Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #171

{Favourite shoes and sunshine!}
Well oh well what have we here then?!  ANOTHER #wonderfulwednesday and list of silly happy making nonsense designed to propel one through to the weekend you say?

Oh okay then.  So far this week has been higgledy-piggledy for one, having not had my usual day off and routine.  You know me and my routines, one little deviation and I'm all over the place.  There's some kind of comfort in knowing where you are and what you're doing in the world, as lovely and inspiring as a little spontaneity can be at times.  I like to know what I'm having for breakfast in the morning, you know?

It's worth noting i felt compelled not to share a list this week due to the recent events that unfolded on Monday evening and into Tuesday - the day that i usually tip-tap out this little post.  I was born in Manchester and have a lot of friends and family there.  Then it struck me that i should go right ahead.  Because as heavy-hearted and as sad as i feel, more than ever it seems important to count the little things and my own blessings and be very grateful for everything.  Even more than ever.

Shall we....?

1.  Kindness.  In the many guises it takes every day - little and large.  This weeks 'notes of kind' so far?  A lovely gentleman not only holding the door for me as i meandered through M&S on a mission to pick up a mirror, but also for saying 'Good morning' too. People don't do that often enough, i don't do it often enough.  And telling somebody that they looked beautiful in what they were wearing for no other reason than they did and i felt they should know it.  I want to make a point of counting the kind more often. We all should.

2.  A through breeze.  The kind only achieved by having the kitchen window, the french doors and both bedroom windows open all at the same time {and crossing everything that no doors slammed shut in the process} on a warm almost Summer-feelin' afternoon.  Because fresh air fixes everything.  

3.  Saturdays spent together.  I know it was last week but since my days off are all-muddled and be-fuddled i hope you'll excuse me.  We never get a Saturday together.  It's just the way it is and that's okay, we work around it and make Sunday's extra lovely because of it!  But last week i was off the Saturday and back in to work on the Sunday.  The Mr went into work for a couple of hours leaving me curled up in bed.  Then i walked to town in the pouring rain to grab some bits and a coffee and he picked me up and we went a wandering around an old salvage yard and then had a lovely chat over coffee.  It was just nice you know?!

4.  Nectarines.  Because you know when you just get that Summery feelin' and want to live off nothing but fresh strawberries and nectarines?  Yes that.  I've got a bowl of the little dreamboats on our kitchen windowsill and i can't wait for them to soften and ripen and to eat them sliced on top of cottage cheese with torn mint leaves.  Mmmmmm!

5.  Hearing nothing but the wind tickle the leaves in the trees on a sunny afternoon bike ride.  That and nothing else.  

6.  Perfectly cooked scrambled eggs.  There's such a small window between perfectly creamy and still soft,  and over-cooked isn't there?!  This week i nailed them!  And had them with fresh Dill, avocado and a peashoot-y salad for supper and it was DIVINE.

7.  Natural greek yoghurt.  It's all i've been craving lately and I'm enjoying using it as a vessel for anything and everything but mostly strawberries and chopped hazelnuts.
8.  Coffee sipped outside on a sunny day.

9.  That feeling when you've cleaned the house top to bottom, emptied the laundry bin and sit down with freshly washed hair, clean pyjamas and the treat of also clean sheets.  That my friends is winning at everything and a sure-fire way to have the very best sleep of your whole life!

 And just like THAT, we're all done!  Don't forget to hop right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's blogs to catch up on their happy lists!  'Cos you can never have too many happy lists, can you?

Happy mid-week folks!


  1. Love your shoes in this post - how soft and pretty! H xx

  2. I am eating a bowl of scrambled eggs whilst reading your post haha x



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