Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #167

{It's ME!  At one of our very favourite places to leg-stretch and explore the green!}
How do you doodle do #wonderfulwednesday writers, readers and 'head-popper-inners..?!'  You find me flailing a little this week.  I mean, may i just say:  How is it only Tuesday {as i write this}?!?!? It feels like the l-o-n-g-e-s-t of weeks that there ever was which is probably my own fault since I'm off the whole of this weekend coming and since my last weekend off was so very lovely, well i mean i just CAN'T WAIT dammit!!!!  I know, i know because I'm always telling everyone else to not wish there 'everyday' away but sometimes it's hard.  Is it odd that i almost don't want Friday to come because as soon as it does it'll whizz by and before i know it, it'll be Sunday?!?!?  Sometimes there really is no pleasing this little bean....

So maybe we should get listing..... 

1.  Honey.  I mean i can take and leave the stuff.  I use it, and maple syrup a lot to sweeten things rather than using a refined white sugar and i find that if I'm feeling under the weather, a teaspoon of honey in any of my favourite teas, is the biggest hug in a mug that there ever was.  But lately?  Well i've been sort of loving the stuff!  It's mostly just been cascaded over almond milk porridge with a scattering of mixed seeds on those mornings where 'simple {read: easy} is best and my co-ordination and 'awake-ness' levels are particularly low....

2.  Cut grass.  Yes to the smell and YES to the sigh of it.  I love a tangled cottage-y feelin' garden and in my head that's how I'd love ours to be but honestly...?  I just don't have the time {at the moment at least} to over-haul our very square and neatly-edged garden.  We just have a patio and a little square of grass and so most of the plants we I kill grow, are in big and little terracotta pots.  The last couple of weeks we've given the lawn it's first proper cut since Winter and it looks so neat and tidy and lovely.  Plus the smell was a bonus.  Is there anything lovelier than the smell of freshly cut grass....?!?  

3.  Hummus.  Buzz off -1 degrees on Monday April temperatures!  I'm going to eat my way into Spring and Summer even if the weather isn't playing ball!  *stamps foot*.  I love hummus any time of year and could quite happily eat a tub with a spoon and call it dinner {i have never done that!  Aherm.  Sorry i think there's something caught in my throat...}.  Lately though it's been my go-to lunch condiment.  I'm already excited for tomorrows chopped carrot and celery combo with a little snack pack of seeded oatcakes thrown in for good measure.  Don't tell me i don;t know how to live!

4.  Washin' whites.  There's something a little bit lovely about a) hanging your washing on the line to dry in general but mostly really b) when it's all of your pretty white cottons all clean and bright and sparkling and their blowing in the breeze on a sunny Sunday {that really was only 5 degrees and yet somehow, somehow that Spring breeze won and i brought them in dry at 4pm!  Hurrah!}.  I'm just getting them ready for when Cumbria decides it's going to give us actual Spring-shaped weather conditions.  I mean, I'm on my marks ready to go....

5.  New tea.  Hells bells is this weeks post just all rock and roll and wild!  I'm not even sorry.  My names' Sally and tea makes me happy! This week when pottering on my lunch at work {the lethal kind where you should really probably leave your purse at work} having had to wade through a violent five minute hail shower; i picked up two very lovely things from M&S.  The first a pretty packet of Wildflower seeds and the second a new tea:  Rooibos, vanilla and cocoa nib.  Doesn't that sound like the dream 'before bed' milky drop that ALL of the sweetest dreams will be made of?!?!?  I'll report back.  Well you know, if anyone cares as much as me since it's only Tuesday evening when I'm-a tip-tappin' this and so I've yet to try it..... *drum roll*.  

6.  Forgotten hand-creams.  Silly but true.  Since it's dropped a few million degrees in temperature up North this week {have i mentioned that yet...?!} i've been left with hands so dry {a stubbornness to NOT wear gloves/mittens in April...tsk..} i could sand a piece of wood.  Almost as if the stars aligned and the universe came to my rescue i stumbled across a fancy pants tube of the stuff some kind soul had bought me for Christmas i think and have had it in my back pocket for most of the week...

7.  Pesto.  Yes more food-y related nonsense.  'Cos that too says a little bit 'Summer' or warmer weather at least dontcha' think?!  It's been stirred through charred and roasted peppers and courgettes which in turn were all mixed up in a delightful tangle of pasta and also flicked {creatively i thought...} across a pizza before piling it high with rocket and shoving into the oven.  I just cant' get enough of it's herb-y goodness!!  Anyone got any other great ways to use pesto...? Pesto porridge...?  No, no.  Too far!

8.  Surprising sunshine.  Oh yes the kind that comes right after the stormiest, windiest hail shower so cold it made my little cheeks hurt.  It was flippin' lovely though and i sort of basked in it, stood still for a moment, the way that you do.  Before seeing the black clouds ahead and scampering for cover pronto.  I mean i feel grateful for sunshine at any rate lately but there's something even more grateful-giving in the kind that you really, really don't expect, you know?!

*  *  *   
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Happy mid-weekin'!!!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #166

{Things that make me happy number 1234567899:  A little blanket of 'sunshine' on a less than sunshine-y day}
Hello there.  Tell me, what month are we in again?!  Oh, April  you say?  I'm sorry it's just that i woke up this morning to a blanket of white frost and a weather man that told me it was MINUS ONE outside.  Can somebody send - not just any sun - but the kind that feels warm and means i can plant my baby sweet-peas in the garden and they can stop living on top of the refrigerator in the kitchen because quite frankly they're starting to look a bit ridiculous.....


Oh where were we?  Yes!  A #wonderfulwednesday -shaped happy list is in order...Pardon me.

1.  Coffee.  Okay so just one coffee.  Don't go fretting and worrying your lovely little head for i haven't gone mad and tea is still my one and only and pretty much always will be BUT, right this moment I'm chilled to the bone and so very tired and somehow, a coffee when we got in and i realised I'd yet to tip-tap out this post and so dinner would be a little while; well the coffee came 'a callin'.  It's something i have to really be in the mood for and i think the last time i actually had it miiiiight have been at least a fortnight ago BUT, sometimes you can't beat the warmth, bitterness and little whoosh that i flowery mug of coffee brings.  I only wish i had a biscuit or two aswell....

2.  M&S Chiccy Choccy Eggs.....or you know AKA as M&S' version of the infamous Cadbury Mini Eggs.  Actually and quite controversially I think nicer than the Cadbury ones.  I'm just putting it out there....  I didn't go too mad this Easter:  We indulged in the sweetest softest, toasted buttered Hot Cross buns for breakfast on Sunday and then some M&S chocolate eggs.  Because you can't not mark the occasion at all , it's RUDE!  Weirdly enough i didn't really fancy chocolate much on Sunday.  They went down rather well on Monday evening with a big mug of chai tea before bed instead though.....

3.  Birdsong.  Now it's not something i've never mentioned here, but lately in particular what i've been ever so grateful for is extra early morning birdsong.  For one reason or another...and one which i cannot pin point but that i hope sorts itself out very soon BUT i've been waking up ever so early each day - since Sunday infact.  I can't get back to sleep and end up snoozing lightly until my 6:30am alarm.  What has been lovely is listening to nothing at all except the song of the first little birds when it's still dark.  I mean it must be about 4am...ish?! Lying there all cosy in the dark listening to nothing but just that has made the fact that i haven't been sleeping so great actually not too bad at all....

4.  New shampoo and conditioner.  Okay so not even new but an old favourite shall we say?  When i coloured my hair, even though i wanted to use shampoos without sulphates and parabens and use those that were a little more natural; well my hair had other ideas.  It was forever like a sponge and needed at least half a bottle of super strength 'something' just to get a comb through it.  Fast forward over a year and now my hair is back to its natural colour I'm suprised at how little washing, shampoo and conditioner and general styling it even needs.  I treated myself to Lush Cosmetics 'Daddio' shampoo and 'American Cream' conditioner after running out of my usual set-up.  I'd tried both of these products in the past and adored the smell:  Daddio is a violet shampoo and is deep and heady and wonderfully scented - so much so that i can still smell it three days after washing my hair!  And American Cream is a vanillary strawberry concoction that is just heaven.  They're honestly both the only shampoo and conditioner combo that i have ever used which has scented my hair the longest and made it so very swishy and shiny to boot!  There is something quite lovely about beautiful smelling hair....

5.  Wildflowers.  Despite the pretty much arctic temperatures up north this week, those pretty little wildflowers are defying the odds and popping their little heads up here there and everywhere!  I gathered a little bundle on my walk home through the woods on Bank Holiday Monday after work - a little present to myself - and i've now got the prettiest posy of wild bluebells sitting pretty on our kitchen windowsill.  And you know what?!  They smell pretty lovely too!

6.  A clean white t shirt.  I've got only a handful of favourite tees.  You know the ones:  They're constantly on rotation and those extra soft, perfectly fitted and baggy in one t shirts that are just the epitome of comfort for ANY day but especially the ones that have left you feeling a little less than happy.  There really isn't anything lovelier than your favourite white cotton t shirt - fresh from the washing line and thrown on with your softest, slouchiest denims after a hot shower and the longest of days.  

7.  The smell of tomatoes.  This year I'm hoping to try and grow some tomatoes.  But since the daffodils i planted in our garden are only just flowering i wont go getting my hopes up anytime soon....  This week though has been the first time i've picked up British Vine tomatoes from the market and I'd forgotten how beautiful they smell.  The lovely man in the market gave me the strangest of looks as i stuck my nose in the brown paper bag of vine tomatoes!  That sweet smell of green is just the smell of summer, don't you think...?  I've currently got them in a little china bowl on the kitchen windowsill so they can sweeten in the sunshine and are hopefully oblivious to the fact that it's only five degrees out there....

8.  A new candle.  Because i love to light them all year round and not just the colder months.  There's something completely different about lighting a candle at this time of year though.  I pick up softer scents:  We've currently got a Lilac Blossom, a Peony and a Sandalwood and vanilla candle on rotation in various rooms.  There's something comforting about candlelight, no matter what time of year.  

9.  Sunflower and pumpkin seeds.  I'm starting to think I'm the only one who could eat handfuls of these little things non-stop.  Usually just as a stop-gap in between meals but lately, when there's time i've been toasting a handful of each in a dry frying pan with nothing but sea-salt.  Then chopping up some of ^those^ tomatoes; drizzling them with olive oil and then tossing through torn up basil leaves and toasted seeds.  It goes with everything and is getting me so excited for more Summery flavours....
*  *  *
And with a hop, skip and a jump {or a half an hour spent with a mug of coffee as big as my head and the promise of dinner being made for me} we're all done for another week.  Seriously where do these weeks go?!?  It feels like only yesterday i was lamenting over mince pies, woolly hats and everything cinnamon and now it's all almost Summer {almost being the very operative word!} and well; Here we are!  Don't forget to skip right on over to   Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's AND  Emma's blogs and catch their very own #wonderfulwednesday posts!  And remember to join in online as always; remembering to use the #wonderfulwednesday tag so we can all see and have one big #wonderfulwednesday mid-week shindig and jolly big catch up!  Are you in?!

Happy mid-week-in!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #165

 {Because, blue skies and green are instant happy-makers!}
I'm positively cartwheelin' into this week's post!  I know, i know i mean when did i swallow my whole back catalogue of happy-shaped #wonderfulwednesday and hiccup such happiness?!?  I'm sort of putting the weekend off i had last weekend alongside the fact that i worked Monday and had Tuesday off this week and so wasn't quite my usual exhausted self when it came to tip-tappin' this out come Tuesday evening.  How are you?!  Tell me you've had sunshine and blue skies and been feeling a little Spring-y too?!  I mean it's hardly tropical up here BUT we've dipped our toes ever so slightly into double figures on occasion this week and that must be celebrated alone!  
Shall we get listin'?!?!?   

1.  Loose-leaf tea.  Now you know me and how much i love my tea.  I mean it's always been tea over and above everything, even when i was a little dot.  There was a brief 'few and a half' years through uni when i 'dilly-dallied' with coffee and pretty much kept our local afloat with my daily visits.  But then i always come back to tea.  My preferred 'brew' of choice usually being Twinings 'Lady Grey.'  Except this week i delved to the back of the tea cupboard {yes it has a whole three-shelved cupboard dedicated to it here in Tangle Towers} and discovered some Fortnum & Mason loose leaf teas we'd got bought as part of our annual Christmas hamper from the Mr's family and OH MY. Where have i been?!?  Why am i so late to this little loose-leaf tea party?!  It's SO much more delicious!  So delicious in fact that it's *whispers* replaced my usual morning Lady Grey already..... If you know me and my tea then THAT my friends is BIG NEWS....

2.  Singing.  Or more to the point, singing to Adele.  Now it's nowt new to harp on about singin' on this sweet spot - heavens it's not the first time we've chit-chatted about it but lately, it's been sort of...fixing things.  It does that to me, music i mean.  Whether I'm listening OR singing it just sort of puts all things right again somehow.  I often wish i could write a song.  I mean on paper {'xcuse the obvious pun} it's something i just should be good at:  I adore words - describing something by twisting and turning and dancing along each and every syllable.  And music?!  Well it's one of the very few things that gives me goose pimples.  You know apart from a flipping big draft.... SO YES SING!  For you can fix anything with a little tune, you know?!

3.  The perfect little leopard bag.   I mean we've never talked about it openly here but you should know it's one of those things i've been searching my whole LIFE for.  Just like the perfect pair of jeans, the perfect white's that kind of a classic piece, don't you think? This week all of my dreams came true and i snagged the sweetest little leather leopard print cross-body bag.  I can't WAIT to show you.....

4.  Rediscovering my old mood-boards.  I mean they're not that old {you can 'flick' through them by tapping the menu bar up ^^there^^} but it's been an AGE since i opened them and had a peek.  There's something so lovely about an actual real life PAPER mood-board.  Now it's all 'pin, pin, Pinterest.'  And you know what, i've hooked up my favourite few pages in our spare room and they feel just as relevant now as they did when i made them.....far too many years ago to admit to to be honest!

5.  Weekends spent.  Technically part of last week now BUT i wont tell if you don't.  You know what i don't think the Mr and i have had a weekend off together that wasn't booked in or taken off for something specific {weddings, visits, family things etc} since we moved house last....August?!  Somehow life just sort of got in the way.  Last weekend though i was off - which since as I work in retail is a golden treat in itself - and the Mr tootled home on Friday and announced he was taking the whole weekend off too!  Not only was there sunshine, and little lie-ins and lazy breakfasts and curries and films but we also just pottered about:  Visited a garden centre, made some lovely food and sorted out the house.  It was the loveliest!  You know what as much as i profess my love for my days off being often through the week, maybe all of you '9 to 5-ers' are on to something....

6.  A Street Cat Named Bob.  I've wanted to watch this film ever since i saw the trailer way back when.  Somehow at the time though, i couldn't find anyone who wanted to see it quite as much.  We watched it on Saturday evening with tea and biscuits and it was the PERFECT simple, heart-warming little tale!  Even better that it was based on a true story.  I do love a happy ending....

7.  Feelin' ever so inspired.  Call it the weather:  the lighter, longer days or simply just the result of having a couple of days in a row rest {a foreign concept to me most of the time!} but lately i've been feeling all kinds of 'ready and raring to go!'  I feel like i've been Springing out of bed {sorry, more puns} and jumping into each day with gusto.  Not sure what that's all about.  I wish i knew because i've felt so much less stressed, and have been sleeping so much better to boot too.  

8.  The sheer JOY {or is it just me?} that comes from sofa cushion 'poofing' and hoovering and cushion cover washing and then line drying {BEST thing} only for the house to smell all clean and lovely FRESH!  Gaaah is there ANYTHING BETTER?!?!?
*  *  *
And with a whizz and a bang and positive POOF we are all done and dusted {Spring cleanin' on my mind always lately?!?}.  Don't forget to cast your pretty peepers over    Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's AND  Emma's blogs and catch their very own #wonderfulwednesday -shaped happy lists.  Because i don't think there's such a thing as too much happy listin'.  Am i right?!
As always, join in online with the chit-chat, remembering to use the #wonderfulwednesday tag in any Instagram snaps or Twitter gossip that's vaguely #wonderfulwednesday -shaped - sharing is caring afterall!

Have a lovely rest of week all!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #164

 {Flowers always!}
Hello from me! And to a week that has somehow so far felt the  l-o-n-g-e-s-t  of ALL weeks!  Even though I've been busy and not stopped I really can't believe it's only Wednesday!  It feels like it should be much, much further on in the week!  This week so far I've been 'summer-ing' up my breakfasts {it's almost time for making granola i feel}, relishing the joy of wearing a jacket and not a coat; lamenting the end of two of my favourite TV programmes:  'Catastrophe' and 'This Is Us' and wearing my hair wavy and not straight.  

And just when you thought it really couldn't get much better than that, here's this weeks #wonderfulwednesday happy list too... 

1.  A second cup of tea.  Never underestimate the {super!} power of a hot cup of tea at just the right moment.  Gulped down - not out of greed or haste but simply because it was so good and so needed and hit just the right spot that only a perfectly brewed cup of tea can.  Followed closely {read: i actually started making another cup of tea towards the end of said cup!} by another one barely moments after this one had finished.  Not quite as perfect {as regular tea drinkers will understand - the second cup never is - even if all conditions are the same - perplexing..} as the first but delicious and utter Monday-shaped rocket-fuel!

2.  Open windows.  I mean we're not quite there at night yet but only the other day on a sunny afternoon i sat, tip-tapping and replying to emails and such in our little office-come-who-knows-what and had the window open.  The sun was high in a cloudless blue sky and i could hear the birds chirruping at each other - so lovely!  I also did a little bit of yoga downstairs one night this week, early on before sun had begin to sink into tomorrow and did so with the french doors open just a little.  Bliss.  Is there a better tonic than fresh air?!

3.  Rhubarb.  Craved on a whim late last week and realised after spotting the pinkest little packet full in our local Sainsbury's.  It's something i must learn to grow now we have our own little green corner.  I hear it's quite easy, and since I'm the least green-fingered person you'll ever meet; well that can only be a good thing!    Chopped roughly, and -blip-blipped' away slowly on the hob with only a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a glug of maple syrup for sweetness. I dolloped {as surely that's all you can do with it?!} it high on top of Monday mornings chai seed and vanilla porridge and it was a rhubarb and custard-esque breakfast i shall be repeating...

4.  The most perfectly ripe banana{s!}.  I've spoken about this at length with real people in real life this week.  Everyone has their own preference on banana-ripeness.  Mine have to have the faintest 'dot-dot' of brown spots and they're good to go.  Anymore than that and we're in banana bread/freezer territory.  This week they've been my saviours!  I feel like i've been lacking in 'va-va voom' somewhat and they've been my snack du jour and bad mood lifesaver on many an occasion!

5.  Wishing and wanting.  Like probably every other 'what feels like everyone' {so sorry to be that person'} i've been trying to watch my pennies a little more and after a big clear out-cum-'sellathon' at the start of the year {and big plans to finish off the house this summer-ish} i've been really thinking about purchases; making myself wait and using my Pinterest boards as inspiration to re-use older clothes and accessories in new ways.  I haven't not spent a thing but i have found myself not buying items as easily and the ones i have bought over the past few months i have really and truly looked forward to and treasured.  Just the way i think things should be.  Even if it is hard not to get all excited and carried away with new season pieces!  Hands up who else wants all of the floaty white cotton things and sunglasses and sandals even if it probably will rain more than it will be sunny?!?!?  Just me then....

6.  Silence.  Because you know what?  Life is noisy.  This week everywhere has felt loud and noisy and a bit...much?! Not to go all drama queen on you but i've really been treasuring that later-lighter walk home with nothing but absolute silence and fresh air.  Oh and always taking the scenic route through the woods even if it does take a little longer.  That little snippet of green does me the world of good also...

7.  A last minute 'i can't be bothered to really cook' and don't know what i want for supper kind of supper which actually resulted in the best cobbled-together concoction of flat breads, falafels, houmous and a big pile of green leaves.  Oh and plenty to eat for leftovers for lunch for the next two days!  Win win!

8.  First day of sunglasses wearing.  Who cares if actually they ended up prettily perched on top of my head and actually were mostly used as a headband since i forgot they were there to start with?!?!? The point is:  GOODBYE WOOLLY WINTER HATS!!!!

*   *   *
 I've got an actual Monday to Friday working week this week so no #wonderfulwednesday reading for me on a lazy 'I've done all of my jobs'-shaped Wednesday afternoon! Hurrah to reaping the full and magical properties of a hump day and #wonderfulwednesday extraordinaire though.  I'll be catching up with   Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's AND  Emma's blogs speedily on my lunch hour and storing up all of the positive powers and great things from their weeks and i hope you'll do the same too!  

Remember to join in online on Twitter and Instagram with your #wonderfulwednesday chit-chat or to share what you're using as magical rocket fuel for the rest of the week.


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