Wonderful Wednesday #172

{A last glance at Spring before it's June and Summer all of a sudden!}
I'M sorry but how is it now already?!?  How is it Wednesday when Saturday only feels moments ago?! How is it that we're nearly in JUNE and so pretty much dipping the edges of our little toes into SUMMER?!?  It genuinely doesn't seem that long ago since it was Christmas ?!?  Do you feel it too?!  This week has flown by at lightening speed and in the way where i barely feel as if my two feet have touched the ground.  It's weeks like these that i am grateful for this little post:  Stopping, even if it is jut for an hour on a Tuesday evening; it's an hour to think, to reflect and to count my blessings in a week that might have sped by and hurtled into another without me even realising!  Having something happen at the same time each week; whatever that may be is a good 'stopper and marker' of even just time itself.  

Shall we count some goodness?!?!?  My little soul needs it!

1.  Chocolate CoYo coconut yoghurt.  I bought a tub ages ago in a fancy pants hipster deli shop and haven't spotted it since.  This week i spotted it on our weekly shop in Sainsburys and it was on offer.  I'm not sure if I'm allowed to eat it yet {if you read last weeks, the week before that aaaand the week before thats post you'll know that I'm cutting out yeast and sugar for a little while} and my next appointment with my Naturopath is tomorrow {Wednesday of this week} so please cross all of everything that i can eat sweet once more because i cannot wait to tuck in!  It's the richest, creamiest pot of lovely that you'll ever eat!  

2.  Energy.  Something i have so rarely taken for granted.  This whole 'lack of sugar' lark hasn't massively affected me in terms of missing things - in fact the only thing i've really missed are bananas and raw cacao powder {do i need to get out more...?} but this last week i have really, really been struggling energy-wise and it's the sort of time where I'd naturally reach for something sweeter to give me a bit of a boost.  I have never cut anything out of my diet before and had never noticed it before how much not having sugar made a difference to me until it wasn't there anymore and not even the bad kinds of sugar either!  I have been feeling woozy, light-headed and like i needed to eat twice as much food just to get through the day!  It was only on Monday this week that i have started to feel a little bit more energetic.  If you need me I'll just be quietly sitting here, hopefully counting down the hours until i can eat a banana....

3.  A new pot of cleanser.  I use Lush Cosmetics 'Ultrabland" cleanser {could not and would not ever live without the stuff - it's a miracle worker, have you tried it?!} and you just can't beat opening a new tub.  It's a rose-y, honey-y, beeswax-y treat for your cheeks!

4.  Frozen blueberries.   One of the very few 'sweet things' i can nibble at the mo' and so rightly, i've been putting the little blighters into and onto every single thing you can imagine!  Scattered on top of rye bread slathered with cottage cheese and mint leaves......dropped into warm almond-y porridge with a jolly great drizzle of almond butter or even warmed up and swirled into greek yoghurt and scattered with toasted nuts and seeds.  I'd never really picked up blueberries so much until these past few weeks.  Turns out they're rather yummy!

5.  A cool breeze.  Last week was lovely - warm and sunny and lovely but as it headed into the weekend it got SO humid and muggy.  God bless this week's slightly cooler temperatures and delicious evening breezes that are much more sleep-friendly and kind!  Even if you do have to have the odd shower along the way....

6.  Pip and Nut Almond butter.  For being the perfect amount of runny and thick which is a perfect nut butter consistency for dipping and zig-zaggin' in and across anything and everything or sometimes {let's be honest!} straight from a spoon!

7.  Sleeping in your under-crackers.  With the window ever so slightly open and the softest, whisper of a light-cotton duvet cover.  Heaven!

8.  Spotting a surprise Elderflower bush right at the bottom of our little garden and already pin, pin 'pinnin' away all of the ideas on what to make with them!  Anyone got any lovely ideas...?!

9.  The most perfectly ripe avocado.  I know, i know but these kinds of things never get old, am i right?!  So perfectly ripe in fact that i was able to mash it in its skin, save on the washing up and i also ended up eating the whole lot because it was so damned yummy not to.  

10.  Scrambled egg-shaped suppers.  The kind of evening where you just don't know what you want, you can't be bothered to really go to all that much effort and so decide on making scrambled eggs.  The kind of supper that also turns out to be just what you wanted all along and really; any kind of breakfast-come-brunch shaped meal for supper is always going to win awards in my little book!

*  *  *

SO come on, do share - tell me what's been making your week lovely so far please?!? Answers below or better still chit-chat with us on Twitter or Instagram using the #wonderfulwednesday tag.  I say 'Us' because there's a whole lovely LOT of great gals writing happy lists of their very own!  Skip to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's blogs and make sure you have a nosey at their #wonderfulwednesday lists too!

 HAPPY mid-weekin' all!