Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #184

{S'all about the berries!}
Good day to one and all!  How the devil are you?! I'm just going to be a squillion percent honest with you from the get-go and tell you that until about precisely 0.5 seconds ago i was in the HUGEST grump to end ALL grumps.  For absolutely no apparent reason and out of completely nowhere!  Sometimes I can be the oddest bean that there ever was.  BUT as quick as that little grey cloud enveloped all 5 foot 3 inches of me, it has just vanished without even a trace!  I've got no doubts whatsoever that it's purely down to the big mug of the hottest most perfectly brewed tea  {which i have just finished} and the fact that i have Destiny's Child up loud and i'm singing and typing altogether at once!  Anyone mind if this weeks' post is just the lyrics to 'Bugaboo?'  Thought you wouldn't.  Isn't the human mind and body an intriguing thing?!  

For a little moment there i was worried that this weeks' happy list was going to take a while!  But off we go!  HURRAH!

1.  A new primer.  Scratch that, my FIRST primer.  I've made no secret of the fact that i'm the most useless when it comes to make-up.  I also don't really have the energy to put the effort in and would much rather spend my time picking out the perfect scarf to match with what i'm wearing in the morning.  Who am i even kidding here?!?  I'd much rather spend the time stuffing my face with porridge and nut butter.  This week though i tried Lush Cosmetics first ever primer:  Magical Moringa.  And magical it is.  Not only is it 100% natural, self-preserving and smells BEAUTIFUL; it makes my skin feel like velvet and look so lovely that i actually need less make-up.  You know what that means...?!  More time for breakfast....

2.  A new candle.  I know 'blah blah blah' how many times do i harp on about candles?!?  But for me they're just the ultimate feel-good 'picker-upper' anytime of year.  I've got into a little day off routine now where i always burn one in the morning and somehow it feels even more luxurious than ever!  This week though i picked up a new scent for our livingroom candle:  'Tobacco Pipe Smoke' which is MAGIC:  All woody, smoky, deep and rich and perfect for ever-so-slightly edging into the cooler weather.....

3.  First acorn spotting.  Remember when you were little and used to collect little trinkets like acorns and conkers and pretty leaves just because?!  Well on one evening walk home from work this week i spotted the most perfectly formed little baby acorn, still wearing its sweet little acorn hat {i'm sure there's a more technical term for it!} that had fallen from the hugest Oak tree that i'd never ever even noticed before.  Not quite sure how i missed it!  I stuffed it into my cardigan pocket and it's sat on the desk in our little office.  Not quite sure what to do with it yet.....But looking at it is making me happy soooooo.....

4.  Afternoons spent with my sister.  I love that girl with all my heart and whenever i spend anytime with her i leave feeling full of inspiration and.....just guts!  Like i could take on the whole world in one stride!  There's forever never enough time to cover everything i want to talk to her about, ask her advice on or tell her but the time that we do spend together is one of my very favourite things in the whole entire world!  She's one of the very few people who is forever on my page and it's the BEST feeling ever!

5.  The anticipation of good bread.  I don't really eat a lot of bread.  I am forever vowing that i will learn to get better at baking my own but apart from a try at soda bread - the easiest of them all - which actually turned out to be delicious i've never quite gotten around to it!  Patience you see - it's not something i have in volume.  Or at all.  It's awful but i always want everything yesterday!    SO this week i stumbled upon the NICEST loaf of dark rye sourdough in a bakers.  It smells like HEAVEN and i'm already excited to slather it in salty butter and pile scrambled eggs on top.  Or zig-zag it with tahini, honey and ripe peaches OR maybe spicy tomato-y butterbeans.....the world is my TOASTER!

6.  Celebrating the very last of summer.  By buying myself the very last bunch of scented stocks on my lunch-break the other day. They have filled the kitchen with the prettiest floral scent and i've been breathing it in over and over whenever i get a chance.  Soon it'll be time for jam jars of eucalyptus, red berries and the like.  Don't go thinking i'm not as equally excited for those though....

7. A hat!  Any hat!  Okay so between you and I, I might have bought a winter hat the other day!  But it's the prettiest wintery purple shade and it's the softest angora beret {which technically is more than appropriate in late autumn also too, am i RIGHT?!} which goes magically well with my grey woollen coat and soft woolley scarf from the last few years.  Is it just me who finds an AMAZING sense of satisfaction when you stumble across something in just the right shade to go alongside something else...?!?

8.  Porridge-y mornings. Let's not go fooling ourselves here. I've been eating porridge on and off all summer.  But i've been 'summer-ying' it up {read:  stopping myself melting} by topping most bowls with frozen berries.  This week was the first time i've curled up, on a grey and drizzly Monday, with a hot bowl of honey laden porridge made with the creamiest almond milk, mashed banana and a little ground cardamon and it was HEAVEN.  So heavenly infact that i've stocked up on all i need to ensure i can eat it every single day this week.....
9.  First scarf wearing. Just a lightweight soft leopard print scarf but all of the same, you can't quite beat nuzzling into one of your favourite scarves, sprayed lightly with your favourite perfume, on a drizzly wet pretty-much-autumn morning, can you?!

10.  Blackberry picking. I'm mega late to the party here but just hadn't really spotted any in enough abundance to get excited about.  Until the other night. I filled up my lunch box and scampered home.  I ate far too many of them dunked into creamy greek yoghurt and wildflower honey later that night and i've frozen the rest for now.  Fire your favourite blackeberry recipes this way!  

*  *  *
And we're DONE!  All happy listed out for another week can you believe it?!?  Quick-march your lovely self right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's  blogs to catch another lot of happy listing #wonderfulwednesday -style orrrrr join in too!  Chit-chat online with us over on Twitter and Instagram {as always i'm @sallytangle} and remember to use the #wonderfulwednesday tag so we can all see!
Happy mid-weekin' !!!


  1. I love buying my first hat / scarf / pair of gloves of the season - it just gets you STARTED doesn't it? And itching with anticipation! But the best feeling of all is popping my winter boots back on... I'll save that for a while! Helen xx

  2. I really must start looking at the ground, or up at the trees more, an acorn already, how exciting! I'm desperate to spot one. I wonder if our little oak tree babies will produce any? eeeeeek... (I will report back) I've been blackberry (or rather bramble) picking too, check out my blog on Friday.... and erm, yup, I'm SO off to get me some of that Primer, sounds fab. :-) xxx

  3. Oooh, I'm all curious about this new Lush Primer. I have to pop into Brussels on Saturday, so I might just pass by Lush and see what it's like. I have one that I use at the moment, but it's not the best and I'd like something a little stickier. Something to hide those pores haha. Thanks for the heads up that I might be spending money on Saturday haha!

    Oh we have acorns everywhere. I am constantly telling Dog to leave them alone or spit them out as we are walking around. She's like an acorn vacuum!

    Happy Thursday to you!

  4. I gave in and wore my finger-less mitts today (my hands are always freezing cold, even when I'm inside, so I wear finger-less mitts at work so that I can still type). My Happy Things are Alvvays live in Nottingham on Monday, a catch-up with my bezzie over wine and another gig coming up tomorrow night. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. I'm a recent convert to primer - well, tinted moisturiser, which is basically the same thing I think. I use the Liz Earle one which is light and very flattering - it's totally upped my make up game! I'm also loving the acorns - spotted my first ones on the pavement this week xx



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