Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #173

{Without a little rain, there would be no green!}
I have had so many mixed feelings about writing this weeks post.  I'm going to, because I'll be damned if the world or the world's events or anyone puts a stop to any kind of positivity, happiness or good feeling, in whatever form that may come.  

Without going into great depth and detail, I feel a little bit like I've lost my way with the world at the moment - almost as if that faith that i have is the wobbliest it has ever been and being positive is hard.  That mixed in equal measure with feeling so grateful for what i do have and for each day and feeling like i need to work on those kinds of feelings and use them to somehow propell myself through...?  As someone who claims that words are her 'thing' {well you know that and porridge, crumpets and wearing as many colours and prints all at once!} - they're increasingly hard to put together and to make sense of at the moment.  Whilst this post is forever a positive one; i also wanted it to be a real one too.  This list is hard this week.  And it's bloody raining to boot!  I'm drinking bottomless peppermint tea and have mostly eaten an entire bar of hazelnut chocolate as big as my head this afternoon {Tuesday} though so that's helping in small amounts....

Let us dig the deepest that we ever have and share some silly, little and happy bits!  

1.  Good sleep.  The heavy-headed, nothing can wake you kind that only comes from being absolutely worn out.  But one that you wake from feeling like a new person entirely and also in the exact same position that your head hit the pillow the night before!  

2.  Editors.  Because; and here's a little story for you; i saw them live in the rain at V Festival many moons ago and so for that reason alone, they're my rainy day go-to playlist.  It was a wet festival and i remember being soaked.  So much so that water was actually running down my nose!  But nothing else mattered but the music and it sort of seems to fit greyer days.  Go forth and listen to them today - especially if it's raining where you are too.

3.  Kindness on Twitter.  I've said this a million time over but i genuinely wish i could get all of my Instagram and Twitter followers together for a jolly good knees up - oh okay a tea party with crumpets a plenty and bottomless caffeinated beverages.  Either way, they're great and i wish i could tell each one of them face to face.  They inspire me, cheer me up and make me feel normal as much as any of my real-life friends do.  The internet is pretty special at times, no?

4.  Peanut butter and banana.  I know, i wonder how many times i have mentioned this one?!  It really is a no-brainer and for the girl who up until just under a week ago couldn't eat bananas, well that deal just doubled - TRIPLED even - QUADRUUUUUUPLED.  Okay you get it, i love bananas!

5.  New diffusers.  Since most of our home is open-planned downstairs I'm always over-concious that it doesn't smell of last nights supper!  As you can imagine this does nothing for my over-zealous candle purchasing {ho ho ho!} but lately i've also been loving diffusers.  My favourite place to pick them up lately is Sainsbury's {I'm forever lusting after most of their home department already anyway!} and this week i picked up a new one in an Orchid and Coconut scent which i've carefully tucked away behind the television on the sideboard.  It's currently diffusing all of our home with what can only be described as the scent of Summer:  a little bit vanillary, coconut-y and clean - sort of suncream-y.  ANYWAY it smells lovely and it means at least it smells like Summer inside especially when outside just smells......wet.

6.   Hugs.  Never underestimate the power of a bloody good hug.  Especially one that you weren't really expecting and one that you apparently just looked like you needed.  Hug someone today!  You'll make their day.

7.  Love.  In ALL of the many ways it sneaks upon us and especially those silly little ways that aren't always as simple as a straight forward 'I love you' and probably mean the most:  Kisses on foreheads, hand-holding without even giving it a second thought, tea made in your favourite cup and not needing to explain things always - Love  and togetherness are the most powerful things lately:  Tell someone you love them and better still - hold them the tightest that you ever have.  If you take anything from 'Lately' be it that life itself is the most precious that it's ever been and that you should take nothing for granted. 
*  *  *
Go go!  Go and wander right on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's spectacularly #wonderfulwednesday posts because lately we need all of it - all of the great and good and happy things and we need to treasure each and ever single one of them!  Huge and whopping thank you's to each and every one of those ladies for taking part too.  Here's hoping they articulate a post much better than i have this week.......{FYI normal much more positive service will resume next week i promise}
Sending love to each and every one,


  1. Sending hugs to you!
    It's hard to stay positive with the news and election as well as your own life to potter through!
    Have a cup of tea in the sunshine!
    wonderful wednesday really does make you think - actually my week hasn't been so bad. Its the little happy moments all us wonderful wednesday ladies share that makes the week a positive.
    take care xxx

  2. You've done exactly what you do best and spread the positivty with so much grace, despite feeling so deflated from the world right now.

    Your 100% right. Love is so important and life so precious. These past few weeks tragic events have made me not take anything for granted.

    I hope you start to feel much more like yourself soon <3 xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  3. There's most definitely no good articulation for 'lately'. I just don't know what to say or do, but powering on with the positivity just feels like the right way. Blimey, I'm sending you the most massive of hugs Sally. If only that knees up could happen because I'd squeeze you in the massivest of bear hugs. Remember you are the one that has us all appreciating the positive moments of life and for that you should be super proud.

    On a more light note, thank god for bananas and the fact that you can eat them again.
    Much love Kate xx



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