Wonderful Wednesday #170

 {When ^that's^ your commute home...}
Hello's all round and big waves too and even bigger hurrah's for the fact that we're already halfway through this week!  For me it's a week that feels so flippin' long because i haven't had a day off since last Wednesday - I'm all discombobulated and today feels far more Friday and far less Wednesday than it should and quite frankly all kinds of upside down! 

If you are casting your pretty peepers over this sweet spot on Wednesday morning as keen as the keenest bean then i shall be jetting up to the pretty city of Edinburgh for a work meeting.  I've booked an earlier train that gets me in an hour earlier than i need to be purely because it made me SO sad the last time i went up for work and meetings ran over and i ended up spending the whole day in a hotel before leaving and getting straight back on a train.  What can you even do in Edinburgh for just an hour?!?  Gosh i feel i could spend a week there and only scratch the surface!  Nonetheless, I'm going to arm myself with a big cup of tea and wander - cross your fingers and toes that its dry will you?!

Enough about gallivanting and more, more, MORE happy things 'cos this week this gal needs all the extra rocket fuel...

1.  Waking before my alarm.  Not the best and yet lately it seems to have become a bit of a habit!  Instead of rolling over, grumbling and sleeping terribly for an odd half hour, i've been getting up and moving a little slower; sneaking in an extra mug of hot water, ginger and lemon and doing a little bit of stretching.  It seems to make me feel lots better:  Less thrown into the day and more....ready?

2.  Brazil nuts.  If you read last weeks post you'll already know I'm switching up what i eat for a few weeks in a {to give you the ever so brief and edited version} bid to reset things a little.  This week Brazil nuts have been my go to for in between meal snacking.  If I'm being really honest i've only ever really given them the time of day when they're covered in dark chocolate.  This week i picked up a little bag of them and I'm hooked.  They're meatier {?!}, a little more substantial and great crunched alongside a really sour green apple.

3.  An accidental too many snips of my fringe.  Anyone else with a fringe will know and appreciate the daily struggle of maintenance.  Heavens often it's a miracle if we leave the house without mine standing up on end or looking like i've slept face down and rubbed my face in a pillow all the live long night through!  After having had a fringe for many years, i've sort of got the hang of trimming it myself - good job since it seems to grow at least 50% faster than my actual hair!  But last weekend i slipped and cut it far too short.  It's one of those things, there was nothing i could do to hide it and i knew it would grow back but i still felt a bit conscious.  Ironically SO many people have said nice things about it!  And without me even explaining the slight 'excitability' with the scissors a few days before.  Who knew?!

4.  Cottage cheese.  For being so blooming simple and brilliant and again being another 'something' i can do many things with:  for being a great all round dunking vessel for many a chopped carrot, radish or stick of celery.  For being the PERFECT accompaniment to a seedy rice cake {or TEN - because let's face it, you do need a fair few of the little devils!} and for even being just the ticket to stick a spoon right in straight from the fridge after a long walk home.  If you ask me, cottage cheese is underrated.

5.  Berries, berries, BERRIES.  Because nothing else quite tastes like summer than a big bowl of berries with torn up mint leaves and an almighty scoop of the thickest creamiest greek yoghurt you can find.  FACT.

6.  Rain.  No your eyes AREN'T deceiving you, there i said it:  RAIN.  The weather up here has gone all kinds of funny peculiar:  All angry showers that can't come fast enough followed by the brightest 'eye covering' bursts of sunshine for mere moments before it all happens again ten minutes later.  Walks home through the little cut and up through a sweet hidden forest have smelt AMAZING.  Even if i've had an umbrella up and down and UP and DOWN.  I'd quite happily bottle the smell of damp rainy green and flowers and smell it all day long!

7.  Porridge.  Because since things have gone all topsy turvy food-wise around here and i've been finding my feet, i'd sort of abandoned the stuff in favour of rye toast and nut butter.  Largely since I'm not allowed to eat bananas and everyone knows that porridge isn't half the porridge it could be without a mashed banana through it.  Turns out stirring through coconut oil and frozen berries and topping it with toasted seeds and a great big drizzle of almond butter is actually okay too.

8.  Bare legs.  That's right.  As it turned out in ended up to be a bare legs in the rain kind of a day in the end but still it was bare legs all of the same.  Luckily i wore sensible shoes.  Nothing quite beats the feeling of fresh air tickling your knee-caps!
9.  Really late evening birdsong.  I mean we're talking 11pm here which I'm sure is way, waaay past a little birds tweet/bedtime no?  Either way, with our window open a little crack and on a night where i couldn't seem to stop the 'noise' whizzing and whooshing around between my ears of thoughts and such like; it was a welcome and pretty distraction that sent me straight off to the land of Nod!
*  *  * 
What's been making your week memorable then?!  Better still, what's your secret rocket fuel that's keeping you going until the weekend?!?  Tell me because i'd love to know!  Don't forget to go and bob right on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's  #wonderfulwednesday 's and wrap your peepers around even more kinds of lovely happy lists.  What more do you need from a Wednesday?!?
Happy mid-weekin' folks!