Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #174

{When the grey clouds make way for the prettiest wander home after work...}
Hello.  How do you do?!  Remember me?  Just askin' 'cos i feel as i lost my way a little bit with last weeks post.  I mean i know that this post is all about digging deep and finding the goodness and last weeks still was, but it was hard for me to write that with what has been happening in the world.  Whilst i feel a little bad for that probably being the least happy-reading one I've ever written, I'm in equal parts half-comforted by the fact that i was honest and upfront with exactly how i was feeling.  I'm struggling a little bit lately, it's hard to not be overwhelmed with the real world somehow?  I just need to remember how lucky i am, to continue to be grateful and thankful and to count my blessings each day.  Sometimes in a world as big and as....uncertain as ours; it's counting the littlest bits of lovely that keep us all sane.  Me at least! Shall we get going...?!?

1.  Looking froward to things.  Is it just me who thinks that sometimes the process and run up to things is a lovelier feeling than the things itself?!?  What are YOU looking forward to this week?

2.  Crumpets.  Back on that bad wagon SO hard.  After those few sugar and yeast-free weeks {yes i promise I'll stop harping on about them sometime soon} this week was my first crumpet-shaped breakfast {soon to most likely be breakfasts} after almost six whole weeks.  Say whaaat.  I did myself proud by piling one high with coconut and almond butter and fresh strawberries and the other with the most perfectly ripe banana aaaand crunchy peanut butter.  Amen to crumpets.  No REALLY.  

3.  Pink.  Such a comforting colour for me.  Do you have certain colours that make you feel happy too?  Or is that just me too?!  Now we're not talking bright fushia pink - although there is definitely a time and place for that shade in my life even if right now is not it.  I mean that perfectly pretty dirty dusky kind of a pink.  It's the colour of some of my very favourite things:  a well-worn over-sized jumper, my favourite quilt cover and some of my very favourite crockery too.  Isn't it interesting how much of a part colour plays in our lives?

4.  Destiny's Child.  Listening to them up LOUD walking from work on Monday and feeling like i could power-walk for miles purely because of them.  Hurrah to music that makes you feel like you could rule the world!

5.  Tea.  Again for comfort.  What is it about a mug of milky tea in your very favourite mug?!  You could fix the world with that stuff.  In fact I'm pretty sure if more people new of it's magical properties then the world would be a noticeably nicer and friendlier place....

6.  Sundried tomatoes.  Which i somehow only ever remember exist over the summer months.  Not sure what that's all about!  This week they have been re-discovered in abundance!  I ate a late day-off-shaped breakfast on Tuesday so lunch was a little lighter and involved chia rice cakes piled high with turmeric houmous {thank you Sainsbury's} and scattered with basil leaves and sundried tomatoes and it was YUM.  I've also been known to finely chop them through a pasta sauce or whizz them up with pine nuts and more basil and make a quick pesto to toss through warm wholemeal pasta.  Either way lately i just can;t get enough.  

7.  Coconut shampoo.  A 'sort of' right of passage come this time of year.  If i can also find a coconut shower-wash and body cream then even better!  There's something lovely about coconut-y smelling hair over the Summer months.  It's a little bit holiday without the expense...kind of?  

8.  Peonies.  I know, i know I'm not the only person in the world going on about these little devils lately.  But they're one of my favourite flowers based purely on the fact that they look like a massive pom-pom and are as bright, beautiful and gutsy as a flower gets and i just LOVE that.  You can't miss them!  We've currently got three jam jars full dotted all over the house in varying stages of flowering and just glancing at them makes me SO happy!  

9.  The wind in the willows trees!  It's been the blusteriest up here these past few days!  A little joy has been found listening to the wind whistle and whoosh through the trees walking home {the scenic route!} through the woods or simply just lying in bed at night - which is literally all you can here in our bedroom at night.  It's a lot of lovely!
*  *  *
I did it!  I'm BACK!  Back and putting a #wonderfulwednesday -shaped fist high, so high in the air and hoping you do exactly the same!  Big love and thanks go out to everyone who stopped by and read last weeks post and for all of the love and kindness on both Twitter and Instagram.   This little #wonderfulwednesday community is pretty special.  OH!  Go go and catch up with the rest of the gangs posts and delight in Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's posts and what's been making their pretty little faces happy this week.   

Sending so much love and week-shaped well-wishes!

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  1. I think the run up to things has kept me going this week. I've had a few things to look forward to and even though we ended up going home and staying in our PJs on Tuesday night rather than watching Wonder Woman it was amazing!!

    I think colours really do affect my mood. I have mostly a neutral palette of clothes, but today, feeling completely crap after a God awful nights sleep, I am wearing my favourite seagreen dress. I feel better already!

    We have a couple of peony bushes in our garden, one pale pink and the other magenta. I didn't really get the hype before I saw them bloom and now I am in love!

    Have a wonderful week Sally! xx
    Paper & Lilacs



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