually get on but in the mean time, it's not the only thing i've got going on.  I'm okay with that for now.

7.  Avocado.  I know, you either love them or you hate them and i love them.  I'd just sort of neglected them for a while.  But this week i was bobbing into Sainsbury's and they caught my eye.  And suddenly all i could think about were soft poached eggs, salty spinach and avocado.  Is there anything more scrummy?!?  Turns out the 'Avo-Gods' were smiling down on me too since it was the most perfectly ripe and creamy avocado that there ever was.

8.  Sister-shaped catch ups.  Is there anything better than a marathon-shaped catch up that lasts hours upon hours with one of your favourite human beings in the whole wide world?!  The kind where you talk so much, laugh so much and cover so much that you go home feeling exhausted with a sore throat and a headache and don't even mind one bit!  It's cathartic, in a crazy sort of extreme way!

9.  A quiet house.  I mean i know there are only the two of us - heaven knows how I'd cope if there was more!  But there's something rather lovely about a still and quiet house:  All tidy and clean and just me, a mug of tea and nothing but the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind and a little birdsong.  Pretty much as lovely as it gets actually!

10.  Changing the label in my #wonderfulwednesday post to from 'Winter' to 'Spring.'  That's right I'm one of those people.  I actually did it for the first time last week - it being the 1st of March and all BUT forgot to document it.  Since it made my silly little heart giddy i thought I'd share.  I like labelling my #wonderfulwedensday s by season since a lot of what i count to be happy-making things are so season-specific. 

*  *  *
And we're done and dusted for another week!  Don't forget to skip right on over to   Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's and {lovely NEW #wonderfulwednesday -er} Kelly's beautiful blogs to catch up on their weeks and what's been making them really rather wonderful!  Join in online with the chit-chat using the #wonderfulwednesday tag on Twitter and Instagram.  Allwaaaaayyysss i'm @sallytangle.  

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #159

{And so it begins.....}
Well a good day and more importantly HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?!?!?  I feel oh so very ready to see the end of Winter and for a new season.  Let's cross everything that there are blue skies galore and more than that, who else is SO flippin' floppin' excited for the clocks to go forward?!?!?

Shall we get happy listin'...?!?

1.  Hats.  'Cos heavens hasn't it been blustery?!?  *grandma alert grandma alert*  I don't even care, hats have been my saviour lately.  Scratch that, not even just hats.  No-no scarves and gloves too.  Roll on Spring!  I can see little 'peepings' of it here and there but i just cannot wait for everywhere to be filled with blossom and to wear everything in only pink and white all things cotton. Might have gone a little bit far with that one...

2.  Clean linen scented incense oils.  Because we're still a little faraway from quite  being able to hang out laundry out side to dry just yet.  I'm still hanging ours from every available orifice and inhaling the sweet scent of the laundry all day long on days off whilst lighting an incense burner downstairs and upstairs with my favourite 'Clean Linen' incense oil.  Mad, me?!

3.  Sweetcorn falafels.  Who even knew that there were other kinds or flavours of these little dreamboats anyway?!?  Turns out you can add anything into a falafel and it tastes amazing.  Plus it's a great way to use up leftover odds and ends.  And the best bit?  The icing on the cake of falafel-y goodness..?  WELL you can hardly have falafels, crammed into floury wholemeal flatbreads with shredded carrot and lettuce and cucumber without a generous blob of hummus can you?!?!  

4.  New Simple Things magazine.  You know what i haven't even read it yet but i've been buying it long enough now to just know I'll love it. Who else is a fan?! I mean i always love it:  Cover to cover; back to front; upside down and inside out i just love it.  It's also become the only magazine i buy now as of the middle of last year.  I've given up on Vogue, Elle, Red....all of the magazines i would buy religiously {and that cost me a small fortune!} each month and scarcely manage to get through even half of each one.  If the truth be told i used to feel a little bit overwhelmed.  Now i buy The Simple Things and nothing else and it suits me just fine.  I appreciate each and every page and read each and every word and always feel inspired, calm and like i want to try and do a million things instead of just buy a million things.

5.  My natural hair colour.  Who knew i would ever write those words let alone even think them?!?!?  After having my hair cut on Tuesday afternoon there is scarcely any blonde left now except the littlest few bits at the very front and you know what?  I sort of really rather love it.  Looking back at photos to when my hair was light, light blonde is odd.  I feel like my skin looks brighter, like i have to wear less makeup and also like my hair behaves itself even more somehow.  When my mum told me to never ever dye my hair all of some years ago i really should have listened....

6.  A really hot cup of tea.  Tea in general always and forever but after said haircut on Tuesday afternoon i had the iciest bike ride home on which I'd {crazily!!!!} forgotten my gloves!  *gasps*.  By the time i reached home after cycling the two and a half miles i could barely feel my little hands.  Let me tell you that there is nothing more joyful than holding the toastiest cup of tea in your favourite mug whilst resting your bottom on a radiator.  There just isn't!

7.  Soya and lime and sesame dressing.  You know when you make a little dressing and love it so much that you have it on everything ?!? That has been me this week.  A glug each of light soya sauce and sesame oil with a squeeze of lime and BAM:  Perfection right there.  I've been glugging the stuff over everything this week and it's the bees knees thank you please.  It's so simple!

8.  Pinterest.  we go through phases Pinterest and i you see.  Lately though, we've rekindled our original romance. I think because i was looking for new hair ideas, and we've still got lots we want to do with the not-so-new house and i feel like i've been wanting inspiration for revamping the clothes that i already have.....well lately it's been my jam.  If you want to find me i'm @sallytangle as per usual!
9.  Honey on porridge.  Now you know me and my porridge toppings by now!  Well on Monday morning this week i was tired {I'd worked all weekend} and was rushing around and about after sleeping a little later than planned and instead of my usual nut butter/many seeds/cacao nibs/sliced banana et al, well i just drizzled honey all over it and topped it with sunflower seeds and do you know what?!  It sorted me right out.  Sometimes simple is best it really is. 

10.  It being the 1st of March on a #wonderfulwednesday and also the fact that as far as I'm concerned, it's technically Spring!!!!!   S  P  R  I  N  G  !!!!!
*  *  *
Now it's your turn!  Share what's been making you smile this week:  All of the happy bits as little or as simple as they may be; it doesn't matter what they are I'm a nosey parker and I'd love to know.  Better still skip on over right now to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's AND lovely Isabelle's blogs to catch their very own #wonderfulwednesday -shaped happy list!
Happy 1st of March Spring!!!


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