Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #161

{That right there^^^ is what Spring looks like!}
I'm going to plough right on in to this weeks list head first!  This week has left me feeling so......mentally exhausted!  I feel like I'm not quite sure who is moving my legs and arms 'cos i feel a little bit like i don't have the co-ordination to do so right now!  It's nothing a restful Thursday-shaped day off and some sunshine {can we all cross our fingers and toes for me please?!} won't fix though, fear not.  This week has been all go-go and so this little post is going much the same way.....because right this very second {9pm on Tuesday evening} i can barely keep my eyes open....
1.  Feeling motivated.  I do think that this is something that definetly comes more for me come this time of year:  Brighter, longer feeling days - especially the lighter mornings since i find myself so much more motivated earlier on in the day than later - well they're all a helping hand in helping me feel like i can run the world!  Or failing that just a small branch of Monsoon Accessorize for a week.  Sometimes it's hard to be the only motivat-ER - to be accountable for motivating those around you instead of just being gleefully swept along on a tidal wave of other peoples motivational ways.  In equal measure there is a lovely little feeling that comes from seeing those around you take on board your passion, drive and motivation to achieve too.
2.  Crumpets.  I'm not sure i've really declared my true love for these little guys enough on here.  If you follow me on either Twitter or Instagram you'll know how much i love crumpets.  I've tracked down the best crumpets around too - M&S Sourdough Five Grain Crumpets - if there was a King of Crumpets then this would be he!  They're my breakfast alternative to porridge and have been for months now.  Topped as high as i can make them {without feeling like the topping might tough my little nose!} with any kind of nut butter, a mix of toasted seeds and the ripest sliced banana i can find.  This my friends is breakfast bliss and has been floating my boat this week.
3.  Stretching.  Isn't it the very best thing?!  Hear me out:  Those first stretches when you wake up - cat-like:  all cosy and curled up and waking up and unraveling yourself and stretching your arms and toes as far as they'll go.  Somehow getting up after a good stretch seems all the more possible.  Then there's the pre-exercise stretches:  Those that stretch and lengthen out all of your muscles one by one before you put them through almighty hell!!!  Well there's something quite therapeutic about them, don't you think?  Then there's my very favourite:  The post-exercise kind of stretches:  Clicking and relaxing back into your muscles somehow - making everything feel like it's put back away.  If like me you're a fan of yoga and ballet and the like, these 'end of exercise' bends and stretches are part helping part meditative.  Either way, who doesn't love a good stretch?!?!
4.  Finding a foundation that feels and looks like you're barely wearing any at all.  Now that is the kind of stuff all of the dreams are made of!  Just like endlessly searching for the perfect white tee, the perfect pair of jeans or the perfect ruffled blouse; the search for the perfect foundation will be something that is always tucked away right on the very back shelf of my brain, probably labelled something like:  'The Search Continues.' But for now at least i've found my match.  And as a very pale {probably tranluscent!} rosey pink faced gal, the search is harder than you'd think. Here's to hardly having to spend any time on make up {read:  Spending at least an extra ten minutes in bed stretching!} in the morning and to feeling like your face looks A-OK.
5.  Fennel and apple.  More to the point sliced ever so thinly and shuffled through salad and topped with coriander, edamame beans and baby garden peas.  Could be my favourite combination EVER....  I'm blaming that hint of Spring in the air that's having me craving everything green...
6.  Sleeping for ten hours straight. And completely un-intentionally too.  Let me tell you though i felt flippin' GREAT the day after.  I just know my mum would have said:  'You must have needed it.'  And i think she would have been right...
7.  Chocolate.  Never under-estimate the superhero power that chocolate has - especially on a woman at a certain point in the month.  Are you with me?!?  I swear you could fix wars with that stuff.....

8.  Progress.  Even if it is small or smaller than you'd have hoped in whatever circumstance.  Progress is just that.  I have made more spare bedroom/office shaped progress over these past few days {read:  Chucked more rubbish away - the walls are slowly emerging...} and i am starting to see how i want this room to look and better still, that it isn't a million miles away from it....   Sometimes you've got to champion how close you are to achieving something instead of how faraway you are from it....
9.  Even more lovely #wonderfulwednesday contributors.  This week lovely Emma is joining the ever growing team of lovely, positive, inspirational and downright FAB team and you can catch her first post HERE.  My heart is warmed beyond belief and more than that, i cannot tell you how much i LOVE reading each and every ones post each week.  Hurrah!!!!
10.  Apples from the fridge.  I'll probably be arrested by the 'Apple Police' for saying such a thing as they're probably at they're very best when kept at room temperature blah blah blaaaaah BUT sometimes you just can't beat ice-cold wedges of sour apple.  you just can't!
And I'm DONE!  Huge and whopping thanks are winging there way to each and everyone who joins in each week and writes one of these #wonderfulwednesday s - and also to those of you who always stop by, always tweet or email and tell me about what is inspiring you, making you smile and keeping you feeling generally fabulous because it's the BEST!  I shall be back at the same time next week - but don't forget to hop on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's AND lovely new gal Emma's #wonderfulwednesday posts.


  1. What a whopper of a list. I find these lists just as important if not more so on those slow, just making it through kind of weeks. That motivation sounds quite marvellous! It's hard to be the motivator, I agree so knowing you've got that bit of pizazz to help everyone else is just the ticket. This sunshine and brightness is making my feel so much more ready for the day especially early in the mornings.
    There is nothing better than a post work out stretch. I feel like all my hard work gets ingrained into the muscles and I have that tiredness that comes from working hard.
    I love love love that you've mentioned progress. Sometimes we focus so much on the goal that we forget quite how far we've come. Recognising it always amkes me feel better.
    Sometimes all you need is chocolate!
    Have a gorgeously relaxing Thursday and rest of your week lovely xx

  2. I really need to hunt down these sourdough crumpets! I'm with you on the chocolate front too, my guilty pleasures lately have been a giant Kinder Egg Easter Egg and glasses of nesquik chocolate milk! Enjoy your day off on Thursday :) Laura xx

  3. Hope your mind is quieter this week lovely Sally. Also, you've definitely advocated fridge apples before! Mega deja vu as I remembers recoiling in horror last time too. On account of sorely teeth, not the unadulterated joy of a fridge cold apple. They are fab.
    I'm off to make up that salad, good shout.
    Have a fantastic rest of the week, filled with progress of all sorts.
    M x

  4. A brilliant list, and those crumpets sound fabulous, they will definitely be finding their way into my basket soon. Hoping to be joining back in with the wonderful wednesdayness this week after a brief interlude! x



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