Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #162

 {I've never met a daffodil i didn't like....}
Well HULLO there! How the devil ARE you?!  I'm giddy as a little kipper and high on a fair few cups of tea, the first blue-skied day in far too long and listening to nothing but Destiny's Child for the last three hours.  If there was a guaranteed recipe for happiness then this would surely be it! For me at least.  How about you?  What THREE ingredients would you need for guaranteed 'top of the world' type happy?!  Let me know below....

For now let's get mid-week happy listin' of the #wonderfulwednesday kind shall we?  

1.  First baby rabbit spotting.  Okay so we're going IN with the Spring-ness this week - right from the get-go!  'Cos nothing says 'Hello Spring' more than a bunny rabbit.  Or you know, a Cadbury's Creme Egg.  This week on my {very blustery sunshine-y} day off on Tuesday i was zipping through the park when i noticed the tiniest brown baby rabbit with a fluffy white tail scampering into the grassy verge.  It was SO sweet!

2.  Burning CD's onto the computer.  I feel like i've travelled back in time and all of a sudden I'm scrolling through 'MySpace' at the same time *aherm*.  This week, after last weeks mega 'sort-out-a-thon' i uncovered a box of CD's I'd completely forgotten ever existed.  I've got the BEST playlist ever at the moment as a result AND as i type this, I'm listening to Destiny's Child 'Bugaboo' so loud i can barely hear myself think.  There may or may not have also been some dancing....

3.  Drinking three cups of tea in a row.  OH THE LUXURY!  With no shame whatsoever may i add.  Tuesday's weather was SO sunny {which was good for my heart and soul after it solidly raining not only cats and dogs, but giraffes and zebras and most of the rest of the zoo least last Friday} but was actually really rather FREEZING.  I could barely feel my hands on returning home after a jaunt on those two wheels!!! 

4.  The brightest blue sky and big, fluffy cotton-wooly clouds after what felt like so many grey days of being wet at the start of the day, drying; only to be drenched walking all of the way home again.  Praise be for the magical properties of a blue sky!

5.  A really good fringe day.  Which actually is to be a little bit more celebrated than your average good hair/skin days - although obviously those are flipping flopping marvellous too.   Those fellow fringe wearers will sympathise with how hard the beast can be to tame and that even when its sitting all neat and clean and lovely; one mis-judged jumper removal or sudden bout of static and it all goes awry and you might as well have blow dried your hair in a privet hedge.  Good fringe days = good 'Me' days.  Silly but true. 

6.  Cottage cheese.  Hello 1970.  Okay well not quite since as i wasn't even a sparkle in anyone's  eyes in the Seventies but i can't help but forever associate Cottage Cheese with pineapple and cheese cubes on cocktail sticks, cherries in jars and gateau.  Anyway!  Sometimes you JUST fancy cottage cheese.  No fuss, just a pot and a spoon.  I ate half the pot and followed it with a chaser of sunflower seeds.  It filled that little 'hunger gap' between lunch and dinner and it was glorious!  

7.  Singing.  Singing {maybe dancing at the same time} to one of your very favourite songs at the top of your lungs all by yourself at home is.  Just.  The.  Best.  It's the 'fixer' of all and everything and i wholly recommend you do it right now.  Just don't start tapping your toe to a great song in the queue for the self service tills in Tesco and then start singing, forgetting completely where you are and getting really quite embarrassed when - a good few minutes in - you actually remember where you are and are NOT in the comfort of your own home.  

8.  Cutting hems off old jeans.  It's a trendy-maker extraordinaire.  Or feels like it is.  This week i snipped the hems off two pairs of very old and 'seen better days' blue denim jeans and instantly they felt wearable all over again and i felt much cooler even if i doubt that i really am. Win win!  Hurry up warm weather - my ankles jeans are ready for you!

9.  That Mr of mine.  Do you ever just get weeks where you really realise, a lot more than usual; how much you love someone?  I mean obviously you love them all of the time but sometimes, well there are moments - usually really silly/random ones -  when you are reminded of how special they are and how flippin' lucky you actually are too.  *makes mental note to be grateful of this more often*  Apologies for the 'too much information-ness' but he never reads this little space and so i can getaway with it without it going to his head....
*  *  *

And whizz, bang and BONG we're all done!  Another #wonderfulwednesday list of lovely!  Don't forget to share what's been making you smile lately down in the comments below orrrr by chit-chattin' with myself and the rest of the #wonderfulwednesday team over on Twitter and Instagram using the '###.'  ALSO don't forget to hop over to on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's AND  Emma's #wonderfulwednesday posts and read all about what's been making their own weeks flippn' lovely too.  Better STILL write your own and tell me about it!  1) so i can read {i love a happy list, can you tell?!} and 2) so that i can share it here too!

Happy mid-week all! 


  1. Oh, I do love cottage cheese. A staple when I was growing up. I must buy a tub and eat it immediately with a spoon! I love a good fringe day too, but it rarely happens to me. Which is why I'm growing mine out!!

  2. Oh I love these posts and you know that it's spring when baby bunnies are on this list! Also, that's a beautiful shot of the daffodils too, they're such lovely, sunny flowers. Also, love all of the upbeat, happy things here from singing and dancing to burning CD's onto the computer to dance even more! I love it. Here's hoping the good vibes and blue skies continue into the weeks ahead. - Tasha

  3. Blue sky, BLUE sky, what is this of which you speak. Clearly you must have moved to some exotic location since we last spoke, hehe. It just seems to have been grey and raining for ever... I probably missed the blue sky stuck in the office at work, sob. Hope the rest of the week brings your much loved blue skies... x

  4. I LOVED this you goreous, fringe sporting, cottage cheese eating, cheesy music listening goddess you! I started singing when you mentioned the singing to yourself, cheers for the reminder my love! I hope you have an amazing rest of the week full of blue skies.
    Peta x

  5. Sunshine, spaniels and tea. That's my three. All the live long day.
    You are SO right about the fringe situation, it can make or break a day. I hopped back into fringedom last year with one hell of a bang and the struggle is real. That one day though, when it's absolutely spot on is just....ach.
    Yay for the love too. It's always nice to appreciate those who make the world a better place for us.
    Happy midweek lovely one
    M x



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